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Tories, Money & Moseley

Conference Fever By Robert Benson (Chief Political Correspondant) Moseley and Birmingham have experienced significant booms to their image and overall economies following the Conservative Party Conference. The annual conference which took place between the 2nd & 6th of October saw over 15,000 party members and over 2000 press land in Birmingham. A massive £47 Million pound injection was added to the second city’s economy through the consumption of food, accommodation and retail. After an action packed week saw announcements, appearances and critiscms, delegates and the world’s press spent their final night in the city. Many were confident about staging the conference here; Birmingham City Council Leader Mike Whitby praised the conservative party for bringing such a prestigous event to our city. The Prime Minster, David Cameron; was quoted as saying “Birmingham’s a fantastic place to hold conferences which is why we’ve come back this year – and we’re already booked in for 2012 too.” Cont pg. 2

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Tuition Fee Increase Set To Damage Locals

£47 Million Into Economy Tory Policies Face Backlash

The publication of The Browne Report by the government has sparked a outrage of criticisms from students across the country; including those residing in Moseley. Initally; the report recommended that the cap on tuition fees should be removed, allowing universities to charge whatever they chose- in effect creating a two tiered higher educational system. However, several parts of the report have been ditched because of the unease it would have caused for the Liberal Democrats ,whoat the election pledged never to vote for any rise in tuition fees. Rather; universities will be able to charge up to a maximum Continued On Page 3

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Local Economy Boosted By Conservative Party Conference The failed Parliamentary Prospective Candidate (PPC) for the Hall Green Constiuency (encompassing Kings Heath, Moseley and many more) Jo Brookes attended the venue at Birmingham’s ICC (pictured opposite) she said she felt the P.M’s speech showed enthusiasm and placed Britian on a strong footing. “What we need is private sector growth and jobs; the continuing effort of the coalition governement to give incentives to small and medium sized businesses proves we have the abilities to grow our way out of this recession and pay our way in the world.”

“ The silver lining to this

conference is the £47 Million pound bonus for Brum

However critics argue that the announcment of cuts to higher income child benefit receipients has completly backfired in the governements face. Labour MP for Hall Green (Including the Mosely constiuency) expressed his discontent with the policy: “Ofcourse in these difficult times, I completly agree that the better off should bear a great share of the burden; but this child benefit policy has one of the worst loopholes I have witnessed in all eightneen years as an MP- allowing a couple on a joint income of 80K a year to continue recieving benefit; whilst removing this essential universal credit from families with only one higher rate taxpayer earning 44K.” Party politics aside; the silver lining to this conference is the £47million pound bonus for Birmimgham as a city. Many foresaw the benefits; but even the ICCs general manager Geoff Fenlon seemed suprised when questioned by our colleagues over at the Birmingham Mail: “These results are absolutely staggering and I know that I speak for the whole team at The ICC when I say how exceptionally pleased we are to have contributed to this success.”

New Central Library To Benefit All The ongoing construction of Birmingham’s new flagship central library looks set to give the residents of Mosely and the wider areas of our city the highly technical, modern library institiution it has been crying out for. Long gone are the days of Prince Charles lambasting the architecutual appearance of the 36 year old library building; something which alluded to the view it “Looked like a building where books are burnt, instead of borrowed” The “Library Of Birmingham” will cost £193 Million Pounds to build ; becoming the largest public library in the UK and is part of the city’s major redevelopment project to reanimate the second city. The current central library will be demolished upon completion of the new project in mid 2013. Accessing the library will only take just 15 minutes from Mosely on the number 1 Bus Route; which should welcome a new generation of young and old; experiencing the wonders a public library provides.

Shoppers left out cold Shoppers in Mosely are being left without a major supermarket for up tot two weeks. The somefield supermarket is undertaiking a rebrand, and refurnishment and will emerge under the new banner of the Co-OP.

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Riddler On The Loose? The rumours were aghast with talk of a new street artist last night, when two walls near Queensbridge School were covered with dozens of white, stencilled question marks. The graffiti has outraged local authorities, as has been the case with previous counts of vandalism, however there is a growing number of residents and onlookers who have regarded the strange graffiti stunt as “Unique” and “Inspiring”. One passer by noted; “It’s almost Banksy esque, it gets you thinking – making you question things in life, things which would normally be disregarded and become unnoticed.” Another individual alluded to a comic book character-“When I first saw it from the bus, I immediately thought back to that old Batman film, with Jim Carey as the riddler- It’s eerily reminiscent to his whole persona and look.”

Several Students studying at Queensbridge Secondary School, located around 200 Metres from the walls, have demanded it be left as it is. They say the style of graffiti is iconic, and have prasied the cryptic manner of its design. Street art has been on the rise over the past few years, with the emergence of instantly recognisable artists such as Banksy; who has just recently had the privalige of creating a Simpsons introduction, which gained both critical acclaim and controversy due to it’s harsh depicition of animation conditions in Korea. But whilst some may be laughing it up as a comic book villain, The Kings Heath Local Authority have ordered the walls to be cleaned immediately; stating it was “An eye sore for anyone entering the Kings Heath High Street”, and have warned the culprit will be prosecuted under the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. The on-going mystery to who actually created this remain unsolved...

Fee Increase Will Damage Moseley The decision by the government to increase student tuition fees to amounts upwards of £9,000 will adversly affect not just the number of students in Moseley but the economic impact that they bring with them. Private student accomodation houses numerous under & post graduates attending universities throughout the city.

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