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Putting Fun Into Funeral Planning and Saving on Costs Making a Funeral Plan Is Important Surely you owe it to yourself and those you will leave behind to plan your own funeral? After all we plan most other major events in our lives like christenings, weddings and birthdays. Why not your own funeral?

Something on funeral plan Surely it will be a lot less hassle for the bereaved if there is a funeral plan to follow. The mourners will remember it all in a much more positive way, especially if it celebrates your personality and is well organised. Just think, you can leave your own legacy, make an impression and show the world that your life was worth celebrating. And the Digital Age helps Plan Your Funeral So if you are thinking of planning a funeral or making your own funeral arrangements then get active as early as you can. In these Internet days it is so easy to use an online funeral planning service. There are quite a lot springing up now where you will find advice on funeral plans, funeral directors and the costs for bereavement planning. It's all online now and you'll begin to see the benefits of planning ahead quite quickly. Much to Consider in a Funeral Plan When planning a funeral there is much to consider and using the online services helps you record your funeral plan a systematic, on-going and secure way. For instance, don't forget to specify the type of coffin you require, there are many different types available now, including cardboard (green), ornamental, odd-shapes, painted and decorated caskets... make sure you order in advance. And to check any life insurance policies are in place and recorded in your plan with any locations of important documents like wills, banks, investments, etc. You can record what songs or hymns you would like in your funeral plan.... 'Always look on the bright side of life" is a popular choice these days'.

What about the cortege and route to the cemetery or crematorium? Would it go past your favourite spots or church maybe? I have seen many 'Bikers' funerals where a whole army of bikers have slow-ridden to the funeral service in memory of their friend. or maybe you'd like a old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage? Do you have any unusual requests that make the funeral more light-hearted or touching for the bereaved. Flowers are often used to make a statement - perhaps a particular colour or shape? e.g. a guitar or keyboard if you are a musician. Don't Forget The Will You should also consider writing a will well in advance - don;t leave it to chance. if you have many worldly goods, work out who will cherish what if you want to leave things to friends and relatives or a charity. A funeral plan can also specify the arranging of the funeral flowers, any speeches or a eulogy. Cost Saving Top Tips When speaking with Funeral Directors or Solicitors take someone with you, you can trust to get a different unemotional perspective of the pro's advice. Often you can be mislead or pay over the odds for things you don't really need. Don't be frightened to say no to a service or say you'll check it out and 'get back to them'. Most of us are vulnerable when it comes to funeral costs and can easily fall for the 'do you want fries with that' salesman... yes even Funeral Directors sell-up - it's a business after all! Keep quiet about your wealth as you are open to being over-charged for things. Beware of casket / coffin prices that vary from one seller to another. If fact there is no need to buy one - design and make it yourself in advance if you want! You don;t need to be embalmed unless you are having an open-top casket - many funeral homes will tell you it is required and charge you hundreds!! Seek Professional Advice If Unsure Always get funeral planning advice and ideas for the tributes, the wake and your final wishes. The more you know and plan the easier and more cost-effective your funeral will be. Importantly too, your loved ones will have less stress at an emotional time and can 'enjoy' the funeral you planned in a positive and relaxed way.

So get planning and get creative - it's all part of life's rich tapestry after all!

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Putting fun into funeral planning and saving on costs  
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