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A Path of Light Kosmon Church Editor: George Morley (1962)


Table of Contents Introduction (3) Evolution and Awakening (3) Ideas and Inspiration (6) Attunement and Rhythm (10) Rhythmic Expression (14) Objective and Subjective (18) Towards the Eternal Dawn (22) There is a Bridge (27) The Self Within All Selves (32) Like unto a Flame (38) Evensong (42) The Voice, the Thought and the Master (48) How to Build (51)


Introduction THE KOSMON FRATERNITY in England was brought into being as a result of directions from the spiritual spheres, and all through its sixty years of activity, communion with those spheres has been a basic factor in its teachings. For over half a century the main channel of spiritual communications was one of our founders, George Morley; and many of the trance addresses given through him in our church in London were taken down in shorthand. In the following pages will be found a short selection, chosen to cover briefly the various aspects of Kosmon thought. These are reproduced almost as spoken, being only slightly edited in the interest of clarity. The publishers wish to pay tribute to the lifelong service of George Morley, and to the help of Mabel Maidstone, stenographer.

Evolution and Awakening From the beginning of time right down to the present day, the world has been passing through the process of evolution. But evolution is a peculiar thing; it is not like a continuous steady stream. There have been times when Man was in some respects more advanced than to-day, when he had reached a higher point of evolution. In the civilisations of the ancient Egyptians and Persians, and earlier still on the grand continent which sank beneath the Pacific, we see great knowledge and wisdom, when men had understanding of the gods, and walked and talked with them. Then what is it that has advanced? It is the conditions of life. It is the ability of Man to command the forces of Nature by the power of his scientific attainments, and the ability to use these things for the ordinary comforts of life. Whether the conditions of Humanity are better or worse is a matter, really, of comparison. However, since this evolutionary march has brought us to the condition of understanding material things, it must ultimately come about that there will be a spiritual apotheosis to which Man will attain. The evolution in spiritual matters has gone on in periods. It seems that the Races of Men become spiritual and aware of the gods and of the occult forces that work in their lives, and then they fall into decay, or perhaps entirely disappear, and the peoples that follow them start right at the beginning again, even from the very elements of barbarism, and so the process continues until another high point is reached. Now, to-day, we have come to the point when it is the spiritual that is most important, or instead of the word "spiritual," if you prefer, you can use the word "truth." Perhaps we can say that it is vitally important for spiritual truth to be restored, in order that a real balance in human life be attained. This spiritual truth has been lost, but it was known long before Jesus lived; it was taught by many priesthoods and lodges of initiates in ancient days. It alone can help man to understand himself, and guide him toward a new and higher worldorder. This is where the Fraternity of Faithists can do so much. Is there, to-day, a greater


urge after the spiritual life? The answer is this, that since everything has evolved according to cycles of time, so in the new cycle now proceeding, gradually the point of spiritual attainment will be reached by all nations. Some will be slower than others, and not all will attain by exactly the same path. But we had to wait until the Earth was encircled. Encircled by what? The ability of men to communicate with each other. It is said in Oahspe that when the continents are bridged across then all people will become as one. To-day that becoming as one is in evidence. You must not look at the extreme points, but rather at the underlying desire for peace, progress and human welfare. It is in the hearts of the few, who are more and more becoming the many. Kosmon is slow in its road. All these processes are slow. The reason is this: that the forces which are awakening in the Human Race to-day in every part of the Earth, are in accord with heavenly seasons. The major cycles are heavenly cycles, those great periods which include the sun and its attendant planets as they move forward. Each cycle produces effects upon the sun and planets, and brings them into contact with powers which are manifold and directed by the Ethereans; slowly these powers will finally find expression in the human race. The light of the Kosmon cycle will require thousands of years. Unto this end the brethren in the Kosmon Order are working, but not to this alone. So much depends upon the conditions of the spirit planes and how far the material plane can react to them. The stronger and purer the spirit planes of this planet, the stronger and purer will Mankind become. In time, the lower planes must be cleared of evil and obsessing influences, because obsessions can create disaster amongst those people who are receptive. Supposing the leaders of nations became receptive only to darkness, then war and anarchy would prevail. But there are soon coming the angel world leaders or directors, and men who come under the higher light, being moved by a noble inspiration; then through them light will prevail. This will depend very largely on the powers of the so-called Unseen. You, on your side, are working to clarify men's minds and bring their hearts into a knowledge of spiritual truth. We, on our side, are endeavouring to clear the lower spirit planes from the earthbound. When the light of the higher heavens can manifest through the reaction between the two, there will be no doubt about the manifestation of LIGHT. To understand this fully, we have to go into the occult phases of heredity, not only of individuals but of Races. This Race, the English, in particular — and of course, the continent of America includes a large number of the descendants of the English Race-is directly associated with the land of Egypt, once so great. Egypt, as you know, was the foundation of a mighty power or force, and it works itself out in the expression of the British Race to-day; and many of the Nordic peoples come under its influence. So you see, by the continued out-working of the Law of Heredity, there are many things which have to transpire within the Race to-day. There are occult forces and powers which have to be redeemed from what is sometimes called in Theosophical circles "Karma," or in the Kosmon School, the "Loka of the past." You may be suffering in your own life now some reaction which is out-working itself as a result of the activities coming down your life-ray, bringing into your life forces which must find redemption or neutralisation. On the other hand, you may be the recipient of a spiritual power which, in its turn, comes down that same ray; and indeed, it is usual to find the two are working together, one to be redeemed, and one to elevate. Yes, it is said the Cross always accompanies the Crown. This was taught by Jesus when He was upon


Earth. We must press on, working to establish the power of redemption in the hearts of Mankind. We are definitely pointing out these facts to you. So little is known about all these things which have their out-working in human life, the destiny of man and of the planet. Now to come to a simple point so that you may piece these things together. Your life is a strange mixture. On one hand there is the good which you claim as your own, the many benefits you receive, the happiness and peace, the ideals and inspiration which come to you; these belong to the higher part of you; but the tendency to take a downward path against which you have sometimes had to fight, the thoughtlessness, conceit and selfishness, even, perhaps, enemies you may have made, these are difficulties which are constantly around you, and which must be transmuted. But you recognise these two aspects of your being. How can the religion of the New Age help you? By setting you free from all that might hinder you in your own evolution; by bringing you into real contact with etheric or spiritual powers which help you to transcend and triumph; by providing the means for developing the higher self and opening up the way of interior service to your fellow-man; and finally, by leading you into at-one-ment with the All Highest. Beloved brethren, this thought inspires us to-day. We must attune ourselves to the spiritual influence of the great Life of the Infinite which is ever streaming out to us, and see how we can best work for Him. That we do by realising we are guided from the spiritual worlds, by frequently thinking about spiritual things, and by deliberately linking ourselves with the light of the Kosmon Age in whatever way we find it manifested, so that we can grow in this light. You may not like going to a church. Then go out into the fields, amongst the trees or under the stars; look upward and praise your Heavenly Father saying: "Eternal Father, I want to come into at-one-ment with Thee. Speak within my soul that I be led onward and upward ever nearer to Thee.� Then He will manifest His light because you have realised the possibility of His power becoming your own. By cleaving to the Light, not by clinging to the Cross, although you have to bear it, but by striving after the Crown, that is the great thing. Prayer and praise help, but some people feel that in striving after the Crown they can do so best in practical service, such as those noble souls who nurse the sick, who rescue the downcast, or who engage in some form of humanitarian work. All this is good, but it becomes more potent if one can realise the power of the All Highest being expressed in this service through the inner awakening of one's soul. For others, there are more interior phases of work, developing the spiritual body while still on the physical plane and learning to serve in that body in the higher states. Other seekers go into deep branches of occult manifestation, or the paths of mystical attainment. The way is open to all. If there is a dynamic impulse within you to serve your Creator through good works, then there is a way wherein you can do so. Find that way, and put your whole soul into it, your every thought, word and action, and never give up, because once you have entered on the way, to give up would one day cause you bitter anguish at the thought that you had turned back upon the path of spiritual evolution. We know that the greatest help comes to you through Positive Prayer, Spiritual Meditation


and through praising our Father. Let your whole being go out to Him, and His light will shine upon you and keep you unto the end. Never forget there is an invisible world about you, and it is the invisible forces of life, which are intelligent, that can interplay in your soul and quicken that which is waiting for manifestation. That which is waiting is your higher self. At present it is like a little child in slumber; it must be awakened, fed, and helped to grow and unfold. That which is subjective must become objective, the latent self within must come into manifestation; that higher self must rule the lower, and when it is really awake and linked with the Infinite Powers which are ever in Jehovih's keeping, the angels will send down to you through that higher self, everything needed for the fulfillment of your destiny. Then life will change into those modes of expression which are best for the out-working of your own life's ray. Here in these grand thoughts is the key to life. Let go of material things that may hinder in any way, and enter into the spiritual life now. Think dynamically, always affirming the good and beautiful; never talk about ugliness, sorrow or pain; do not allow anything in the mind that may keep you from becoming strong in the light. By constantly striving to find Jehovih, and realising that His angels are helping you, in service gradually expand the life and grow into at-one-ment with the All Perfection. Those of you who desire to make contact with the higher spirit planes so that you can come under their influence, begin now. Whether you are a Faithist or not, it is possible. Come before the shrine, and the powers of spirit will be breathed upon you so that you can enter into the fullness of the awakening; and then go home and meditate on these themes and let them grow into your life. Let them expand, so that you can become united with them at last, and the Father will bestow His Crown, even the Crown of High Attainment.

Ideas and Inspiration The Universe is made up of an aggregate of ideas. These ideas are clothed in form. The whole of the universe, both seen and unseen, is a result of inspiration from a very interior source. We could argue that the interior source of all ideas, and therefore, of all forms, is that All-pervading Mind, which cannot be limited by a definition. If we regard the universe as a result of a Supreme Inspiration, we can likewise regard ourselves as the result also of an inspiration. In these things we see and understand the workings of the All Mind. Why should we despair? Why should we give up hope? Why should we ever doubt that there is something beyond that which we know as a plane of limitation? Brethren, if we grasp the importance of life and what it means we shall no longer doubt or despair. It is a fact that we are in being; we are here; we are either on corpor or in spirit, and we are conscious of this awareness. In this idea of thinking or becoming aware, we are building something which we can only describe as our eternal selves. As this is so the process of inspiration is continuous, the process of inspiration which started when this planet Earth was a fiery mass and began to cool, and the waters separated from the air and from the material elements which were solid-continuing until the first forms of life appeared on its surface continuing until the birds flew through the air, and the trees put forth a scented blossom — continuing through long ages until man began to build houses,


leaving the trees for the plains, and then on when the great cities began to appear, and the elements of science, religion, poetry and artistry, first made their appearance — continuing through further centuries until one race disappears and others come into being, through the long years until the birth of the present Kosmon Era. But what, you may ask, of those who first walked this Earth in the early days of its history? Has inspiration now stopped for them? No. We find that they have advanced in the spiritual worlds to those high and interior states of life, called in Oahspean terminology, "Ethereal," even unto Nirvana. Inspiration is still carrying them on, heights to attain, depths of knowledge to gain, and so this continuous process is bringing into being a grandeur surpassing our wildest powers of imagery. How can we apply this to ourselves at the present time? It is well if we regard ourselves as a part of the Supreme Whole — if we can consider our lives as essentially an expression of something great and stupendous. Thus, for instance, you began in the earth life. Starting as a child you grew into maturity, and all along the path of growth you have learned life's lessons. Understanding has increased; indeed, as age has come it seems as if you are capable of looking farther than you could have done in youth, and it is the experience which has formed your character. Thus it comes about that something important has happened. The foundation is laid; and that is as the foundation of the spiritual life. This spiritual life, when the spirit becomes conscious or aware of itself, will continue when the earth life is over. It will continue in those states of life called the spirit spheres or the heavenly worlds. The knowledge gained during earth life will, therefore, be of profoundest service, and in this deep knowledge the heights of attainment will increase because their boundaries will extend further and further. It means in time, that the whole of our life during the physical stage is a preparation for something which begins with the change called death. The Faithist is quite aware of that fact, and it is in the consciousness of this fact that he lives; furthermore, it is all-important that he should realise this. He asks that he may join in the great work of inspiration. Even as this world is slowly advancing into the New Age, the period of time often called "Kosmon," so he would fain join issue with those who are assisting the consummating of that glorious season of light. So he asks how he may assist, and the angels answer: "You can assist by responding to the inspirations which we bring to you." You may naturally ask if these inspirations will help you in your daily life. The answer is that they certainly will. When you awake in the morning there will be a subjective consciousness that during the hours of sleep you have been active out of the physical body, working in various ways to advance the kingdom of light on earth. Then, during the day, every now and again, the mind will turn inwards to meditate on spiritual things. The inspiration of the unseen will come and help in that direction. Shall we endeavour to advance so that we may gradually come into full at-one-ment with the angel worlds? If this growth is slow yet permanent all is well. He who has attained to that condition slowly is always ready for any jarring note which may arise during the physical sojourn. He will be ready when events do not go quite as they should, because he is guided by the inner light, and is patient in trial of tribulation. That is because the spiritual body has accustomed itself to the reflex action of the spiritual powers which are constantly operating. On the physical plane there is little spiritual light, excepting in centres of meditation, or where people meet together for spiritual services. In the ordinary material world there is


very little light, excepting that which is carried by individuals accustomed to meditation or rituals which have a spiritual import. The reason is, of course, that the material world shuts out the inner light; the urge downwards is so constant, the self-seeking amongst people so continuous, that it is ever necessary for those who desire to be light-bearers to associate frequently with others who are like themselves. What a splendid mission for them, and for you! To go constantly to those places where the spiritual light is dispensed, where the power from the heaven worlds is manifesting, that you may catch a glimpse of it; that you may store up its energy in the aura; then, as you go about the world, you can carry that light everywhere. It is said by those who have the faculty of psychometry, that if an object is handled by an individual it stores up some peculiar property, which the psychometrist can read by touch. What is that property? It is the ability which every object possesses of registering vibrations, of which there are several kinds. You have the vibrations of light; the vibrations of colour as light, or rather, a variation of light in colour. You have vibrations of magnetism and electronic vibrations of material elements. There are mental and spiritual vibrations; all these are states of motion. The Creator, it is said, is Life, Motion, Individual, Person. Apply this then, and you will see that if solid, inanimate objects can store up or radiate vibrations of differing orders, why it is more wonderful with a human being. The physical body can store up all kinds of vibrations and transmit them, even unconsciously. Those of you who are sensitive, know very well when you come into the presence of an angry person; you can feel that that person is angry before a word is uttered. It is not always the expression on the face, it is something in the surroundings. Or if you enter the presence of someone who is peace-promoting, you can feel at once that wonderful condition. This peculiarity has always been noted, and it is more pronounced than we realise. As the New Age goes on, and the children of the New Order are born more sensitive to these vibrations, the world will have to be different for it to become a bearable place for them to live in; to make it so is our work, your work. One of the fundamentals of religion, therefore, should be to know and understand the meaning of spiritual vibrations, and to know how one can work by directing thought currents — how one can receive inner power and then give it. You come, for instance, into this little group to-day, your hearts beating high with spiritual devotion. We, who are speaking, join issue with you. Thus you find the two poles of one battery — you on the physical plane, we on the spiritual; between us there is an interior "rapport." You are receptive, and we give to you our love. Immediately you are quickened and you respond. The Second Resurrection of the higher worlds becomes manifest within this building. All the while you are storing up this spiritual energy, and will take it away with you. When you go out into the world you carry that power with you, and are constantly radiating it. When someone shakes you by the hand, he at once receives from you a measure of this spiritual current, though he may not be outwardly aware of it. Thus you are doing good. It is this then, that makes religion so necessary and important. But there is something to be added to that. There is a necessity that those who join in religious observances should be aware of the presence of spiritual powers to make these as effective as they might be. If all churches could realise this fact, they would not lack power as they do to-day. They would be a force for good in the world; but because they have lost this key, they are not the power they should be. When the consciousness of the presence of spiritual powers returns-when the belief in angel communion is world-wide-when it is a pan of all religious observances to join issue with those who stand in the so-called "Unseen" — then the spiritual forces will begin to


flow again — the flood gates will surely open. In your meeting here to-day, a link is made between the spiritual worlds and the physical in meditation, and power flows from one plane to the other; and as long as this continues the world will benefit therefrom. Though you may be few in numbers, yet it is possible that from the few many will finally receive their inspiration. It does not need a large flame to start a big conflagration; a small spark can set a city in flames. It is because the necessary energy is in the spark and the material is ready to receive the power from the spark. A spark is present in many places in the world to-day, because there are many people who are seeking the power of spiritual communion in service and in worship. You may ask why a particular form of service is observed; would not any meeting do? There is a reason for a special form of service because in the spiritual body there are certain elements which respond to the activity of the mind. Supposing, as in some places where a meeting is held, everybody is in a state of tension waiting for the descriptions which the clairvoyant will give at the conclusion of the service. This interferes with spiritual manifestation of the kind we want, because most of these people are over anxious about their material affairs, and expect to receive guidance through the seer on material matters. The result is the spiritual body is not stimulated on the interior planes. If you have an expectancy for anything, the spiritual body is always in a condition of receptivity. So that if a ritual is observed, and you are participating in it in an anticipation of receiving a blessing you will receive, even though no preceptory or teaching may be given, because you absorb from the elements of die surroundings the spiritual power which is present there. This is a real power — it is not something merely fictitious or symbolical — it is an actual thing. Of course, guidance or help can be given to those in sorrow but on another occasion, perhaps privately. Just as light is necessary for the growth of the plant, so is spiritual light necessary for the growth of the spiritual body. Spiritual light cannot be seen with the physical eye, but there are certain forms of its manifestation which can be seen with the inner eye, sometimes referred to as the small organ within the physical brain called the pineal gland. Not that this gland has actually the power to receive these vibrations, but it is the centre of a physical activity which can register them. The vibrations of the spiritual light which can be seen by the clairvoyant are those forms which reflect back their power from the radiations of physical objects. Thus, for instance, everything is transmitting light; this reflects the spiritual light which then becomes visible. Just as when you send a current of electricity through an X-ray tube you cannot see anything very much. You can cover it over, and it is something like ordinary light. Then if you put a piece of a certain mineral near it this mineral will begin to glow with a light you can see. That is because there is something within the mineral quickened by the invisible rays from the X-ray tube. In a similar way the spiritual life becomes active by meeting the astral counterpart of physical objects. In the lower spirit planes, called in Oahspe, the First Resurrection, you have a light of a kind, which appears like dull twilight, similar to what you have on a very dull, grey day, and yet a little different because it seems almost like moonlight if we can put it that way. In this light you can see people moving; to them it is sufficient; in fact, they could not stand a stronger light. That is why in Oahspe it tells how some of the false gods, having been rescued from bondage, when taken into the presence of the high-raised beings, had to have their eyes bound because the light there was too strong, or the light had to be toned down so that they could stand it.


