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Most Trusted Optima Batteries

BatteryPlex has established itself as a innovator when it comes to providing a wide selection of batteries at discounted prices. Try as you may, you won't find another retailer anywhere that provides the vast array of products from the top brands in the industry, like Powersonic and Batteryminder, and offer these products at such low costs. On top of those reasons, BatteryPlex's superior customer service has given folks yet another reason to continue going to us each and every time they require a new or replacement battery for one of their electronic devices. Even any time someone isn't completely sure about the make and also model of battery they need, they are fully aware they can count on BatteryPlex to assist them in locating the product that's right for them. Among the most popular products we sell are Optima batteries. There are few brands as trusted as optima batteries reviews , which is why we carry these at BatteryPlex. They are known for their unique shell that is made of slim layers of tightly wound spiral tissue of lead. This design allows for the use of high-purity, high performance lead because the actual casing isn't required for structural support. This is why they are so great for use in extreme temperatures and only take around an hour to get fully charged. People furthermore appreciate the fact that Optima batteries can go a long time with out use and lose only a small percentage of power. It's why so many people keep them on hand as an emergency battery power because they know that when they need them, Optima batteries will provide the power they require.One of the other distinguishing characteristics of Optima batteries is their color-coded tops method, which helps identify the different types of batteries they make. There are three different colors that Optima batteries come in. RedTopOptima batteries are known as a top of the line starter battery because of their particular 5-second ignition power. The lightweight as well as vibration resistant BlueTopOptima batteries are often used in boats or RV because they are able to be recharged more often and have a lengthier running time. YellowTop Optima batteries are recommended for use in vehicles that have a lot associated with accessories, such as audio systems, winches and commercial vehicles. Which of these optima batteries you choose will depend on exactly what your specific purpose will be and just how it will be used, but whichever model you purchase, you can be sure that you're getting a high quality merchandise that will power your device for quite a while. Visit us for all of your battery power needs including: Powersonic, APC batteries, UPS battery replacements, Odyssey batteries and more.

Most trusted optima batteries  
Most trusted optima batteries  

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