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October 2012


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Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church 6100 Chamberlayne Road Richmond, VA 23227

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PAID Richmond, VA Permit No. 1851



“In that day they will say, ‘Surely this is our God; we trusted in him, and he saved us…’ ” Isaiah 25:9 (NIV)


Our Vision Statement: ALIVE IN CHRIST Notice of Publication and Mailing: The Circuit Rider is published each month. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please contact the church office at or 804-266-3551. IN MINISTRY Rev. Livingstone Dore, Pastor ~ (804) 338-6067 ~ E-mail: Julie Crawford, Office Administrator ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Kristen Schussler, Music Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Stacey Spear, Bell Choir Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Patricia Dombroski, Treasurer ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Office Hours: Monday ~ Thursday: 9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM Church Office: 266-3551 Education Bldg.: 266-9513 Kitchen: 266-6556 White House: 266-6556 Fax: 266-0097 Website: Join us on facebook!

All Saints Day Remembrance and Celebraon Sunday is on November 4. This day will be a me for us to remember and celebrate the lives of those from CHUMC, who died since our last service of Remembrance and Celebraon. The names will be listed and read during the service. How do we define Saints? From a theological perspecve, saints as referenced in the New Testament are “all members of churches who are Chrisans consecrated to God through Jesus Christ (2 Cor 8: 4).” Is there anyone who has been a saint in your life? When we celebrate on Nov 4, we are not just remembering those who recently died; but also those who have made an impact on our lives – on our faith journey, but are no longer with us. Come to worship and join in this special worship service as we remember, celebrate and share in Holy Communion.


Livingstone Dore

The Circuit Rider

October 2012

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The Circuit Rider SUNDAY

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS 1 Mildred Peay 2 Christina Williams 3 Edna Collins 4 Susan Taylor 6 Thomas Lively 8 Leon Dore 8 Marie Turner 11 Beverley Jackson 11 Thelma Wood 13 Jerry Slaunwhite 16 Emmett Spurlock 17 Connie Brown 17 Judy Simmons 18 Arthur Nunnally 18 Mabel Shelton 21 Jane Gill 26 Thomas Muniz 26 Jarratt Taylor

OCTOBER ANNIVERSARIES 7 Charles & Pauline Brown 8 J.J. & Susan Taylor 11 Russell & Arla Crooks 22 Jerry & Merle Slaunwhite *If you have any additional items about the Birthday and Anniversary list, please contact the Church Office.

Dear Friends, Please accept this gift as a memorial to my uncle, Jake Cobb. Your church was a very important part of his life and the kindness you showed to our family at the time of his passing was much appreciated. Please use it wherever it may do the most good. Thank you again for your kindness. Sincerely, Debbie Stafford Dear CHUM friends– Just a note to let you know how very special I think you are. Your many cards, letters, and notes have meant more to me than I can possibly tell you.. (I have been very touched by your out-pouring of concern and love.) Truly—your mail has proven to be like magic—joy and happiness it has brought. What a loving, caring group of Christian friends you are! Each card brought to mind a friendly face, and a host of wonderful memories of good times shared. Naturally the news of the return of my cancer was not something one would want to hear. Nor is the fact that the doctors say I am not a candidate for radiation or chemotherapy. I want you to know though, that I do not feel sick, I do not hurt—I just feel very tired, have a bad wet cough, am very hoarse, and my COPD is worse—making my short-windedness more prevalent. But– my focus is NOT on those things—but on living each day (hoping those days will be many) thank God for my precious family, and my many wonderful friends. I plan on enjoying each day, continuing to do the things I’ve always done—and trying to serve my God while doing so. Please keep me in your prayers, but know that I am happy and I am okay. I hold you in my heart, and keep you in my prayers. Take care of yourselves. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Hazel Buhrman To Our Christian Friends and Members of CHUMC, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your many cards, phone calls, and your several contacts, and your prayers for us since we saw the need to move to this retirement community in Raleigh. We are thankful to say we are blessed with a reasonably good amount of health considering our age factor. We are keeping the faithas we love you and miss you all, our church, and our home. But, thankfully, life goes on. And, Rev. Dore, keep up the good work with your ever present good smiles, and training. Love, Imogene and Quincy Watson

