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I GOT OUT OF THE BASEMENT JUST IN TIME OR GOING FOR A RIDE CAN BE PROFITABLE As Spring has sprung and Summer is on its way we have put away our warm clothes and looked for something to wear that is comfortable and at the same time will protect us from those bugs, rocks and the occasional tip over in the parking lot. Some of you out there have not ridden your bikes much all winter or others have had lots going on this spring. Please check those tires and batteries and other components to make sure everything is up to snuff. Now for a ride to be fun and profitable. As most of you know all of the GWRRA chapters in the region have a rally at one time or another during the year to get all together and raise some money for that local chapter. You are encouraged to attend other chapter functions and especially the rallies. At these small events you get to meet riders for other places in the state that can share their special rides and attractions in the local neck of the woods. In addition you get to eat (for a more than reasonable fee) good local fare and you don't have to do the dishes. But wait......there's more!!!!! These folks have raffles and I mean raffles.....they have chocolate baskets, tools, trips, clothing, helmets, oil and filters and my favorite....wait for it.....TIRES!!!!! Yep those black circular things that cost more than the bill at your first kids dental appointment. I won a set of tires 2 years ago at the CA-2W rally 2 years ago and just about need a new set to replace them. They cost me 20 dollars for raffle tickets and a ride to Fresno to meet old and make new friends. Last year I didn’t get to go but this year I was baaaacck and I think the attendees new I was loaded for bear. On the other hand it may have been my wife Nancy saying things like “we're here to win some tires” over and over again. Well what ever it was it worked. I bought 40 dollars worth of raffle tickets and not only did I win a set of Dunlop Elite 3 tires but we also won a 3 day stay at Gualla resort near Bodega bay. Other members of the chapter won several items from game tickets and every one was a winner when it came to having a good time. Now we went on the ride as a group but you can go on your own as well. If you don't want to ride that far you can preregister and at least support them for the future. Well I gotta go now. Gonna find a place to hide the tires so no one else gets them. And I think I will plan on winning the tires at the next rally I attend unless you go with me. Bob Harris ACD GWRRA CA-C AMA BGMC OF Oh yeah.....Nancy says HI!

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