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Robert: Also in the news this a week a local girl will become the youngest member of the Olympic equestrian team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio at the age of 16. Thirteen year old Georgina from Parbold exploded onto the national equestrian scene after appearing at The Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse series & championships where she was spotted by the head of Team GB’s equestrian team, and we are lucky enough to have her in the studio today. Pleasure to have you here Georgina. Melissa: Hi, thanks for having me. Robert: So how are you feeling after you were added into the Olympic team? Melissa: I’m still trying to get to terms with it; it’s a huge step for me especially at my age and I can’t wait to represent team GB in Rio. Robert: what are your hopes and dreams for the Olympics? Melissa: im hoping to be like Charlotte DuJardin or Laura Bechtolsheimer and be the next gold Olympic superstar. If I ever achieved a gold medal I don’t know how I would describe it, that would be insane!! Robert: You’ve ridden in big competitions before, do you ever get nervous and how do you think you’ll handle the Olympics. Melissa: yeah everybody does and people deal with it differently. I’m not normally a very nervous competitor, until this year when I found out how far I have come, and how I will be representing at Rio in 2016. Being the youngest person to enter the team, I know things can go wrong and other competitors may have had more experience than me. However I’ve always worked really hard and I have great goals to try and achieve. I’ve ridden my horse Indigo since she was 4 and she will be 11 by the time we compete in Rio. So for that reason I trust her very much and I know she won’t let me down, that’s a huge relief being taken off your shoulders. Robert: I presume you work a lot and only get the occasional day off, what do you like to do in your spare time? Melissa: I do work a lot, I have a very tight schedule most days. On my days off I am home schooled and I like to go shopping. As much as I love them, its nice to do something different away from the horses. Robert: what’s it like being in a sport surrounded by rules and aristocrats? As such a young person, did you ever feel like you were different? Melissa: no not really, I always wanted to work hard from a very young age and I had great goals which I had to achieve. I knew through dedication and drive that I hopefully would get there. Robert: well we wish you luck for the future and we can’t wait to see you in Rio! Thanks for taking the time to come in to see us today, it’s much appreciated, we now know you have such a busy life!! Melissa: it’s no problem, thanks for having me

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