How is it possible to tone down spiritual light? In the higher planes all light is under the influence of the will. Angels, high-raised, create light, or rather they make it manifest, and it is by their presence and by the highly vibrating condition of their minds that that light becomes manifest. Is there any relationship then between this actual light of which we speak and inspiration? Well, since form is the outcome of inspiration, and since everything is built up from light, that must be so. There is a correlation between the two things — an interaction. The spiritual light created by the angels is a result of their activities and aspirations. You create light wherever you go, beloved brethren. If as you move about in the world your mind is attuned to heavenly things, as well as concentrating on material tasks, you will naturally create and generate spiritual light. The physical eye will not see it, but the spiritual eye can. Unfortunately, many people cannot see that light because of the density of their aura. Perhaps you may think that it would not be well for the world to become good all at once. But actually, beloved brethren, that question does not arise at all. The world will become brighter, and people will change in accordance with the rule of the cyclic influx and efflux. As time passes, the spiritual light in the world will become stronger, and this planet will gradually come into the fullness of this New Age called "Kosmon." But there is every necessity for us to do all we possibly can to bring it to pass, because we are under the inspiration of the All Light, and we are a part of the process, angels and mortals, ethereans, atmosphereans and corporeans. We must all move with a concerted oneness of purpose, never despairing even though times may be dark; we know that in course of time, the world will pass into a region of light, and then the good things we desire for Mankind will come to pass. But we must prepare — we must lay the foundations. We must, therefore, regard these things in the light of the Ever Presence. We must realise that the Great Spirit is ever with us, and His Power is upon us, stirring us, moving us to exercise constantly all our faculties toward making manifest His Life. Let this thought be often in our mind: "Eternal Father, I will give myself in service unto Thee; I will do my part to promote the power of the New Age: I will come more into at-one-ment with Thee daily, that the path of service which opens out before me shall shine by Thy Light, even Thy Love manifesting through me." Beloved brethren, we are with you, and your life is not as empty as sometimes it seems. There is a grand purpose behind it-there is a great work for you to do. Turn the mind inward, and let the light develop within you that power which shall make you supreme over all limitations at last. Amen.

Attunement and Rhythm The Brotherhood of Faithists aims at coming into closer union with the Unseen Universe, that its activities may be guided by that superior realm of Light and Being comprised by


the dwellers in the Interior Planes of Life. We believe in the continuity of life-that there is a continued line of action between the life lived on earth and the life to be lived in the heaven world. The Faithist recognises that earth life is the beginning of an existence which can only be described as an Eternity. In this existence he passes through planes of experience. The more interior we go the more difficult it is to describe but we know that through this experience we can attain to perfect happiness and peace; and we know this through the consciousness that life is the expression of the Word of the All Father and that he is expressing Himself in his creations. In our earth life we get the experiences which bring us into self-conscious realisation, into a condition of objective association with the material plane, and if we stop at this point we are materialists seeing in all phenomena the out-workings of what we call "Natural Law." But we do not stop there. We seek to get behind the phenomena and find what it is that causes things to manifest as they do. We find then that Mind exists apart from the physical plane. We find that Mind is expressed through the angelic hosts who are occupying the planes of ascension away from the earth. All the problems which vex humanity have a solution, and those trials which beset human progress result from attempting to deal with everything only on the plane of physical manifestation. There is a cause for trouble in the world. The possibility of wrong choice came into being with the creation of man "at zero" or incomplete and destined to complete himself, to create himself in ultimate perfection. In the ancient continent of Pan man expressed his self-realisation in a selfish manner, and calling the tremendous psychic forces of the Universe to his aid he brought destruction on his kind, and the continent was sunk. But certain people escaped the catastrophe. These were those who had interior knowledge of the spirit. They held the secret of manifestation of the light, and they sought only that which was best for mankind and were not concerned for power for themselves. But great evil had been committed, and it left its impress on the astral plane of the spirit world. The record has a way of impinging itself again and again on the minds of mortals. It is in the power of that impression that the false gods have attempted to keep control of the heaven worlds near to the earth plane, inspiring selfish men to follow their lead and so bring trouble, dispute, war and its attendant evils to the Red Star, the planet Earth. But all the while there has been an effort on the part of organised higher angels to counteract this by inspiring man to become ever more fully conscious of himself and to put aside all inharmony. It is this struggle which is represented in the old Zarathustrian teachings as the conflict of Ormazd and Ahriman. In the Christian school it is the conflict of God and Satan. It is the struggle between the upward-pulling forces and the downward-pulling forces in man's own nature. Now in the course of this great struggle there have been cyclic times of greater light and greater darkness. These have succeeded each other-sometimes one trend lasting for thousands of years. We are come now to a time when the Light is growing stronger and stronger, because we are coming to the stage of man's maturity when he should find balance and an objective realisation of the spiritual situation from which realisation he should be enabled to go forward unto an establishment of the Light on earth which we call the Kingdom of God. Then the darkness will fade away, never to reestablish itself in ascendancy. The vision of the accomplishment is already established in the Mind of the world. When man develops more fully in the Light he will possess a physical earth body of a higher type. His nervous responses and reflexes will be more acute and refined. He will


possess the power of telepathy. He will be able to see without physical eyes though he will use them. His voice will become richer and more resonant. His thought itself will be like a note of music that comes from the heart. Things at present dumb to him will speak to him. He will hear the voices of the stars and the flowers, and as the crystal grows he will hear its soft quiet murmur in the tone of C natural. This is due to the fact that everything is in a state of vibration and the vibrations which every object emits are in accordance with a definite scale. This scale is known already to some who have followed the line of Light down through the ages. In the years of Light before us, peace shall come and the Brotherhood of Man shall be established. Want and misery will be swept away and disease will become practically unknown. The basis of present disease is in the astral world, where forces called elementary powers, impinge themselves on the sensitive side of the human being giving micro-organisms a chance to take possession. The note of the human being is thrown into discord and his heart cannot beat with the rhythmic note which comes from the Sun and the Moon. All this may seem very strange to you. But in these days of scientific discovery it is found that all depends on vibration, attunement and rhythm. And when you review the number of strange happenings which are recorded by reputable witnesses you can no longer shut out from your mind the facts of the Unseen World. Most religions do not take these facts into full and conscious consideration so it is meet that schools of teaching should arise which shall place all phenomena on a definite and understandable basis and try to discover how it is possible to benefit humanity through the operations of the Unseen. This Brotherhood is one of the attempts made to this end by the Master Minds who work from the Invisible Planes. Its work is carried on along lines laid down by the invisible hierarchy. We try to come ever into closer communion with the Unseen. But steps must be taken to avoid the confusions of the lower planes of spirit in order to reach closer association with the more interior planes of Light and Being. But success in this depends largely on our motives. We shall achieve the higher association only if we genuinely reach out towards the good of mankind and not towards some selfish end. Mankind is changing. More and more people are coming into being capable of greater sensitivity to the needs of all. It is the beginning of a new human race. Every day children come into life and start to manifest the life of the corporean. What impulse has impelled their being towards the conditions of the material plane — and thus toward the spiritual plane? That depends largely on how they are over-shadowed. What do we mean by that? Large numbers of children are particularly over-shadowed from the spiritual planes, protected and inspired. They can and will respond to the spiritual worlds. Their protection comes from their Guardian Angels who must work very close to the earth plane. Their Angel Overshadowers, their inspirers, must come to them whilst they are at play or asleep or when they move about among their fellows. They often possess a very sensitive organism. Who will help them? Their Overshadowers. Who will help their Overshadowers? You will. How is this? The great angels near the earth can pass through your line of thought and receive from you the power which will help them operate in holiness even on the earth plane. Theirs is the great work or watching over the little ones who will grow to be great ones, in however humble circumstances.


When you come into contact with a spiritual fraternity, that is, any fraternity consciously working for the spiritual regeneration of human nature, a link is made between yourself and the Unseen. This link produces an irradiation from your aura, and wherever you are you will bear the message of peace and goodwill to men. This is not for one time of the year but for all time. It should radiate perpetually from your thought. Why? Because you are under the inspiration of an angel of the Second Resurrection. A Church that can move under this Power will do a great work however silently and unobtrusively. If every member and associate will realise this, peace will come to the world, for nothing could withstand the radiation of the Light. What is the Kosmon Church doing? It is striving to make this higher association. Does it claim to be better than others? On the contrary, we realise in all humility that the task ahead is no light one. There must be all of sharing and none of competing. The task draws us nearer to God and fills life with an intense interest. When life vibrates on material planes religion is just a part of the commonplace; doubtfully one awaits death and possibly heaven. But here is spiritual work for the emancipation of the human race from all past evil and the establishment of the true Kingdom of knowledge. That is the message the Faithist carries, and even though he may not speak it, his presence carries a power wherever he goes. And if you would become a Faithist what is it that you are expected to believe? You are expected to believe in the All Wise, All Pervading Presence of the All Pure and All Holy. It is for you to build up your own doctrine on that basis. In the revelations which have been given from the Higher Worlds you will find guidance upon your path. These will help you to synthesise your own religion, your own knowledge and to come to terms with your own experience. But the path of the Faithist is the Path of Service. If it takes 200 years to develop a Brotherhood strong enough to found a community in all its power that shall be a model unto the world, the work will not have been in vain. But the work needs You. It wants you for service. In the close association with the things of Reality you will make your life an everlasting joy. You will say, "Why cannot I go on living my own life and still come into at-one-ment with the Great Unseen?" That is not denied you, but we believe there may come a time in your life when you feel the necessity for association, for a greater power can be gained in a concerted oneness of purpose. Always remember this. You feed the physical body. You care for its health? This is an urge; you feel it to be a necessity. What about the Spiritual Body? Are you going to neglect that? Is there a Spiritual body? There is, indeed. It is that vesture which you take on when the earth life is over. If you bring it into association with the Higher Worlds it is strengthened, its growth is maintained and it is already established in harmony with the heavenly places of being. To feed and develop this spiritual body will bring you already into the region of Light while you are already on earth; wisdom shall govern all your decisions, a joy shall uplift you even through times of mortal suffering and distress; Life abundant shall be yours. Come therefore and let us work together.


Rhythmic Expression The forces which make up the forms with which you are familiar are the powers of Rhythmic Expression. These manifest within the ethe or ether — that power or substance which is behind all physical matter, the existence of which is disputed by some scientists and accepted by others. But we do not speak of physical ether, we refer to a transcendental ether, if we may so call it. The powers of the All Mind produce this rhythmic expression which causes forms to appear in the material world with which you are familiar. We see according to this that everything is built to a pattern, and that pattern is a living one. If we look, for instance, into the constitution of some chemical substances, we find they are built up according to definite ratios or expressions of what is called the law of chemical affinity. Do what you will, you cannot alter that law, and the fact remains that this is the basis on which every operation is performed. If we carry this into the realm of mystical accommodation we shall see that the artist must receive his ideas from the plane of the Ideal, and these ideas must be the very manifestation of this rhythmic expression of something. We have said again and again that beauty lies within everything, and our failure to appreciate it is possibly due to the limitations of the mind when it has to interplay through its physical organ, the brain. There is, however, a hidden glory behind everything that manifests in form. Here we come face to face with a very important fact, because it concerns us most closely. Even though these powers of rhythmic expression of the All Mind produce effects as we know them, yet there may be some things with which we are not entirely in attunement. If we could become in tune with them, we might find that we have then a higher appreciation of life, and an unlimited scope of power for good. These powers which are within, the powers of those influences of which we speak, are waiting to be grasped and used. It should be the work of religion to seek them out. Can we name some of them? Yes we can. Within every human being is the ability to reach out beyond the physical plane. The physical realm is limiting every individual that lives upon it, and yet it is the medium for the expression of that soul. How could a man live and be aware unless he had a physical body through which to manifest? In spite of this limitation, there is a power within which can reach out to the beyond. It is not actually intuition — not exactly second-sight — it is something more. It is the spiritual self which does not belong to the physical plane forever, but is here to gain experience — then in the Hereafter to manifest life in a higher experience. It is always important to remember that the spirit has the power to transcend corporeal limitations. What is the limitation in your own particular case? You know it quite well. Perhaps it is some destructive habit, or a problem that has baffled you for years. Yet there is a solution to that problem, you can find it through transcendence. Some people would say that religion should not interfere with these things because they belong to God and are veiled. But should not religion teach us to come closer into at-one-


ment with God — to be more like Him, the All Wise? The Faithist believes that he should endeavour to grow increasingly into at-one-ment with God, the Eternal Father, and that this must be a continuous process of growth, evolution or unfoldment, on each plane of experience ever ascending. This is the great ideal that is ever before the Faithist, and his religion guides him toward it. But that is not a mechanical or entirely mental process. Some people follow their religion as a purely mental thing and receive no real benefit from it, but not so the Faithist. He seeks a gradual blending with the Infinite Source of his being. At first that may sound solely mystical, but in fact it is intensely practical. One begins by blending with the spiritual worlds. The unseen spheres, the great heaven world which is about us and within us everywhere, is both a condition and a place of boundless spiritual powers and dominions, of beauties and joys and heights undreamed of by the mortal mind. These produce constantly a deep response within all who contact them. You know now if you have the power to appreciate art how the sight of a beautiful picture or piece of statuary will cause a deep response within you; the same thing happens but very much more intensely in the spiritual spheres. Most Spiritualists will tell you that when they speak with their friends who have passed into that higher world, they are told that the other world is beautiful beyond all description, and no words can be found to describe it exactly. That is truly the experience when one enters the condition of blending with the universal harmonies — feeling their rhythmic expression. When there is harmony in your life — when events are smoothly flowing — when everything is rhythmical and when you find a joy in being-what a pleasure, a deep interior satisfaction it creates. In the heaven worlds that condition is not transitory, it is permanent, and is the real delight of life. Now this belongs to your true self. All the limitations you suffer on the physical plane are only a part of that engendering process which brings the spirit out to a focus with the things becoming familiar to it. Existence on the physical level is an expression of life. You have come into the corporeal world on the ray of your descent, but in the descending arc you were entirely unconscious as far as yourself was concerned. You dwelt only in the subjective consciousness. Now from your childhood up you have gradually become conscious of self; and have been wrestling with the difficulties of objective consciousness and experience. This has produced within you the condition of self-identification. You know yourself as different from other persons and from objects; and you can examine and reason about things, because the mind has brought itself to various focal points. You know things from without. When physical life is ended you will know things from within. There you enter into the plane of Ideation, called by us the Second Resurrection, where things are known by being at-one with them. To explain further. In physical life, if for instance, you hear a piece of music and enjoy it, it lifts you up and helps you to feel that there is a wonderful ideal behind or within the music. Out of the physical body however, if you hear a piece of music, it is being expressed on the plane of its rhythmic expression, and it creates a similar vibration within you; it elevates your mind — a profound illumination comes — and the universe seems to open its doors and you then know things which you never knew before; the soul has been quickened with a newness of life and glory. It is by and through these conditions that those who live on the higher planes learn all about the manifestations of life in which they are merged, and they re-form them and reexpress them. The beauty of the human form in dance, for instance — yes, the angels sometimes dance, you know — falls into line with the powers of expression, as the rhythmic waves of the celestial harmonies sweep out from the All Mind, and take shape in


the dancer's mode. In the realm of metaphysics, we find there is a point beyond which the mind cannot go because it seems there are no terms by which its manifestations can be connoted. In one of the Indian philosophies, it is said that there is an interior condition of consciousness in which the soul blends with the Universal All. This is called Samadhi. In this condition knowledge and understanding come which cannot be known by the ordinary outer consciousness. There is, however, always the difficulty of relating in a practical way the inner knowledge with the external life. What the Faithist does is to use a simple rite of contemplation, and thus gradually come into touch with celestial powers. It is a teaching in the Kosmon line of thought, that there are no powers, principalities or forces unless they are associated with personality. The Father doeth His Will through His angels and the souls of men. Angel communion therefore is the key to illumination. These wonderful worlds of which we have spoken, peopled as they are by angels and archangels, at one time in mortal form as you are now, are constantly pouring out those rhythmic powers on to the physical plane of expression, and many people receive them or reject them as the case may be. The true religious seeker of the New Age sees that he must associate himself very definitely with those who have entered the life and reality of the heaven worlds, and with the power of God sweeping through them all. This is one of the most important teachings in the Kosmon philosophy. Instead of regarding angels as some kind of invisible missioners who come under the will of God, but who cannot be known, the Faithist defines them as elder brethren, who gained physical experience on this or some other world, and have entered the spiritual spheres which are around this earth, where one day you will join them. They are gaining objective experience through at-one-ment in the spirit life, and transmit the powers of rhythmic expression back into the world of physical humanity. Here is the answer to all social problems if only it can be rightly applied. Since love is one of the expressions of supreme harmony, your love for your fellow-kind immediately receives this quickening power for all who desire to help toward universal brotherhood. The history of the world is marked by cycles of time. Some of these may extend for as much as three thousand years. In this then we see the gradual evolution of the Human race — each cycle having a particular spiritual significance, and very deep effects upon Mankind. These times were well known to the prophets of old. The present cycle, which is part of a vast era of time, is one in which spiritual forces will increasingly impinge upon the physical plane, and in spite of all the conflagrations or rumours thereof — the tendency to snap civilisation in twain — there is a Power guiding humanity toward a destined end which is away from war and destruction toward peace and amalgamation. The philosophy of Kosmon recognises that in all powers which are helping the spiritualisation of the human family there is a higher cause and an angelic influence. This present cycle will gradually produce in the world an entirely new race of people, in that they will have a higher ideal of living, a deeper appreciation of artistic values, and the ability to come into at-one-ment with the unseen worlds through spiritual experience, and consequently slowly transcending corporeality will show their fellow men the way to a new world-order. Their symbol is the morning star.


