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5 Tips To Pick The Best Pillow For Neck Pain. Have you experienced waking up to a stiff neck and tired body? Most us will reply in an affirmative and the reason behind such a condition may not be an injury or a sprain in the neck. Such an unwelcome agony is usually caused by a pillow of inappropriate size, shape or material that you used during the night. If you have experienced any such situation, it is wise to discard the pillow that you have been using and go for a new one that will support your neck adequately and give you a restful night. Having decided on a pillow replacement, it is important to know what factors to consider before buying a new pillow for your neck or else you may again fall into a trap and end up buying one similar to the one you discarded. Here are 5 tips for pillows for neck pain: 1. Your sleep position All of us have different sleeping positions and the position you sleep in determines to a very large extent the kind of pillow you need. If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, go for a pillow that is neither too firm nor too high. The idea is to let the head

remain level with the spine and neck. If you sleep on your sides then you need a pillow that can take the shape of the neck and aligns the spine with the head by keeping your head high. In case you sleep on your stomach, you need the thinnest pillow or no pillow at all to avoid an issue with the neck. 2. Your size and type of bed Depending on your height you may require different pillow for your neck. For children and adults with smaller frames, smaller pillows that give less support but have a proper design are recommended. If your mattress has gone soggy over the years, you will need a higher pillow to accommodate the depression. In such cases, inflatable pillows work best. 3. Material Memory foam pillows are known to offer a unique support and comfort to the neck due to special properties of the foam used. They dampen the vibrations associated with foam pillows and keep the neck warm during winter nights. Memory foam pillows are also great during travelling to help minimise vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Water pillows are fast overtaking memory foam pillows and can be the best pillows for neck support. All they require is a little effort of filling them with water by you. Another great alternate to contour shaped pillows are Buckwheat pillows which allow air to circulate and thus keep the neck cool in summers. 4. Personal preferences As already mentioned, different pillows comfort the neck in different ways. If you have been using a pillow for long which has comforted your neck, it is a good idea to continue with the same brand and model. There are variations of several materials that may have appealed to your neck such as memory foam with polyester microfiber that gives the same comfort as a down pillow but has a different shape to support your neck. 5. Allow adaptation time Every pillow needs some adaptation period to adjust to the curve of the neck and spine. It is best to try out the pillow in the store and not just believe the salesperson. Check if it gives you the right kind of support and posture. Even after trying it out in the store, keep the pillow on probation for a week with you. If you do not find any relief from your neck trouble on using it,

it is advised to chuck it and look for a better one instead of compromising with it. written by: NeckPainReliefPillows

5 tips to pick the best pillow for neck pain  

5 Tips To Pick The Best Pillow For Neck Pain