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October 2012




1 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers


7 WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

8 10:00 am ODDP 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

14 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship




3 4 10:00 am Renovare 6:00 pm Family Night Dinner 7:00pm Choir



9 10:00 am Care Committee 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

10 11 10:00 am Renovare 12:00 pm Senior 7:00pm Choir Luncheon 1:30 pm CHUM Knitters and Crocheters

12 6:30pm RARC Dance

13 5:30 pm That Dance Thing

15 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

16 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

17 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir






21 8:00 am Men's Breakfast 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

22 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

23 9:00 am Senior Breakfast 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

24 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir


26 9:00 am ODDP

27 9:00 am ODDP 5:30 pm That Dance Thing

28 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship 12:00 pm Finance 3:00 pm Mission/ Outreach 4:00 pm Administrative Council

29 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Joy Ringers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts

30 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

31 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir

WORDS TO DIGEST “Age is an issue of the mind over maer. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t maer.” -Mark Twain

The Circuit Rider

October 2012

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The Circuit Rider

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October 2012

Do You Hear the Bells Ringing?

Dinner The program for the October Family Dinner is unique, and I am told is very good.. Most of us remember with joy the Dr. Seuss Books we enjoyed reading to our children and grandchildren when they were little. In October, Rev. Bill Van O'Linda, a retired pastor, will tell us how "The Cat in the Hat" not only entertains children, but is also a good way to teach children about God. I think we are in for a treat! Thanks and praise for the men who will prepare a delicious meal for all to enjoy. Come, make your reservations. You know the drill. Fill out the Gold slip or call the church office by noon on Monday. See you there. grace upon grace, Martha Sherrrod

No? You will soon. The Joy Ringers have begun practice. Anyone is welcome to join the choir. There is no previous bell experience needed. We practice every Monday night from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. We learn a lot and have fun doing so. If you are interested please contact Stacey Spear at There are several events coming up soon that you will want to put on your calendar. October 28 - Joy Ringers will play at both services. November 18 - Joy Ringers will play at both services. December 16 - Joy Ringers will play at both services.

Our Prayer Ministry

Seniors Connection The Seniors started off their fall season with a large group, delicious food and an interesting program. Bernie Henderson, Director for Family and Community Relations at Woody Funeral Homes, enlightened us with factual stories about the deaths and funerals of the eight Virginia presidents. Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 11. You won’t want to miss this extraordinary program featuring the history of our American flag. This program will be presented by Ben Gregory and his group. The Senior programs are open to everyone and we love to have guests. We hope to have a big attendance for this outstanding presentation. Bring a covered dish for our noon lunch and bring a little extra for our speakers and guests.

*indicates a new person added to our prayer list (If you have submitted a name for this list, please call the office with periodic updates on the person(s) for whom you seek prayer.)

Church Family Bill and Nelma Short Arlene Crowl (at David’s house)

Carolyn and Emmett Spurlock

Rickie Newsome Beverly Jackson Dorothy Grainger Lucille Stone

Bea Tweedie

Charlie Burton June Carpenter Phyllis Cartwright Mabel Shelton Charlene Beethoven Miriam Blevins *Frank Mullen

Military Personnel Mark Baldwin Kevin Morgan Thomas Muniz Emmett Spurlock III Greg Allam Clay Minter

Our Missions and Missionaries Randy Hildbrant (Jubilee Project) The work of UMCOR (UM Comm. on Relief)


Keith Bryant, Son of Anne Taylor Bryant Billy Tatum (friend of Jane Gill, has cancer) Melinda Peters (wife of Beverly Simmons’ boss, has cancer. Please see Pat Pratt (friend of Gayle Baldwin) Patricia Wilson (aunt of Beverly Simmons) Elizabeth Swank (Betsy) (Peggy Harman’s cousin) Rev. Gene Gee (former pastor of CHUMC) Eydie Vechery (mother of Jenny Washburn) Jack Sutton (father of Susan Taylor) Alonzo Lynch (cousin of Carolyn Spurlock) Mike Adee (uncle of James Simpson) Mary Grace Brooks-(sister of Diane Barrett)

