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September 2012


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Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church 6100 Chamberlayne Road Richmond, VA 23227

Non-profit Org. U. S. Postage

PAID Richmond, VA Permit No. 1851


SEPTEMBER 2012 FROM THE PASTOR “There’s an opportune me to do things, a right me for everything on the earth (Ecc. 3:1 msg).�


Summer is almost over, and soon fall begins. That means we won’t be dealing with the heat and humidity much longer. Instead, we’ll have to deal with the cool weather at night me, and eventually the cold temperatures. We will also noce the changes in the color of the leaves, our acvies, moods, etc. The changes in seasons always remind me of how much change is a part of life. John Newman states, â€œâ€Śto live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed oen.â€?

Our Vision Statement: ALIVE IN CHRIST Notice of Publication and Mailing: The Circuit Rider is published each month. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please contact the church office at or 804-266-3551.

Well, here at CHUMC, we are about to make some changes to our roune as we prepare for the Fall season. Our monthly Family Night Dinners begin on September 5th. The choirs-JOY RINGERS and CHANCEL CHOIR will be back with some new music. The next combined worship service is on September 30th, at 10am. Sunday school is at 9am. A new six weeks small group study class starts in October. There are more events planned for the Fall, so stay up to date by logging on to the church’s website and on facebook. As we prepare for this new season around us and in the life of the church, I plead with you to come to church. Bring someone with you. Renew your commitment to God and the ministry of the church. Remember, only when we begin to make and accept changes around us and in us, can others see the beauty about us, and become a7racted to us.

IN MINISTRY Rev. Livingstone Dore, Pastor ~ (804) 338-6067 ~ E-mail: Julie Crawford, Office Administrator ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Kristen Schussler, Music Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Stacey Spear, Bell Choir Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Patricia Dombroski, Treasurer ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Office Hours: Monday ~ Thursday: 9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM Church Office: 266-3551 Education Bldg.: 266-9513 Kitchen: 266-6556 White House: 266-6556 Fax: 266-0097 Website: Join us on facebook!


Livingstone Dore

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September 2012

The Circuit Rider SUNDAY

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September 2012 MONDAY






WORDS TO DIGEST SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS 2 Bernice Corley 3 Martha Sherrod 5 Susie Bellows 7 Frances Bohannan 9 Pat Brodie 11 Sue Hutsenpiller 13 Lynn Hull Poston 16 Dante Vallins 16 Susan Brown 18 Margaret Bellows 18 Don Gresko 20 Jim Smuts 21 Ralph Lett 22 Cliff Moseley 24 Livingstone Dore 24 Doreen Peay 25 Natalie Muniz 26 William Bellows 26 Martha Bragg 26 David Deitz 26 Thomas Muniz 28 Dana Harris 28 Susan Meads Webb

Members of CHUMC, Thank you for the wonderful picnic. The food was great and everybody loved it. Thanks also to the people who worked hard to cook the food we are very thankful to have your support. Sincerely, BSA Troop 500 The music department would like to thank the anonymous members for the funds that enabled the church to purchase a Kawai digital piano, currently in the sanctuary. It is a quality instrument that has a vibrant tone and a touch similar to a grand piano, over 300 instrument sounds, an impressive sound system, and a 16-track recorder. And, since it's relatively portable, it will give us flexibility to have music in a variety of different settings that the acoustic piano did not allow. It will serve our music program well, and will continue to do so for years to come. We sincerely thank the donors for their gift that will be such a benefit to the music of our church. Thank You!! Many thanks for the beautiful birthday cards, visits, and calls. It really touched my heart! -Betty Peters

JOIN CHAMBERLAYNE HEIGHTS UNITED METHODIST ON FACEBOOK If you have a Facebook site of your own, please visit and “like” us to stay updated with the most current happenings of the church, and to join in conversation!

SEPTEMBER ANNIVERSARIES 7 Jack & Jane Gill 28 Jim & Gwen Smuts *If you have any additional items about the Birthday and Anniversary list, please contact the Church Office.

