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Starting this month we have changed the location of our monthly meetings. Beginning April 15th, our meetings will be held at the Elks Lodge # 6, at 6446 Riverside Way, Sacramento. Click on address for link to map. Buffet breakfast starts at 8:30 with the meeting beginning at 9. Cost of breakfast is $9, but you do not have to eat here if you don’t want to. Coffee is free, but they ask to feed the Purple Charity Pig that is placed on each table.

The annual Oroville Gold Rush Car/Motorcycle show this year is Saturday, May 12th. Please let me know if you plan to attend. Tickets are $10 for each bike and includes the dash plaque and raffle tickets we get. We should have our registration in by April 20th. Show starts at 9 am. I figure to have breakfast at Peachtree Restaurant first in Marysville. KSU from L1 at 7 am.

tect his Forshiems may not be the look you are after. Consider getting some tall totes or Frogg Leggs. Tall totes might require a bit of duct tape to seal against your rain pants, but the Frogg If you are dusting off the riding clothes don't forget that even Leggs work with your Frogg Toggs or any other rain gear to though we are experiencing the driest winter in some time, you cover your shoes or boots and your lower leg. still need to be ready for rain. If you don't have any rain gear, Don’t forget the most important riding accessory of all, it doesn't need to be fancy motorcycle specific stuff. For rainy season duds you can try using a garbage bag wrapped around Gloves...without good weather proof gloves riding can be miserable. I carry usually 3 pair of gloves on my bike at any given your legs and draped over your torso, but the flapping noise and the smoke, from the plastic getting on the exhaust, can be time. Breathable gloves for warm or normal days, thinsulate gloves for when it’s a bit nippy out and weather proof gloves a bit distracting. You could try ducking behind that expansive for rain in the spring through fall and monster insulated double fairing on your Goldwing and drive real fast so the rain blows around you, but when your as large as me, that attempt would thick Yeti hand fitting gloves for when its is cold and wet in winter. be futile. You could try wearing your wet suit from when you took those scuba diving lessons a few years back however, Be prepared to ride and ride safe. there are questions as to what restaurant would allow you to Bob and Nancy Harris sit and eat your lunch with your co-riders. That’s why I would recommend going over to Bass Pro Shop or on line and picking From the research basement at Harris Labs. up a set of Frogg Toggs rain gear. These super lightweight spun polyester suits are available in a myriad of colors and sizes (even Bob size) for around 60 bucks or so. They compress into a small package as to not take up much room on the bike and will last a long, long time. If you get the sport angle version the pants are similar to bib overhauls. There may be some incursion of rain but not much. I don't know about all of you but I am certainly ready for a great spring and summer riding season.

Now what about getting stung in the face by rain drops or even worse …..hail? I wear a 3/4 helmet without a shield and in most weather that works fine, but when it rains hard or small hail stones start spitting out of the clouds, I need to pull over. If I know there is a potential for rain or if it is starting to drizzle, I can put on a temporary shield called a 5 snap shield. A universal from Vega is about 8 dollars. It packs as a flat thin piece of plastic and virtually takes no room in your storage. Now how about dry feet?? I know that some of you never have dry feet, but you don't want rain to make it worse. Again, you could use a couple of plastic grocery bags from Raley’s and some duct tape, but looking like an ax murderer trying to pro-

