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Selecting Right Venue and Catering are the Important Elements in Order to Organize a Successful Event in Malaysia Whether you are planning to host a product launch, a corporate event, a gala dinner, appreciation night or a charity fundraiser, getting on board a professional, reputable and experienced event management company in Malaysia with a proven track record of events, similar in nature to yours, organized successfully, makes a huge difference between the success and failure of your event. It is nevertheless critical to identify and present clearly the exact nature of your event to your prospective event planner; because a successful event needs to be tailored to a specific audience and details such as the average age, background and preferences of the audience are an essential part of the event planning process. Event venue and catering service are considered the most important element to organize a successful event. Selecting the Right Venue This is one of the key elements in event management and it needs to be given adequate consideration. It is crucial to source an appropriate venue with your specific audience in mind (your goal is after all to exceed the expectations of your audience). Even if you are keen on a particular venue, you should always be open to additional suggestions and alternatives provided by your event planning partner, who knows the ropes of the industry. Ideally, the event planner should work pro-actively with you, especially when your desired venue is unavailable for booking, it has already been booked for the chosen day of your event or the venue-related fees exceed significantly your budget for the event. The chosen venue should be confirmed prior to sending out the invitations to your event. Speeding up the check-in process the day of the event with the aid of a tablet-based tool should also be considered. Reputable event management companies also have in place a valuable set of local contacts, enabling them to take care of the venue preparation details on-site, with the aid of local services and thus saving you the trouble of paying extra to have the necessary elements shipped in. If you are planning an outdoor event and wish to build a temporary structure such as a marquee that is fully equipped with tables, seating, a bar, dance floor and DJ equipment, an experienced and well-respected event planner will help you save valuable money, again thanks to their large network of contacts and irreplaceable negotiation skills, thus allowing them to buy the necessary services in bulk and as cheaply as possible. Marquees can run pretty expensive, especially when you have scheduled a large scale event with a considerable number of attendees (250-300), but a talented and dedicated event planning company will help you cut down expenses and decrease event costs. Seating your attendees based on their social connection with the use of the latest apps is known to have an increasingly favorable impact on your event. Creative Catering With a Twist

Carefully selected food and beverages are vital elements for a successful event, be it small or large scale. Don’t take your guests for granted and simply assume that they will eat whatever the caterers put in their plates. Of all the elements included in the comprehensive process of event planning, organization and implementation, catering is the only one where decreasing the costs may have a turn for the worst, because it compromises the quality of the food served. You can easily compensate the higher price by cutting down costs in other areas of the event organizing process (such as entertainment). It is crucial to make a very good impression by serving them special, restaurant-quality, healthy and unique dishes, prepared by well-respected and visionary chefs and which are guaranteed to give their taste buds something to remember. Fast-food-ish meals and greasy, fatty foods are a big no-no and totally inappropriate to serve at special events. Remember, your goal is to entertain and give your attendees a good time, not cause them a bile crisis. The last thing you need is to call the ambulance at your event. Another important element related to catering that should never be overlooked is an approach as individualized as possible; in other words, your hand-picked food arrangements should be able to accommodate vegans and vegetarians and, if it is the case, people with special dietary requirements. In case you do not know such details, always make sure to include at least one healthy vegan dish in the menu, just in case, and you might even be surprised to learn that your most of your guests will find it invigorating, refreshing and uniquely delicious. Be smart and consider all the aspects discussed above when choosing the right venue and catering services in Malaysia. Good venue and catering food is the key of success toward organizing a successful event.

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Selecting Right Venue and Catering are the Important Elements in Order to Organize a Successful Event in Malaysia