“One of the best parts of church life is not that the people in it are a lot like us. Precisely the opposite: the amazing thing about the church is that in it we meet people that we would never otherwise meet.” -Dr. John D. Witvliet, “One Cross as Reconciliation” 2 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

3 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

4 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline 6:30pm SPRC Meeting

5 6 10:00 am Renovare 6:00 pm Family Night Dinner 7:00pm Choir

7 8 10:00 am ODDP

9 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship 12:00pm Nominations Committee 4:00pm ReThink Church Planning Team

10 10:00 am ODDP 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

11 10:00 am Care Committee 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

12 10:00am Renovare 11:00am Richmond District Clergy Gathering 7:00pm Choir

13 12:00 pm Senior Luncheon 1:30 pm CHUM Knitters and Crocheters


15 5:30 pm That Dance Thing

16 8:00 am Men's Breakfast 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

17 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

18 10:00 am Old Ivy Garden Club 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline 7:00 pm Bazaar Team Meeting

19 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir


21 6:30pm RARC Dance


23 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

24 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Joy Ringers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts

25 9:00 am Senior Breakfast 9:30 am Old Ivy Garden Club 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

26 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir



29 5:30 pm That Dance Thing

If you don't have a Facebook site, check out to see what it's all about. Our page can be found at: Make sure to visit our new and improved website!


30 *SPECIAL SUNDAY— ONE SERVICE ONLY* 9:00 am Sunday School 10:00 am Worship 11:00 am Annual Charge Conference

The Circuit Rider

September 2012

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UNCONDITIONAL 09.21.2012 “Opening in theaters September 21, UNCONDITIONAL is the first feature film from Harbinger Media Partners, which creates and produces high-quality theatrical films to inspire moviegoers to pursue God and serve others.


Partnering with scores of ministries and non-profit organizations around the country like the one run by the real-life Papa Joe Bradford, UNCONDITIONAL is encouraging people to ACT on the needs in their communities. Learn more about ACT.” -

I hope you have enjoyed a summer filled with pleasant memories and sun filled lazy days. As we head slowly into the Fall season we will kick off our first Family Night Dinner on September 5, with A COVERED DISH MEAL. You are encouraged to bring a favorite dish to share. Drinks will be provided. The CHUMW have graciously agreed to head up this event.


Bob Stone & The Virginia Gospel Singers will be on hand to entertain us with some good ole Gospel music.

In Honor of Tom Austin Tom Austin, a long time member of CHUMC and a resident of the Hermitage received special recognition at the John Marshall High School mega reunion held at RIR on August 4. Tom, 102 years old, is the oldest known graduate of John Marshall. He graduated in 1925 at the age of 15. YEA Tom!! Fourteen other CHUMC members who graduated from John Marshall also attended this mega reunion that was held for those graduating from 1909 through 1960. A great time was had by all.

Make your reservations by filling out the GOLD SLIP you will find in your bulletin or call the church office by noon on Monday morning. It will give me great pleasure to see you there! Grace upon grace, Martha Sherrod

Our Prayer Ministry

Seniors Connection Seniors get ready for a new, interesting and fun fall season. Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 13. You won’t want to miss this interesting program, “Deaths and Funerals of Virginia Presidents”. Virginia is called the home of Presidents because we have had eight; Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe , Harrison, Tyler, Taylor and Wilson. Our speaker will be Mr. Bernie Henderson, Director for Family and Community Relations at Woody Funeral Homes. Prior to his employment at Woody’s he worked for several Governors of Virginia, including Robb, Bailes and Kaine. The Senior programs are open to everyone and we love to have guests. Bring a covered dish for our noon lunch. In July, fourteen Seniors visited the Hospital Hospitality House and carried several bags of items donated by our congregation. The tour of the facility was very interesting. We are so fortunate to have this facility in Richmond to serve families from out of this area who need to be near their loved ones who are hospitalized. Next, we toured the Ronald McDonald House that has a similar mission of serving families with children who are hospitalized. We gave the guide our large bag of donated “pop-tabs”. Collecting these tabs is a continuing project for our Seniors, so please save them and bring them to Fay Nunnally. We ended our tours with a fun lunch at the Robin Inn where we enjoyed good food and fellowship. Put Thursday, September 13 on your calendar and come enjoy an outstanding program and the fellowship of our group.

*indicates a new person added to our prayer list (If you have submitted a name for this list, please call the office with periodic updates on the person(s) for whom you seek prayer.)