Greg Huseth (Friend of Joan Williams) Dawn and Tim Hankins Richard White III Rae Green Lila Kieselhorst Russell and Arla Crooks Ben Simmons (Missionary in Indonesia) John Pratt Skeet Best-West (Friend of Joan Williams) Susan Taylor Rik Davis Hazel Buhrman

The Circuit Rider

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October 2012

The Circuit Rider

October 2012

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CAROLYN PENDLETON One of the many women helping with this years Bazaar Extraordinaire READING GLASSES NEEDED A medical mission team, made up primarily of members and friends of Third Presbyterian Church, is planning a trip to Haiti to provide some medical services to residents who have last so much since the earthquake. A goal of this team is to collect 400 pairs of reading glasses (any strength) for distribution. If you have reading glasses that you no longer use or are willing to purchase some inexpensive pairs to donate, please deposit them in the box provided in the narthex. The medical mission team will be very appreciative of your donations in an attempt to reach their goal. This collection will run the entire month of October. Outreach/Missions Committee


Christmas Bazaar and Bake Sale Country Store and Clothing Rooms

October 26 & 27, 2012 Residents and their families, Staff and Volunteers 9:30 AM to 3 PM Friday and Saturday Open to Public 10:30 AM –3 PM Friday 9:30 AM—3 PM Saturday

What has been your role in helping to organize Bazaar Extraordinaire III (BE3)? My role in helping to organize Bazaar Extraordinaire III has been nothing but a joy. I scheduled a meeting and the most talented, organized folks, who brought with them a "let's do it" attitude appeared! It made me know God's hand was already involved in this bazaar - That sure makes this project easier. Have you been involved in previous bazaars? This is my third! Has there been a CHUMC Bazaar that has stuck out particularly in your mind and why? I will have to say our first. The weather was perfect, we had huge crowds, the vendors loved being here, everyone had worked so hard and when the day unfolded everything fell into place without a hitch. The box lunches rated a 5 star, burgers, dogs, and stew sold out, and our silent auction, estate items, and baked sale items were a complete sell out as well. We made $10,000 after our expenses which allowed us to make a sizeable payment on our apportionments. It was a time of great fellowship for our church family as well as our church community. What can we expect at the BE3? Our official opening will be at 3PM Friday and closing at 9PM. All activities will be in the fellowship hall. This includes 15 vendors selling "their wares", a bake sale, a silent auction, and a "to go" chicken parmesan dinner prepared by Bruce Ecker and his team. The cost of the dinner will be $7.00 and tickets are on sale. See me, Bruce, Phin or call the church office and we will see that you get a ticket. We will open at 9AM on Saturday and close at 3PM. The fellowship hall will look the same and outside we will have additional vendors, City of Richmond policeman with K9 dog, animal adoptions, Anthem/Wellpoint, Blood Mobile, face painting, pumpkin painting, and a moon bounce for the children to enjoy. I know you want to know about food Billy Moore and the UMM will be cooking brunswick stew for sale by the quart and by the bowl, and David Dietz, Arthur Nunnally, Art Long, etc. will be grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, and maybe a few french fries just to be sure no one leaves hungry. Drinks will also be available. What will set BE3 apart from previous Bazaars? We will have more outside activities, more children's activities, and vendors who will be providing services to members of our community. What are you looking forward to the most about BE3? The joy of watching everyone's hard work come to fruition. I think we all enjoy shopping, meeting our customers, and our church "neighbors. Of course, eating comes to mind as well! How have the Bazaars hosted by CHUMC impacted the community? As a result of our first and second bazaars, customers and vendors called us to see when we would be having our next bazaar. The feedback was very positive. Last Saturday I received a call from a friend I hadn't talked with in many months. She was calling on behalf of a friend of hers to see if we were going to have any fall activities this year. Her interest was the bake sale. Her friend said CHUM members make the best cookies she has ever eaten. She plans to be waiting on Friday at 3PM to be the first in line at our bake sale table. If people would like to help with last minute details, how can they become involved? Baking for the bake sale - we will need lots of items with this being a two-day sale. Janet Burton, Patricia Dombroski, and Beverly Simmons are coordinating the baked goods. Silent Auction items continue to be needed. Don't forget to ask for a gift certificate, or bring an item for one of our baskets being put together by Irene Couch, Carolyn Glascock, and Martha Sherrod. Cooking - If you would like to help out the guys in the kitchen check in with Phin Wood, Don Gresko, or Bruce Ecker. Many hands will certainly make this task go faster. Getting involved passing out flyers and cards about our bazaar to your family, friends and neighbors. Selling tickets to them for the chicken dinner. What would you like people to know about why we do these Bazaars? We do these bazaars to bring our congregation together in fellowship - to enjoy a time of working together and in doing so making memories that become a part of who we are and what our church represents to us and to our community. Of course our bazaars serve as a fundraiser and this year our profits will be used in the church's general fund to assist in paying our day to day expenses. Please contact the church office, if you would like to recognize a ministry or someone, with a small paragraph explaining about the individual/ministry and why they have impacted your life. If possible, include a picture with your paragraph. We are available at and 266-3551

