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Flatware Brands

Flatware is the silverware used in the process of eating and it consist of components such as knives, forks and spoons. As flatware is an important requirement for dining, many manufacturers make them. The brands available to buy include:

Dansk. Produce a range of flatware with a wide variety

designs and prices. Some of the range of from Dansk include Erol, Classique and Precision. It is a brand with products of the highest quality.

Gorham. It is the well known silver and crystal company. Gorham are responsible for manufacturing flatware that looks pleasing to the eye with the finest of designs.

Oneida provide flatware in sets of 5. The remarkable thing about flatware from Oneida is the radiant quality, the glow makes the flatware look aesthetically pleasing.

Reed & Barton provide flatware made Stainless Steel

and Sterling Silver. Founded in 1824, possess much experience in the world of flatware with a fantastic range of products.

Wallace. Flatware by Wallace simply oozes in class and

are among the best money can buy. They are renowned for manufacturing flatware in Sterling Silver and the perfect example of gentrification and refinement.

Kate Spade not only produce flatware but all

manner of goods from handbags, baby items to home products. Flatware in Kate Spade range is quite unlike most other brands. Much of the silverware are quite bold yet simple in appearance, a delightful addition to the kitchen.

Waterford. Has its origins in Ireland, the

range of flatware described by many as 'exquisite' with some of the finest craftsmanship seen today.


Flatware brands