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November 2011


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Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church 6100 Chamberlayne Road Richmond, VA 23227

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NOVEMBER 2011 FROM THE PASTOR “Be joyful always; pray connuously; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” -1Thessalonians 5:16-18

I am sharing the following story with you and hope that you will find it a fing one as we get ready to celebrate “Thanksgiving Day.”


One day a father and his rich family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be. They spent a day and a night on the farm of a very poor family. When they got back from their trip, the father asked his son, "How was the trip?" "Very good Dad!" "Did you see how poor people can be?" the father asked. "Yeah!" "And what did you learn?"

Our Vision Statement: ALIVE IN CHRIST

The son answered, "I saw that we have a dog at home, and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of the garden; they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden; they have the stars. Our patio reaches to the front yard; they have a whole horizon." When the little boy was finished, his father was speechless. His son added, "Thanks, Dad, for showing me how 'poor' we are!" Isn't it true that it all depends on the way you look at things? If you have love, friends, family, health, good humor and a positive attitude towards life -- you've got everything! You can't buy any of these things. You may have all the material possessions you can imagine, provisions for the future, etc.; but if you are poor of spirit, you have nothing! (Thought For The Day: How Rich Are We?)

Notice of Publication and Mailing: The Circuit Rider is published each month. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please contact the church office at or 804-266-3551. IN MINISTRY Rev. Livingstone Dore, Pastor ~ (804) 338-6067 ~ E-mail: Julie Crawford, Office Administrator ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Kristen Schussler, Music Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Stacey Spear, Bell Choir Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Patricia Dombroski, Treasurer ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Office Hours: Monday ~ Thursday: 9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM Church Office: 266-3551 Education Bldg.: 266-9513 Kitchen: 266-6556 White House: 266-6556 Fax: 266-0097 Website: Join us on facebook!

Thanksgiving Day is a family Communion !me – a !me to give thanks for the simple pleasures of life. Let us do so by remembering Christ’s life and death and resurrec!on which afford all of us the opportunity to live life abundantly. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Livingstone Dore, Pastor WORDS TO DIGEST

Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. - Carl Sandburg

The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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The Circuit Rider


NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS 1 Eddy Long 1 Jody Parsons 7 Deubra Flippen 7 Dottie Grainger 9 Gayle Baldwin 11 Mary Sue Hudson 14 Phyllis Cartwright 16 Russell Crooks 16 Jamie Bellows 16 Susan McCray 19 Claranell Newlon 19 Irene Siegler 21 Owen Brodie 24 Tom Austin 27 Haley Minter 29 Scott Baldwin 29 Joyce Paschall 29 Cynthia Smith

CHUMC, Thank you for all the prayers, calls, visits and cards following the death of my granddaughter, Ashley Bragg. I am so blessed to have such a caring church family. Martha Bragg Dear Meal Makers, Thank you very much for the delicious meals we receive each week. It is so good to be able to enjoy a good meal that we did not have to prepare. Thank you for all your good work. Cecil and Mary McFarland Chamberlayne Elementary School Staff would like to thank you so much for the generous teacher bags and supplies. The continued support is greatly appreciated and we don’t know what we would do without all of the care you provide to the staff. Thanks again. - Chamberlayne Staff

NOVEMBER ANNIVERSARIES 5 Bill &Audrey Ford 6 Jack & Joyce Paschall 20 David & Jean Deitz 20 Harry & Mabel Shelton *If you have any additional items about the Birthday and Anniversary list, please contact Mary McFarland.

Beverley B. Jackson The Virginian Respite Care, Room 170 9229 Arlington BLVD. Fairfax, VA 22031 (703) 289-5443


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November 2011 TUESDAY






2 9:30am Renovare 6:00pm Family Night Supper 7:00/7:30pm Choir




6 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

7 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

8 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline 1:00pm Care Committee Meeting

9 9:30am Renovare 7:00pm Choir

10 12:00pm Senior Lunch 1:30pm CHUM Knitters and Crocheters (meets in fellowship hall) 5:00pm Tutoring



13 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

14 10:00am ODPP 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers


16 9;30am Renovare 10:00am Old Ivy Garden Club 7:00pm Choir

17 10:00am Old Ivy Garden Club 5:00pm Tutoring

18 7:00am Old Ivy Garden Club 6:30pm RARC Dance


20 8:00 am Men’s Breakfast 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship 12:00pm UMW Meeting

21 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

22 9:00am Senior Breakfast 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

23 9;30am Renovare 7:00pm Choir




27 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship 5:00pm Mission/Outreach Meeting 5:00pm Finance Meeting 6:00pm Administrative Counsel Meeting

