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December 2013


Vol. 13, No. 12 December 1, 2013

Our Vision Statement: ALIVE IN CHRIST: Growing in the Word, Living the Word, Sharing the Word

IN MINISTRY Rev. Livingstone Dore, Pastor

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Julie Crawford, Office Administrator

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Allison Stowers, Music Director

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Stacey Spear, Bell Choir Director

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From the Pastor p.1 Birthdays Anniversaries Gratude Prayer Ministry Addional Informaon p.2 Missions p.3 A Note from Kip & Nancy p.4 A Closer Look P.5 News Around the Church Garden Pavers Stewardship Focus p.6 Calendar Family Night Dinner P.7

Reverend Livingstone Dore

Words to Digest “Never lose hope. Hope is the rope that swings you through life.” -Homilecs/December 2013, p.67

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” -Agnes M. Pahlo In June, I used this page to say “thank you” to Kristen Schussler for her work here among us. I am using it again to say “Thank You” this time to Julie Crawford. By now all of you are aware that Julie and her husband are moving to North Carolina. December 19th is her last day as the Office Administrator. That means this is her last newsletter publication. Julie has been instrumental in updating our newsletter, bulletin, website, and office space. She also was responsible for setting up the church on facebook. And I can say that we have benefited from her work here in the office. I invite you to join me in saying “thank you” to her. Stop by the office in the coming weeks, and let her know how much you appreciate her. We will miss her. My best to you Julie in your future plans-including starting that family . May God’s blessings be yours always!

Livingstone Dore -

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Birthdays & Anniversaries


December Birthdays





The Hermitage Bazaar Committee would like to thank all the ladies from Chamberlayne Heights for their help with this year’s bazaar. A big thank you to all who baked, and those who worked on Thursday Friday and Saturday. You each helped to make this bazaar a great success!

1 8:45am Worship 9:45am S School 11:00am Worship

2 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Joy Ringers


We can’t thank you enough for your calls, cards, visits and care committee gift during our illness. It’s good to have good friends. Thanks again & God Bless you. – Montford & Bernice Corley

5 4 10:00am Renovare 5:45pm Tutoring 6:00pm Family Night Dinner 7:00pm Choir

1st Sunday of Advent

9 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Joy Ringers

10 1:00 pm 100 Miles of Lights Tour 1:00pm Care Commi;ee

11 12 13 10:00am Renovare 2:00pm Kni;ers 7:00pm Choir & Crocheters 5:45pm Tutoring

16 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers


18 19 10:00am Renovare 5:45pm 7:00pm Choir Tutoring

7 8 11 13 17 17 18 19 20 20 26 28

A heartfelt thank you for the cards, calls and hugs I received following my recent surgery. They meant a great deal to me. Pat Brodie

Jean Turner Rebecca Dunn Donna McGuinn Diane Barrett Bill Short Martha Williams Rekni Dorothy Bullock Rebecca Long Madeline Brissette Lucas Ecker Keir Burton Mary Frances McGuinn

A special Happy Birthday announcement to our wonderful Jane Rhyne. Thanks for all you do!

December Anniversaries 19 19 22 23 30

Thank you so much for awarding me your scholarship this year. With my first semester nearly completed, it is fitting that I let you know that the experiences I have had and that I will have in the next few years are possible partly from your support. I really appreciate this opportunity that you have helped me come to have. Many thanks and blessings, Randy Timmerman To CHUMC, Thanks for your cards, calls and prayers during the recent passing of my brother, Greg Howard. Also, thank many of you for your attendance at the visitation and memorial service at Bon Air Baptist Church. Thank God for my friends at CHUMC. - Charlie Howard

Prayer Ministry Family Bill & Nelma Short Carolyn & Emmet Spurlock Dorothy Grainger June Carpenter Louise King Billy Moore Marshall Pendleton Russ Baldwin & Family Jerry Slaunwhite

Phin & Helen Wood Ken & Myrtle Ruth Stockman Bill & Sharon Kelly Montford & Bernice Corley Jim & Harriet Friends Howell

Billy Tatum Pat Pratt

Elizabeth Swank Jack Sutton Alonzo Lynch Tom Joyce & Family Jackie Wade Mike Adee Mary Grace Brooks Greg Huseth Dawn and Tim Hankins Richard White III Rae Green Ben Simmons Hazel Buhrman Margret Miller Sandy Berry Russ Dee Carter

Ginna Looney Family of Arlene Crowl Melinda Peters Lilian Tilman Ionne Simmons Keir Burton

Military Personnel Mark Baldwin Kevin Morgan Thomas Muniz Emmett Spurlock III Clay Minter

Missions See mission tri-fold for list of partners


8 8:45am Worship 9:45am S School 11:00am Worship Commitment Sunday 2nd Sunday of Advent

15 8:00am Men’s Breakfast 8:45am Worship 9:45am S School 11:00am Worship




7 5:00pm That Dance Thing


20 21 6:30pm RARC Dance

First Day of Winter

3rd Sunday of Advent

22 8:45am Worship 9:45am S School 11:00am Worship 3:00pm Finance 3:00pm Outreach/ Missions 4:00pm Admin.

