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A closer look at the cycles on rent

• The scheme in London initiated in the year 2010 has turned out to be a huge success. The number of people who have registered to become members of the rental scheme and who have shown an interest in making use of cycles on a regular basis has been increasing gradually over the years. Now, four years since the introduction of this scheme, the fervour and enthusiasm for the program is still in place. If anything, apart from taking cycles on rent, many people have now even started buying London bikes and become permanent cyclists. No doubt that cycles cannot replace cars and other motorised vehicles, but the benefits that they give to a person cannot be undermines either.

This is perhaps a good time to take a closer look at the London bikes which have been made available for people to rent. The bikes are basically regular bikes which have been customised so that they appeal to all cyclists and there is nothing that has been left out when one talks of features. The bikes have a solid plastic frame which weights around 23 kegs. This is not very heavy and can be managed by cyclists of all ages and weights. Since the scheme is open for anyone above the age of 14, there is no concern about the London bikes being too heavy or too tall for children to ride. All the cables and wires of the cycle have been covered with plastic covers so there is no chance of any cyclist facing difficulties because of that or of damage to the cables; The bicycle chain has also been covered. Additionally all bikes have been equipped with puncture resistant tyres. These features combined together ensure that the London bikes will last longer and are very durable..

• In fact, in an experiment conducted in labs in London to ascertain how long the bikes can be used, the testers guaranteed that these customised Boris bikes can be used for as long as 15 years. This means that the agencies that have signed up to provide London bikes on rent will not have a very heavy investment and will not have to pump in cash to replace the cycles very often. For the cyclists this is good news because the durability and strength of the bike is always a point of concern when the cycle has to be used in heavy traffic areas.

• The cyclists have also appreciated that all Boris Bikes have been provided with a bell, a kick stand as well as a basket in the front with a wire to secure any item or items that are placed. Also there is three speed gear hub and hub brakes in all bikes. Another very special feature of the Boris bikes is the dynamo powered light on the front which can stay on for up to two minutes after the cycle has been stopped. The power and features packed London bikes have been successful in winning the hearts of people.


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A closer look at the cycles on rent  

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