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ANALYSIS AND COMENT An Inconvenient Truth

An inconvenient truth the video that congruently demonstrates which are the real problems that we, as a society, must end with. It made me think about what can I do as an individual for helping the environment. It is known that if we act as individuals day by day our work will be take into account and we will see how much we are doing for the earth well living. The documentary also made me realize how much I contribute to pollute my city or the place where I go. Therefore, we need to present a resistance, may be it is interesting to pollute, it might be an exciting experience to throw away our household waste or hour rubbish when we go on camping or just when we go out but, if we were on the other side of the problem it wouldn’t be so acceptable. The effects that global warming can produce, the ice melting, the rising temperatures of the sea, all are completely alarming issues that are now our problem, we are the ones who live here, so it is our responsibility to plan now what to do, where and how. It is known that today is difficult to be listened or opinions to be taken into account, anyway the reason behind revolutionaries’ behave is SAVE THE WORLD and is completely justified. When I was younger than I am now, I used to think like this: It is not my problem, I tried to pollute the less I can, I try to be eco-friendly and buy biodegradable stuff and in this way I tried to help the environment but, then It used to came to my mind the Idea of I was the only one in the world helping the planet, I didn’t pollute that much but, what about big industries, cities that do not sleep at night keeping the street lights on all night long, using deliberately the electricity, wasting it as if there was too easy to produce it, and What about the ones who paid for it? These are our families. Well I still keep kind of this thinking in my head but, I have grown up, therefore, I try to not complain about big fishes now, I try to act as an individual and make my peers think the same. We need to keep on working to save the world or even try to. We cannot allow this maltreatment to go on, I will go on working as an individual but, who knows, I might start as one and finish with a billion.


Personal Coment on An Inconvenient Truth  

Personal Coment on An Inconvenient Truth Documentary