23 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Joy Ringers

4th Sunday of Advent

29 9:00am S School 10:00am Worship 5th Sunday aer Christmas Day

AddiHonal InformaHon


24 25 9:00am Senior Breakfast 7:30pm Tradional Service/Holy Communion 11:00pm Candle Light Service/Holy Communion Christmas Eve

30 10:30am Meal Makers 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Joy Ringers



28 5:00pm That Dance Thing

Christmas Day

31 Watch Night New Year’s Eve

Family Night Dinner

Senior ConnecHons The Seniors had a large group that enjoyed Bill Lohmann’s power point presentation of his latest book, Back Roads of Virginia, People, Places and Pie. Many thanks to Ralph Lett who set up all the equipment that was needed to present this computerized program. And many thanks to Foster Hayes who always runs the dishwasher following our meetings. Put December 12, 2013 on your calendar and plan to attend our Christmas program. Anne Moss, a member of the Ginter Park Book Reviewers’ Club, will be with us to present a special Christmas reading. Following Anne’s presentation, we will spend time sharing our personal Christmas memories. The meeting will begin at noon when we will enjoy a holiday luncheon prepared for us. No need to bring a dish! Guests are always welcome and you do not have to be a senior to attend. All are invited. We hope to see you on December 12. *Just a reminder to those who have signed up for the Senior’s Virginia’s “100 Miles of Lights” trip on Tuesday, December 10, the tour bus will leave the church parking lot promptly at 1:00 PM. We are looking forward to bright and festive day!


We are in for a special treat at our December 4th Fellowship Dinner. Judith Whitfield will entertain us with music played on her hammered dulcimer, a unique instrument related to the lyre, psaltery, zither and harp. It is a stringed instrument which has the strings stretched over a sounding board shaped like a trapezoid. It is set at an angle on a stand and played with small mallet hammers. Its origin is unknown, but forms of the instrument have existed for thousands of years throughout the world. Many believe King David played a version of it. Its name comes from the Latin/Greek dulce melos meaning sweet sound. Indeed, the sound is ethereal and angelic. Judith is a licensed practical nurse currently teaching medical assistant students in the Fredericksburg area. She is a wife and mother of 3 adult children. She spends her free time immersed in music and holistic medicine. She has studied the dulcimer since 1999. Judith will be joined by guitarist, James Brown. They, along with a violinist, perform as a group called Kinda Celtic. Their performance for us will be a mix of Celtic and Appalachian music with a “sprinkling” of Christmas melodies. Don’t miss this special musical evening. We would love to have a good crowd, so plan to bring a friend. Details about the evening meal will be posted later in the church bulletin. Pat Brodie

If you are in need of transportation to CHUMC, please contact Art Long at (804)-370-7175.



News around the church Super typhoon bears down on Philippines

United Methodist campuses fight bullying

NEW YORK (UMNS) — The United Methodist Commi;ee on Relief is preparing to respond through local contacts in the Philippines to respond to Typhoon Haiyan, a category 5 storm expected to hit the islands naon Friday, Nov. 8. Winds of up to 170 miles an hour are expected with impact to be felt in many areas including Bohol, the region badly damaged by a recent earthquake.

READING, Pa. (UMNS) — When kids are younger, meanness might be limited to calling names or stealing money, but the nasness can escalate in college, especially when bullies use smartphones, social media, text messages, emails and instant messages to be cruel. A 2008 study at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., found 82 percent of students surveyed had witnessed bullying on campus. United Methodist schools have zero tolerance for bullying and are working to address the causes.

Churches reach out to poor through Henderson SeBlement

BALTIMORE (UMNS) — Worthy Girls, Worthy Lives is helping Ariel Gilliam, a shy 8-year-old, learn to be more confident and resist bullying. The program is one of two innovave local ministries launched in 2013 and resourced through a new collaborave iniave called Spark12, a pilot incubator program and collaborave effort of several United Methodist agencies.

WHITE OAK, Tenn. (UMNS) — Anne;e Spence, editor of the Call in the Holston Annual (regional) Conference, reports the difference the Hendersonville Se;lement is making in its pocket of Appalachia. Many of the 2,800 volunteers that come through Henderson Se;lement each year are dispatched to repair dilapidated homes within a 20-mile radius of Frakes, Ky. “These are the people the Scripture tells us to take care of,” said the Rev. Mark Fuerstenau, pastor of Kossuth Zion United Methodist Church in Spencerville, Ohio.

