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December 2012


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Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church 6100 Chamberlayne Road Richmond, VA 23227

Non-profit Org. U. S. Postage

PAID Richmond, VA Permit No. 1851



“For the grace of God has been revealed bringing salvation to all people…the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.” -Titus 2:11-13


Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, we can now concentrate on the next big event – Christmas! Every Christmas season, we vow not to spend as much money as we did last year. We say we’re going to keep it simple – have a traditional family Christmas that focuses on the real meaning of Christmas – the birth of Jesus.

Our Vision Statement: ALIVE IN CHRIST

However, before we know it, we are at it again; spending lots of money on expensive gifts, and stuf&ing ourselves with lots of food and drink. We become so busy, that we miss out on the real peace, joy and celebration of the season. This Christmas, I invite you to join me in making a disciplined effort to break the habit of overspending and feeling exhausted by Christmas day. Instead, come to church this Advent and Christmas season and experience the peace and joy of worship and fellowship here at CHUMC. A wonderful worship time is planned for each Sunday. Read more information in this newsletter.

Notice of Publication and Mailing: The Circuit Rider is published each month. If you would like to be removed from the mailing list, please contact the church office at or 804-266-3551. IN MINISTRY Rev. Livingstone Dore, Pastor ~ (804) 338-6067 ~ E-mail: Julie Crawford, Office Administrator ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Kristen Schussler, Music Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Stacey Spear, Bell Choir Director ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Patricia Dombroski, Treasurer ~ (804) 266-3551 ~ E-mail: Office Hours: Monday ~ Thursday: 9:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM Church Office: 266-3551 Education Bldg.: 266-9513 Kitchen: 266-6556 White House: 266-6556 Fax: 266-0097 Website: Join us on facebook!

Christmas is about coming together to reverently and gratefully acknowledge the gift of life – God’s son, Jesus the Christ.

`xÜÜç V{Ü|áàÅtá tÇw [tÑÑç axã lxtÜ4 Livingstone Dore

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December 2012

The Circuit Rider SUNDAY


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December 2012 TUESDAY




SAT. 1

WORDS TO DIGEST “Christmas is the day that holds all me together.”


-Alexander Smith

7 Jean Turner

Thank you to all of those who volunteered to help in the

8 Rebecca Dunn

office while I was away, and to everyone who pulled together to make preparing for my trip a little easier. It’s wonderful to be back!

11 Donna McGuinn 13 Diane Barrett 17 Bill Short 17 Martha Williams Rekni

Blessings, Mrs. Julie Crawford, Office Administrator

2 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship *Guest Harpist: Annie Heckel @ both services

3 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

4 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

5 6 10:00 am Renovare 5:00pm Tutoring 6:00 pm Family Night Dinner 7:00pm Choir


8 5:30 pm That Dance Thing

9 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

10 10:00 am ODDP 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

11 10:00 am Care Committee 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

12 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir

13 5:00pm Tutoring 12:00 pm Senior Luncheon 1:30 pm CHUM Knitters and Crocheters

14 6:30pm RARC Dance


16 8:00 am Men's Breakfast 8:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship *CANTATA “Child of Hope”

17 10:30 am Meal Makers 7:00 pm Boy Scouts 7:00 pm Joy Ringers

18 9:00 am Senior Breakfast 1:00 pm Bulletin Deadline

19 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir

20 5:00 pm Tutoring






18 Dorothy Bullock 19 Rebecca Long 20 Madeline Brissette 20 Lucas Ecker 26 Keir Burton 28 Mary Frances McGuinn

DECEMBER ANNIVERSARIES 19 Phin & Helen Wood 19 Ken & Myrtle Ruth Stockman 22 Bill & Sharon Kelly 23 Montford & Bernice Corley 30 Jim & Harriet Howell

JOIN CHAMBERLAYNE HEIGHTS UNITED METHODIST ON FACEBOOK If you have a Facebook site of your own, please visit and “like” us to stay updated with the most current happenings of the church, and to join in conversation! If you don't have a Facebook site, check out to see what it's all about. Our page can be found at: *If you have any additional items about the Birthday and Anniversary list, please contact the Church Office.

23 24 8:45 am Worship CHRISTMAS EVE! 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

Make sure to visit our new and improved website!