These words will go deep into your heart, when you realise that many of the younger generation to-day are particularly overshadowed by the angelic powers who send their thoughts towards the physical globe to create the reign of universal love, peace and truth. We have often told you that this present cycle is very young indeed. It is only a century old, and it may take hundreds of years yet to bring the human race to full prosperity; yet if you look deeply enough, you will surely see many signs of the times pointing to the coming of the reign of light at last. This philosophy, therefore, proclaims that from the minds of the great ones in the higher worlds who are guiding the evolution of Mankind there is ever streaming down a ray of love, power and illumination which flows through those in mortal form who are receptive, and from them it goes forth to proclaim the light of the New Day. This is not always given in words, but often just through contact — the silent but potent message your presence in the world gives to all whom you meet. This is one of the secrets of the new religion. We have not given you any familiar dogma, nor quoted any scripture. We have just stated the very elemental facts relating to the science of transcendental being. We do this because you already have books, teachings and doctrines without number, and you have dogmas if you want them. But, above them all you cannot get away from the facts of spirit. You remember that for many years the churches fought against the theories propounded by scientists regarding the rotundity of the Earth, but there are few who will refute that teaching to-day. The dogma given at one period of time may not be sufficient for a more advanced period. Even if we consider the lives of the great teachers, the messiahs, and their salutary effect on the human race, we still hold this important view that there are grades of individuals, and if an individual is born into the earth life highly graded, the power which he has of attuning himself with those rhythmic harmonies of which we have spoken, the thought world, the Mind of God, expressing the eternal love and wisdom, then the very power which he produces as an impulse in the world will live on even after he has gone, and anyone can come¡ into touch with the same impulse, the same harmonies. But why should we attune ourselves to only one source of power? We should attune ourselves to the One Source, the Eternal Father, because He alone is All Perfection, and no matter by what channels we choose. to approach Him, we should be perfectly free, and not be limited by any thoughts or ideas which might prevent us from gaining the full value of contact with the glorious Ineffable. Angelic ministry is important however. If your spiritual capacity is of a sufficient nature and you can receive the rhythmic expression which an angel may bring you, linking you with the realm from which he or she has descended, you are quickened and illuminated, becoming for a time at-one with the infinite Source of Life, giving you happiness, strength and courage. And wherever you go, people who are receptive receive the same impulse though perhaps in a lesser degree, through contact with you. This transcendental science is gradually being enlarged. Psychologists have discovered many potent features about the hidden self. They have found some of the influences of that peculiar submerged self they call the "Subconscious," which often need release or cleansing — the complicated make-up of the hidden man encrusted about by corporeal limitations. Many of these limitations are the subtle psychic bonds which the earth, as a living body itself, imposes. Some are imposed by heredity, and not always by physical


heredity. There may be another heredity, something on the ray of your descent which happened in past ages, the effects of which you now bear. If you can bear nobly some great sorrow or pain, you may entirely negative its cause — wipe out the shadow of some ancient evil, so that those who come after you on the same ray may be free from the bondage which has caused you suffering. On the question of suffering, of which there is so much in the world, we must not forget one important thing. Man is free, and if he deliberately creates disharmony where harmony should reign, then he must be responsible for it. It was said by one of your great poets: " .... the evil that men do lives after them." This is very true, but we must remember that evil lives not only physically, but psychically (or etherically if you prefer the term) also. In other words, actions produce etheric re-actions. In every war there are millions of thoughts of anger and hatred created; these produce actual forms in the lower ether which sometimes can be seen clairvoyantly. Many people without knowing it are receptive to such forms, and become thus moved to further anger and hate. What a vast work therefore it is to clear away this evil fog from the world's psychic sphere. All this is linked with suffering, and the strange illnesses, the terrible crimes which constantly appear. But you who have some measure of spiritual knowledge can help in the great redemptive process. Even if through psychic reflexes you suffer for a time, yet by bearing nobly the cross of matter, you can change it into a Cross of Light. When the earthly life is over, and you step out into the glory of the higher worlds, you will rejoice to see how much your sufferings, your bearing of the burdens of life, have helped to bring the world into the light of the New Age. Meanwhile, your spiritual body is developing and your mind expanding because here and now you enter into communion with the realms of light. This you do by thinking about them. As you think about those realms and the bright ones who come to you from them, a new strength, understanding and peace become yours. This is the real power within the Kosmon religion. This religion can help you — it can give meaning and purpose to your life. It can lift you above limitations — it can help you to understand yourself — and by it you can become virtually "born again." You may, however, find your help in another school of thought. It is not for us to deny you this; but our advice is: "Seek until you do find, and having found the right path, follow it to the end." One day, the higher call will come, and you will pass into the worlds of spirit, but you can begin that life here and now. That is why we make this contact with you, that our words may awaken your heart, and we may lead you into the peace the world cannot give, even joy and Light Everlasting.

Objective and Subjective It is generally agreed by most learned men that every individual is capable of more than he ordinarily expresses. It is said that the subjective part of Man is so wonderful that he has powers far exceeding anything which the ordinary objective state of consciousness reveals, and this includes the workings of what is called the "sub-conscious mind." It goes to prove that there is within the ordinary man or woman a power which we call the


spiritual man; and since this spiritual man is active in those in whom the subconscious powers are awakened fully, then we can suppose that there is a relationship between the life after death and this subjective consciousness. If, then, we were to argue philosophically, we would have to admit that a man is dual in his manifestation of consciousness; he is both objective and subjective. Arguing then along these lines we can see how it is that that power which is called the soul acting as a vehicle for the mind, whatever the mind may be, causes the functioning of his spirit self, reacting on the nervous organic system of the physical body, and controlling the outer organism. Now all that is rather scientific, but it will help us to come to a very important conclusion. It is this, that if the spiritual worlds are real, and if they do play some part in the life of human beings, then one half, yes, more than one half of the human race is spiritually starved. It may be that this is the cause of most of the trouble in the world. The spiritual worlds are everywhere. They are particularly associated with this planet in what are called in Kosmon terminology its Atmospherean Heavens — the Astral planes, if you prefer the term, associated with this particular globe. In these heavens reside those who have left the physical body, and they form a vast company of intelligent thinking beings, not those vapourish, vague sort of drifting spirits that the popular imagination thinks of as ghosts. If this then is true, there is associated with this Earth a section of the human race which we can rightly call the invisible inhabitants of this globe; and it is important to remember this. Modern Spiritualism is doing a good deal to popularise this idea, but for many it has shortcomings, or does not as a rule go far enough. The deep thinker would like to know as much as possible to what extent the spiritual worlds do affect this physical plane on which you live, and it will come to pass that we shall see in our search that the spiritual world would do infinitely more for the good of the world if only it had the opportunity. Whereas now the lower planes wherein dwell those who have not progressed, those who are earthbound, find that they can easily attach themselves to the sensitives who have no training, or knowledge, concerning these overshadowers of theirs, the result is that crime very often prevails where it should not. There is indeed a profound reason why we should take into consideration this important fact. We see in the naturally born-sensitives, who are not spiritually inclined, a vast field of work. For those spirits who are unprogressed, who desire not to leave the earth plane, find a harbour in the auras of those who can respond to their wills and their wishes. Against that, of course, we have a vast band of great hosts of workers on the spiritual side who are doing their best to protect these people and to resurrect the earth-bound, to lift them up and guide them to a higher plane. All this is very wonderful work. But what the Kosmon Church and Fraternity is concerned about is the spiritual development of every individual, who should indeed be equipped with far greater powers than most people to-day possess. Here is a point which immediately brings us to consider the facts of psychic development and more. We are concerned with the natural development of all faculties, particularly those which govern and direct the psychic gifts when they begin to manifest. What are the psychic gifts? They are the manifestation of certain centres within the spirit body. These centres become active


under strong magnetic influences, and they are naturally under the control of the subjective part of man, and are, therefore, associated with the sympathetic nervous system in the physical body. Thus we see the need for the awakening of the higher consciousness fully, so that it can govern and hold in check any undue manifestations, and keep steady the general flow of the magnetic currents within the spiritual body.

Now, as you turn your thoughts inward to meditate on spiritual things you do not at first quicken these psychical activities. Instead you begin to awaken the higher consciousness, a state of mind which functions in harmony with the higher spiritual planes. Your ordinary mode of thinking becomes changed, and you find that you compare everything material with spiritual values. You regard life in the light of its reaction to spiritual influences. When this manifestation of the mind begins to open out, then it is quite safe for the psychical faculties to begin to manifest. As a matter of fact, the higher consciousness always acts very cautiously, and it works in conjunction with the guardian angel. The guardian angel works in conjunction with your spiritual master, a high-raised angelic being with whom you are associated according to the ray of your spiritual descent. Your master knows what is best for you, and he communicates the fact frequently to your guardian angel, called in Oahspean terminology, the "ashar." The ashar then will speak to you through your higher mind, and will always help you whenever you need guidance in regard to your spiritual unfoldment. As time goes on you deepen this consciousness and you increase the spiritual activities by various means. For instance, you may engage in some form of work which has a spiritual expression such as helping people to find spiritual values according to their needs. Or you may guide poor souls to a fuller realisation of their powers and to a happier life. You may become a healer or teacher; you may be all these things. The result is that you are daily coming nearer to that high realisation of which we speak. Meditating on the spiritual planes will also develop these faculties; reading spiritual books, prayer, and joining with others in worship-all quicken within the spiritual body those right vibrations which lift the consciousness and cause it to awaken on the higher planes. The moment it so becomes awakened it is linked with the dwellers on those planes. These dwellers — call them angels, spirits, astrals, estreals or esseans, as you wish — once lived like you on a physical globe, either this or some other planet. These angels or esseans then live together in the higher spiritual planes, where they have become attuned to each other in perfect harmony, knowing the joy of constant activity and association. Their thoughts are always producing beautiful things, and the spirit body becomes increasingly active according to the exercise of their own personal faculties, some as artists, some as musicians, builders, teachers, some as helpers guiding others as they rise from the lower planes. Probably as sweet and beautiful as any of them all, there are those who care for the little children who have died and risen like stars of the morning to these realms of light and glory. As you advance, then, on your ascension, the higher mind awakens and becomes linked with these higher spheres. There is a wonderful telepathy between the awakened mind and the angels of these planes. There are those who know all about you and your struggles on life's pathway. They are your overshadowers and helpers and your loves. They are of your spiritual family, because they came down the same ray of descent as you have after them, from the great subjective realms into the objective form of life, to ascend back again, knowing through the objective association all things that they have to contact. Like you then, they love, and hope, and sing, and laugh and dance, and wait


for still higher glories. Linked with you therefore, power flows from each plane to you. This causes the soul to expand and the spiritual body to grow, and that subjective self to become awakened on its own plane of manifestation. Then new powers become active within you, and the physical system, which used to govern you, now becomes your servant. This is the secret of all mental and spiritual healing. In whatsoever form it manifests it is the same. It is the developing of the higher consciousness, and the directing of the vehicle, the spirit body, through subjective channels. The Faithists have a way of explaining this. It is the coming into awareness of the Creator and His manifestations. There is a point in one's unfoldment wherein it is said that a man is able to hear the Creator speaking. This may be regarded as the highest intuition and illumination combined. If we can learn to cease from always seeking objectivity, the intuition gradually advances to its highest possible point culminating in permanent illumination. That would give to all men the power to understand everything. Would it not be a wonderful thing to hear His Voice speaking through the higher mind? One day you will know this, then you can say: "The Father moveth me," and "I and the Father are one." This is the condition of consciousness found in those spiritual spheres called in Kosmon language, the Third Resurrection, the highest planes connected with this planet. There love and wisdom blend and produce another attribute. Just as when you and someone you love meet and your minds seem to flow into each other, your thoughts blend and your whole outlook on life becomes different. So on these higher planes the blending of the archangel powers gives you joy, and a peace which passeth all understanding, by your being so close to at-one-ment with the All One. We are anxious to see a New Humanity come into the world; because this is the right time for it to appear. Every great age in the earth's history is marked out in cycles, and the present cycle is sometimes called the Arc of Sabea. That is to say, the sun and its planets marching forward in a great circle are now passing through that section known in the spiritual spheres as the Arc of Sabea. The name means the time of the descent of the angelic hosts from the Etherean worlds. This is the time when spiritual knowledge shall be restored to Man-the time when all high ideals of humanitarianism, peace and universal brotherhood shall be brought into actual manifestation. You can assist in the initiation of the New Race by becoming a representative of those angelic hosts. As you reach up toward them, so will their light flow down to you and through you to a waiting world. If you link yourself with them, the same power that they have, Peace, Joy, Transcendence, will manifest in your heart, and radiate from your aura wherever you go. You may come into touch with hundreds of people perhaps each week; everyone shall receive from you the touch of this miraculous hidden power. You are not going to wait for your life to end before you enter on your life's work, are you? Here then is a means by which all can be of service. We first aid people toward the awakening of the higher faculties of the soul and the bringing of the mind into focus with the higher spiritual planes, then later assist in the developing of the inner faculties sometimes called psychic. There is, of course, a further means by which all this can be done. That is by association. By associating with others of like mind, forming a guild, a league, an order or brotherhood (call it what you will) all seeking to manifest the higher life, and in the unity of the many form a great channel for the out-pouring of the angelic light. Let us not forget also, that once the spiritual self has begun to awaken, you gradually


become more and more active out of the physical body when it sleeps at night. There, gathering up experiences of the spiritual planes, and engaging in service with those who live therein, you can fulfill as much or more than on the physical level, though you may not be able to bring back the memory of these experiences until you have advanced far on the inner path. We do not want to call you away from your ordinary place of worship if you are quite happy there; go back to it and carry with you the greater understanding and the spiritual power for service which you gain by coming into harmony with the higher spheres. This is a religion of reality: it is a path of service: and if you can grasp it, it will transform life for you. The earth-life is a preparation for the real life which begins with the death of the physical form. Having come into an awareness of self-ness on the physical plane, you will begin the real life with understanding and joy. But that life can be yours now. Let the angels be your companions; their light will illuminate your path, and ever quicken your heart anew in the consciousness of the higher reality. Go forth to-day then, and begin life anew, and being companioned by the radiant ones, the Great Spirit shall bless you in all you do.

Towards the Eternal Dawn It is written that Jehovih is everywhere present. He is the soul of things, and yet He comprehends not only the soul but the material part. It is difficult to argue about the Creator. Some men would have you do this, but we cannot argue about Him. We can, however, talk about His attributes and the way He manifests, because we can know Him through His manifestations. That overcomes the difficulty which arises in our minds when we endeavour to reconcile the old anthropomorphic idea of God with that of a Universal Creative Intelligence. When we understand that we, ourselves, are symbols, we shall see that it is an easy thing to talk about the All Wise and the All Intelligent as "Our Father." This enables us to focus our minds definitely to one point; and if we would understand anything at all, one-pointedness is the first thing which must be attained. The Faithist endeavours to bring out religion that it may be understood by the developing mind, that the begging of the question attitude may be put on one side. He does not tie himself to any dogma or doctrine however ancient, if it is not possible to equate it with the things he knows. The old idea that man is punished because he thinks or acts wrongly, must be put away. It is purely a question of cause and effect; and we suffer for what we do wrong to others, or in whatever way we disorganise the general harmony of the great Creator's handiwork. But since action and reaction are equal and opposite, we must, of necessity, expect that we shall suffer as a result of putting any point in the harmony out of accord, thus causing a discord. If a group of people, whether mortals or angels, conspire to disturb the harmony of the creative process, then that group will naturally suffer in consequence through the reaction caused to themselves by that disharmony.


