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Things to Check for Your Pot OKC Criminal Lawyer The possession of Marijuana drug in Oklahoma is regarded as a serious offense. If a person is caught to possess marijuana of any amount then it can lead them to jail or even heavy amount of fine can be imposed on them. Thus, in case you are charged with a crime like possession of drugs then it’s important to choose a right Pot OKC Criminal Lawyer who can reassure you of the fact that they can help you in getting the most favorable outcome from the case.

Why Hire a Criminal Attorney? Basically, drug possession crimes are related to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. The penalties that are related to the drug possession depends on the type of drug one is possessing. For example, Schedule I and II drugs possession are regarded as felony charges for first offense; whereas possession of marijuana is regarded as a misdemeanor. As Oklahoma has some tough laws regarding Pot, the legal rights that are associated with it are very complicated for a common man to understand who might have got framed. So, by consulting a Drug Possession Attorney Stillwater can help you to get a good defense who can take a fast action on your case. A criminal lawyer is a person who basically fights cases for people who are accused of felonies like assault, murder, arson, violence, DUI, and so on. The services that are provided by the criminal lawyers are essential in order to protect the rights of the accused person during the judicial process.

How to Select In order to select a good Pot OKC Criminal Lawyer you need to ask the lawyer some essential questions. They are:

You can ask your lawyer about their years of experience in representing people accused of crime. Also, the amount of years they have specialized in criminal defense of serious charges.

A criminal lawyer should have a good track record of getting the criminal charges dropped and reduced. Having a positive track

record can help you to remain assured of the fact that you might also have the chance of getting minimum sentences for your case.


The attorneys are limiting their practices to certain areas of law. So, for a drug possession case, a defense attorney who has wide years of experience in the field, expert knowledge, and litigation success is helpful.


You may ask the lawyer about the percentage of your cases that has gone to trial.

It is very important for both the parties (lawyer and the client) to keep everything clear about the case. The accused person should not hide anything about his case nor should the defense attorney give a false promise to the client of winning their case.

Things to check for your pot okc criminal lawyer  
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