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On Your Bike – an adorable cycle Shop in London

The next in league of the best London bikes are Hybrids. This is like a halfway breed between an MTB and a road bike. In hybrids, the diameter of the wheels is wider, which is excellent for enhancing more speed with lesser effort. All hybrids have slim, semi-slick road tyres that are fit for minimal moving resistance. Like most other bikes, the front | Call: 020 7378 6669 | Email:

chain ring on the outside is super-large for modulation. So you know how to get this one ready while riding on a flat surface or downhill. The most probable and visible difference between hybrids and any other road bike are the former’s flat handlebars and high-rise metal clamp. Since these are capable of cruising along smoother tracks, they aren’t really the best bet for rugged terrain. The best part about the London bikes culture is that you get exactly what you need. And if you need speed, endurance and distance and there’s no burning desire to go over the edge, vouch for the third category of London bikes-- road bikes. They have drop handlebars that offer comfortable positions for long journeys. This one has gears perfect for both climbing and tearing down hills. Its narrow and light wheels offer minimum rolling resistance. Another interesting option baby you must explore is folding bikes.


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