From Your Assistant Chapter Director Rocco Hello all, and I do mean ALL. In the past, this newsletter only went out to the 40 or so participating members of the CA-C Chapter. Since CA-C is the furthest northern Chapter in California, and since anyone who lives north of Sacramento is automatically assigned to this Chapter, I figured ALL 175 members should receive this newsletter. So to the approximately 125 members who have been added to our mailing list, welcome. I know most of you that live further up north, didn’t join GWRRA for the Chapter events, but rather for the benefits, such as the Gold Book, Rescue Plus and the Wing World magazine. While those are great reasons for joining, there is so much more GWRRA has to offer. Just within our Chapter we have rides, usually twice a week. We have Riding Skills Practice and Parking Lot Practices to help make you a better and safer rider. We also have fun events, such as our Bear Fair in July that attracts riders from all over the state, north and south. But most of all we have fun riding with, and getting to know fellow Goldwingers. That’s why I joined almost 5 years ago, so I could meet others who ride Goldwings, and get the opportunity to ride places I never knew existed, with people who share the same love for riding that I do. That’s where you northerners come into play. While you may or may not want to come down to the BIG city of Sacramento to ride, us city folk would love a tour of your beautiful area up north. I am sure you have favorite spots you love to ride, and if you are willing to share, we would love to join you. And if you live up near the Oregon boarder, we also do overnight trips. So what I am asking is this. If you would like to share your beautiful area with us, please let us know by emailing or calling me to set up a ride date. Summer is just around the corner and we would love to get away from the city heat. Plus, you may get to liking us city folk and join us for some of our rides and events down here. One other thing. In speaking with some of you by phone, I have learned that there are those who may not ride anymore, but still have their bikes and or trailers. If you would like to sell anything Goldwing related and see it go to a good home, shoot me an email with a description and, if possible, a picture, and I will gladly advertise it for you. Well that about does it for me. Have fun, ride safe and thank you for being a member of the GWRRA family.


I recently read a column on Team riding responsibly. In our chapter we often doing things in groups. We meet with our fellow chapter members for weekly dinner rides and a lot more activities. Much of the time we ride together in groups traveling to and from various destinations. Whenever we ride in groups, someone is in the Lead position, the Road Captain. Also working with the Road Captain is the Tail gunner, or rear Drag bike, working together they secure the lanes, etc. They communicate with each other and the rest of the team (group). We all need to remember that even those of us in the middle of the formation have responsibilities as well. We are responsible to pass on the hand signals from the lead bike, such as for single file, stagger formation, pointing out potholes and road kills, sand in the corners and other hazards. We need to be aware of who we are riding with too. The burden is not all on the Road Captains. We cannot sleep because we ride in the middle of the pack. We need to maintain safe spacing with the other bikes around us, keeping in mind that we need to ride our own ride. We need to be aware of our surroundings and always be prepared to react to the unexpected. Remember that just because our Road Captain is leading us, we are not excused from thinking for ourselves. We are all responsible for our safety. A good team member has several responsibilities. Those responsibilities are: 1. Assumes a responsibility to ride with and work with the other team members for the safety and protection of the whole team while on the road, and especially, while in traffic. 2. Maintains steady speed and spacing. This will, as I have previously talked about the YoYoing effect, disrupt the rhythm and efforts of the other team members and reduces the benefits of riding as a team.

3. Stays alert and announces to the other team members any obstacle, condition or potential situations which could become hazardous to the team or a team member. 4. Should be aware of the other team members and maintain the formation (staggered) and a safe riding distance (spacing) between team members. Spacing will be determined by the road, weather conditions and visibility.

Whether you ride as an individual or in a group, in order to survive on the road, your motorcycle riding habits and techniques must be constantly thought of as defensive. When you ride in a group, your actions not only affect you, but the other riders as well. Therefore, it is important to recognize and remember that riding in a group is a TEAM effort. To be safe, you must rely on the cooperation and coordination of all riders in the group. “I never saw him. They came out of nowhere!” That’s probably the most common statements heard in a motorcycle and vehicle incident. A lack of attention on the part of the driver does explain some of the incidents. The distracted driver, cell phones, unruly children, etc. All these can contribute, BUT some responsibility belongs to the motorcycle. I believe motorcycling is a skill, and with it takes practice. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. PLP is one of the most effective ways to keep your skills sharp. Whether you are just beginning or have been riding for years. We all need practice whenever we can. PLEASE NOTE: We have an official Parking Lot Practice (PLP) on April 14th, at 9 AM. PLP is at 8101 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, just south of I80. For this event you must wear proper riding gear which includes: shoes that cover your ankles, full leg coverings, full hand gloves, full arm coverings and a DOT helmet. Any questions please call me at (916) 276-8397