28 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

29 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

30 9;30am Renovare 7:00pm Choir

10:00am Old Ivy Garden Club 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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The Circuit Rider


MEET OUR NEW STAFF MEMBERS! Joshua Andrzejewski– Andrzejewski– Joshua will be serving as a chaplain to UMFS and Guardian Place. He graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary, and in 2010 received a degree in Patient Counseling after working for a year as a chaplain resident at VCU hospital. He is married, has a fish named Ernie, and learned about UMFS through being a mentor to a young man between 20092009-2010. Angie Williams— Williams—Angie is a Volunteer Coordinator at UMFS. She previously worked as the Director of Children’s, Youth, Young Adult, and Higher Education Ministries for the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church where she worked with hundreds of volunteers! Angie and her husband have two adopted daughters, and the oldest they adopted through UMFS. She is very passionate about the mission and work of UMFS! Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist’s representative for this ministry is currently Miriam Blevins. We would like to have two representatives, and if you are interested in learning more please contact us at 266266-3551

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November 2011

Where in the world has the year gone? We are already in November thinking about Thanksgiving and planning a meal fit for kings. Wow! Well— Well—maybe not kings, but a GREAT gathering of Christ’s Disciples. The meal this month will be prepared by Jimmy Bond, Irene Couch, Martha Sherrod and many helpers. The menu will be chicken; (the turkeys heard about it and ran away), stuffing, butter beans, carrots, rolls, salad and pies for desert. Makes me hungry just to think about it. Ken Wurmuth, a member of First Mennonite Church will speak with us about his trip to Haiti and other local missions. Ken is very much involved in helping wherever and whenever he can. Some of the members from CHUMC have joined him in his local projects. Ken and others from First Mennonite Church help us with tutoring each year. I know you will be glad he said yes when I asked him to come to dinner.

Our Prayer Ministry *indicates a new person added to our prayer list (If you have submitted a name for this list, please call the office with periodic updates on the person(s) for whom you seek prayer.)

Church Family Tom Austin Jack Paschall Art Guthrie Bill and Nelma Short Arlene Crowl (at David’s house) Marshall Pendleton (at home)

Russ Baldwin (Eye Surgery) Carolyn and Emmett Spurlock Rickie Newsome Frank and Sarah Mullen Martha and Wray Bragg Beverly Jackson Mabel Shelton

Military Personnel Mark Baldwin Kevin Morgan Thomas Muniz Emmett Spurlock III Greg Allam Clay Minter

Make your reservation by filling out the gold slip or call the Church Office before noon on Monday morning. See you there! grace upon grace, Martha Sherrod

Our Missions and Missionaries Steve and Diantha Hodges (Southern Sudan) The work of UMCOR (UM Comm. on Relief) Ben Simmons


FAMILY AND FRIENDS Keith Bryant, Son of Anne Sibley Bryant Billy Tatum (friend of Jane Gill, has cancer) Melinda Peters (wife of Beverly Simmons’ boss, has cancer. Please see Tom Schermerhom (Brother of Helen Wood) Barbara Barnes (friend of Pat and Owen Brodie) Pat Pratt (friend of Gayle Baldwin) Patricia Wilson (aunt of Beverly Simmons) Elizabeth Swank (Betsy) (Peggy Harman’s cousin) Rev. Gene Gee (former pastor of CHUMC) Eydie Vechery (mother of Jenny Washburn) Jack Sutton (father of Susan Taylor)

Alonzo Lynch (cousin of Carolyn Spurlock) Coty Link (Sarah Mullen’s nephew’s wife) Mike Adee (uncle of James Simpson) Mary Grace Brooks-(sister of Diane Barrett) Betty Wilhoit (Sister of Miriam Blevins) Greg Huseth (Friend of Joan Williams) Dawn and Tim Hankins Richard White III Rae Green Lila Kieselhorst (Fred Dombroski’s Mother) Gloria Arfert (friend of Irene Couch and Jimmy Bond)

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN The next meeting for the UMW will occur on NOVEMBER 20th at 12:00pm

The CHUM Knitters and Crocheters will meet on Meeting. Thursday, November 10, at 1:30pm., following the Seniors Meeting Please join us and help us provide chemo hats, caps for newborns, blankets, baby sweaters, hats, scarves and much more for those who need a little something extra to make their life easier.

Yarn, patterns and needles or crochet hooks will be provided.

