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Now that I know YOU KNOW what it takes to be successful when directing traffic to your own highly targeted channel and yet another proven marketing strategy outline, I want to speak with you more about the opportunity MASSIVE action can have in your business. The other day I spoke with you about manually creating your own channel and I mentioned I would be sharing easier ways to do this...Become an affiliate. Yes, its true. If you can sit and think briefly of different assets you were introduced to along the way and offered it to others in the same form, you'll also receive QUALIFIED traffic and all energy it produces. See when you become an affiliate here's what you do. Go and sign up for things you already have access to. (Usually its products you have bought)Now you go and buy domains for the affiliate links you'll be marketing with. So now instead of using your product website link you would now insert the link of your own website with all your affiliate links. This is powerful because the more you offer the more chance you have of someone buying. Now here's the key in making sure your traffic generated from your affiliate links is targeted. ->Make Sure The Products Or Services You Offer As An Affiliate Are Aligned With Your Main Online Business! Becoming an affiliate to products that won't benefit your business or create highly qualified leads is a waste of time, so don't make that mistake. Now all you have to do is publish information on your experiences with the products or services. See people are going to BUY anyway, but if you offer ASSETS, then they'll BUY from you! That's the difference. Take a look at our economy for instance. Some may say people are bleeding and its hell on earth; that may be true for some. But see it from my eyes, I'm an online business owner that would like to leverage my time and hire employees, what do I do? How do I take advantage of such a harsh economy that keeps on dropping? I offer what the economy can't and hire people for positions in my business. I need internet searchers, assistants, call people and more; the economy has opened up a tremendous opportunity because there are more people looking to the internet instead of their degrees and jobs. They know people are making money from the internet, they just don't know HOW to make money from the internet. So when I offer a job, and work with them and teach them how to market, they receive $500 a sale from their efforts. Here's the real beauty. Make sure you get this part, even if you have to read it again. Now when my employees begin to be open to new opportunities and their looking for a

network marketing business, who do you think they will decide to be in business with? Someone who offered them an opportunity their accustomed to and worked with them on their level, or someone who pushes advances towards them when they are not ready? Ah! This is the power of becoming an affiliate and leveraging your time by integrating other people into your business. THINK BIGGER! Patience as you can tell is the key. If you noticed I haven't offered any secret formulas or any magic elixirs you have to partake in. I've told you the truth. The key in creating wealth is consistency and integrity, you'll also want to make sure the vehicle your using is logical for the TARGET you are attaining and the marketing strategy outline you use is proven. See with what I've showed you about creating your own channel of qualified traffic can be applied to ANY product or service. It all comes down to what your target is. See if it's a couple extra hundred a month, there are vehicles for that. If it's an extra $3-5 k a month there are systems for that too. If you are looking for a target around $10-30k a month that can be completely automated and all you do is MARKET, there are systems for that also. The only difference is your belief in the system you have. That's it. Your mind is the only factor when it comes to the nature of you being successful. The other day I was on a call that shook my heart back for a moment. A 75 year old man got on and thanked the community for the knowledge that has been passed to him, because he has made several $1000 commissions in a short amount of time with no physical labor. You believe if that man were closed minded or was not confident in him he would see that opportunity? My dear friend, you are shown more opportunity when you are ready for it. Hence, the teacher appears when the student is ready. I gave you this marketing strategy outline as a gift; all you do is repay the favor by paying it forward. In tactic 6 (which can be found at, I'll show you exactly how to ensure your future with online marketing, and more techniques that have been proven to supplement 6 figure monthly incomes with the same time tested and proven freedom tactics like the one above. And as you know, its duplicable.

D Sterlin is revolutionizing attraction marketing with freedom tactics that will literally give you the upper edge on effective marketing strategy outlines and the opportunity to tap into hundreds, thousands and even millions with some of the largest platforms for advertising. Her freedom tactics are all about positioning yourself correctly and giving you the knowledge to grapple your business down and take life by the horns.

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==== ==== Hello from Rob ==== ====

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