30 31 9:00 am Sunday School NEW YEARS EVE! 10:00 am Worship

25 26 CHRISTMAS DAY! 10:00am Renovare 7:00pm Choir

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December 2012

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December 2012


Dinner I am thrilled to invite you to the December 5, Family Night Dinner. You will PARTAKE OF fine food and BE ENTERTAINED WITH beautiful MUSIC. The men will be cooking. The menu will be Chicken Enchiladas, Fruit Salad, Green Beans, Corn, and Desserts. Kristen Schussler, Music Director, and Stacey Spear, Bell Choir Director, will bring their own special musical talents to fill us with the Spirit of Christmas. Make your reservation by filling out the gold slip in the bulletin or call the Church Office by noon on Monday morning. You will be glad you did. grace upon grace Martha Sherrod

The Memorial Garden at Chamberlayne Heights United Methodist Church Here’s an opportunity for you to purchase a brick paver(s) in memory of a loved one. The brick paver will be inscribed with the name and date of someone you would like to remember. The cost of the pavers: 2 lines with 12 Characters per line (counting spaces) $125.00 3 lines with 12 Characters per line (counting spaces) $135.00 Order forms are available in the narthex or from the church office. Also, contact the church office, Joyce Paschall or Phin Wood with your questions or for additional information. Plans are being made now to lay new brick pavers with inscription. This is a special way to remember those we love and those who have loved CHUMC during their lifetime. The memorial Garden was established in memory of Ruth Armour by her family.

Our Prayer Ministry

Seniors Connection

*indicates a new person added to our prayer list (If you have submitted a name for this list, please call the office with periodic updates on the person(s) for whom you seek prayer.)

Church Family Bill and Nelma Short Arlene Crowl (at David’s house) Carolyn and Emmett Spurlock Rickie Newsome Beverly Jackson Dorothy Grainger

Lucille Stone Bea Tweedie

Charlie Burton June Carpenter Phyllis Cartwright Charlene Beethoven Frank Mullen Mary Ann Fox

Military Personnel Mark Baldwin Kevin Morgan Thomas Muniz Emmett Spurlock III Greg Allam Clay Minter

Our Missions and Missionaries Randy Hildbrant (Jubilee Project) The work of UMCOR (UM Comm. on Relief)

FAMILY AND FRIENDS The Seniors will be having a Christmas luncheon at the Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel in the York room on Thursday, December 13 at 12 noon. Everyone is welcome! The cost for this delicious “all you can eat” buffet is $23.00. Write a check to CHUM Seniors and give to Fay Nunnally by December 9. Call Fay at 266-6796 for informaon and reservaons. Let me know if you would like to car pool from the church. Joan Williams is planning some terrific entertainment. Come and enjoy the fellowship of the Seniors as we celebrate the Christmas season.

Keith Bryant, Son of Anne Taylor Bryant Billy Tatum (friend of Jane Gill, has cancer) Pat Pratt (friend of Gayle Baldwin) Elizabeth Swank (Betsy) (Peggy Harman’s cousin) Rev. Gene Gee (former pastor of CHUMC) Eydie Vechery (mother of Jenny Washburn) Jack Sutton (father of Susan Taylor) Alonzo Lynch (cousin of Carolyn Spurlock) Mike Adee (uncle of James Simpson) Mary Grace Brooks-(sister of Diane Barrett) Greg Huseth (Friend of Joan Williams) Dawn and Tim Hankins Richard White III

Rae Green

Lila Kieselhorst Russell and Arla Crooks Ben Simmons (Missionary in Indonesia) John Pratt Skeet Best-West (Friend of Joan Williams) Susan Taylor Rik Davis Hazel Buhrman Beau Slaunwhite Nancy Wickline Jack Deaton (cousin of Janet Burton, has cancer)

The Circuit Rider

December 2012

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The Circuit Rider

December 2012

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So which is it, Advent or Christmas? By Kristen Schussler, Music Director The radio started playing Christmas music on November 1st. The coffee shops switched to holiday themed paper cups on Halloween. The twinkling lights are going up; commercials for holiday sales are everywhere we look. If you set your calendar by all of that, you’d think it was Christmas Eve already!

CHRISTMAS CANTATA Chancel Choir and Joy Ringers

So I’d like to ask you: do you know the difference between Advent and Christmas? For most of my childhood, I didn’t really think about it. Advent was the pre-Christmas season. We lit candles and sang about how excited we were about Christmas and Jesus coming. And then-- Christmas Eve, Christmas, and right a.erwards we started cleaning up and taking everything down. Christmas was the finale, the last movement of a month-long symphony of twinkling lights, cookies, hot chocolate, and beloved carols. The problem with this a0tude, of course, is that it turns the season of Advent into a footnote of Christmas Day. And yet, how many people really look forward to Advent? Does anyone you know plan Advent par2es, go Advent caroling, invite the family over for a big Advent feast? In many congrega2ons, we even start singing Christmas carols during the liturgical Advent season. Christmas has stolen the show in December; and one of the most vital seasons in the life of the church has become one of the least recognized. The most compelling evidence is that most non-Chris2ans have a be4er understanding of the customs of Lent and some parts of Holy Week than they do of Advent. Why is this a big deal? you might ask. Isn’t Christmas the important part anyway? Yes, I won’t pretend that Christmas isn’t important. It’s the celebra2on of the coming of Jesus to earth. Culturally, it has become a 2me that symbolizes peace on earth, kindness and good will towards others, and giving of our 2me and money to the less fortunate. All of these are admirable a.ereffects of the holiday, and yet all of these consistently overshadow the equally important Advent season.