Church bags 120,000 meals for hungry

Give the giK of love through organ donaHon

CLOVIS, Calif. (UMNS) — Members of Memorial United Methodist Church in Clovis, Calif., wanted to celebrate the congregaon's 120th anniversary. And what be;er way to celebrate than following Jesus' command and bagging more than 120,000 meals for the hungry? The Fresno Bee has the story.

NEW YORK (UMNS) — Organ and Tissue Donor Sunday, a United Methodist special Sunday observed as part of the Naonal Donor Sabbath, is observed the second Sunday in November, this year on Nov. 10. The United Methodist Church supports organ and ssue donaon and believes that organ transplantaon and organ donaon are acts of charity, agape love and self-sacrifice.

Girls learning to feel worthy, have worthy lives

For more informaHon on these stories and others please visit hBp:// or more directly hBp:// c.lwL4KnN1LtH/b.5259667/k.612F/News__News_Summaries/apps/ nl/newsleBer3.asp

Feed My Sheep Our AcHviHes in Outreach and Missions OUTREACH MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVENT This Advent Season offers renewed opportunities to share with others in our community out of our bountiful blessings. Working together, our church family will be able to assist 6 families whose children attend Chamberlayne Elementary School with enough food to take them through three or four days during their Christmas Break. These gift boxes will be delivered to the school for distribution. Each box will be topped with a Christmas stocking filled with fun items for the whole family. 1. Visit the list of items on the table in the narthex. Each list is color coded. 2. Sign your name by the items you wish to provide. 3. Pull off the tab as a reminder for your shopping trip. 4. Return your items no later than Sunday, December 15.

Garden Pavers The Memorial Garden at Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church established in memory of Ruth Armour by her family. Here’s an opportunity for you to purchase a brick paver(s) in memory of a loved one. The brick paver will be inscribed with the name and date of someone you would like to remember. The cost of the pavers: 2 lines with 12 Characters per line (counting spaces) 3 lines with 12 Characters per line (counting spaces)

$125.00 $135.00

Order forms are available in the narthex or from the church office. Also, contact the church office, Joyce Paschall or Phin Wood with your questions or for additional information. Plans are being made now to lay new brick pavers with inscription. This is a special way to remember those we love and those who have loved CHUMC during their lifetime.

Stewardship Focus “Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.” -Thornton Wilder Tithing is an opportunity to help God do his work, and a chance for us to grow in faith and dependence on God to meet all of our needs. Giving back to God is a privilege, rather than a duty, and keeping money from God is a sign of misguided priorities. (John Ed Mathison, transformed giving, p15)

OUTREACH/MISSION NEWS We have been given the opportunity to join in support of a local couple, Kip and Nancy Robinson, as they serve on the mission field in Sierra Leone, Africa. A covenant relationship document is being submitted to the Virginia Conference Office of Mission whereby we agree to support this hard-working couple with an annual gift of $500.00 form our mission contributions. Details of some of their initial work since their arrival recently is offered in their letter to our church which was printed in the November newsletter. Let’s keep the Robinsons in our prayers as they become involved in the day to day activities in their village as they spread God’s word.

The Finance Committee



A Note from Kip & Nancy

A Closer Look

NewsleBer 3, November 2013

Holiday leBers from The Joy Ringers and Chancel Choir

Settling Into a Routine Dear Friends, We are settling into a routine of sorts and are very much at home, both on the road and here in Babadorie, on the outskirts of Freetown. We enjoy our work, our home, our many new friends and our two little puppies, Scout and Chief. Chief has started to bark...Scout likes beef and rice....they wrestle all the time and ruined our small garden, the doormat and several sets of flip flops. They make us all laugh. The vet has a mobile van and has been by to visit.

A time to Rebuild Many existing school buildings in the Sierra Leone Conference are in need of repair for safety and to keep the rains out. Schools, hospitals and homes were burned down by rebels during the civil war, complete programs destroyed such as the agricultural farm and training center at Pa Loko. Volunteers interested in agriculture would be welcome on a mission team to work there. Children received little or no education during the war (contributing to the literacy rate of only 30%); immunizations in many areas of the country were curtailed or eliminated (which is why you see many people with polio); electrification was especially hard hit (which is why there are virtually no electric lights after dark in thousands of villages) It is a darkness of silence. The effects of trauma are not immediately seen in people you meet, but the stories are close to the surface. Faces tell the story. It's no wonder trauma healing is at the root of much of the work of the United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone.