The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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The Circuit Rider

Help CHUMC save GREEN by going GREEN

A big thank you to Bruce Ecker and Billy Moore for their work on the Brunswick Stew fundraiser! It was a tremendous success due to their hard work and great direction. Because of their willingness to share their talents we have raised a significant amount of money that will be used for the purchase of music, stands, folders, and other items as deemed necessary. We would also like to thank the United Methodist Men (and their wives!) and Billy’s family for helping the music groups. Their experience was essential in allowing us to finish so early on Friday night. It was also very apparent on Saturday when things ran as smoothly as they did. This fundraiser would not have been as successful without you… THANK YOU! From, Kristen Schussler and the Choir Stacey Spear and the Joy Ringers

At last month’s meeting, we enjoyed Bill Young’s interesting presentation telling us about the fascinating life of Lord BadenPowell, the British general who founded the Boy Scout movement. At our next meeting, which will be on November 10, we look forward to hearing from Barbara D. Ward, who was our special speaker for the Older Adult Recognition Sunday on October 23. Barbara will share an inspirational message from her recently published book, “One More River, A Journey from Fear to Faith.”

Barbara is an evangelist by training and, as she says, “by heart.” Her book of meditations and poetry, tells the story of the great healing power of Jesus Christ in her life. She was moved to write her story so that others facing great trials could experience the same peace. Copies of Barbara’s book will be available for sale. Covered dish luncheon will be at noon and the program will be at 1 p.m. Let’s have a great turnout for this inspirational speaker! For more pictures like these, visit us @

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November 2011

Beginning January 2012, Chamberlayne Heights’ newsletter The Circuit Rider will be distributed by e-mail. If you do not have access to a computer and would still like to receive the newsletter, hard copies will be made (per request) and left in the narthex for pickup the first Sunday of every month. Please be in touch with the church office if you would still like to receive the Circuit Rider and to let us know how you would like to receive it. We will begin collecting and updating our e-mail addresses this month, so please be sure to call 266-3551!

CHAMBERLAYNE HEIGHTS UNITED METHODIST Introduces its very own Facebook page! If you have a Facebook site of your own, please visit and “like” us to keep you updated with the most current happenings of the church, and to join in conversation! If you don't have a facebook site, check out to see what it's all about. Our page can be found at:

The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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LAMB’S BASKET Lakeside Area Food Pantry Distribution: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM - 12:45 PM Patrons are welcome at LAMB's Basket twice a month for the first six months then need to reapply. The disabled and the elderly may continue coming twice a month as long as is needed.

Volunteering: LAMB's Basket is staffed entirely by volunteers; there are no paid employees. To volunteer, please contact Ray Mallory at (804) 565-8007 or

LAMB’S BASKET INFORMATION PHONE: 804-565-8007 ~ E-MAIL: Street address for donation drop-off: 5612 Greendale Road, Richmond


Chaplain Service Prison Ministry of Virginia, Inc. Is the official agency that provides Chaplains to Virginia’s state prisons and juvenile correctional centers. The Chaplains serve as prison pastors and religious program coordinators in 31 state adult prisons and at three state juvenile correctional centers. The chaplains conduct worship services, teach, counsel, and coordinate the many volunteers who assist in ministering to the male, female and youthful offenders incarcerated in the state prison system. The chaplains are supported by denominations, churches, foundations, and individuals, as well as by some of the profits from the Department of Corrections’ Commissary Fund. Chaplain Service is a registered charity with the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC). The CVC Code for Chaplain Service is 3002. This presents a unique opportunity for state employees from all of the various state agencies to support prison ministry and to help change lives and ensure safer communities. Chaplains are essential to the Commonwealth of Virginia in that they ensure equal access to religious programming and services as required by the First Amendment and the federal RLUIPA (Religious Land Usage and Institutionalized Persons Act) law.

Parents/Grandparents of College Students and Military Please give us the current addresses of your sons, daughters, and/or grandchildren's schools or deployment locations. Our Friends Class really enjoys making and sending monthly cards and would like to send some to your loved ones!