Church Family Tom Austin Bill and Nelma Short Arlene Crowl (at David’s house) Carolyn and Emmett Spurlock Rickie Newsome Beverly Jackson

Martha Kersey Dorothy Grainger Lucille Stone Bea Tweedie

Charlie Burton June Carpenter Phyllis Cartwright Mabel Shelton

Charlene Beethoven Miriam Blevins Military Personnel Mark Baldwin Kevin Morgan Thomas Muniz Emmett Spurlock III Greg Allam

Clay Minter Our Missions and Missionaries Randy Hildbrant (Jubilee Project) The work of UMCOR (UM Comm. on Relief)

FAMILY AND FRIENDS Keith Bryant, Son of Anne Taylor Bryant Billy Tatum (friend of Jane Gill, has cancer) Melinda Peters (wife of Beverly Simmons’ boss, has cancer. Please see Pat Pratt (friend of Gayle Baldwin) Patricia Wilson (aunt of Beverly Simmons) Elizabeth Swank (Betsy) (Peggy Harman’s cousin) Rev. Gene Gee (former pastor of CHUMC) Eydie Vechery (mother of Jenny Washburn) Jack Sutton (father of Susan Taylor) Alonzo Lynch (cousin of Carolyn Spurlock) Mike Adee (uncle of James Simpson) Mary Grace Brooks-(sister of Diane Barrett)

Greg Huseth (Friend of Joan Williams) Dawn and Tim Hankins Richard White III Rae Green Lila Kieselhorst Russell and Arla Crooks Ben Simmons (Missionary in Indonesia) John Pratt Skeet Best-West (Friend of Joan Williams) Susan Taylor Rik Davis Hazel Buhrman

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September 2012

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Do You Hear the Bells Ringing?

The Circuit Rider

HUNGER ACTION MONTH: An Interview with Helen Wood Why is this ministry so important to you?

No? You will soon. The Joy Ringers have begun practice. Anyone is welcome to join the choir. There is no previous bell experience needed. We practice every Monday night from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. We learn a lot and have fun doing so. If you are interested please contact Stacey Spear at There are several events coming up soon that you will want to put on your calendar. September 30- The bell choir will be there to play for our Fall Kick Off Sunday October 28 - Joy Ringers will play at both services. November 18 - Joy Ringers will play at both services. December 16 - Joy Ringers will play at both services.

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September 2012

Hunger is an epidemic. Although there is enough food to feed each and every person on our planet, we are challenged by the problem of distribution. Each time we support an agency that addresses this distribution problem we reach the hungry in their greatest time of need.

Why do you feel it’s important for CHUMC to support this ministry? Many years ago (25+) I recall one of the founders (Dr. Ray Buchanan) when the Society of St. Andrew was in its infancy, visiting our church and presenting a program at a Fellowship Supper. I was immediately taken with the idea that one potato, which costs the agency one cent to distribute, could provide a meal for one individual. We at CHUMC have been partners in this ministry from its onset. Our continued support of this effort demonstrates our Martha Bragg & Helen commitment to the problem of hunger. wood corn gleaning in Fredericksburg, VA

What are some actions we can take in our surrounding communities to fight hunger?

Opportunities abound for us to address the needs of folks in our community who need assistance in supplying meals for their families. The LAMB’S Basket is just one of the many avenues that allow us to participate on a regular basis. In addition to our non perishable food gifts Phin Wood apple gleaning for humans and animals that we bring in each Sunday, we are now involved as a volunteer church by in Dahlonega, GA working in at the LAMBS Basket facility in Lakeside on the last Tuesday of each month.

How long have we been supporting this SoSA ministry? We’ve been supporting the SoSA by our gifts through Missions and by participating in gleaning opportunities in Dahlonega, GA, Hanover, Bedford and Fredericksburg, VA well over 25 years.

How has it impacted your life?

CHANCELOR CHOIR Autumn is here, and that means our choir has begun rehearsing again! You've heard us sing on Sunday mornings during the church year, and if you've thought that looked like fun, you'd be right! We have a great time as we sing, raising our voices in praise to God. If you enjoy singing, whether it's along with the radio or with friends, come and join us on Wednesday nights and see what the CHUMC choir is all about! Rehearsals are Wednesday nights starting at 7pm,.