The Circuit Rider

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October 2012

The Circuit Rider

October 2012

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Many people have been working very hard to make the BAZAAR EXTRAORDINAIRE III happen. Excitement is building as we near the date. Now we need EVERYONE (this means YOU) to help publicize the event. Posters and postcards advertising the Bazaar can be found in the Narthex and on the Bazaar bulletin board behind the Sanctuary or by contacting me. You use them, I'll keep the supply coming! Carry a flyer in your car and when you are out and about, look for places to post our message. Personal contact is the best way to advertise. Pick up several postcards and keep them with you to hand out as you meet and greet people. Take as many as you need and drop them in the mail to friends who might enjoy coming to be with us. All this work will be for nothing if we don't have good attendance. This is a job EVERYONE can do. Thanks for helping us get the word out!

Photos of previous Bazaar Extraordinaire’s Silent Auction Courtesy of Liz Lowry

Dear Friends of Stop Hunger Now, More than one billion people in the world do not have enough to eat – more than the population of Canada, the United States and the European Union. Today 25,000 people will die because of hunger and hunger-related causes. Catastrophes like the earthquake in Haiti temporarily increase hunger, but the reality is that an earthquake that brings the loss of life equivalent to that in Haiti happens every 9 to 10 days, week in, week out. Chronic hunger, not earthquakes, is ravaging our world. No one knows this better than those working with Stop Hunger Now. We know that while many are starving for food, many more are starving to give. We also know that numbers and statistics can too often overwhelm, leaving us feeling helpless or worse, apathetic. We are very proud of the fact that our organization provides not just an accountable, expedient channeling of donations to relieve hunger, but we also provide events in which volunteers can personally know the deep satisfaction of hands-on relief work. We are happy to inform you that on August 17, 2012 meals from your Stop Hunger Now packaging event were loaded at our Richmond warehouse onto a 40’ container of 285120 meals. Those meals headed to Norfolk VA, where they were shipped to Haiti Outreach Ministries in Port au Prince Haiti. Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) is a Christian mission to the people of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. We focus on extremely impoverished areas in and near the capital of Port au Prince, currently serving the communities of Blanchard (Terre Noire), Cite Soleil, Ibo Beach (Source Maielas) and Repatriote. Lives will be changed because of you! Stop Hunger Now thanks you for choosing us as your mission partner. Thank you for paying attention to the statistics and choosing to not just hope and pray that people get food, but for making sure they do. With gratitude, The folks at Stop Hunger Now

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October 2012

I will be leaving in November for a long vacation and will need information in advance for November’s and December’s Newsletters. I will need articles for November's Newsletter the last week in September, and articles for December's no later than the second week in October. Thank you for all of your help in putting our monthly publication together!