Christmas Cantata: “Child of Hope”, by Mark Hayes The Chancel Choir has been working hard the whole fall season, and we’re pleased to be able to present the results of all our work in just a few short weeks! On December 16th in the 11am service, join us for a celebration of the “reason for the season”, the Child of Hope. In this dynamic, heartfelt Christmas Cantata by Mark Hayes, we hear a message of comfort, encouragement, and peace for a people longing for redemption. Inspired by the lyrics and narration of John and Audra Parker, Mark Hayes once again showcases his mastery of diverse styles that gives voice to all of God’s people as they sing praise. Throughout the musical's eight choruses, familiar carols are magnificently blended with new music to draw your congregation into the themes and mood of Child of Hope. Each chorus is followed by a compelling narrative, creating a meaningful Christmas experience as we contemplate the joy of God’s great gift, the "Child of Hope." Savior of Light (O Little Town of Bethlehem)

Advent is the beginning of the Chris2an year, and it is a period of prepara2on for: • • •

The celebra2on of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem; The coming of Christ in our lives through His grace and through the Sacrament of Holy Communion; His Second Coming at the end of 2me.

If we spend all of our 2me preparing for the first one, we miss two very cri2cal prepara2ons in our Chris2an faith. If we spent the en2re Lent season thinking about Easter, instead of in peniten2al prepara2on, we’d miss both the point of Lent and the miracle of Easter. So this Advent season, while you’re running around ge0ng everything ready for the celebra2on of Christmas, take some 2me to think about the other prepara2ons you need to be making: preparing ourselves to more clearly see His grace in our lives, to more readily appreciate his gi. to us through Holy Communion, and to be ready for Him to come again. Baby Jesus is important, but so is His grace and His redemp2on, and His second coming. Let’s work as a church family to help each other spend this Advent season in an a0tude of peaceful, joyful prepara2on for all of the ways He has promised He will come into our lives and into our hearts.

My God Will Forever Be Strong (O Holy Night) This Is God's Way Hope Is Born (What Child Is This?) When Angels Fill the Sky (Angels We Have Heard on High) Shepherd's Prayer (The First Nowell) We Will Worship Him, Too (O Come, All Ye Faithful) Share the Joy! (Finale)

Please contact the church office, if you would like to recognize a ministry or someone, with a small paragraph explaining about the individual/ministry and why they have impacted your life. If possible, include a picture with your paragraph. We are available at and 266-3551

The Circuit Rider

December 2012

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The Circuit Rider

December 2012

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CHILI-COOK-OFF Sunday, December 30, 2012 After our 10:00 a.m. worship service

Do You Hear the Bells Ringing? No? You will soon. The Joy Ringers have begun practice. Anyone is welcome to join the choir. There is no previous bell experience needed. We practice every Monday night from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. We learn a lot and have fun doing so. If you are interested please contact Stacey Spear at There are several events coming up soon that you will want to put on your calendar. December 16 - Joy Ringers will play at both services.

O COME LET US ADORE HIM As we get ready to celebrate CHRISTMAS – the birth of Jesus, join in these Advent and Christmas events happening at CHUMC. December 2: 1st Sunday of Advent/Holy Communion Harpist Annie Heckel will be our guest musician at both services. Following the 11am service, we will be se0ng up and decora2ng the Chrismon tree. This tree will be decorated with signs of Christmas, as we prepare to welcome the birth of Christ Jesus. This is an annual event, and we invite you to stay and join us for a wonderful 2me of fellowship. A stone soup lunch will be served.

December 9: 2nd Sunday of Advent Our Pledge/Commitment Sunday. Your ESTIMATE OF GIVING FOR 2013 cards will be received and consecrated.

December 16: 3rd Sunday of Advent The Chancel Choir and the Joy Ringers Bell Choir will present the Annual Christmas Cantata. Selected pieces will be performed at the 8:45am service, and full cantata at the 11am service.

December 23: 4th Sunday of Advent This is the last Sunday before Christmas. Please note that worship will be held at regular 2mes - 8:45 and 11:00.

December 24: Christmas Eve Services: 7:30pm- Family worship service with Holy Communion. 11:00pm- Candlelight worship service with Holy Communion. Jodi Elrod will again be our guest soloist at both services.

December 30: 1st Sunday aCer Christmas: 10:00am- A combined worship service. Following the service, there will be a Chili Cook Off Fellowship in the Barton Heights Fellowship Hall. All are invited to join in this special luncheon as we give thanks for the blessings of 2012 and look forward to 2013.