On an apple gleaning mission trip to Dahlonega, GA back in the fall of 2002, our delegation from CHUMC of 13 youth and adults participated in a special meal on site after a day of picking up apples from the floor of Mack Aaron’s orchard at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. The meal was served to those in attendance by drawing of lots. The chosen few (three!) who were served elegantly at a white table cloth table complete with hot bread, full main course, and dessert represented residents of the USA. I drew “Table 1” and was treated to such a feast. The rest of the participants (around 40 or so) were served meals that represented 5 or 6 other populations in the world; the largest contingent being group of about 15 members who ate with their fingers from a common pot of cooked rice while sitting on the floor! That demonstration of how populations around the world differ from one another in the way they subsist was an awakening for us all. Before the meal was over, my table mates and I realized what was happening in the room and began to get up and share our bounty. More sharing took place between “feeding groups” until we all had our fill. It was a very moving experience and very tearful! (Seek

out Martha Sherrod, Martha Bragg, Miriam Blevins and Verna Durvin to get their take on this experience!) From that experience on the gleaning trip, I have been dedicated to doing

Martha Sherrod, Miriam Blevins, & Martha Bragg apple gleaning in Dahlonega, GA.

my part to help alleviate hunger in whatever way I can.

How has it impacted the lives of those at CHUMC?

If you'd like to sing with the choir just for the Christmas Cantata, join us for the beginning of rehearsal every week, 7 - 7:30pm, when we focus on the cantata. If you have any questions or want to learn more, see Kristen Schussler after the service, or send her an email at

The SoSA has provided opportunities for us to focus on this ministry through the provision of Advent and Lenten Devotionals. This ministry has also opened other doors for us to participate in meal packaging events through the STOP HUNGER NOW! Of course, our own local LAMB’S Basket is one way we can witness to the community on an on-going basis. We can be a part of the solution! Please contact the church office, if you would like to recognize a ministry or someone, with a small paragraph explaining about the individual/ministry and why they have impacted your life. If possible, include a picture with your paragraph. We are available at and 266-3551

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September 2012

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September 2012

Bazaar Extraordinaire III Silent Auction News

Irene Couch and Martha Sherrod are busy gathering items for the Silent Auction for our Bazaar Oct. 19 and 20. They need your help soliciting items from local businesses (gift certificates, merchandise, etc.) Pick up a tax deduction letter to take to the business when you go asking for help. The letters can be found in the Narthex and on the Bazaar bulletin board and in the church office. In addition, Irene and Martha are creating beautiful baskets for the Silent Auction. Listed below are some of the baskets and the items still needed. Give them a call if you can help them fill the baskets. Irene 784-5939, Martha 290-8292. Baby Basket booties “Good Night Moon” book bib mobile rattle ABC blocks brag book set: plate, bowl, cup, utensils

Office Basket paper clips Scotch tape garden magazine trowel bird feeder bird seed trowel

Garden Basket garden gloves garden book

Apple Basket bottle of apple cider

Stationery Basket box of stationery pens and pencils “To Do” notepad

Virginia Basket Graves Mt. jelly Graves Mt. pickles Mrs. Fearnow’s stew

Photo Scrapbook Basket large photo scrapbook package of captions for photos “corners” for photos disposable cameras (2)

Wine and Cheese Basket bottle of wine

Our Bazaar Extraordinaire III is only 59 days away! I hope you are planning to be involved and have October 19th and 20th marked on your calendar. We will have 15 vendors selling their "wares" in the fellowship hall and we will also have a bake sale and a Silent Auction in that area. Friday hours will be from 3PM TO 9PM. On Friday evening we will have a "to go" chicken parmesan dinner which will include potatoes, veggie, roll and dessert. Tickets are available for $7. On Saturday we will open at 9AM til 3PM. All inside activities will remain the same, while outside we will have vendors, face painting, pumpkin painting, and hopefully a moonwalk for the children to enjoy. We will also have a City of Richmond K-9 dog and police, and animals for adoption from Hickory Hill K9 Shelter Angel Dogs. We are working on having a Blood Mobile Unit and technicians to do blood pressure checks, etc. as part of our outside activities on Saturday. Hot dogs, hamburgers and chips or fries will be sold and of course we will be cooking brunswick stew and selling it by the quart as well as by the cup at lunch time. The stew will be on a pre-sale basis. We hope you will be planning to join us. We will need everyone's involvement to make our bazaar a success!! I know we can count on you.