Odds and Ends

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - From the Joy Ringers The Joy Ringers have been working hard on Christmas music for the past month and are excited about sharing our music with you on December 15 at both services. If you get a moment, ask a Joy Ringer which of the pieces has been their favorite to play! We would also like to take this time to tell you what we have been up to. We have been practicing our bell music for the upcoming bell festival that will be held in Chesapeake on April 4th and 5th. There have been some very challenging pieces this year and we have been working hard to learn them before the festival. We have also made missions a priority for our group this year. Our first mission was to raise money for Stop Hunger Now. We did this successfully with a bake sale during the Brunswick stew sale. We then volunteered for the Stop Hunger Now event and were proud and honored to help make over 16,000 meals. It was a fun day for all of us. The Joy Ringers will take a brief time off after Christmas and will return to start focusing on our music for the upcoming months. We will work on spirituals and classical music. The collection will hopefully always want you to hear more. Please mark your calendars and invite your friends for the following times that we are going to play: Dec 15, Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 30, Apr 27, and May 18. We are hoping to have Shady Grove UMC join us on May 18. We would also like to take this time to wish Julie Crawford best wishes for her new endeavors with her husband. You will be missed Julie!

...pawpaws and oranges are in season...and soon pineapple... ...a school next door to us has a time of hymn singing and a devotion every morning at eight thirty...we have devotions at the same time...the five year-old son of our pastor-coordinator has malaria, many people have it off and the first 20 days of moving into our house there was no electricity available from the grid...we use a diesel run generator for power most of the time... if Sierra Leone were in the Western Hemisphere it would be poorer than Haiti...ChildFund (with headquarters in Richmond, VA) has a ministry here... there are five UMVIM teams coming to Sierra Leone before the end of the year....Nigeria is where most of our petroleum products come from (also the largest international provider to the US)...there are hardware stores everywhere... they all sell the same Chinese products...we bought "upscale" toilet seats which broke within two days...we have a new iron; it uses charcoal...with no electricity available, our new refrigerator serves as a superb ant-proof container...our driver says that Kip cannot be considered "old" if God decides to send him to Africa at this time in his life...there are no tow trucks in Sierra Leone...we are stared at everywhere we go, and little kids start crying if they get close to Kip (same as in the US!)...our bedroom was broken into and a thief (thieves) stole a Kindle, cash, watches, camera, smartphone, backpack and Nancy's glasses while we slept, but we were not harmed...we sometimes have to buy water for our storage tanks, otherwise there would be no water available...we take bucket baths...and hot showers depending on water supply and electricity....there are many Agama Agama Rainbow lizards in our compound....

If you have any questions about our upcoming activities, or if you would like to join the Joy Ringers, please call Stacey Spear at 804.399.7429. Sincerely,

Again, we love sharing this journey serving Christ together with you. It was a joy to SKYPE into the Lakeside UMC Sunday morning service this week. Thank you all for your ongoing support and prayers, and helping us keep perspective...Africa time and the gift of hospitality are our best offerings for this month and we give THANKS for all who we have come to love and know in our many paths. What precious gifts each one of you are.

My best friend, Diane, put aside a few dollars each week from her paycheck to support me. The staff parish relations committee at CHUMC agreed to reschedule my interview for their Music Director position twice! The Powhatan Coalition of Churches graciously provided free temporary housing for me and my dog, Trotter!!! I was given the chance to be part of the family of CHUMC…

Kip and Nancy Robinson United Methodist Missionaries to Sierra Leone Contact Information UMC House, 31 Lightfoot Boston St. Freetown Sierra Leone +232 76 926 876 +232 76 926875

The Joy Ringers

Blessings Galore!!! I was diagnosed with insomnia at the ripe, ol’ age of 14 – no joke! And my Grandma once told me that instead of counting sheep, I could try counting my blessings. I turn to that bit of advice time after time when the everyday difficulties of life seem so heavy, and I can envision Grandma’s smile (and they way her eyes would twinkle at me) and I can almost hear her say in that warm, soft voice of hers, “Atta-girl, Allison!” The last two years of my life are so incredibly different from where I was, and where I thought I would be today. After losing my husband of ten years, my home and most of my belongings in a divorce; losing both of my beloved jobs, and found myself looking homelessness in the face, God has blessed me in so many ways!!! I think I would be awake for years if I tried to list all of those blessings.

This church has welcomed me without even knowing me. You have loved me and befriended me. You have shared your passion and excitement for your church and our God. You have exemplified Christ’s generosity and have treated me like a part of your family. In over ten years of ministry, never have I seen the magnitude of God’s love in action such as I have experienced here in only four months. I can only hope and pray that I can in some way thank you adequately. I can offer you my love, my friendship and my passion for God’s musical ministries. I hope your Thanksgiving was as thankful as mine! God is SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!

General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church Advance Special #s: Kip 3021815 / Nancy 3021816



Love, Allison