`xÜÜç V{Ü|áàÅtá tÇw [tÑÑç axã lxtÜ4

Plan on participating in a tasty way to help support a project to raise funds in support of Cleaning Buckets for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)! Try varieties of chili contributed by our church family members, and vote on your favorite recipe! Donations at the chili-cook-off event will be taken for the purchase of the contents of Cleaning Buckets which are in very short supply CHRISTMAS FOOD BOXES FOR LOCAL FAMILIES The Outreach/Missions Committee is sponsoring a food collection for seven needy families whose children attend Chamberlayne Elementary School. You can participate by shopping for some of the contents needed to complete the boxes. Sign-up sheets for items are available in the narthex and the fellowship hall through December 9. All items are needed no later that Sunday, December 16 in order for the boxes to be delivered to the families during the last week of school before the Christmas Holidays. A fun-filled Christmas stocking will accompany each food box for children in the family to enjoy.

Thank you for your support! Outreach/Missions Committee

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December 2012

During this holiday season, let’s show our love and appreciation to our staff (Rev. Dore, Julie Crawford, Kristen Schussler and Stacey Spear) for their dedication to our church by donating monetary gifts to be distributed to them for Christmas. For your convenience,

envelopes will be placed in the pews beginning Sunday, November 18th through December 16th. The cut off date for donations will be December 16th. Donations can be placed in the regular collection plate or mailed to the church office. Your gifts may be in the form of cash or check (make payable to CHUMC and put “staff gifts” on the memo line of the check). Thank you from your Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee.

The Circuit Rider

December 2012

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STEWARDSHIP FOCUS – Why We Give WHY WE GIVE: We Give To Make Ministry and Mission Happen. When we give money through our church, not only does it pay the administrative side and for our church’s bills; … it helps to develop the next generation of Christian leaders for the church and the world. Our congregations exist for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. That is a gigantic task! However, it is not impossible because all things are possible through Christ! We Give Because, Together, We Can Do What No One Individual or Congregation Can Do Separately. United Methodists find strength and new possibilities in our connection. We do mission and ministry best when we do it together. We give to make this happen. Why do you give? (WHY WE GIVE, The people of The United Methodist Church booklet)

HELP WANTED!! TOPIC: FOOD DONATIONS LOCATION: LAMB’S Basket Food Pantry: 5612 Greendale Road, Henrico, VA 23228

Parents/Grandparents of College Students and Military Please give us the current addresses of your sons, daughters, and/or grandchildren's schools or deployment locations.

It has been our tradition to support the LAMB’S Basket, our local Lakeside Area food pantry, with our weekly gifts of non-perishable foods, household supplies, and pet foods. Please continue to bring your gifts and place them in the red wagon in the narthex for delivery to the facility where they will be shelved for distribution to local families who are receiving items from the organization. Currently, they are in need of some specific items for their shelves. Please consider shopping for these much-needed items:

Unsweetened applesauce

Beef Stew (Canned)



Spaghetti Sauce

Your food gifts are collected weekly in our special wagon in the Narthex and delivered to the LAMB’S Basket for distribution. Please contact Helen Wood if you have any further questions. Thank you for your generosity and support of such a wonderful ministry.

Home: 262-8907

Cell: 347-6288


LAMB’S BASKET Lakeside Area Food Pantry Distribution: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM - 12:45 PM Patrons are welcome at LAMB's Basket twice a month for the first six months then need to reapply. The disabled and the elderly may continue coming twice a month as long as is needed.

Volunteering: LAMB's Basket is staffed entirely by volunteers; there are no paid employees. To volunteer, please contact Ray Mallory at (804) 565-8007 or

LAMB’S BASKET INFORMATION PHONE: 804-565-8007 ~ E-MAIL: Street address for donation drop-off: 5612 Greendale Road, Richmond

Our Friends Class really enjoys making and sending monthly cards and would like to send some to your loved ones!

A special thanks to Jane Rhyne, her helpers, and our Care Committee



The CHUM Knitters and Crocheters will meet on Thursday, December 13th at 1:30pm to 3:00 pm. Please join us in the parlor, and help us provide chemo hats, caps for newborns, blankets, baby sweaters, hats, scarves and much more for those who need a little something extra to make their life easier.

Yarn, patterns and needles or crochet hooks will be provided.

This month, we have lots of wonderful music to look forward to! December 2nd – Guest Harpist, Annie Heckel December 16th – Chancel Choir, Cantata “Child of Hope” (11am service, selections in the 8:45am service) Joy Ringers December 24th – Guest solist, Jodi Elrod

The Circuit Rider: December 2012  

The December 2012 edition of The Circuit Rider

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