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DR. ROBERT SCHULLER Dr. Robert Schuller based in the USA whereas the internationally televised ministry had offices in The Netherlands, Canada, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Australia, New Zealand, London, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

ROBERT A SCHULLER Robert A. Schuller is regularly seen on national stages representing Success Seminars and Lead and Succeed. He was also seen on the Hour of Power. Robert Anthony Schuller also founded Rancho Capistrano, California.

ROBERT SCHULLER MINISTRIES Robert Schuller Ministries is very famous in the USA as well as assumed the role of senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral. Robert Schuller Ministries are organised by Robert Anthony Schuller.

DR. SCHULLER Dr. Schuller is a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, pastor and business man. He travels the world advocating world peace with The Global Peace Foundation.

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