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Sheer Cover Concealer Can Work for You Women who use mineral foundations have found sheer cover concealer to be the best product to use with their foundations. One benefit is the ability to blend colours. Other concealers do not provide this option. When you can blend the colours, you can have the perfect match for your skin tone. Whether your natural skin tone is light, dark, or medium, there are colours for you. Blending does not require purchasing two different products. Based on the tone of your skin, you can purchase two colours in one small container. Whether you mix the colours in the container itself or in a separate container, you can always have the shade that matches your skin. As each container lasts a long time, you will never worry about running out of the product. You can purchase it whenever you buy foundation. This concealer provides better coverage than most other concealers. Whether you have facial blemishes, scars, or dark circles under your eyes, one application will completely cover the imperfections. As it is long lasting, you will not need to reapply it throughout the day. This feature makes the concealer the perfect choice for women with busy schedules. The nice texture is an additional bonus. Rather than using concealers that can flake or appear too heavy, the creamy texture is comfortable to wear, and natural in appearance. The results are much nicer than you would have with powder, stick, or liquid concealers. As the concealer is easy to apply, putting on your makeup can be fun. All you need to do is apply the correct amount before you apply your foundation. Whether you are going to work, planning an important date, or staying at home with your family, it is an easy way to look your best. No one will know you are wearing it, and your imperfections will be invisible.