Spur Of The Moment Ride I was out in the garage doing my T-Clock on my bikes and after finishing up I looked outside and the weather looked great. A few puffy clouds and lots of Sunshine was all that I could see. I thought why not go for a short ride before the rain that is supposed to come in tomorrow rears its ugly head. I made some quick phone calls and nobody else was able to make it for a ride. At first I was going to abandon my Spur of the Moment idea, but I thought why not just go anyway by myself. After all, the ride is the still a good idea even if it is a solo thing. I headed out by way of White Rock and Sunrise to fill my tank and since it was so close to Noon, I decided to take advantage of Costco and have a pauper’s lunch (Hot Dog and a Coke for $1.50 ). I mounted up after eating and headed up the back way to Hang Town. From there I rode on up to Jackson and then to Sonora. The weather was beautiful and all of the hills were green from the recent rains. I was on the Classic Wing and didn’t have the convenience of a cup holder, so I stopped for coffee and then continued on. There was really no traffic and the roads just beckoned me to ride on and on. I decided that I really had to head for home and so as much as I felt like riding on I decided to call it a day and head for the Barn. By the time I pulled into the driveway my little Spur of the Moment ride ended up covering just under 150 miles and it really did feel good to just get away and enjoy the wind and fresh air up in the mountains. Maybe next time I will have some company on the ride.

So Long for Now Iron Horse aka Tom J.

A View from my Handlebars (The aquarium that sprung a leak) By Rodney Brooks, Past CD Sunday, March 4th , CA-C had a trip scheduled to the Steinhart Aquarium located in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. This was one of those trips you dream of as a motorcyclist. Anytime you can ride your bike and throw in the beauty of San Francisco; a match made in heaven. This trip started three months earlier, before we ever got on the bikes. I was gently pressured to be one of a three person planning committee that would decide where the chapter would visit the first quarter of 2012. Since I was the one to bring up going to San Francisco, I now became the Ride Captain too. I agreed and we went on planning the balance of the calendar. March rolled around quickly. I asked Bill Palmer to add a footnote on the calendar that we would be having a ride meeting before departing L-4. My thinking was we would breakdown the group into smaller groups of 3-4 motorcycles for ease of traveling through San Francisco. That was a great idea but we only had five (5) bikes show-up for the ride which included; Bill Palmer, Tom Jefferies, Rich James, Lodi Chuck, myself and Linda Passini, who was my co-rider for the day. Bob and Nancy Harris came in the car since Bob was just two days out from hand surgery. It was decided that I was going to be the leader and Bill Palmer would tail gun for me. Bob and Nancy rode as out-riders with the idea of meeting us at the restaurant for breakfast, then going back home. We proceeded West on Interstate 80 towards Fairfield. The weather had a chill but not as bad as it could have been, God knows we’ve all ridden in much colder. The route showed us departing L-4 (West Sacto), down the freeway to hwy 12 North towards Napa. When we reached the “T” in the road we made a left and headed towards Vallejo to the American Canyon Café. I still think this place has the best value and the sweetest waitress we have come across…I’m getting off track. We enjoyed breakfast, gave Nancy a hug and jester good-by to them as we continued on our trip. When we got back on the bikes I noticed everyone shedding clothing. The temperature gauge was showing 68 degrees and it’s only 10am. This is going to be a good day to be on a motorcycle. The idea was to go West towards San Rafael and over the

