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Camp Brittney Happenings “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again; Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4 We first want to Rejoice in the great blessings God has bestowed upon Camp Brittney. The mission house is almost complete; we have started a new ministry called “Sigume” which means, “Follow Me” and housed two mission teams in April. Last month, Camp Brittney also experienced some hard times. Despite all this we still are rejoicing in the Lord. One of the biggest celebrations we can do especially in June is honoring and rejoicing-- Brittney Strom during her birthday month--for we know that she is rejoicing in Heaven over all the blessings at Camp Brittney. Happenings:

• In April we had the privilege to host Palmetto Christian Academy from Mt. Pleasant,

South Carolina, a group from Fletcher’s Chapel, Bennettsville, South Carolina and Nazareth United Methodist, Leesville, South Carolina. These two groups participated in several different ministries while in Costa Rica. They helped at kids club and youth group in Los Guido, hosted an Easter egg hunt at Camp Brittney, and ministered at an orphanage and several different schools in the San Jose area. Thank you for your time and sharing God’s love with the people of Costa Rica.

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If you would like more information about a mission trip to Camp Brittney visit our website- www.campbrittney.org To all our US teams that have gone to Costa Rica and ended up stranded at some point on the side of the road; you know the need Camp Brittney has for dependable transportation. Chino's van is in need of an engine repair. The estimate cost to repair the van is $2000. For we are rejoicing that the van can be fixed, as we know that God has a plan. As of today, we are still $ 1,700 short of the $2,000 needed.

As we start rainy season at Camp Brittney, we are already experiencing what could be a long rainy season. At the beginning of May we had a mud slide at camp which did not cause major damage to any buildings, therefore we are rejoicing; but did result in having to immediately start building a retaining wall to help prevent future mud slides and damage to camp. The cost of the retaining wall was $4000 dollars. As of today, we are still $700 short in paying for the supplies and labor use build the wall.

We are rejoicing in the great things God is doing at camp, as we prepare for a weeks of Winter Camp in July for two weeks. If you would like to sponsor a child for the week, it will be $42.50. They will receive three meals a day, beds to sleep on, and most importantly hear about God’s love.

If you would like to donate to the above projects; you can send a donation through www.campbrittney.org located under the other tab or by mail to 3037 Old Charleston Road Saluda, SC 29138. Please label donation either for mud slide, Chino’s van or Camp sponsor. •

Another way you can help and be able to purchase presents for birthdays, graduation, and others events is through Thirty-one® gifts. Since June is Brittney’s birthday month, we are doing a Thirty-one® gifts order in June and July. All profits from the order will go to Camp Brittney. Below are details from Angela Hopkins, Thirty-one® gifts.

“Hello. I am Angela Hopkins, independent sales consultant for Thirty-one® gifts. I have always been passionate about giving to those who need the gift, both at home and abroad. I am extremely blessed to help others through my business by donating my profits to Camp Brittney. In order to assist Camp Brittney in its mission to "reach out to the Costa Rican people to promote the word and love of Jesus Christ by providing a place where children, youth, and adults can go to learn more about God's word and escape their terrible living conditions" (2013, http://campbrittney.org/) I would like to offer my help. Anyone who agrees to book at least two parties through out the year with me (these parties can be done via internet, Facebook and for those who are local (Greenville, SC) home parties). I will donate all of my profits of every other party directly to Camp Brittney. There are no limits on how many parties we can do in order to support this incredible mission. I will work with you in whatever ways you need me to in order to make this goal a reality. If you are interested in Hosting a Thirty one party or even purchasing items, please contact Angela Hopkins at (864) 643-7678 – angisc148@gmail -www.mythirthyone.com/angelahopkins As we celebrate Brittney’s birthday month, we know that God has great things planned for Camp Brittney. Let’s rejoice in the blessings He has already bestowed on Camp Brittney and in future blessings He has in store for us. If you have any questions you can contact us through www.campbrittney.org or Lauren Black at laurenblack@campbrittney.org. In Her Memory for His Name

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Camp brittney news june 2013  

Camp brittney news june 2013