If we examine the teachings of Zarathustra, sometimes called Zartusht or Zoroaster, the first great Persian prophet, he has distinctly laid it down for us that the process of evolution, from any primitive condition into that which may be described as goodness, is like the ripening of the fruit on the tree. It is first of all green, and gradually ripens in the sun. We can, therefore, liken a man's growth from any condition to one which is more superior, to the ripening of the fruit in the Sun of Eternal Majesty. Mind is everywhere present, and manifests a form of its own particular attribute, which is called consciousness. The individual man or woman, or animal, partakes of that consciousness and specialises it. You can say that in man consciousness is permanent because in the human form it becomes an aggregate. The aggregate, however, is not itself permanent in form because it changes according to the plane on which it manifests. Thus taught Sakaya, the great one sometimes called Sakaya Muni, the Enlightened One, or Buddha. When we examine this in the light of our teachings, we find that the consciousness of man persists after his body is dead, and since it can manifest only through a form without becoming diffused again, there is a form which persists when the physical body passes away. That form is built out of the ether, which is of a substance sufficiently substantial to exist on the plane of its manifestation according to the state which the individual enters. Thus when you finally leave your physical body, you will possess a spiritual body which will be composed of the ether of the plane in which you are able to think. If, therefore, you have learned to think in a manner appropriate to an extremely spiritual level, you will find yourself in an environment of extreme spirituality. If, on the other hand, your mind cannot rise above an earthly environment, you would manifest in your spiritual body very near to the earth plane. You see the difference in the Kosmon teachings to those which you were taught in the old schools. You were taught that if a man did evil, when he passed from the physical body he was punished. Here you observe, though there may be a punishment, it is purely the effect of a cause. If one cannot rise above the old conditions to which one was accustomed, it is entirely due to the fact that the eanh pull keeps one down. It should be a part of modern religion to teach us how we may rise above the limitations which are imposed on us by heredity and environment. The new religion can help us, and in this, then, we learn how we can raise the consciousness to a higher plane of manifestation, so that when the physical life is ~ver we shall be able to find that plane and not be earthbound. At the same time, while we are still in the physical form, we can live a higher life, particularly one of service to our fellow man. The more a corporean can ascend from earthly things, the greater will be his or her powers. The secret is as old as the hills. The growth in spirit means that transcendence over all things below is gained. The prophets of old who found the All Light could rise to those heights of spiritual transcendence that they could perform miracles. They had gained the spiritual heights and were not limited by anything below the plane of their attainment. We have an example in the life of Joshu, sometimes called Jesus. He, we are told, was able to perform many wonders, and he did so because he had been born into a state of perfection. We may ask at this point: "Why was he born in a state of perfection?" Simply that he might be the corporeal focus point for spiritual powers during his ministry. Therefore, he came, not subject to earthly conditions as men are, but free. At the same time, he could experience everything men felt during their earthly life. Hence, he knew sorrow and grief because he could feel every vibration within his fully developed spiritual


body. The Faithist regards himself as a spiritual being dwelling within a physical body, and he tries daily to gain more and more control of the physical plane through the exercise of the faculties of the spiritual body. It is to such a state of attainment that the New Race will come, possessing powers of a transcendental nature, and be able to rule and direct to the advantage of the human family all things that concern the race. Now let us examine this statement. The forces sweeping through the universe are of three kinds, namely, physical, psychical and spiritual. You are quite familiar with the physical forces, thunder and lightning, wind and rain, sunshine and frost, sound and colour and so on. You are aware perhaps, of the psychic forces — such things as cause the emotions to rise without any apparent external cause whatever — the strange premonitions which some people get of happenings which are inimical to them or to other people — the manifestations of such experiences as clairvoyance and clairaudience. These things are familiar to many of you. These psychical forces are associated with the inner magnetic energies of the sun, the moon, the planets and particularly with the band of stars called the Zodiac. These deep and invisible psychic powers have a greater influence on the human race than men at present dream. A new understanding is now coming; a new consciousness will appear in those yet to be born, which will reveal much about the unseen worlds, and how spirits or angels live and move in accord with the Creator's times and seasons. As an indication of this, you will find in the histories recorded in Oahspe how the ancients were told to observe the times of the moon. And you hold here to-day a ceremony during the new moon when you pray particularly for all who have recently passed into spirit life. It is, therefore, quite clear that this hidden world needs to be understood if the human race is to rise at all from its physical environment, because the unseen does affect the seen. There are thousands of patients in hospitals for the mentally afflicted simply because the modern scientific man does not know of the forces which cause people to become so distraught. As we persevere in our search for truth, we shall not only discover these unseen causes, but we shall be able ultimately to find remedies; and any religion which does not help in this, is not really fulfilling a good purpose. If the Kingdom is to come on earth, as we are taught to pray it should, then somehow we must find how it can come — it cannot be wholly with social reform. If the invisible world reacts upon the physical, the initiation of the Kingdom must include the unseen world. Hence the Faithist seeks this higher knowledge, and you desire to learn more, that you may gradually rise above those things which not only limit but interfere with the outworking of all that is best and noblest in your life. The spiritual life is a very real thing, and if your one desire is to enter into it, you are not bound to become a perfect being before you start on this road. A beginning must be made. Some folk have the idea that one must have advanced a good deal along the road of perfection before expressing the Kosmon tenets and becoming a member of this Brotherhood. A greater mistake could not be made. We want you to begin, and we want to help you from our side as you start to step out on a very definite path. We are not asking what your life has been in the past; we are asking you to try to follow the exhortations laid down in these teachings as far as you can. Let the past be redeemed by the progress you make as the years roll on. And when we speak of the past, we do not mean only this little strand of your earthly life. We mean the spiritual ray of descent-the ray of influences coming through the spiritual and physical families. What is it that has made your heredity?


Those things that seem so often to limit you — those adverse forces that seem to be against you; often just when a fulfillment is coming something appears like a cloud between you and that achievement. What is the cause? Or again, whence come those strange influences that help you to accomplish tasks that other people fail to do? That deep something that strengthens and guides you through the maze of life, what is it? To answer this we must go back for ages. We have to look into the lives of all who have gone before you — perhaps the physical line of descent, but most especially the spiritual line, which links you with the past and future. Believe us when we tell you that you are a member of a great company, a family, many of whom have already risen into the Eternal Light. You have a most deep, spiritual link with them. And coming later when you have left the physical life, will be others belonging to the same company. Perhaps you will look down upon them, watch over to guide and bless them, and see them complete much that you began — see them face similar difficulties, and because you gained strength by passing through such difficulties, be able to help them toward a triumphant conclusion. You will know the solutions to many problems because you have gained the heights, so you will be able to pass on the solutions to them, and they will thus manifest the light even more than you can to-day. There are many people who have suffered, but who have benefited through the suffering. In a strange way they may have escaped a prosperity which would have taken them away from the spiritual light. They may have been happy as far as worldly possessions can give happiness, but how long would it last? How long would all the glamour of earthly existence give them that vague, fleeting happiness? There is a happiness which the world cannot give you. It comes through the association of yourself with those higher ones who are on your ray. This happiness will lift you out of the slough of despond, and no matter how hard life may be at times, it will bring you a deep joy that nothing else can give. What is the greatest thing that has ever given you any joy in life? Was it the love of a friend, or husband, or children? Love! Is there anything like it, when the heart can understand what the other heart feels? Is there anything like that wonderful outflowing sympathy which another can give to you when you feel that life has nothing worth living for? It is a strange fact, but friendship has kept many a soul from despair, and enabled obstacles, apparently insurmountable, to be overcome. If you have a soul for sympathy, and extend that sympathy to another, it goes out from you as a radiant emanation; it can be seen clairvoyantly as a light flowing from you. It is an expansion of your soul, and it blends itself with the soul to whom you send it. A peculiar fact about this is that what you feel, that one will feel. Thus, if you have hope in the ascendant, that one receives hope. If you have faith, they receive faith; if you have understanding, they receive understanding, and so are enabled to overcome inertia and difficulty. Now apply that to our message. All around you in the great unseen is a vast world of being. Into that world many who have loved you, and still love you, have passed. There they are waiting until you join them in the day of glorious unity beyond the veil of earthly life. Sometimes when they come to you now, they find a veil between themselves and you, and it may negative their efforts to communicate with you. Whereas, that veil removed, their soul can flow to you at once, and illuminate your mind by the spiritual light gained, to give you transcendent happiness which they know because they have found the higher path. This we call "angel communion." This service to-night is held to augment that communion as you are gathered here. Those who come from the planes of spirit endeavour to stimulate within you a consciousness of


their presence. This will enable them to help you, especially in dark days, and life will become brighter for you, simply because the higher consciousness of this company has blended with yours on earth. Apply this then to the more advanced teachings. Supposing you desire to help the world toward a better state and initiate the reign of brotherhood and peace. Obviously, if you do frequently come into association with the higher worlds, those angels who are working with the same desire will come to you, and their coming will quicken within you a new consciousness. Having linked yourself with them, life will shape its ends according to the needs. It is not a matter of having to struggle with circumstances, or give up anything at all. Your life will quietly change because you have come into harmony with the great plan. Will you become a messenger for the Light? We are not asking you to go forth and proclaim this message from the house-tops or the wayside. You can preach the silent sermon because very often the silent word is as potent as the spoken. You know the secret of thought transference; positive thoughts can pass from mind to mind. If your mind is radiating thoughts of this New Age, people with whom you come into contact will be quickened strangely by this power. That is the silent sermon, and everyone in Kosmon Unity can preach it. In meditation you can come into communion with the angelic light, then as you go forth into the world, the light will be radiating from you all the time. Often your teacher from the higher spheres is with you, and he sees the spirits who are associated with the people you meet, and they see him, and they immediately find a link with him, because his mind is, perhaps, stronger than theirs. These spirits overshadowing the people you meet will feel a reflex, even though they know nothing at all about higher things. This is one of the means by which the angels are working to-day. They are finding the different points of contact through those who are associating themselves with the light of the New Age, the Kosmon Age, whether of this Community or any other. Can The Kosmon Unity help you? Yes, that is its object. Its aim is to give you greater strength, a deeper insight into spiritual matters, a power to mould your destiny, a means whereby you can attain to celestial heights of illumination; and above all, it shall open for you the gates of everlasting day, and there shall be no more night. Will you keep the door closed to those who desire to come to help and bless you-those who have gone on before you, who still love you, could the thread be severed by death? Perhaps there is someone who during their earthly life did you a great wrong? Then try hard to forgive. Perhaps it is that great wrong which is holding him down; your forgiveness will help to set him free at last so that he may begin to climb the heights. If only we could forgive others their trespasses it would even help us to receive greater joy and blessings. Behold the rainbow in the sky. It shines there when the sun has made a rift in the clouds, and tells of the departing of the storm. The rainbow is a symbol of hope — the Etherean descent. Gradually, as the rainbow in the sky is descending so are the Ethereans coming to the earth. Long years ago they walked the physical path, just as you are now. They were either on this planet or a planet in some other system perhaps. But they understand, they know your needs and the need of all Mankind; and they want to spread the light of


the New Age. What is more, they want to weave a shining garment which you shall wear, and it shall be the colour of your aspirations, your highest ideals, your hopes. They will invest you with that robe, the robe of glory. Your inner being shall respond to the light they bring, and the soul shall be attuned to the Infinite Illumination. What a wonderful thing it will be not to fear any more but to go into the silence and during meditation to feel the incoming of that peaceful aura, the Ray of the Ineffable Calm over storm; adjusting every fractious particle, putting it into its right place within you. Will it not be a wonderful thing to feel the presence of the angelic light, and to know during the hours of sleep the consciousness now awake on the spiritual planes? You will be able to join those who have gone on before you, and to speak with them face to face, and ask them all about the things of their new life. How wonderful it will be to look on earth with other eyes, and to be able to say: "The life of spirit is a higher call. I bear the heat and burden of the day, but some day I shall be in that fuller and larger life, there to take up the threads of my destiny anew, and go on life after life in the spheres of glory, knowing that as I go on we shall enter more and more into the experience of what Jehovih is. I shall see His glories as they manifest through His Creations: I shall know the great peace and fear no more." So, beloved brethren, let this be your religion, let this be your life: — Faith in the Great Spirit Who is ever-present, and Who does His Will through His angels. His inspiration is ever with you and He works through your soul. His presence can magnify the good within you until it expands and you become a transformed being. His presence within you gives you complete freedom, and yet gives you the joy of service to your fellow-man. This brotherhood to which you belong, is the earthly focus point for a vast brotherhood in the spiritual spheres working for the Light. Together we are dedicated unto the best endeavour to found the reign of Light on earth, for unless spiritual means are taken to found the Father's Kingdom, all other efforts will fail. So let us go together in service towards the eternal dawn.

There is a Bridge The religion of the Faithist is one which aims at helping a man to find his true self — to find the capacity which he possesses, not only corporeal but spiritual also, because the true self lies within. The outer seli, the physical body, is a peculiar thing because it is a limitation as well as a means whereby the true self can find expression on the material plane of activity. This physical body is endowed with all the limitations which heredity can impose, but it is also given characteristics which enable the individual to realise his true self; and it would seem as if this body, the house in which the thinker resides during his earthly sojourn, limiting as it does his expression, would require some particular form of quickening to enable it to respond to vibrations which are above the physical, those things which are higher than the mere material form of stimulation. But there is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual; this bridge is the etheric part of a man's being. You may call it his astral body if you wish, but it is a link between the purely spiritual and the physical, and


is represented in the physical by the very fine nervous system which that body possesses. This nervous system is bi-polar, positive and negative, the cerebro-spinal and the sympathetic nervous system; and since the whole of one's activities depend on the accurate functioning of this dual system, the occultist and the psychologist have studied its functions most closely. Beyond the range of physical action there are the baffling phenomena of psychic action, that particular kind of manifestation which seems to evade all forms of physical explanation. It points to the fact that there is another realm of existence in which the spiritual can live and manifest apart from the physical. The Faithist accepts that fact, and he calls this other world, the spirit or heaven world. It may be that a better term could be found for it, but it is sufficient if we explain it to mean that state of existence in which the thinker, the spirit lives after it leaves the physical body permanently. The heaven world, therefore, is a locality. It has an objective existence. It is as complex as the physical; indeed in its lowest aspect it is a reflex of the physical plane, for this reason, that the substance of the lowest plane receives the atomic reflexes of everything in the physical world. The eye of the spirit body is an organ, a psychic organ, capable of receiving reflections from objects on the physical as well as registering the light which is given out by objects on the spiritual planes. Mortal sight sees things only by the light they reflect, whereas spiritual sight sees spiritual things by the light they emit, or physical objects by their atomic reflections. The dwellers on the lower spirit planes cannot always see the higher Orders of Spirits (unless those Orders make themselves visible) for the simple reason that the more interior or higher one goes, the finer are the vibrations and therefore more difficult to perceive by the means available on the first planes of ascension. With this thought before us you will immediately see that a number of people who pass out of the physical body, having no knowledge of the afterlife, are confronted with a problem, because they may return to those they have left upon the physical plane, and they can see them but yet there is a difference. They find that some are more discernable than others, and upon the old familiar objects they cannot make an impression as they did during earth life. This, at first, leads to much confusion, and would lead to a more disordered state of mind were it not for the fact that he thinks he is dreaming; and that is his salvation. He just passes from one dream state to another for quite a long time. Many people investigating Spiritualism are confronted with the problem, that those who come to communicate with them can often do so only partially. Their communications also may be very confused, and it seems as if they are not fully aware of the state and condition of things they have left behind. That is due to the first condition of dreaming in which they have found themselves and their inability to arouse themselves objectively to communicate in a direct manner. The more positive of those who pass into that life, asserting to themselves they are still alive, are able to cohere their thoughts, and receive information, and very often communicate successfully. But one thing is needed, and that is a complete break from the physical conditions that they may enter more completely the interior planes of life before they can talk again to those they have left on the mortal plane. Here then we must distinguish between those who having passed through death, are living on the lower spirit planes, and those who have gone on to the higher levels. The first may sometimes be a little confused or uncertain; whereas the second will be clear and positive, but cannot communicate frequently, coming to us only at certain times according


to esoteric rules. The fact is this, that the whole world around is overshadowed by a vast world of spiritual beings. It would perhaps be unwise for us to suggest worldwide spirit communication, but we do urge a universal spiritual communion — a communion with the higher worlds, with the planes of light, truth and beauty, seeking it for knowledge regarding spiritual thingsthat in this knowledge we may be the better able to carry out the Father's Will in helping the world into a brighter and better state. Can we help the world if we come more into touch with the higher spheres? Well, let us examine that point for a moment. Those higher planes, often in this philosophy called the Second Resurrection, are both a place and condition inhabited by those who have risen above the low spirit spheres and are no longer earthbound. They are free and unaffected by earthly conditions. Their realm is one of light, joy, harmony and unity; and within it are found music and art, beauty and strength. All these things, which are attributes for which you often long, are there in manifestation, and the dwellers on those planes move about amongst the things they have created — houses, gardens of perfect loveliness, art galleries, halls for music and drama, temples and sanctuaries, places which you would desire to visit if you were in such a state and condition, still realising that you have an objective existence. The old idea of heaven being a place of sweet remoteness as to be perfectly ntangible must be dismissed. Here in your earth life, you have a pattern of that which shall come after this life is ended, free from its limitations if you will, providing means for each for the expression of one's interior genius. Who of you has ever found it possible to express all that you have felt within yourself — the desire to play a part with power in something creative, or to express the poetry, art or music which you hold so dear? That is possible only in a sphere of higher dimensions, free from the many limiting conditions of the physical plane. Such is the life of those higher spiritual worlds of which we have spoken — the spheres where dwell those who have left the bondage of the lower planes, and who were once like you, dwelling on the material plane. Even life in these higher spheres is not permanent, for there are worlds beyond, far more wonderful, but the period of time spent there is usually much longer than the earthly span. What is the object of this state and condition? May we explain to you that it has for its object the nurturing of certain interior capacities and powers, several of which you do not realise are latent within you now. For instance, the ability to read the interior light as it expresses Creation, to help to build that plane upon which one has one's dwelling; to give the best expression of one's deeper self, and to learn to become a creator under the Supreme Creator. All this requires many years. You, for instance, may have within you the potentials of an orator, but have no means of expressing that ability on the physical plane. In the higher spheres you will find the right conditions and opportunities, and they will be in this way, that no longer limited by a physical body, you would be able to attune yourself to the inner vibrations of the universe, and the spiritual body would respond to those vibrations which were in accord with your inner nature, and you would begin to develop along very definite lines of your own particular individuality. There might be times when it would be necessary for you to contact the earth plane again. What is the reason for that? It is this, that there might be certain things which you had left undone whilst in the physical form, or other things which you should not have done, and


the law of cause and effect would call you back again. Then by overshadowing others, especially if they had a spiritual relationship to you, you would help to redeem the little wrong you had done, or make good that which you failed to do. By overshadowing others, by inspiring them to greater fulfillment, you both aid them on the path of progress and develop your individuality further. These higher spiritual planes, called in Kosmon terminology, the Second Resurrection, give you the power to do this, for the simple reason that as soon as the spiritual faculties are developed they are manifesting. That which is now latent within you, there comes into full fruition; then you will return to the physical contact with a strange and wonderful power which you did not possess when you were in the lower planes. This is due to unfoldment or growth; and moving about in company with other workers you help the world along its troubled pathway toward the fullness of this New Age — toward that condition yet to come in its history when all its problems, its vexed conditions, will have been resolved, and an earthly paradise have come. It is by and through this spiritual ministry that the world is inspired to help itself, to establish universal brotherhood, to work for all those good things that humanise society, to bridge the gulf between different nations, to advance toward a better state of life and health. All these are of the New Age, and this inspiration comes from the Second Resurrection where such conditions already abound. This is the key to human progress on the physical plane. We cannot pass without considering the world which overshadows the Second Resurrection. This is the highest state and condition of development before one leaves this earth and its heavens for good to find absolute emancipation. In this third realm you have a still higher expression. There, thought is even more potent, feeling more acute, and the things which give you true peace, and make you really happy, are found there in perfection. In this sphere we see the focusing point of all the angelic beings working in the higher planes. This focal point, this centre, is the mind of the great ruler of this planet and its heavens, called in Kosmon terminology "God" as distinct from the term: "God the Father." This great angel, who focuses the minds of all the higher angels in his own, acts as the heart beat, moving in tune to the interior spheres of the great All Life, or their manifestation. Is this not the plan of the universe? You have the sun and the attendant planets moving in vast orbits. What is it that holds them to the central luminary? The scientists have not yet discovered it, but it is a vast vortex of etheric force; nor can that etheric force hold them in its embrace unless there were an inner impulse within it. That impulse is the mind within the great solar centre, and due to its rhythmic heart-beat, all planets move in concert, and in accord with the forces which play upon them. Everything is so exact that astronomers can read the skies for hundreds of years ahead. This vast universe which you see around you when the stars light up the sky, all moving, is a part of the grand universal Whole, the infinitely great, yet how wonderful also is the infinitely small. Within the laboratory you see the physicist examine the substances within the high potential currents, the substances giving off tiny particles which he calls ions and electrons, causing light to radiate forth, moving by the intrinsic impulse which is said to be within them, each tiny, ultra-microscopic particle moved with a perfect quantum of energy. These quanta would be to each, and perfect in each part, but cannot be made to manifest unless under the influence of mind. These things help to prove that the universe is ruled by a Master Mind.