A special thanks to Jane Rhyne, her helpers, and our Care Committee

The Care Committee, on behalf of Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church, would like to joyfully thank each and everyone of you who donated time, furniture, baked products, bazaar items, books, miscellaneous items, vendors and all people who came to our church sale on Saturday October, 8th. God smiled on us with beautiful sunshine and our total money from our sale is around $1,800.00 which will be wisely used with the approval of the Care Committee of Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church. Love and Thanks to each and every one. From, The Care Committee

The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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The Circuit Rider

November 2011

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Dear Friends of Stop Hunger Now, More than one billion people in the world do not have enough to eat – more than the population of Canada, the United States and the European Union. Today, 25,000 people will die because of hunger and hunger-related causes. Catastrophes like last year’s earthquake in Haiti temporarily increase hunger, but the reality is that an earthquake that brings the loss of life equivalent to that in Haiti happens every 9 to 10 days, week in, week out. Chronic hunger, not earthquakes, is ravaging our world. No one knows this better than those working with Stop Hunger Now. We know that while many are starving for food, many more are starving to give. We also know that numbers and statistics can too often overwhelm, leaving us feeling helpless or worse, apathetic. We are very proud of the fact that our organization provides not just an accountable, expedient channeling of donations to relieve hunger, but we also provide events in which volunteers can personally know the deep satisfaction of hands-on relief work.

The Joy Ringers have begun practice! Anyone is welcome to join the choir. There is no previous bell experience needed. We practice every Monday night from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. We learn a lot and have fun doing so. If you are interested please contact Stacey Spear at There are several events coming up soon that you will want to put on your calendar.

We are happy to inform you that on September 21, 2011, meals from your Stop Hunger Now packaging event were loaded at our Richmond warehouse onto a 40’ container of 285,120 meals. Those were shipped directly to Revival World Crusade (RWC) in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. There, RWC will use the meals you packaged to feed children at three schools, in addition to elderly and infirm individuals from the community.

November 20 – Joy Ringers will play at both services. December 18 – Joy Ringers will play bells during the service.

Lives will be changed because of you! Stop Hunger Now thanks you for choosing us as your mission partner. Thank you for paying attention to the statistics and choosing to not just hope and pray that people get food, but for making sure they do. With gratitude, The folks at Stop Hunger Now Hi everyone, I'd like to invite all of you to a class that will be starting on November 6th during the Sunday School hour, in the Choir Room. The class is called Why We Sing, and is open to every single member of the church whether you're a musician or not. We will have a different topic for each Sunday of the month, so even if you can't come every week, I encourage you to join us for a week that interests you and gain some insight into the music of the church- the history, the liturgy, and the reasons behind what we sing and play each Sunday. 1st week: Hymn Study: We'll take a look at some of your favorite hymns and learn who wrote them and why, so that we'll have a deeper understanding of the music and the text as we sing the hymns together. Suggestions are welcome for hymns that you'd like to learn more about! 2nd week: Music Theory for the Layperson: Don't let the name of this class scare you. We'll be learning basic techniques for understanding the music in the hymnal as a congregation member, so you can be more confident in lifting your voice and singing every Sunday. No prior music experience required! 3rd week: Music in the Methodist Church: John and Charles Wesley understood the importance of music when they founded the Methodist Church, which is why our United Methodist Hymnal is one of the most commonly used hymnal across denominations. We'll discuss the role they envisioned for music in the Methodist service and in the Christian life, as well as discuss the service music as it pairs with our liturgy. 4th week: Contemporary Christian Singing: There is a wide range of opinions about contemporary Christian music, but no one can deny that it's had an impact in our denomination, and in the universal Church. We'll take a look at the contemporary movement as it has developed over the years, and learn some of the most influential contemporary songs. 5th week: Grab-bag/Discussion: For the odd 5th week, we'll focus on a topic that is of interest to anyone in the class, in a discussion format.

Dear Friends of Stop Hunger Now, It is with great pleasure and excitement I write you today to inform you that meals from your respective meal packaging events events have left Richmond this morning, and are en route to Kenya! Your meals will go to support “Revival for World Crusade (RWC),” an organization whose primary work is in the Kibera slums of of Nairobi. Approximately 1.751.75-2 million people live in the four square mile area. Kibera was originally settled by refugees from the Congo many years ago, and it is now a very impoverished slum with little infrastructure or government support. Children, the infirm, and the elderly are most atat-risk. hreee RWC’s main activities include church planting in the eastern districts of Kenya, quality academic education for children in tthre hre schools in the Kibera slums, micrond micro-finance initiatives among the widowed and elderly in Kibera, and operating a medical clinic aand Kibera era, maternity ward in Kibera. Your meals will be used for the daily nutritional program at the three schools RWC operates in Kib era, as well as in conjunction with RWC’s medical outreach to the infirm and elderly. Please feel free to visit if you would like to see pictures of students at Soweto AcadeAcademy, one of the three schools which will receive meals form your which will receive meals from your meal packaging event. Kindly, Dominic Alexander

Circuit Rider: November  
Circuit Rider: November  

November edition of The Circuit Rider for CHUMC