PARMESAN CHICKEN DINNER Friday, October 19th – Parmesan Chicken Dinner – From 5 - 8 pm. Tickets - $7.00 Boneless Chicken Breast, Potato, Vegetable, Roll, Brownie Take Out Only – Buy your tickets by Wednesday, October 17th. Tickets available from Julie(Church Office), Bruce Ecker, Phin Wood, Helen Wood, Carolyn Pendleton and Jean Dietz.

BRUNSWICK STEW Saturday, October 20th – Brunswick Stew – Ready for pick up @ 1pm. Stew - $7.00 per quart Order stew from Julie(Church Office), Bruce Ecker, Dick White, and Phin Wood.

Blessings, Mrs. Julie Crawford, Office Administrator

The Circuit Rider

October 2012

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As we look forward to our Stewardship Campaign (November 25 – December 16, 2012), I want to use this page to focus on another one of Robert Schnase’s Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations --- “Risk-Taking Mission and Service.” We all engage in some form of risk taking on a regular basis. Whether it’s at home, work, or driving our car, banking our money, etc, risk is part of daily life. When it comes to the church, Schnase states that “Risk-taking steps into greater uncertainty, a higher possibility of discomfort, resistance, or sacrifice.” He notes that “Vibrant, fruitful, growing congregations practice RiskTaking…” Schnase refers to the work that the church is engaged in as Risk-Taking Mission and Service. “Risk-Taking Mission and Service takes people into ministries that push them out of their comfort zone, stretching them beyond the circle of relationships and practices that routinely define their commitments.” How well are we practicing Risk-Taking Mission and Service at CHUMC? Note: five Practices of FRUITFUL congregation –Risk-Taking Mission and Service, Robert Schnase

HELP WANTED!! TOPIC: FOOD DONATIONS LOCATION: LAMB’S Basket Food Pantry: 5612 Greendale Road, Henrico, VA 23228

Parents/Grandparents of College Students and Military Please give us the current addresses of your sons, daughters, and/or grandchildren's schools or deployment locations.

It has been our tradition to support the LAMB’S Basket, our local Lakeside Area food pantry, with our weekly gifts of non-perishable foods, household supplies, and pet foods. Please continue to bring your gifts and place them in the red wagon in the narthex for delivery to the facility where they will be shelved for distribution to local families who are receiving items from the organization. Currently, they are in need of some specific items for their shelves. Please consider shopping for these much-needed items:

Unsweetened applesauce

Beef Stew (Canned)



Spaghetti Sauce

Your food gifts are collected weekly in our special wagon in the Narthex and delivered to the LAMB’S Basket for distribution. Please contact Helen Wood if you have any further questions. Thank you for your generosity and support of such a wonderful ministry.

Home: 262-8907

Cell: 347-6288


LAMB’S BASKET Lakeside Area Food Pantry

Our Friends Class really enjoys making and sending monthly cards and would like to send some to your loved ones!

A special thanks to Jane Rhyne, her helpers, and our Care Committee



The CHUM Knitters and Crocheters will meet on Thursday, October 11th at 1:30pm., following the Seniors Meeting. Meeting Please join us in the parlor, and help us provide chemo hats, caps for newborns, blankets, baby sweaters, hats, scarves and much more for those who need a little something extra to make their life easier.

Yarn, patterns and needles or crochet hooks will be provided.

Distribution: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM - 12:45 PM Patrons are welcome at LAMB's Basket twice a month for the first six months then need to reapply. The disabled and the elderly may continue coming twice a month as long as is needed.


Volunteering: LAMB's Basket is staffed entirely by volunteers; there are no paid employees. To volunteer, please contact Ray Mallory at (804) 565-8007 or

LAMB’S BASKET INFORMATION PHONE: 804-565-8007 ~ E-MAIL: Street address for donation drop-off: 5612 Greendale Road, Richmond

Thanks to everyone who donated, purchased, discussed and enjoyed the Book Sale sponsored by The Senior Connection. Our grand total was $316.50.

The Circuit Rider: October 2012  

The October 2012 Edition of The Circuit Rider