Brothers and sisters, is it not time we began to look at ourselves to see whether we have been drifting through life aimlessly-just thinking that to-morrow or the next day will do before we begin to consider these spiritual matters. Remember, right within each of us, angel and mortal, there is a power at work, calling up the secret well-spring of our being. Is it not time we examined the question: "What am I?" Am I a being in light, or just a mere man or woman, a physical body? What is it within you that gives you the power to be? It is Life, it is Mind, and under the direction of the One All Mind the perfection of the universal power is working. Come! Let us put aside the limitations which the physical plane imposes. Limitations we said, not possibilities; those we will develop. Do you wish to grow in knowledge or wisdom, in love or beauty, in true nobility of spirit? Then realise now that you have the capacity, and then put yourself in touch with the Higher Worlds of spiritual being, and let the forces of life flow through you from the great wells of the universe. It is for you to realise that you have the power within to become more than you are, no matter how you desire to express yourself in art, music or crafts, or whatever it may be. There is the power within for your true self to shine. It may be the desire to heal, or to help those people whom you contact in their sorrow. You can step over the threshold into the lives of others and assist them, because if you are actually in touch with the higher spiritual worlds, their power will flow through you and immediately inspire those who are downcast to take a different view of life and move out in that direction which will resolve their vexed problem once and for all. All over the world are sincere people who have stepped forward from the old orthodox religions, and are working to establish this line of newer thought, with the result that thousands of different voices are speaking this message to-day, and people in many groups and of various grades are listening to the words of power from the realms of light. Now the world is advancing from the chaos into the New Age, and at the same time is being guided toward universal brotherhood, peace and spirituality, apart from all creeds. These are the seeds the angels have sown. You, in your part, are assisting likewise. Every person who turns his mind toward meditating on the spiritual worlds becomes a channel through which those worlds express their power; and having tuned into the higher planes by focusing your heart and mind toward them, it is beneficial because the spiritual can overcome all limitaions. Thus in realising this fact you have a strength and courage with which to overcome all difficulties. The Earth is passing through a cycle of time which is indicative of change. This change had to come before a more stable and settled condition. The children who are being born to-day are said to be different. Many of them are. Some children are born under the light of the Second Resurrection in a particular manner. They are coming into the world among all nations, but are deeply in touch with the higher spheres though they may not all be outwardly aware of it. Their elders may try to prevent them expressing their spiritual gifts or their inspiration, but will not succeed, because the light must flow out. When these children grow up they will proclaim this light, its truth, because they will feel it so strongly within them, and they will be the world reformers and world redeemers. This is the hope of the future, the child of the New Age under the Iesu Light, to whom we bring gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This is our higher service. The path of spiritual service is not a very easy one by any means, for the simple reason


that anything that is worth attaining cannot be obtained by easy means. You see, the physical body is very prone to change its habits. Spiritual vibrations arising within it, all its impulses begin to rebel, and naturally when once it starts its journey there is a conflict between the world's pull and the pull of the spiritual worlds. With some this conflict goes on for quite a long time, but in the end the spirit gains the mastery; it gathers its power through the trial of strength to which it has been subjected. Every effort put forward helps you to receive more fully the light from the higher worlds; but you are free to accept this light or reject it. You can keep it or share it with others. Though you may never come again to this sanctuary, yet in the silence you can always seek the Light of Spirit; you can think of the angelic worlds and all they mean to you; you can visualise the light of heaven coming to you as an actual fact — not just a mystical phrase. You can find a peace which the world cannot give. The journey may seem hard at times, but you can attain the Second Resurrection now whilst in the physical body; you can attain even the Third Resurrection — it is only a question of spiritual growth. The more you turn toward the contemplation of these things and allow them to guide and direct your life, the more will the inner eye become open, and you be consciously aware of the spirit brethren around you; they are no longer wraiths or ghosts, they are vitally alive, they are angels, and have become to you persons of real value, because they are your spiritual companions. This will give you joyful upliftment, and particularly when your teacher comes to you, finding you in the moments of meditation, he will give you thoughts regarding the higher worlds, and your knowledge will gradually increase. Sometimes there will come to you the spirit of your higher self with the power of a transcendent love. When you are lonely on the physical plane people misunderstand you; you feel you cannot go on because this great loneliness enfolds you. Then that great one will come to you, and it will be as though the golden gates will have opened wide and the light of heaven will come streaming in. The cup of blessing will be held aloft, and the peace of a wonderful consolation, of beauty, of joy transcending anything you have ever known, will be yours, and these moments of communion will be for you very sweet indeed, because the light will come to you in a strange and arcane way. This light, called by the ancients "Illumination" will be that which comes from God's own throne — the power of the central heart-beat mingling itself with the heart-beat of all who have risen above the bondage of earth. Come! Do not let the earth's darkness enfold you. About you is a higher truth. You are on a long journey, and every moment of your life is important with regard to it. With this knowledge within you, press forward on the grand pathway, through sphere after sphere, until at last you reach Etherea's heights, and then, having fulfilled all that was asked of you, having found that objective realisation for which you, as a spirit, came to earth in passivity, you will pass through eons upon eons in unending joy, light and glory. Now is the time to begin. The Father wants you as a worker for the world's reformation, and we shall be ever with you in your service. Remember, the life of spirit is a higher call.

The Self Within All Selves 32

" To every self I am the Self of that self. He who perfecteth the self which is in all selves, such a man is one with Me. To travel on that road, is the right road." These are the words which the seeker needs. They are the words of hope; they are words which indicate the possibility of attaining something above the personal self which has limited him. If there is within him something apart from his personal self which, if developed, will free him from the delusion of this plane upon which he lives, then he will indeed be very happy. The Kosmon message affirms this something within by which the personal self becomes merged in the One Self, and a man becomes transformed; he is a new being; he is nearer to God; he understands in a way he could not have understood before. How can we grasp this important fact and realise its full meaning? The process begins with the abnegation of the lower self, after which comes the development of the spiritual self, that which is of Jehovih, a part of Him. You will understand this better when you realise that the physical plane is only a part of Man's life. It is the beginning of the growth of that peculiar entity which is the particularisation of that self which is in all selfs. The corporeal phase, though necessary for this objectification, is only the primary aspect of Man's existence. The undeveloped man has power over the physical plane only by the use of brute force; the spiritual or arch natural man will have other powers as we shall see presently. The fact remains that Man is eternal; he survives the change called death, and he then lives in another state of existence which approximates more to his deeper self. The physical life is important because here we develop a will, and the power of exercising the will, bringing the perceptive faculties to a focus, that we may hereafter unfold the apperceptive faculties through at-one-ment. On the physical plane Man learns through coming into contact with things, while in the spiritual body he learns through assimilating with them. That is the big difference. He assimilates with his surroundings, and by and through this assimilation develops something which he does not possess whilst he is in mortality. That is the keynote of the New Religion, whether it is taught in the Kosmon Church or any other Community. Thus by the unfoldment of the angel man, even while inhabiting a physical body, he becomes so attuned to the spiritual planes that he is able the better to live a normal life, and rule his surroundings, not by brute force, but by spiritual transcendence. That fact of spiritual transcendence is one of the features which we shall find developed in the Race now coming into being, and when in the fullness of time it gains its triumphant ascendancy in what the Faithist calls the "Kosmon Era," the world will be a very different place. Crime, ugliness and sin will have been put away — nor will any man be happy while another wants. Means will be found to put an end to all these things which mar existence on the physical plane at the present time. The physical body, so wonderful in its construction, has been developed by the Infinite Mind working through the subtler forms of matter, and has produced a vehicle which will respond through its nerve impulses to the power of a directing mind. But the body is useless without this mind behind it. Mind, which we cannot define saving by abstract terms, can rule and direct the body; but at the present time, man, in his worship of his personal self, is inclined to allow the body to rule him. It is this which causes him to cry out: "O what am I that I am thus limited!"


Well, of course, he does not understand until he is instructed. How shall he obtain this instruction? It will be given to him by and from the beings who live out of the physical body. The beings called angels or spirits, are themselves men and women who have passed from the physical life, of either this or some other planet, and knowing as they do through assimilation, will be able to impart to man the necessary knowledge whereby he can gain the transcendency of which we speak. Listen to what they said, and are going to continue to say. Listen to the Voice, even as spoken through the seers and seeresses in the days of Moses and Zarathustra. Listen again to what they said through the entranced seer in the upper room in the time of Jesus, during the mystical supper of the Essenes: This is what they said. The real man is a spiritual man. His powers are latent within the matrix upon which the spiritual body is ultimately built up. This latency is a subjective condition; and when you can arouse the subjective man into activity, he immediately becomes associated with transcendental powers. There you have then the beginning of the theme. Your scientists investigating with no spiritual object in view have discovered this subjective self. They call it the Subconscious. But this subjective self has possibilities which Science did not dream a man possessed; arouse it, they say, and then all sorts of things come to the surface. This is just what the spiritual teachers have said all down through the Ages. If you arouse this subjective self by scientific means, there is no telling what dangers you will encounter. Arouse it by spiritual means, so that it can respond to spiritual planes, and you will find all the difference. That is where the need for a religion comes in. We need the power of Spirit. We need that looking upward every day. We seek to come into at-one-ment with the Self of All Self. Then we shall be in tune with the angels in Light, and nothing can come near to hurt or to harm. When the spiritual self is aroused and comes into activity — when the subjective becomes the objective — then a man begins to look differently at life. Before, he judged his life by physical standards; now he has a higher perspective. Although he sees the possibilities and potentialities of physical life, yet he begins to realise that they are not everything. A strange unrest has come into his heart, and with it a wonderful joy. It is the knowledge of the higher worlds which has come to him. Whereas he once thought he was alone, now he realises he is companioned. He finds that around him in the invisible worlds are the angelic hosts. He has breathed a new air. Beautiful themes come to him. Nature in all her loveliness preaches to him a silent sermon. In the busy haunts of men he sees the power of life working amongst those with whom he comes into contact. Then he begins to understand that every individual is peculiarly sensitive, and that he himself may be even more so because he learns that within him are certain centres of occult activity, and when these are beginning to manifest they may produce strange sensations which are familiar to everyone who is awakening in the Light. Everybody is sensitive to the power of thought, and the seeker now understands that many a poor sinner is struggling against some gaunt obsession, or is in the grip of an evil thought current from which he is unable to break away. While the mystic or the saint is influenced by another thought-current, receiving power and guidance from the higher planes. Then sometimes to the seeker there comes from the planes invisible his spiritual teacher, and whilst he is in deep meditation with his thoughts turned inward, his aura glows with a gentle violet or golden light according to the nature of his meditation, and


through it there comes a tiny ray. Watch the point of that ray, and you will see that it passes through the back of his head and there becomes invisible. Now turn your inner eye on to another plane and, still watching that tiny ray, you will see it comes from the forehead of an angelic being in the higher spheres, wonderful in the power by which he is surrounded, bathed in intense radiance. From the master mind to the mind of the one in meditation the thought is passing. That one is you, whether you are a member of this Fraternity or not! Whatever you are, or whoever you are, if you sit in meditation with a true desire to come into touch with the Light, there is an angel who will draw near and instruct you. Of course, if you do not follow the school of wisdom to which the members here belong, then you come under particular guidance of definite teaching. This light then comes to the one in meditation. He may not be aware of thoughts as words; understanding often come in mind pictures or a very gradual extension of consciousness; but slowly he grows in the light, ever nearer to the All Father. A. new strength manifests within him, and the things which held him down at one time begin to lose their hold because higher and transcendental powers are now taking their place. His religious observances, the ceremonial, the singing of hymns or chants, the recitation of the prayers, all promote within his spiritual body a rhythmical flow of the finer forces. This spiritual body is at first like a film of white lines and can be seen by the clairvoyant within the radius of the physical form. It is not actually in touch with all the parts of the physical body, though interpenetrating it. This white film-like body, when it becomes aroused or developed, perfectly exhibits the transcendental likeness of the being, himself. Thus your characteristics apparent to the physical eye will stand out clearly in the spiritual likeness, though in a more refined degree. If, for instance, you now possess brown eyes and dark hair and strong hands, even so but more beautiful will be your spirit body when developed. If you die, and this body is not fully developed, it then expands quickly, or it takes upon itself a definite shape in which the mind can function subjectively. It takes a little time for the objective to develop if you have not unfolded these inner powers before you passed out of the physical body. This will explain the trouble many psychic investigators have when getting into touch with someone who has recently passed away from the physical life. That one forgets his earthly name; he forgets certain facts of his past life, and this leads the investigators to say that the communication is false. They do not realise that the deceased is now minus his physical brain, and that many sensations which stir the physical brain in a particular way are entirely absent. Of course, the individual associates himself with the physical life in some ways subjectively, but never really receives impressions on the inner mind. It is as though the consciousness is manifesting dreamily in a body which is only partially developed, and he may remain in that dream condition for quite a long time. He comes out into objective awareness in short intervals, until gradually a complete lucidity returns when the spirit body has become quite cohered and intact. Then he is able to pick out from the latent memory storage the things which happened long ago, his name and many other matters. But the investigator is usually too impatient to follow out such a line of research and gives it up. Later on the individual having developed his higher self, passes on to the Second Resurrection planes, and is not anxious to contact the physical plane again. He has little interest in it, and does not desire to be probed and questioned in the sĂŠance room. His only interest in the earth life is his care and love for those he has left. In the Second Resurrection the now arisen spirit finds the life and visions there so


wonderful, so beautiful, so powerful, that he begins to realise the meaning of life. He understands that there was a purpose in the earthly life, but that the life of spirit is a higher call, a greater experience. Later he will come under the care of the Lords of Direction. Who are the Lords of Direction? They are more advanced angels who attain their full unfoldment by watching over the affairs of earth. They each have in their care a number of angels who in seeking their unfoldment may yet have to work out something, or develop some theme, or put right something they left undone, or perhaps undo the knots of a skein they tangled. Sometimes it is difficult for these Lords to persuade the lesser ones, but they explain that one cannot attain still higher heights, or inner grades, until everything in the personal life has been put right. You must go near the earth plane for a little while, they explain, sometimes individually, but usually in company with others, because in unity there is strength. You may go to teach or heal, to inspire and uplift, or just to clear those circumstances which you left tangled. This is done by thinking strongly of someone on the physical plane; then when you find yourself in his presence, you keep the mind upon some particular spiritual theme and speak to him about it. You blend with his aura, and your vibrations become closer. He will then begin to feel that you are present, though if he is not yet spiritually awakened, he may not realise what your presence really is, but he will gradually become receptive to your thoughts. You tell him what to do, how to overcome a difficulty, or how to put right something that is wrong. You inspire him with higher ideals, new thoughts. By these means you will gain experience of spiritual control, and you will also learn the lessons of the higher life. You will begin to understand causes and reflexes. In course of time you will come back again to these higher planes from those to which you have descended. This is the path of attainment through service. Such is the process for those beginning to understand spiritual life. But you who are listening to this address may not have to follow quite that same path because you are learning so much now about this higher knowledge; you are already preparing for the after-life, and beginning to develop the spiritual body. We are helping you to unfold that" Self which is in all selves," so that when you pass from hence to thence, you shall have all the inner faculties developed, and, entering into the Second Resurrection, shall be received amongst the company as one who has knowledge — for to have knowledge is the key to power — the power for ever greater service. But we want you not to wait until you have passed into the spirit life before you begin your real transcendental work; you can begin it now; and If you do it now, you can work out your own salvation, gain your resurrection, and enter into the spiritual life in power as a king entering upon his rights and privileges without conquest, saving that you have conquered the old enemy, the lower self. If you make this a fact, what will happen? Firstly, you make your decision to enter the path the Faithists are treading. Then you will say: "I will strive to come into at-one-ment with the Self within all selves, the Heavenly Father. I will come daily nearer to Him, then I know the Masters of Wisdom will draw near to me, and in the times of meditation — to which I will devote ten minutes each day — I will take a theme from some book that inspires me, and I will meditate upon it — then I know that light will come. I will daily affirm the power of the All Highest in my life; I affirm the power of angel communion, because only by the mind affirming something can it become operative, for this is the key to all growth. So I begin at the basis of all by affirming


attunement with the Eternal Father; then I shall be always rightly guided." Brethren, this is the simple foundation of a real and true religion. Of course, knowledge may become very complicated as you advance, but then you will be ready for it. To-day, we speak of the beginning when a new life dawns for you, to lead you to happiness, to growth, to fulfillment and to service for your fellow-men. As the new life unfolds you will be aware of the guidance of the angels of Light. At night when the physical body sleeps, it will sink into a condition of repose, but since you have objectified the subjective self, that will leave the physical body, having become objective on the planes of spirit, and in course of time, you will be able to mingle with those who, like you, have transcended the limitations of the lower planes, and join with them in full association and spiritual activity — accomplishing much and learning much. When you return to the body in the morning it will have gathered its vitality from the magnetic sphere around the earth, and will be charged with sufficient nervous energy for your requirements of the day. You may not remember all that you have done out of the body, but as time goes on, gradually the doors of memory will open more and more, and knowledge and understanding will filter through. Slowly your view of the world will change, so that you can see a great purpose moving through it, and realise that your life is a part of the Whole in a very special way.