Golden Gate Bridge. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I had mentioned to Linda; this is a “Chamber of Congress day”. The weather was great and the sun was shining bright. After paying the toll we proceeded towards Golden Gate Park. I was depending on my GPS to navigate us to the address. My GPS had a route that looked a little odd but that’s nothing new for me. We trusted it and made all the correct turns until be got on Fulton Street. Fulton Street is the “Only” street you can enter the park, coming from our direction. The City closes most of the feeder streets as to control weekend traffic. Everything is good until we pass a dead skunk on Fulton. The smell could peel paint, and to make things worse…we got stuck at the light. Thank GOD the light turned green and all the pedestrians cleared the sidewalk so we could bolt out of there. Following the GPS, we entered the park. Let me remind you its all one-way traffic. We’re looking around enjoying the sights and trying to pay attention to the GPS. We come up to a very large building with at least 250 people standing in line to get in. The sign on the building said Science, nothing about Steinhart Aquarium. Convinced we had the wrong building, I suggested we look around for the Aquarium before parking the bikes; everyone agreed. We rode on until we’re out of the park and back on Fulton Street. Did I tell you about the dead skunk? Yes, we passed it again, much faster this time. Having a better idea what we’re looking for and lay of the land Linda sees a small sign that said the aquarium is in the building that all those people were waiting to get in. We took a quick vote as to stay or go? The vote was to keep riding. By this time some in the group needed to go to the bathroom. In San Francisco that can be a “crap shoot”, yes I mean crap shoot! Our best bet was to stay in the park all the while heading towards the coast. The park is lovely. We came across many picnic areas with running trails, but the thing that really caught out attention was when we came around the corner to see 20-30 head of Buffalo…that’s right buffalo. Up a little further was the lake where they do RC remote boats and next to the lake was a bathroom. We stopped did our business, looked at the boats and proceeded to the coast.

When we got to Hwy 1 we made a left, or South, towards Half-Moon Bay. Now our attention was changed from aquarium to riding, we really didn’t have a destination in mind. The view was breathtaking. The sun was shinning, no clouds in the sky. I checked my outside temp gauge and it was registering 70 degrees, we were in heaven! Our thoughts soon turned to FOOD! When we started to come into Pacifica I noticed a “New” Philly Cheese Steak shop that was open for business. We made the first right and took the side street back to the restaurant. When we turned into the parking lot it was full of vintage cars, needless to say it was another half hour before getting in the restaurant. Everyone but “Lodi Chuck” ordered a sandwich. During lunch Rich James suggested we go by Alice’s Restaurant on our way home. We all agreed and since Rich is more acquainted with that part of the world he took lead. Linda and I dropped back in second position. The roads to Alice’s were clean and clear. When we made the final turn towards Alice’s Restaurant their must have been 250 motorcycles parked, with every make and model you could have ever wanted. Someone in the group said “next time they’re looking for a motorcycle, forget going to the dealer, come to Alice’s to window-shop first”. We’re thinking we might get something to drink, but the wait for a beverage was a ½ hour. Rich noticed a strange looking two-seat car parked in front of the restaurant. To me it looked like something you would use on the Baja 500 race. Rich said it was a Limited production car called Atom. Rich told us the cost of that car, since it was an 8 cylinder, was 148K. It must be nice to have extra money. It was now time to head home. Rich took us almost back to San Jose before getting on the 880 freeway towards Livermore (back-way of course). It was predetermined we would stop at Nations in Tracy for the customary pie and coffee before saying our final good-byes. We strapped the helmets on for the last time of the day and headed home. As we got closer Sacramento, we kept loosing fellow riders as they peeled of to head home. We never made it inside to view and enjoy the aquarium, but that didn’t seem to stop us. We had a great day taking in the wonderful Golden Gate Park, the one of a kind California coast line and the most treasured gift of all… my riding friends. Keep the rubber side down, Rodney Brooks, Past CD, GWRRA CA-C Sacramento Capital City Wings

