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Logo Mat - An Effective Tool to Promote your Business Most businesses are recognized by their logos, and a logo mat is the best means for promoting a brand or business image. Displaying the logo as much as possible is quite beneficial, and when it is on a welcome mat, all people entering the office premises will notice its presence. Although mats serve the purpose of keeping your floors clean, they can also be excellent tools of promotion, and building brand value. Mats usually have a set of typical designs that do not catch much attention, but when they carry the company logo, people will notice it, and the emblem will stay in their minds. Such mats are suitable for promoting all sizes of business, and one should not be under the impression that they are only for big organizations. Mats with logos need not be confined to one's office premises, and they can be distributed to shops or malls where many people frequent. They can be great promotional tools especially for online businesses where people are usually exposed to the logo only online. When they see the same logo on a mat, it gives an impression that the company is quite reputed, and widespread in its operations. Select a durable material for the mat, which also provides functionality. The fibers should be able to remove most of the dirt from footwear, and the back of the mat should have a rubber lining to prevent slippage. The background colors should make the logo stand out, and the logo design should not get lost in the color scheme. The dimensions of the mat should be appropriate to the size of the entrance or doorway. The choice of shape of the logo mat will depend on the logo design and need not always be rectangular or square, as the point is to make the logo stand out.


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