Will you then to-day begin the higher path? Slowly yet surely the new Self will take the place of the old self; you will become more responsive to higher vibrations; your voice takes on a magnetic quality, your eye gives out a spiritual power, and your aura pulsates with a beautiful light, which other people, though not seeing, will nevertheless feel and be moved toward things spiritual. Thus you become a power for good in the world. Come! It is time we began to realise these things. The world sadly needs our help, but only spiritual light and power can solve all its problems. Although the Kosmon Unity can do only a little, yet it will count for much, because it is a part of the great Movement for world illumination in this New Age, and the Great Ones watching over the destiny of this planet are using it in no uncertain manner. Gradually the new schools of transcendental light will take the place of the old religions which have failed, while those which have not failed will go on to higher heights. The Kosmon Race will at last adorn this little planet, and the things which trouble Man to-day will pass away, because the higher vibrations created by those who live and work in the transcendental light will make it impossible for wrongs to exist. Even the physical body will I vibrate to a higher note so that disease will not be able to touch it. We give you the message. We want you to understand the things which are and which can be; the real issues in the salvation of the world. You are the light-bearers; go forth and accomplish much for the Father's Kingdom. You can become the ministers of light to a waiting world, and in becoming the focus for the higher Powers, do your little part, ever attaining in service. Then, some day when the great call comes, you shall enter the joys of the Lords who will greet you as brother or sister, and then the sweet harmony of peace shall gladden the heart, even the Peace of Everlasting Love. Amen.



Like unto a Flame The spiritual body may be likened unto a flame. Just as you have in the flame of a candle different colours, different layers of light, so the spiritual body is a compound of several bodies, yet these are one. Each is a distinct manifestation on a higher plane of the other below it. To understand this is to understand the nature of spiritual experience. It is easy to see how those who have spiritual experience do so, because certain manifestations of the spiritual body are in evidence and are in accord with the planes of angelic life and being, those planes which one inhabits after leaving the physical life. In understanding this matter, we shall conclude then that the objective of the physical life is to mould or express in concrete form, the things which relate to the spiritual life. It is the result of the inbreathing of the Almighty First Cause, Absolute Father of All, in His great outpouring of life, that the earthly vessel has come into being to contain that life, and hereafter to manifest it in the individualised self-conscious being. Each one of you thinks of himself or herself as something apart from everyone else. How difficult it is to realise that all are but One Great Life. Yet it is not so difficult to understand if we consider that this One Grand Life is divisible into rays of life-manifestation. Just as pure white light can be divided into the component colours from which it is built, so the One Grand Life can also be separated into Its component colours or rays. Thus in the human sphere one individual could be associated with the violet end of the spectrum; another would be associated with the red end of the spectrum and others come between, some responding to blue, green, yellow and all the sub-tones. If you can look on your fellow-man with this understanding, you will see how it is that you can associate with some people better than you can with others. You will also understand how you can influence some people and not others; how some can affect you, and others leave you entirely indifferent. The glory of this One Life which we all express, angels and mortals, is manifested in the variety of expression which we know. For instance, the gardener loves his garden because of the variety of the flowers he produces there, yet within the variety he sees expressed ideas. He knows that one plant is of the same genus or family as the other, but he sees particularly the difference in the beauty or special manifestation which is the idea behind or within each plant or flower. This conception of the idea or ideal, when seen in the Cosmos is often called in mystical language, the Macrocosmos, meaning the greater cosmos or the universe. When considered in relation to the human being it is known as the Microcosmos — the great universe and the small. In regarding these relationships one with the other, we notice that the idea which is behind every form is a thing which belongs to it intrinsically, in so much that this idea can become the ideal, if we can only find the true note which corresponds with our interior life; then if we could just vibrate with that note, what a beautiful thing life would be! But there is a difficulty. It is because we are put into this condition of separateness that we have to be seeking and searching constantly; we must forever strive to find the inner note, or rather, the note which corresponds with our inner being, and having found it, vibrate with it.


In blending then with the glory of the universe, the great becomes linked with the small, and the two — by interaction — cause the being to come into manifestation which can accurately be described as an angel. It is because of this fact that the Faithist considers a human being on the physical plane as a corporean, and on the spiritual planes as an angel. It is difficult to describe him otherwise, because to call him a spirit is to confuse the issue, as there are spirits of animals, of plants, of minerals; spirits which blend with them and which belong to their own plane of manifestation. Thus we try to clarify what might otherwise seem to be a very complex situation. Now, as though out of the physical body, examine the spirit spheres themselves. The First Resurrection, the condition of life which is associated very closely with the physical, so much so, that it has been accurately described as a reflex of it, is that state whose inhabitants live, as it were, in the shadow of the physical plane. True, there is a light, but it is much subdued, and sometimes called the grey light of the shadow-world. Who would desire to stay in this twilight, in this shadow? There are some who so desire, but they are earthbound. Over and above them in the Second Resurrection there are those who have found the light of spiritual day. They dwell in a sphere which is peculiar in its manifestation. It is peculiar in this, that those who live therein can remain only by blending with everyone else on that plane with whom they come into contact. Because of this there can be no disharmony in the Second Resurrection; it is, so to speak, a perfect blending of soul with soul and mind with mind. Though we can understand that since the colours of the spectrum can blend, such as the blue blending with yellow to produce a wonderful green — so in this sphere one note can blend with another to produce a manifestation — an ideal born out of the Heart of the Cosmos — a thing of beauty. How wonderful it is to consider this, and to know that some day, you, now dwelling on the physical plane as a corporean, can, when you have ultimately left the physical life, enter the Second Resurrection, that state and condition of harmony, and blend with the dwellers there in the sacred work which they have to perform. We speak thus, because this constant seeking and searching is a labour, though it is a labour of love; and all seeking to manifest something is work. In your life as you know it to-day, you love to express your personality in that you do, whether it is to carve, to mould or build, to heal, to teach others or lead them into the New Light; whatever is the part you play in life, you enjoy putting your best into it; that is Y0u£ service to the grand cause of human progress. In the Second Resurrection the higher ideals which may not find a manifestation during the physical life will there obtain a means of expressing themselves. How many there are upon the physical plane who love music, art, science, yet ever feel baffled or incapacitated to express the themes that constantly radiate through their soul. In the Second Resurrection the limitations of the earth life are removed, and there is a more plastic material with which to mould and create. Occultists call it Astral matter, some refer to it as Etheric Substance, and the ancient Hindu teachers called it the Akasha. These things we understand if we turn our mind then to know that there is a means of expressing one's idea through the activity of the Will. But we also come to see that we can do nothing entirely of ourselves, nor can there come into being anything, either an idea or ideal, which does not already exist somewhere. If you have in your mind a beautiful picture that you might desire to paint, the ideal is already there. What you do is to build it


up, to register it on the fine sensorium, the soul. You may say: "Yes, but I begin to paint a picture, but alter it as I go along." Exactly: you alter it because you have not yet caught the true theme. The theme works through from within; it gradually makes itself manifest on the outer mind: the result is that which you produce. In this we see we have the fundamentals of a new religion, because when a religion brings us more into touch with the invisible world of life and form — when we understand that there is a plastic medium between the outer life and the inner planes of existence — we can clearly see that, after all, the hidden world of spirit can help to make the physical world a brighter and better place for men to live in. Those who have once lived here have gone on into the higher worlds of being. Have they no memory of the things they have left behind? Come: let us be reasonable. Memory may for a time be clouded, especially on small things, but we never forget anything which has once become a fact in our consciousness; it is still there; memory never dies. Every fact of your life is impressed upon the auric envelope, the spiritual body. Every fact impresses your aura no matter the plane upon which they have manifest. You should carry even unto Nirvana the memory of the little things done since you began to walk the earthly way; but as the worlds unfold for you, and as life becomes more real, the explanation of all the mistakes which have been made, stand out clear and true. But the wonderful thing about it all is this, that for each one of us there is an opportunity to rectify every mistake which is made; nor can we enter into the worlds of complete emancipation, called Etherea, until we have done so. Here we see the reason for angel communion; why it is that spirit beings come back again to overshadow corporeans. They come that they may work out their salvation. They come that they may undo the knots of the tangled skein. They come back to make the crooked straight; to negative the effects of their misdeeds. This is imperative and incumbent upon them before they pass on into the very high realms. You will then see what a cloud of witnesses there is over the earth at the present time in those who are desiring to help the world into a brighter and better state, called by the Faithists, "Kosmon," The Universal Voice manifesting itself all over the world. One Unity, one Note, one Voice, one Life, one Manifestation. Beloved brethren, it is because of this that the Kosmon Fraternity has come into being. It takes its place amongst the other schools of higher thought which ever urge men on to see the universality of Spirit, and to understand that there is a vast brotherhood at work on the unseen planes of life and form, working with humanity on the physical plane to bring to pass the world-wide reign of Love and Peace. This cannot be completed at once; in fact it is part of our teachings that we can move only in synchronisation with the manifestation of light according to cycles of time. These times are associated with the march of the sun and the planets through a vast etherean roadway, or orbit, wherein every now and again the earth passes into a region of light. It is passing into such a region now more and more — in the Faithist terminology, the region of Sabea. In this region the vibrations of spiritual light will become increasingly stronger. Ultimately two things will happen on the physical level. Those who have prepared themselves will be able to respond to the spiritual light, while those who are not able to respond wiII cease as a race. It will not be in a condition of judgment. We are not talking about some great cataclysm which might come to the planet — nothing of the kind. We


are speaking about Races, spiritual Races and materialistic Races. In the end, those who respond to light will be able to live on this plane as long as they desire, or rather as long as the Will of the One All Mind desires them to remain. By then materialistic races will have faded away because they could not stay in conditions of such high grading. In the latter day there will come to the earth wonderful beings who will be able to take unto themselves physical bodies through materialisation. Something of this process has been witnessed in psychic investigation, though in a rather coarse degree, but when the centuries have passed and Mankind is more highly unfolded these things will transpire in a beautiful and holy degree. Perhaps you feel these ideas are fantastic or too deep? Well, they are part of our teachings, but accept them or reject them just as you like, it matters not. One thing that matters above all else is this, that you should find your higher nature, your ability to respond to the inner vibrations of the spiritual planes. Why? Simply because you have an intrinsic and interior desire to become more efficient. This desire is not only the wish to become efficient in corporeal knowledge or work; it is the need to express oneself, and that has been urging you ever since you began to think, to express your personality and individuality. You have been doing this somewhat all the way through life, but now the light has come to you, and you are beginning to express the higher personality, your spiritual being. A new life has dawned for you, and you have said good-bye to the world of darkness and destruction, going forward into the world of Kosmon wherein you will discover first your higher self, and then become a master builder amongst others, gradually helping to build a new world and a new race, that finally when the darkness of the past has been transmuted, a new world-order, the Kingdom of Light, shall be established over all the earth. Beloved brethren, these words are almost identical with what we said to you nearly thirty years ago. Little did you then dream that events would happen so rapidly as they have done in that space of time. What advance Science has made since we then spoke to you about etheric vibrations! Is it not now proven that phenomena can manifest through what astronomers call "cosmic energy" that we call the invisible ethe? Strange but perfectly true, this branch of science was known to the Ancients thousands of years ago; it is but a revival — a revival, since it is necessary that spiritual knowledge should now come to Mankind. It is time for us to discard the old Theology and all the errors which it has entailed. It is time for us to begin anew, to start on a new basis, to consider man's relationship with the universe and his Creator — to begin to understand the invisible worlds, and to build on a new foundation the religion of this New Age. If our minds are attuned to the Absolute we cannot go very far wrong. When you start your soul upon this, those angels who are on your ray of light will come to you; they will begin to identify themselves with you, and you will find that you are associated with a vast family of brethren. That was an expression used by one of the Gnostic teachers. When you understand that you are linked with a vast family of brethren, by the light they bring the colour of your ray, whatever it may be, will be intensified, and it will correspond with a note of music, to be a link between you and the Infinite. Then during the hours of sleep, or in your meditation, your spirit will become more and more objective in the conditions of life which belong to the Second Resurrection. Later on it may be possible for you to leave the physical body in trance and go freely amongst those planes. Be quite sure that if the spiritual light is unfolded within you, then during sleep when the tired body is renewing its energies, you will take unto yourself the robe of glory. You will pass out of the physical form and move amongst that vast family of brethren in happy


association, there to learn about the vibrations of the higher planes, to learn the meaning of sympathies and harmonies and how one thing can correspond with another. You will see the wonderful means of self-expression which each soul has there in creative activity. You will understand that each planet has its own particular celestial note; you will understand that there is a vast Mind behind the grand movement of the solar systems; you will gradually see the ideal patterns through which the great life-forces ever flow, and you will come to realise that all minds on the earth plane and in its heavens are focused toward one point, which is the God of this planet, and his mind is at-one with the Infinite, the Master Mind. By such is a universe organised. "Nearer, my God, to Thee." Yes, nearer to Thee, along the mainstream of life which will carry me on from the First Resurrection and its greyness into the realms of light, the Second Resurrection, where I shall meet the brethren, meet those I love; to see life as it really is, and not as it appears to be, as I see it on earth. From then, when I am ready, I shall pass to the Third Resurrection and understand the true meaning of the words: "God is love." I shall hear the inner note of all things, and understand the cause of all manifestations. Then also I shall know why I may have suffered; and there shall come to me the realisation that the gold of my inner being has been refined by the fires of sorrow, joy and love. Then the last veil shall fall from my eyes, and I shall behold the Gnosis, until the Voice shall call me across the Bridge of Chinvat to enter at last Etherea's vast realm, and a cloud of golden light shall ever lead me on into a future bright and glorious. Brothers, this is the religion which you have sought. It is that which is giving you a real meaning to life — that which will carry you over the stream of mortal existence with its troublous elements, and will give you strength to face life's problems, because it reveals the purpose of it all. Henceforth there shall be no night saving that which is transitory, for the morning shall follow every disappointment, and with each uprising of the sun a new ray of hope shall come to the heart, and you will cry aloud anew: " ... from earth redeemed by love." AMEN.

