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Say Goodnight To Sleeplessness Using Sleep Tracks Insomnia affects peoples' lives, as you will be aware of if you're a sufferer. Both work and leisure time suffer from the reduction in your energy which results from not enough sleep. This engenders a feeling of anxiety in you, which will make sleep tough, so that finally you believe you need to resort to medication. But now there is a program called SleepTracks, created by Yan Muckle, based on technology which he used to solve his own insomnia condition. This article takes a closer look at SleepTracks and how it might be useful in dealing with your own sleep problem. The audio technology employed in SleepTracks has been put to use for several other medical conditions such as depression as well as helping with things such as focus and concentration. The name it goes by is brainwave entrainment, and if you aren't familiar with it, in this program it just means sounds and pulses combined in a way to make sleeping easier. It is a soporific option to drugs which will help you sleep well and wake up invigorated the next day. With SleepTracks you get three audios along with info about how to access and play them. If we take a closer a look at the audio tracks, the first one is called the insomnia buster and is aimed at solving that problem of not being able to quieten your mind when trying to sleep. Some individuals may periodically have a problem with this when beset with a bout of anxiety, but it is a constant barrier to sleep for insomniacs. Track number 2 is called fall asleep, and its objective is to bring you into slumberland. The brainwave technology could bring on deep sleep here, so it would probably be very calming and helpful if you are the anxious type. The third track tackles the dilemma that many people have of drifting off to sleep only to keep waking up throughout the night which can be very aggravating. If you haven't used anything like this previously, Yan Muckle provides a fast start guide as well as giving advice on what tracks to use depending on different situations. A bonus is provided - a course on optimal sleep which includes videos which you can play on your laptop. It educates you about sleeping patterns and gives advice on changes you can make that might help you get better sleep. It also looks at the areas of aging and worrying and this is a really good addition to the audios you have with the program. Additionally, you can get two more audios about the effectiveness of power naps and how to ease anxiety. SleepTracks was created by Yan Muckle, who used to suffer from insomnia, and this comprehensive program could also solve your sleep problems. sleep hypnosis

Say Goodnight To Sleeplessness Using Sleep Tracks  

If we take a closer a look at the audio tracks, the first one is called the insomnia buster and is aimed

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