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September 2012

The Circuit Rider

September 2012

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What Is Extravagant Generosity? I will be leaving in November for a long vacation and will need information in advance for Novembers and Decembers Newsletters. I will need articles for October’s Newsletter ABSOLUTELY no later than 9/15/2012. Also, November's Newsletter the last week in September, and articles for December's no later than the second week in October. Thank you for all of your help in putting our monthly publication together! Blessings, Mrs. Julie Crawford, Office Administrator

PARMESAN CHICKEN DINNER Friday, October 19th – Parmesan Chicken Dinner – From 5 - 8 pm. Tickets - $7.00 Boneless Chicken Breast, Potato, Vegetable, Roll, Brownie Take Out Only – Buy your tickets by Wednesday, October 17th. Tickets available from Julie(Church Office), Bruce Ecker, Phin Wood, Helen Wood, Carolyn Pendleton and Jean Dietz.

BRUNSWICK STEW Saturday, October 20th – Brunswick Stew – Ready for pick up @ 1pm. Stew - $7.00 per quart Order stew from Julie(Church Office), Bruce Ecker, Dick White, and Phin Wood.

The practice of generosity describes the Christian’s unselfish willingness to give in order to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ. Extravagant Generosity describes practices of sharing and giving that exceed all expectations and extend to unexpected measures. It describes lavish sharing, sacrifice, and giving in service to God and neighbor. “They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share, thus storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of the life that really is life (1 Timothy 6:18 -19).” Churches that grow in giving know that generosity increases with participation in ministry and community, and… mission. How does your practice of giving affect your responsibility to CHUMC? Note: five Practices of FRUITFUL congregation -Extravagant Generosity, Robert Schnase

HELP WANTED!! TOPIC: FOOD DONATIONS LOCATION: LAMB’S Basket Food Pantry: 5612 Greendale Road, Henrico, VA 23228

Parents/Grandparents of College Students and Military Please give us the current addresses of your sons, daughters, and/or grandchildren's schools or deployment locations.

It has been our tradition to support the LAMB’S Basket, our local Lakeside Area food pantry, with our weekly gifts of non-perishable foods, household supplies, and pet foods. Please continue to bring your gifts and place them in the red wagon in the narthex for delivery to the facility where they will be shelved for distribution to local families who are receiving items from the organization. Currently, they are in need of some specific items for their shelves. Please consider shopping for these much-needed items:

Unsweetened applesauce

Beef Stew (Canned)



Spaghetti Sauce

Your food gifts are collected weekly in our special wagon in the Narthex and delivered to the LAMB’S Basket for distribution. Please contact Helen Wood if you have any further questions. Thank you for your generosity and support of such a wonderful ministry.

Home: 262-8907

Cell: 347-6288


LAMB’S BASKET Lakeside Area Food Pantry Distribution: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM - 12:45 PM Patrons are welcome at LAMB's Basket twice a month for the first six months then need to reapply. The disabled and the elderly may continue coming twice a month as long as is needed.

Volunteering: LAMB's Basket is staffed entirely by volunteers; there are no paid employees. To volunteer, please contact Ray Mallory at (804) 565-8007 or

LAMB’S BASKET INFORMATION PHONE: 804-565-8007 ~ E-MAIL: Street address for donation drop-off: 5612 Greendale Road, Richmond

Our Friends Class really enjoys making and sending monthly cards and would like to send some to your loved ones!

A special thanks to Jane Rhyne, her helpers, and our Care Committee



The CHUM Knitters and Crocheters will meet on Thursday, September 13th at 1:30pm., following the Seniors Meeting Meeting. Please join us in the parlor, and help us provide chemo hats, caps for newborns, blankets, baby sweaters, hats, scarves and much more for those who need a little something extra to make their life easier.

Yarn, patterns and needles or crochet hooks will be provided.

SUMMER IS OVER AND SO IS THE BOOK SALE The Book Sale sponsored by the Senior Connection over the summer was a rousing success. Thanks to all the people who contributed books, bought books and talked about books. A special thanks from me to Jean Deitz who helped "manage" the book sale. A final sale total will be put in the church bulletin in September.

The Circuit Rider: September 2012  

Church events for the month of September

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