Evensong Eternal Father-Mother! In this quiet hour reveal Thyself unto us, Thy Children, that by this revelation we may the better understand, and in understanding serve for the coming of Thy Kingdom on earth. Amen. Beloved brethren, it is part of the philosophy of the New Age to proclaim the fact that basically all manifestations of life are dual. The Supreme Being Himself is also Herself, the Father and the Mother, and that Supreme Being is expressed through the universe, and the universe is dual, for it consists of the seen and the unseen. Thus perhaps at this moment unless you are watching us with your spiritual eye, the spiritual world is unseen. But if you were to leave your physical body now, either in trance or in death, and enter objectively into the spiritual world, that would be the seen which had previously been unseen, but there would still be another unseen beyond or within it, and this is so until at last you reached the great heights of spiritual attainment and unfoldment known to some schools as the Nirvanian attainment wherein you have become at-one with the Infinite, and in that sublime and glorious state the duality of all things is resolved. It can continue for us if we wish or it ceases to be because we are at-one with the unity. Therefore we see


that if life basically expresses itself in duality it will follow that within ourselves we have a duality and that the pathway that we are following will be of a duality. That is to say, deep within all of us, irrespective of what the physical body may be, there are also certain aspects of the opposite sex polarity. If you have a physical body that is masculine, nevertheless there are certain elements within you that are essentially feminine. If your body is feminine there are characteristics within which are masculine, and to a certain extent these will be brought out into expression as you follow the pathway of spiritual unfoldment, not that you will become something that is unnatural but you will become more fully integrated and equilibriated; that is why the great angels, when they are seen clairvoyantly, often have a wonderful light about them, but their face is difficult to describe as to whether it is masculine or feminine, because within their being by virtue of their attainment, they have reached a balance of both. They are coming near to the Unity. And again, therefore, in the pathway of the life that each one of you is following you do so naturally in accord not only with the polarity of your physical body but also with your psychological construction. By that we mean that it has already been discovered by certain schools of psychologists on your side — that all people express one or the other either introvert or extravert. Those who are introvert are the people who, as it were, take all the impressions from the world around them into themselves and assimilate those impressions. This type of person lives very much within themselves. They are perhaps more self-contained. They may be rather more reserved and shy whereas the extrovert is the type who does not wish to receive impressions from the outer world but on the contrary wishes to express himself outwardly and make his impression on the external world. So that in one case there is a pouring in, and in the other there is the pouring out, to put it into quite simple language. Now we mention this fact because we find that some of you are desirous of finding the inner path of spiritual training and unfoldment. Now it will follow, therefore, that your approach to the inner mysteries of life will differ as to whether you belong to the introvert type or the extrovert — whether your own inner self, your spiritual make-up, is of the receptive or of the projective type. This is known among the students of the Esoteric as being the path of the Adept or Occultist or the path of the Mystic. But, as in all things, eventually the two become one. In other words, at the end we find a balance which is the Unity. Let us ever remember that fact because it is vital to the life of each one of us. Now just, therefore, as there are two types of individuals, two paths of unfoldment, so also there are two means of contact with the higher spiritual planes of being. One is objectively, through someone who has the power to be a channel or vessel by which those who live in the spiritual world can communicate with your plane. Of course, you all have that faculty in potential but not necessarily developed. The other way of contact and communication is what we might call the inspirational path wherein through the quickening of certain vital centres within your etheric or physic construction, power can be received by you from those who are working and watching with you from the higher planes. So you see in one case it is external from yourself; the other is internal to yourself. Perhaps it was a great pity that when the age of darkness from which we are now arising first approached, the means of contact with the spiritual planes were closed. This was largely due to certain edicts which were put forward by the Kings and Emperors of that time wherein they made it an offence for anyone to have communication with the Unseen. Maybe they had certain cause at that time. Perhaps the channels of communication were not of very high grade. But by closing them the light of spiritual guidance and illumination was cut off from mankind, saving in a very few rare cases where it has been maintained down through the ages among the mystics, saints and occult students who had to work


very discreetly. So, therefore, these dual means of instruction, illumination and communication were closed. To-day they are being opened because a New Age has come to the earth, and the shadows of materialism are gradually falling away as the soul of Man awakens to a new understanding, a new mode of life, in which gradually he will learn to understand himself, discover his own interior structure, and find the means for spiritual self-expression. You know, sisters and brothers, one of the real purposes of life is that we should find ourselves and discover the means by which to express ourselves in the deepest and fullest sense, because everyone of us has something that we can give to the world, something deep within us that can shine as a light, not only to lighten our own life but the lives of all with whom we come in contact. In the teachings of the Kosmon Church and Fraternity, there is expressed the aim of assisting those who are seeking the Light of the New Age, and who like yourselves are desirous of attaining personal experience of the spiritual path and all that contact with the higher planes can mean. And this is a wonderful thing. It is a great and glorious adventure-the exploration of the world of spirit. Not losing touch with the physical plane; not turning your back upon the responsibilities of life, but rather finding a means whereby that life becomes enriched and purposeful. Now, therefore, through the means which this Fraternity presents to you, you can gradually attain contact with the Unseen by either of the two paths. Tonight, shall we consider a little of the Omnific, that is to say the receptive, the mystical side of things? How can you within yourself unfold the inspirational and intuitive gifts? Well, of course, you know the great key to all these manifestations is to develop realisation. That is to say, not to negative the gift by your own thought but to develop it and to quicken it. Not to say: "I am never receptive. The angels never come to me. I can never find any light in life. I can never see the way ahead. I am ever frustrated." Not to say that, because at once you are closing the door. But to say: "I know the Eternal Father will reveal Himself unto me according to my measure of faith and unfoldment. Therefore will I in humility go forward trying to approach nearer to Him, realising the more I can do so, the nearer can come the angel or spirit guides to work with me and through me." You, of course, understand that the development of these faculties will take time because you are all descended from corporeal families in which these spiritual gifts have been latent for so many, many generations that they cannot be stimulated very quickly. If you can cleave to the path of spiritual development, slowly yet surely these things will unfold within you and then the world of spirit will become a living reality to you. It will be its own proof and demonstration to you as you go forward in humility, ever seeking a further revelation. This revelation is not merely to satisfy a corporeal curiosity. Nevertheless, that thought takes place in your mind. The revelation of spirit is in order that you should grow in understanding and in the ability to make your place in the world brighter and better than what you found it at the beginning of your life, so that when at last the great call comes and your physical eyes close finally you will step out into the spiritual worlds able to look back upon a life of fulfillment, even though it may have been a fulfillment in a very small and humble sphere of being. Realisation, therefore, of yourself as spirit, or angel in potential, though still possessing a physical body as a garment, and the realisation too that the spiritual planes are all about you and that within them are those who have very close affection for you, waiting to reveal themselves, to whisper into your mind words of wise counsel and encouragement, brings


a power and a strength that shall infuse courage and ability into you, by which you shall the better fulfill your life. Yes, try to realise these things and affirm their presence, their reality, their power, for you, then they will increase. Is not Evensong itself the song of joy and of affirmation? Let us respond to its keynote that our own hearts and minds may express the joy that comes from inner understanding. Very well then, in this hour of joy and quiet communion can we help you a little further in understanding. The spiritual worlds are all about you. They do, however, vary in what we might call their atomic rate of vibration. Or if it is easier for you to visualise we will say they vary in their wavelengths. Thus, just as this very moment there are passing through your little building here several dozen different wavelengths sent out by wireless transmitting stations, but you are not conscious of any of them unless you were to bring a wireless instrument into here and turn its knob of reception so that it would tune into one of those wavelengths. In the same way, therefore, as these wavelengths all interpenetrate so do the spiritual worlds interpenetrate, and there is no conflict between one or the other. But forgive us if we are a little technical for a moment, but we have to remember that our perception, yours and ours, of the spiritual worlds varies according to whether you are regarding them objectively or subjectively. That is to say, when you regard a thing objectively you are looking at it as external from yourself, just as you can look now at the walls of this Temple. That is external from yourself. But if you shut your eyes and hold within your mind a picture of this temple and see the walls there portrayed, that is subjective. It is within yourself. Now on your plane the subjective often seems to be unreal or illusionary. But on the higher planes of being, the subjective is real. Now to give you another picture. The spiritual planes which are nearest to your physical plane are very largely a copy of the physical, particularly geographically so. Where you have a river, the spiritual worlds have a river. Where you have a mountain or an ocean, we on the lower spirit planes have mountains and oceans. And sometimes even if you have a city there may be a corresponding city on the lower spirit planes. But the higher spiritual planes are somewhat removed from the physical and do not copy your geographical structure. Can you think of the clouds that rest above you, perhaps a thousand feet up maybe? Now hold that as a picture in your mind, of what the higher spiritual planes are objectively, because they are of the structure of plateaux. That is to say, they do not rest on the surface of the earth like the lower spiritual plane, but are composed of plateaux which may be at varying distances away from the earth excepting in so far as they are within its vortex which extends to a little further than the distance to the moon. And, therefore, if a spirit wishes to pass from the lower planes to the higher he must find the means of ascending from that which is geographically like your plane into the spiritual plateau which he needs to visit. These plateaux can be far more extensive than any bank of cloud that you know and can extend for hundreds of miles and, here we know you find it hard to understand when we say that some of them can be inhabited within as well as on their surface, and the further in distance they are from the physical globe the more beautiful or refined and high-graded they are. That is objectively. But you can go to them subjectively without even moving from your chair at this moment. It is almost as if your mind can be the wireless receiving set and once you have learnt the art of turning the knob of reception, that higher spiritual plane can be all about you, even though objectively it may be several miles away. Now we know that is hard to understand at first and we are not going to argue about it-just leave it for you to think out in the quiet moments during the coming week. Only in so far that just as your wireless transmissions interpenetrate each other but do not exist for you unless you tune into them, in the same way, therefore, the higher spiritual planes are


remote from you until you tune into them, and the first act of tuning in is to try to visualise them, to build as much as you can a picture in your mind of what they may be like. It is quite true that at first perhaps your efforts may be rather faltering and elementary, but like the young musician who has to learn to move his fingers up and down the keyboard, week after week for a long time, stumbling perhaps, frustrated may be at times, disappointed too, until one day suddenly he finds he has mastered a sonata or some other piece of music and can play it without a mistake. What a joy that is. It is as though for a moment a new world had opened up for him. In the same way, therefore, the art of communication with the spiritual worlds is something that you work at and practise and practise, never minding the disappointments, until one day it all unfolds to you as a real and objective revelation, coming through the door of the subjective. Gradually you have practised the visual is at ion until you find it is no longer what you thought was imagination and illusion, but it does really live for you. So by these means we in the Kosmon Fraternity present to you what we might call a transcendental yet practical mode of spiritual growth and of blending with the higher planes of being, and it is this blending which is important because by so doing you draw down into your very being the life forces that are ever vibrating in those higher planes, pouring down into your being, helping to transform and beautify your own life, and from you, flow into the lives of others with redemptive and restorative potency. Not only do you do that but you come into closer contact with the angels of light who are ever awaiting and ready to minister from those planes to you. Some of us who stand here tonight not so very long ago were on your plane in bodies of flesh — perhaps not members of this Fraternity. Some of us who are here tonight laboured in other churches, more orthodox bodies, but oh! the wonderful revelation that has come to us since we left your plane! Now having found the pathway of light, we return to fulfill the task of the service that came to us in our earthly time, though it was not quite possible for us to see things then as we do now, and as you do now. Perhaps the day may come when you too will return to speak through someone who has that gift on the physical plane — ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred years hence, in order that you may fulfill and complete your service as a messenger of light, before finally entering the higher planes of being, never needing to return any more. Oft-times the angels will come when you least expect it and when you are busiest. It does not matter to them. They can leave their thoughts as seeds in your mind which will bear fruition tomorrow, or the day after. There are occasions when even in the midst of your business you will suddenly be aware that a light has flashed through you just for a second, and brought a thought of consolation and encouragement. Now we who come, therefore, minister by the power of the sevenfold path, the sevenfold light which is synthesised in the word of power which is the name Jehovih. Nearly all spiritual names are words of power, as you will learn as you follow the inner path. By" word of power" we mean that they have the ability when they are uttered by someone who understands and who has also developed a certain amount of spiritual quality to their voice, called sometimes the oralite power; then the utterance of these sacred names are words of power because they create a condition or vibration in the ether surrounding you, a condition of beauty and of light. Therefore, in the sacred name Jehovih there are seven letters, which comprise this word of power, and they are linked with the seven rays of the spectrum, seven notes of the musical scale. Yes, you who are musicians-and there are several of you here to-night, both on the physical plane and on the spiritual-remember when you are discoursing your music or even perhaps in a very small way, trying to be composers, you are touching one of the wonderful mysteries of life itself—how to weave together the creative threads or forces, the rays that ever stream from the Infinite Mind and express them in patterns of sound. But we who come to minister to you do so along these rays, and according to our


function so we shall bring a light into your presence, into your being, though you may be in the counting house or the shop on the busy highway, in your garden or in your home, still the light will come, and the seven main groups, although, of course there are many subdivisions, are the angels of the seven rays. Those who come to you to quicken you with strength and with courage, to stimulate within you organisation and foresight and the ability to create, come on the bright RED Ray, bringing its vitality and invigoration. Those who come to teach, and lead your minds in ways of wisdom, come on the deep YELLOW Ray. Those who come to work with you in healing will produce in your surroundings the colour ORANGE, like the setting sun that, having bestowed its light and its power, has brought restoration to the earth ready for its nightly rest. Those who come on the tasks of restoration and transmutation bring the light of the GREEN Ray with them. This, of course, is a very occult thing and it has attached to it certain teachings regarding the gradual spiritualisation of your physical body. Those who come to you on the pathway of prayer, devotion and aspiration, the path of purity and spirituality, bring the colour BLUE with them. First it is the pale blue of the turquoise, that is the colour of faith, and as your faith deepens so does the colour deepen, until the tints of royal blue are about you brought by the angels who belong to that ray. The great angels of Compassion who come to minister to those who suffer and are lonely — perhaps minister through you — come along the PURPLE Ray, that wonderful soft benedictory light, the Purple Ray. Those who come on the Ray of music and poetry and all things that are beautiful, shall we call that the MAUVE Ray? We mention those things because we want you to remember them and sometimes in your quiet moments you will be conscious of a light, of these colours around you, and you will know then the particular plane and sphere into which you were being attuned at that time, and this power, this light, will grow and increase within you. So beloved brethren, on this night of Evensong, when joy of spiritual realisation is in the hearts of us all, we tell you these things to give you encouragement on the pathway of life, and although we know sometimes you find its way difficult yet, remember this, that the power of spirit is within you and it is that power which can triumph over any and all physical circumstances, for it is the revelation of the presence of the All Perfection within your heart and mind. Yes, He is the Life of your Life. So in the weeks that lie ahead of you, springtime is soon coming, fresh labour awaits you all, wonderful experiences that the summer time will bring, speaking spiritually, of course. Go forward, therefore, to-night, encouraged and consoled, strengthened and uplifted, knowing that the power of the seven rays is being focused within you, sometimes specialising in one colour, sometimes all blending like the light of a rainbow. What was it the ancient initiates said about the rainbow? They said it was a symbol of etherean guidance and overshadowing. And the ethereans are those great angels who have attained the celestial heights where they are free from the earth and its spirit spheres; they have followed the dual paths, blended them at last in equilibrium and found the unity. That is the ideal at which you are aiming, aren't you? And we are walking the path with you. We share its joys and its experiences with you, and you with us. Yes, they are coming back to the troubled earth that, perhaps not very closely as yet but in a few years' time drawing ever nearer, their great wisdom and understanding will percolate through into the material plane and guide the affairs of nations, at last leading Mankind into paths of brotherhood, peace, restoration, joy and light. That is the message of Hope, therefore, for us all to-night. Over our heads see the rainbow arch. The ethereans are calling to you, and if sometimes they cannot come quite so close 'as we do, it is our privilege to be their representatives, their channels through which the light of the great redemption and release is flowing into your life.


Come, we are going to walk out through those doors with you in a few moments time. You will go home not so lonely as before; we shall walk the way with you and on the morrow its experiences will be shared by us with you. And so the light, therefore, the great attainment draws nearer to us all, and by taking these steps we are augmenting that day which shall come at last; in fact its dawn is about us already—the day when the New Age, the New Kingdom, even the Father's Kingdom of Light has come to all Mankind. AMEN.

The Voice, the Thought and the Master The message of Kosmon although frequently expressed in the same way, has many aspects, and it is well that we should at times consider them. In the meditation this evening, you have heard that the spirit body is a receptive organism, that it receives from an invisible source the life energies which build it up and keep it cohered. We want you always to remember that fact. Man needs religion, but it must ever be flexible, to change and grow as Mankind evolves. Our religion teaches us how we may constantly build up the spiritual within us; that should be the object of all religions. Though it was originally so, these matters have gradually been placed in the backkground; they have been relegated to a condition which is not acceptable to the modem mind, and that is why so many people neglect to go to church to-day. There must be pointed out to each individual a means by which he or she can benefit from religion, and this must be quite rational to all. The ordinary teaching on theological lines is not sufficient in itself, as beautiful as it may be. If a man has a physical body, he can learn all about it and its functions, and can learn how it can be cared for and how to avoid the ordinary dangers which may lead to its destruction. Must it be left to the psychiatrist to discover how the spirit body is developed and maintained? Or can religion teach us something about this, and give us a practical exposition on how the spirit body grows and we live in it here and now? You see it is not at all easy to explain the matter in the terms with which you are familiar, and we have to speak to you more or less symbolically, or point to you means whereby you could understand these matters more fully. The power which builds up the spirit body is an etheric one. The ether, that vague, unsubstantial something with which you are familiar hypothetically — that invisible, intangible, and we may say from your scientific point of view, doubtful medium-is the source from which this power is gathered. There must, therefore, be several kinds of ether. We prefer to say there are several manifestations of the one and the same ether. This invisible and intangible something, which in physics produces certain phenomena — occult and electro-magnetic phenomena — is also the same thing when it is considered on a higher plane in another condition of its manifestation. By condition, we mean not only its vibration, but its expression. And here the difficulty comes in of how to explain to the scientific mind exactly what we mean. A train of thought may pass through your mind.


