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Hunting Outfitters - Know Your True Cost So you have finally decided to book a guided hunt with an professional hunting outfitter. You have done some preliminary research online and have found the outfitter that has the hunt you want at a price you can afford. Or is it? Some more on London Property Maintenance Like most things, the price charged by the outfitter is not the whole cost associated with a guided hunt. Here are just a few of the additional fees and costs that you must anticipate. 1. Licenses and tags: Most outfitters will not include licenses and tags in the fee quoted on their website or their promotional material. Cost for licenses and tags will vary widely depending on where you have chosen to hunt. 2. Trophy Fees: Make sure you are aware of any trophy fees associated with your hunt. Some outfitters only quote the cost of their services, with an additional fee charged when you harvest your trophy. Additionally, there may be an increase in trophy fees as the size of your animal increases. 3. Meat Processing: Now that you have your trophy, you need to have it processed. Be careful! Meat processors have a unique language that you will want to understand before agreeing to let them have your animal. 4. Shipping: If you are hunting abroad, you may have additional fees to transport your trophy home. Due to the bulkiness of some antlers, and because shippers charge based on the size of your package, these fees can be expensive. 5. Tips: Like many service industries, your hunting guides depend on tips from hunters as part of their normal compensation. This is a tough nut to crack. Use your judgment, and if your guide has gone out of his way to harvest your animal tip him accordingly. 6. Taxidermy: Now that you have harvested your trophy, you are going to want to preserve it for eternity. Taxidermy fees can vary,

but you should expect to pay $600 to $1,000 for a standard shoulder mount. These are a few of the larger expenses you should expect to incur, in addition to the cost of the hunt. Other costs that will impact your hunt are local taxes and travel and lodging to and from your hunting grounds. Remember, time in the field is a gift, savor it! Until next time, Happy Hunting. Get to know more about cheap handyman.

Hunting outfitters know your true cost