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Author William Dufty wrote in his 1975 book, "Sugar Blues," that there is a strong correlation between sugar and many diseases. We all know about diabetes, but excessive sugar consumption also puts you at risk of both cancer and psychosis. Dufty points out in his book that the proliferation of insane asylums coincided with the availability of cheap sugar. He also points to a study that showed one country that had the highest sugar intake-per capita of sugar and also the highest cancer rates in the world. Dr. David Reuben, in his book, "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Nutrition," compares the sugar molecule to that of cocaine. (It's no wonder it's addictive, but we'll get to that in a later video) In the year 752 (that's right, over a millennia ago), Chinese medical practitioner Wang Shou wrote about diabetes in his book, "A Collection of Diseases." The Chinese knew all about the dangers, diagnosis and treatment of sugar-related diseases. Although there wasn't plenty of cheap, white, refined sugar available at the time, they had other foods that contained high concentrations of sugar. We'll discuss these foods later. When we say that why is sugar bad for you , we're not just talking about diabetes. We are talking about obesity, cancer, psychosis, dementia, heart disease, skin disorders and yeast infections --- just to name a few. Sugar is making us sick and killing us. When we use the term, "sugar," we are not just talking about plain old white table sugar that you put in your coffee. Lot's of other seemingly unlikely foods contain some form of sugar. All fruits, with the exception of Avocado, contain fructose, a form of sugar. All grains, even whole grains contain sugar of are converted into sugar in the digestive process.Yup, despite the Food Pyramid fiction that we've been subscribing to, fruits and grains contain sugar and are bad for you. It doesn't matter very much what the fiber content is (although the fiber does slightly reduce the sugar-per serving), just the overall percentage of calories that are why is sugar bad for you. We'll show in a later video how to calculate the percentage of carbs in your food. Other foods that contain sugar are, as author Tim Ferriss in his Slow-Carb Diet puts it, "anything that's white or might be white." With the exception of cauliflower (Duh!), it's generally a good idea to avoid or reduce your intake of these foods: Sugar (obviously all junk foods like candy, donuts, crackers, cookies, chips, ice cream, sweetened yogurts, fruits) Breads and Pastas and Cereals (even whole grain) Rice Potatoes The conventional wisdom is that we need carbohydrates (read: "sugar") in our diet. The fact is, our bodies prefer to burn fat as it's primary fuel source. Your takeaway from this article: Sugar Causes Many Diseases Sugar Is In a Lot More Foods Than You Realize We Don't Need Sugar or Carbs In Our Diets Watch Your Portion Sizes

Why is sugar bad for you  

Sugar causes many diseases and is in more foods than you realize. Watch you carb intake and portion sizes of anything you are eating. https:...

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