You may have some difficulty to put it clearly into the language with which you are familiar. You see how much more difficult it becomes when you try to express that same thought in a language you have learned and with which you are not quite so conversant as your own mother tongue. At the back of your mind the idea is clear enough, and you can also formulate that idea by a set of symbols which pass before your inner eye. The ether is something like thought. It manifests by and through, not only vibration, but by expression or expansion. It contains within it the expression of the idea or ideal which is in the Mind of the All One, the Eternal Father. And we sometimes postulate that it has seven manifestations, coming from the Mind of the All One as pure expressed Thought, right down to the ether with which you are familiar in occult studies and even physical experiments. Resurrection — that state of spirit life to which go those who have overcome the old conditions of the earth life — those spirits who desire to live in a condition of harmony and unity with others — who have the welfare of their fellows at heart, and who have the spark of aspiration within them, enter the Second Resurrection, or the plane of spirit life which is named as such. Here then we find this same ether manifesting very clearly and powerfully, in and after the manner which you, in your experiments with telepathy, have foreshown. That is to say, when two human beings on the physical plane who are "en rapport" with each other, find that they can speak in thought to each other over a great distance. Two things which are required are sympathy and harmony for this thought transference to be fully successful. Even scientifically, if you consider the brain as an exceptionally finely attuned instrument, it is not very difficult to understand how thought can be transmitted and received through a finer ether than that which is used by the physicist. Therefore, in the Second Resurrection, thought becomes a means of speech. This does not mean that on those planes you lose the beauty of individual expression which a voice gives. Voice has a particular significance through vibration. Occultists tell you that the power of the voice is a very remarkable thing in ceremonial. You have not hesitated to use it when you sang that beautiful mantram to-night which is taken from Bon's Book of Praise. You use it when you sing hymns or chants, or express audibly the invocations. Perhaps you have already noticed that people whom you would regard as advanced spiritually often have a beautiful tone within their voice. In the Second Resurrection speech is used exactly as you use your voice now, but the thought-wave accompanies its rhythmical cadence, through the ether, so that there is no possible misunderstanding of what a fellow spirit means. Even if he did not use the language of the country in which you were born, he could speak to you in his own tongue and you would understand because the thought conveyed through the ether is sufficient to translate it. People who have studied psychic research have often asked how it is that spirits can come to communion circles from all parts of the world and seem to be able to understand the language which is used although not able to speak it themselves. If they are highraised sufficiently to the grade of the Second Resurrection they read by thought transference. That explains how it is that here in the universal life of spirit there is no such thing as a language bar. We can rightly say, therefore, that on the most interior planes of life and being, language is quite different from what you know it to be. In the Third Resurrection and Etherea, language is still used, and you will find it spoken of in Oahspe


as employed even by Nirvanians, but that is what we call Es’ean language. It is then that the spoken word corresponds exactly with the thought, and it is an arrangement of syllables which in their arcane manifestation and signification have a mathematical occult value and produce the right chords. Suppose, therefore, in your thoughts you try to speak to an Etherean angel, he would immediately understand what you were thinking about because you would pitch your mind to the planes from which he had descended. The peculiarity of this is that thought involves us all and enfolds us all. You may sometimes ask if your loved ones who have passed on can know when you are thinking about them. The answer is that if your thought has that range in sympathy it can reach to the most interior plane, and can carry the expression which you most desire with it. Thought is everywhere — unexpressed perhaps, but when it becomes expressed it has formulated an idea in the mind of a god, an angel or a human being on the Earth. That is a wonderful thing, beloved brethren; do you realise its full significance? So what we want really to understand in our idea of a practical religion is that we can approach God. We can approach Him through this communion, through this thought-wave, through this idea of at-one-ment or unity. In the moment of your deepest communion the soul becomes linked with the great one who is associated in a very direct way with the plan of your destiny. This great angel, who is sometimes called the Master, sometimes the Asharah, is an angel whose profound knowledge of life, whose understanding of the path which you must tread, whose knowledge of the circumstances which will interplay in your life, is very vast indeed. He watches over you as it were from a distance, from the heights of spiritual attainment, and he directs you through the channels of inspiration. Freedom is given unto each. Response to the inspiration or impulse rests with the individual. How difficult it is sometimes to determine in the life what that impulse means, how hard to interpret the impression received. But, beloved brethren, it can become a very real thing indeed, if in your attainment you have grown into close communion with the Asharah, the great angel who stands at the door of life. The path to him is through the Ashar. This angel's inspiration coming to you is limited, partly because he still has far to go himself, partly because you may not always be receptive. He can but impart to you things which concern your welfare, spiritual and corporeal, as he receives them. But this is helpful if one looks at the earth-life from the planes of Es with understanding. Though one may be limited, nevertheless, he who speaks from the Es side has the higher view because of his altitude. The Ashars in their coming to you according to the cyclic order, are directed by the Asharah. Therefore, the message which we would give to you this day is: "Seek through communion, the light of the Master who stands at the door of life." This quiet communion is as if we commune with a friend, one who is real and stands by


your side, one who has close knowledge of your life and who fully understands all the influences which affect you, and can read the surgings which ever flow over the soul. In time this communion becomes manifest on higher planes still. Growth into the mystic life means that you come more and more into atonement with the planes of Inner Being. Supposing you are aware of and awake within the objective life of the Third Resurrection; then there is within you a capacity to understand life in all its manifestations concerning the physical plane, and no fear can disarm you. What a beautiful thought that is this day! So as you come before the shrine to receive your benediction, in linking your heart with Jehovih through prayer, the Master will draw near to you and speak with you, speaking in the silence of the soul, and he will envelope you in the glory of the spiritual worlds. So shall you go forth into life with a newer faith, a greater strength, an eye with the inner vision. And you will say: "All that happens is for my good if I unfold on the path of righteousness."

How to Build And thou shalt go forth in My Name, and I will teach thee how to build the Father's kingdom." Those pregnant words are very applicable to our work in founding the Father's kingdom. But do the members of this fraternity allocate to themselves the sole work of founding this kingdom? Never let that be said. Has not this idea been the downfall of many Movements? When you remember that there are over two thousand different sects in the world, would it not seem very presumptuous of any particular religious body to claim the exclusive right to found the Father's kingdom? In the Kosmon revelations it says: "Thou shalt have no doctrine which is exclusive." In other words, you shall preach no doctrine which shall offend or cannot in some way be accepted. Of if you propound such a doctrine, you shall not be dogmatic about it. As you read in the last chapter of the Book of Discipline: "Freedom unto all people to think whatsoever they will." Well, the founding of the kingdom will be done by all people who follow the inspiration which comes to their souls from the Heavenly Father, because it is said: "You shall go forth in My Name." Does it mean that you shall inscribe any particular name on the banner of your belief, and because that name is inscribed there you are to be victorious over everyone else? No, the answer is something much deeper than that. For thousands of years, the wise men of India have asserted that everything is a product of mind, and it is not until this latter day that men are beginning to realise that there is some truth behind that ancient statement. In the Kosmon philosophy, we say that there is mind everywhere. You cannot have mind without intelligence. Therefore, mind and intelligence must be synonymous, and if that be so, you cannot have intelligence without a thinker. So we argue that there must be a thinker before there can be a mind, or there must be a mind as well as a thinker. Will it not be equally true that the thinker must be a person? But how difficult it is in corporeal limitations to realise exactly what an All Person may mean; we can hold that idea only


partially. How can we do that? We can regard the entire physical universe with its countless galaxies of stars as forming one great physical body. And we can regard all the spiritual worlds as the spiritual body of an All Person. Then when we see intelligence manifesting through our fellow-man and the wonderful patterns on which every phenomenon is based, we see the tokens of a vast Mind ever working. We sincerely endeavour to see the highest and best within everyone; that is the All Person manifesting through them. For the moment we ignore evil. Zarathustra the great one who founded the line of Magi whose descendants came to the cradle of Jesus, said that evil was like unripe fruit. An evil person is one who has not yet progressed unto perfection. Is there a possibility of salvation for those beings who are in the depths of gross darkness, spirits who have fallen from their high estate, or who never had a high estate — those who have lived in wickedness and sin, even since they passed out of the physical body? Indeed there must be. The Father's Light is in them somewhere because of intelligence. And so long as they have will and power to direct that intelligence, the touch of the Great Compassion will come to them. Why, Jesus himself said, "I go to minister to spirits in prison." He did not say anything without a deep meaning, and it would seem then that if we can grasp the beauty of regarding the person in everyone as a reflex of the All Person we are coming nearer and nearer to the truth. The All Person manifests through the human race whether on the physical plane, in the spiritual worlds, etherea or nirvana; and when you and I reach nirvana, the highest possible conceivable state of individual unfoldment, we shall be able to understand perfectly the meaning of an All Person, but all the while we are going there, we are gradually attaining a fuller interpretation of Him. In Kosmon, we say that the Father does His will through His angels and the souls of men — through intelligence in beings grade upon grade. Thus for instance, out in the vast universe where there are great masses of fiery gas burning, or rather formulating, there is a Mind working for thousands, perhaps for millions of years, working in that dense etheric mass, causing it to move, and investing it with that essential quality which will enable it to produce one day, suns, worlds and moons, and waters and trees and birds, rainbows and flowers and all that makes life worth while. The Infinite Mind does His will through His angels yes, and the souls of men; and since He is the All Person, He is Intelligence, and therefore there must be something by which we can know Him, a Name. In a spiritual name there is power. Most of our Christian brethren refer to the All Highest as God. But the word God is really a description, an ancient word meaning a ruler. The Infinite is more than that. Oahspe tells us that in very ancient days people called Him E-OIh. As they listened to the sounds of the winds blowing through the trees, they imitated that sound, and said that that must be the Name of the Creator. What was behind this idea? It is this. The great forces which move through the whole of Creation do so in a rhythmic order. They have what is known as their time-rhythm. We can say they have their wave-lengths; their densities and intensities, and could be called the universal winds. And since there is order, rhythm and harmony in sound, it ever produces, utters, the Creator's Name. E-O-Ih, Jehovih. That beautiful hymn: "God of the granite and the rose" gives the whole of our instruction. It is that power which moulds the rose, and formed the crystals of granite, that gives life to the bird and insect. It was the power of the great Name working through the universe, seen and unseen. No one name is adequate to the Almighty, but by coming back to those syllables and speaking them as a word of power, will help you to link yourself with Him in a


very positive manner. The moment you do that, you at once become linked with those spirits or angels who are working on behalf of founding His kingdom. It really does not matter in the long run what your religion may be, if you are working in harmony with the great All One as He speaks to your soul either through His angels or to you directly. What do we mean by saying "speaking to you directly"? There is a peculiar power in the region of the heart in the spirit body. That centre is a receptive channel through which high etheric vibrations can manifest. That is why the ancients always regarded the heart as the seat of life; they also said that the heart must be the seat of inspiration, because it is the brain which interprets the inspiration and puts it into corporeal terms. The idea of a centre within your heart is something more than a poetical thought, it is a reality. In times of prayer or meditation, or when you are in church for instance, it is as if a flower had opened in your soul. The moment you look upward in aspiration, an angel hand comes down and gives you a benediction. From that moment, that tiny centre in the heart will vibrate, and will circulate an energy throughout the whole spiritual body, the wonderful astral aura, the powers of the sun, moon and stars; and further, it will, if quickened from time to time, gradually rotate until at last it is in unison with the Universal Voice, the power which radiates throughout the universe. Then in a profound way you will begin to see the whole world differently from what you did before; you will see a strange and wonderful light in the eyes of your fellow man which you had not known before; it will be the light of the Great Spirit, Jehovih — call Him by what name you like. The moment this centre within the spiritual heart is vibrating in tune with the universe, the angels draw near in a very positive manner, to share with you the light, peace and joy they know. Your mind becomes linked with theirs. Now in the higher spheres of spirit, the angels — call them spirits if you wish — communicate with one another by speech in a similar manner to you, but with this difference. In those spheres, called in Kosmon the Second Resurrection, you cannot say anything that you do not really mean, because the words would not be formulated by your mind. In the physical life, you utter certain sounds to convey ideas, but the words may be quite different from the ideas that you actually have at the back of your mind. You cannot do that in heaven, because the moment you have an idea in your mind, it sets the interior power in your heart vibrating, and this in its turn sets the e the into motion, and you must live rhythmically because the power of the thoughts must co-ordinate with the vibration within the spiritual centre. Poets have said that the heart is the centre of truth. Well, this wonderful power which is centred around it in the spiritual body is certainly the regulator of truth. Then you see, you never desire to say anything excepting that which is beautiful, or which has a creative effect. All things that are beautiful have a creative effect. For instance, if you plant a garden, your trees and flowers create a condition or vibration, so that as the power comes from the heart of the rose, the delphinium, the carnation, the iris, the magnolia; whatever it may be, it produces a rhythmic etheric manifestation, and as you walk through your garden your spirit body immediately gathers from the radiations of these flowers and trees something which brings you nearer to attunement with the Universal Voice. It was part of the inspiration of this New Age which has made some men in authority, plan big public gardens and plant them with fair trees and beautiful flowers so that the people of the cities can walk amongst them. If you could plant more flowers in the great cities, there would soon be less self-seeking and more sympathy, and a nobler understanding. But future generations will do that as part of the work of founding the Kingdom. "We will clear away the slums and plant flowers," they will say. To remove poverty and teach beauty, that is the cure for crime and disease. The people will soon respond because the


inner impulse will be upon them. You knowing these things will always endeavour to create things of beauty. How can you do that since opportunities are not frequent on the physical plane especially in the great cities? You will create on the spiritual planes. Let us explain. The physical body has a way of gathering a power from the aura of the earth. That is, radiations which come from the sun are reflected back by the earth, and build up a form called the dense etheric body. In Kosmon terms this is called the sargis body because the word "sargis" was the ancient name for a Pyramid, and the priests of Egypt knew how to control this power. That is why they built Pyramids. You then build your etheric body through these finer forces, and one result is that your thoughts create in the dense magnetic cloud beautiful forms which take upon themselves the reflections of your ideas and emotions. Because these forms have come from human beings living on the physical plane, as they go forth they make impressions on other people who are sensitive. Perhaps you wish to send out healing power to the sick. By concentrating your thought, you build a form — it may be like a flower or geometric pattern in colour. This you do by your will, building out of this semi-material substance, the etheric light, and you invest the form with your vitality, and mentally send it away. That is the whole meaning of rites and ceremonies from the Kosmon point of view; it is the creating of beautiful things. Anyone, irrespective of creed or colour, may receive this service, and anyone who is moderately healthy may perform healing, in this way. When such a healing form reaches the sufferer, it goes right into his aura, and there it discharges a magnetic, etheric energy which begins to restore him to normal vibration and drive out the disease. The members of the Kosmon Unity, therefore, know that they are working in conjunction with vast bands of angels who come in the Father's Name gradually to found the kingdom of light on earth. Each realises that he is radiating the spiritual powers he is receiving, and thus building the beautiful, the good and true. Each knows that if he listens to the still, small voice within, he receives the power of the sacred Name. " . . . if you go forth in My Name, I will show you how to found the kingdom." That is why individual brethren both here and in far away lands of America, Australia, India and Africa are working in a particular way to-day to initiate the new spiritual world order. Does it matter that there are over two thousand sects in the world? If you go into your garden how many different kinds of flowers have you planted? And how many flowers has Nature smuggled in when you were not looking? The clover, the yarrow, the bindweed, the little striated locksuife, or the scarlet pimpernel. Go out into Nature's garden, and will you quarrel with the cornflower? No, you will love them all. Each one speaks the Father's message to you, His message of love and wisdom. Does it not seem that like the garden and its flowers, the world needs its many varieties of religion? However, they will all come to one point at last. You see, this is the Age of diffusion. It is because of diffusion we should break down the outer forms which have become too stereotyped. Man has grown out of the old knowledge and the old ways; he seeks new light and life. The old scriptures were not translated correctly, and what is more, those scriptures were written so long after the times of those who gave them that misunderstanding has crept into the churches. That is why there is so much diffusion. How are we going to get back to the beginning, to the right and true? There is one way. Go to the heart, the All Father, and ask Him what they mean. And He


will tell us, and His angels will come and teach us. How do the angels teach? They teach through meditation and inspiration. They will teach you how to live your life the better. They will teach you about the spiritual worlds, about etheric energies, about healing, about seership and how to come into an ever-increasing at-one-ment with the One All Mind. You see, in the higher planes, the supra-astral or estreal spheres known in Kosmon as the Second Resurrection, we have no creeds or dogmas, but we do have ideals. Since these ideals are the highest possible we can realise on those planes, they cannot possibly clash. If we go into these higher spheres from our various schools of religion, we always see the ideals that are behind the outer teachings, and they so co-ordinate with each other that there is no longer any question of belief in this or that doctrine or dogma. All things are possible in the Father's Presence. We realise that so much has been a question of history as to what has been taught and what really happened, and much was not very important after all. Now we must know and understand all teachings from a mystical point of view. All the ancient faiths had a mystical or esoteric interpretation. If only the churches to-day would seek the inner light, their differences would soon begin to fade. One thing we must tell you. Firstly ever seek the guidance of the All Pervading Spirit of Wisdom, and secondly give to all people sympathy and tolerance; then the way is clear. If you adopt methods of worship and means of service to others time will prove your power. The only obstacle, of course, may be self. Selfishness has so many disguises, and when anyone tries to rule over another, that is the beginning of the downward path. Members of the Kosmon Unity realise that they must become workers, they must learn their spiritual craft, as it were. The first thing is to make oneself receptive to angelic guidance and the second is to strengthen the spirit body. Brethren know that the sun is constantly sending out great waves of etheric energy, tokens of the Eternal Father's wisdom and love. These energies affect their thoughts and ideals by investing them with power. They know also that the psychic moon receives these energies and reflects them back conditioned. Thus are produced conditions within the psychic body. The universe is a living organism, and we must strive to understand its powers and how they affect the growth of the spiritual body. Thus we become strong for service. As you have gathered in this temple to-day and united in an act of worship, your auras blend with each other as we speak these words. You may not as yet fully understand all that we say, but these thoughts start a vibration within the spiritual body of each of you. This produces an effect in the temple, a vortex, and its radiant power rises upwards, and reaches out over all the world. Wherever people are sitting in quiet thought or meditation, if they are in tune with your life-ray, they can actually hear it through that inner power. Not as you hear these words but felt as an inspiration and message. Knowing this, vast bands of angels who are present here, travel along these waves, make contacts and teach the truths which are spoken audibly here. This may sound strange, but it follows on what we have just told you that sound vibration accompanied by etheric radiations produce an effect upon the spiritual body. This is done through the inner solar energies, so that those who are quickened by this power will begin to understand the message. Again, in this temple you build up a body or sphere of light, and your loved ones in spirit can come to you, because you are giving them conditions or vibrations which they can take unto themselves and so make closer contact with you. It is not easy, you know, to contact your plane from ours. But you help greatly by providing the right conditions by entering into the ritual, the prayers, the hymns, the chants, the melodies; everything acts


as a formula in producing vibrations. Then brethren spirit come down the rays of light sent by God to you, to be united with you in this hour of evening service. You could do the same thing around your own fireside, because you have home conditions where love reigns. We want you. That is why we come to-day to speak to you. We want to touch that little centre in the spiritual heart. We want to lead you to become a worker for the kingdom of light on earth. That when physical life for you is over, you will leave the world a little brighter for having passed that way. Within you is a thread of light which links you with the long ages that have gone, and which links you with the eternity that lies before you. It unites you with the Infinite One and will lead you back to Him again. You came into physical embodiment to experience all that the earthly plane can give, but now returning on the ascending path, clothed in robes woven not with hands, to join the company of those beyond and one day to shine like a star in the crown of heaven. Eternal Father, teach us Thy Love, then we shall regain Thy Wisdom, and when we have Love and Wisdom, our right arm shall have the Power to found Thy kingdom and do Thy Will. Amen.



A Path of Light - George Morley  

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