Tom Whitson returned the Wing Nut at the March Chapter Meeting with a phenomenal $60 for the Charity Account. Thanks so much, Tom! Spike Redding solicited nominations for the dubious distinction of the March recipient. Tom Jeffries, with support from Tom Whitson, threw his dollar in the ring for Ken Knox. While on a Patriot Guard Mission, Ken refused to wear his helmet at the cemetery after being asked and reminded 5 times during a slow ride on private property. Discussion followed about the mission of GWRRA, the need to set an example of safe riding and the legality of riding without a helmet at a slow speed. Rodney Brooks re-nominated Noland Mayo for last month's transgressions. Noland had not worn a helmet and seat belt while riding in a motorcycle side car. Rodney added that 93% of accidents happen at slow speeds and close to home. Tom Jeffries also chimed in with another nomination for Noland. While on a PGR mission, Noland asked Tom Whitson about the Wing Nut, but failed to report to the others that Tom Whitson did not have it on his person. Ken Knox added that Noland did pass that information along, only after Tom Whitson was out of CB radio range, thereby depriving the group of the opportunity to increase the charity donation. Lucky Noland Mayo! He was bound to win the Wing Nut eventually after escaping last month. The group does not forget very easily and gave him an enthusiastic round of applause. So give Noland a call at (916) 276-8397 to make sure that he has it with him sometime during the month.

April 2nd—Melanie Mayo

April 8th—Elmer & Joan Tivner

April 9th—Rocco

April 17th—Ken & Dianne Knox

April 10th—Myrna Ernst

April 17th—Felix & Pamela Gonzales

April 16th—Sharon Scoggins

April 26th—Bob & Nancy Harris

April 21st—Bill Palmer April 25th—Amil Gray April 25th—Bill Fox

District Director’s Review March 2012. . . What’s the significance of March, really. In my opinion, March is the best month of the year, and not because its my Birthday month. March is a time when everything starts to wake up after a long cold winter. March brings more change than any other month in the year. Changes like Daylight Savings time change, all the trees sporting their new foliage, everyone becomes Irish on St Patrick’s Day, and we change from Winter to Spring on March 20th. If you live in Washington DC, this is the time of year when the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, simply amazing. March is also the best month of the year for planet watching! Mercury, the innermost planet, makes its best evening appearance for the year in the Northern Hemisphere. All over the world, Mars shines at its greatest brilliance for the year – and moreover, the red planet stays out all night long. Plus, the brightest and second-brightest planets – Venus and Jupiter, respectively – come together for a stunning conjunction in mid-March. Saturn, the farthest and faintest visible planet, is nonetheless as bright as the brightest stars, and its glorious rings are surprisingly easy to view through a backyard telescope. Did you Know March was named for the Roman God "Mars"? Need more March Madness? March also boasts National Pig Day, Peanut Butter Lovers' Day, Employee Appreciation Day, National Salesperson Day, Old Stuff Day, I Want You to be Happy Day, If Pets Had Thumbs Day, National Anthem Day, Peach Blossom Day, Holy Experiment Day, Hug a GI Day, Multiple Per-

sonality Day, Dentist's Day, National Frozen Food Day, National Crown Roast of Pork Day, Be Nasty Day, International (Working) Women's Day, Popcorn Lover's Day, Panic Day, Middle Name Pride Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, Worship of Tools Day, Girl Scouts Day, Plant a Flower Day, Ear Muff Day Jewel Day, Learn about Butterflies Day National Potato Chip Day, National Pi Day- (Why March? Because Pi = 3.14, Everything You Think is Wrong Day, Ides of March, Incredible Kid Day, Dumbstruck Day, Everything You Do is Right Day, Freedom of Information Day, National Quilting Day, Submarine Day, St. Patrick's Day, Goddess of Fertility Day, Supreme Sacrifice Day, Poultry Day, International Earth Day, Extraterrestrial Abductions Day, Proposal Day, Fragrance Day, National Goof Off Day, National Chip and Dip Day, Near Miss Day, National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, Pecan Day, Waffle Day, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, National "Joe" Day, Something on a Stick Day, National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, Smoke and Mirrors Day, National Doctor's Day, I am in Control Day, Take a Walk in the Park Day, Bunsen Burner Day, National Clam on the Half Shell Day, and last but not least – National hug a District Director Day. OK, I made that one up, but how about “Hug your CD today”??? If that isn’t enough to fill your March calendar, March also brings us CA-1R’s “The Rally in the Valley”, I hope to see you all in Las Vegas.

Until we meet again, “Hang on – we’re going for a ride”. Bill & Rene Johnson GWRRA – California District Directors

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