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Rapid Fat loss report

RAPID RESULTS The Aim of this report is threefold: 1. To share with you the truths about effective fat loss, from both a nutrition & exercise perspective. 2. To equip you with an understanding of the steps you need to take in order to achieve lasting results

Safe Results that last

Get rid of the Belly & the Bum in half the time

3. To share with you some of the success stories of our current & previous clientele.

Report Written by Rob Derbyshire (Fitness consultant) I want to provide some hopefully compelling information, which may help you get an understanding around fat loss. To do this I will draw on my last 15 years working as a personal trainer, Mentor & fitness lecturer (TAFE NSW). On the back of many success stories and of course failure’s I hope to set you on the path to success, using all the strategies that will get you real lasting results, as soon as it is physically possible, What I won’t do is encourage a compromise to your long term health in order to get rid of fat. If this sits well with you please read on

Is there any one solution for everyone? Ah Ha! The million-dollar question?? In brief no there isn’t! ultimately everyone is an individual, (physically & emotionally not to mention their everyday commitments). However It starts with the goal, a vital step so often left out. In the urgency to just get on with it, people embark on the latest & greatest without actually working out what they really want. (More on this in a moment). Soon enough the questioning starts, does this program work, and off they go to the next FAD. For now however we will assume you want the big 3’ FAT-LOSS (after all hasn’t obesity just taken pole position as the leading cause of death) TONE (go on admit it, you would love a six pack or at least a flat tummy) FITNESS (this comes in many forms, however we will refer to it as Aerobic fitness) From here it’s a process of sharing with you some of the fundamentals that do work, most of the time. If you follow these steps you will begin to transform yourself, not immediately but the changes will surface soon enough, if they don’t then it’s CSI time. That is we recommend a more thorough investigation into you as an individual. This may involve the intervention of a naturopath, a blood test (or live blood analysis) and some allergy testing perhaps. From experience people in general do take some valuable info from this process. However close to 90% of you will start to shed the fat amongst the other benefits with the fundamentals.

Louise Campbell (A very busy women indeed) Worked Full time in Wyeth Pharmaceuticals 1 hour drive each way from home, whilst studying for her Masters in Business (MBA) Louise still managed to lose 9% body-fat and 10 KG in the process. Just in time for the wedding!

Time management is Key to your success, If your goal is powerful enough you will find the time to exercise, in fact if you can’t find 3 hours in a total of 168 each week, then you aren’t really trying? That’s less than 2% of your time on the planet exercising. 2

Step 1. Be sure you know what you want & why you want it Most people make the mistake of rushing into a program, hastily jumping on the latest FAD in hope of a magic wand or minor miracle. TIP. There isn’t any of either. We need to get realistic, forget about the shortcuts. So how what’s realistic? That depends on where people are when they start, How healthy they are, what their background in exercise is and very importantly, how driven they are. So in order to get driven and stay driven this is what’s required: Write out the answers and keep them visible.

1. Decide what you want 2. Know when you want it 3. Know why you want it 4. Be at least an 8 out of 10 when it comes to motivation 5. Appreciate where you are now on a scale of 1-10 and where you would like to be. 6. Be excited about how you will feel if you achieve it, and how disappointed if you don’t. 7. Have a massive reward for achieving the goal.

Whether you think you can or cannot. You are right

8. Get help with all the above questions and discuss any possible barriers.

Step 2. Get measured & set realistic targets It may require the help of fitness professional (i.e. a personal trainer) but get some form of measurements down on paper. The Big 3 goals clients have are: 1. Fat loss 2. Muscle tone 3. Fitness

Check out for more info on measurements

There are a number of ways to measure each of these but make sure you have something, even if it is just tape measurements around the waist, hips and thighs, a timed walk / jog around the block or a Before Photo. Continued on page 5


Once you have your start point, then you can aspire towards your goal. Set realistic targets. Lose 0.5 -1% of body-fat per week, any more and you may also be losing muscle. I.e. you will be sabotaging lean healthy tissue & that means you are effectively working against your goal. Once you are in this state you are lowering your metabolism, this will result in Fat Gain, not Fat loss. In addition to reduced health overall. Stay away from the Yo-Yo slimming cycle Ladies – Lose a dress size every 6 weeks (obviously not beyond your healthy size) It’s not realistic to do much more and in fact you may do less, it’s important you are aware of your body type and genetics before embarking on an unrealistic health sabotaging journey of no return. Stay off the scales: Unless you have a goal of putting on weight, such as the Rugby players do at my gym. Or perhaps you are a body builder? If not then the chances are you don’t need to weigh yourself. Throw out the scales they will mess with your head and make you feel like you aren’t achieving anything. Oh wait there! I recall an exception; you are clinically obese, such as the biggest loser contestants.

The Body mass index is crap for 99% of the population. (BMI) Kilo’s divided by height in metre’s squared. Sorry! I know it’s easy to do, or at least most GP’s think so anyway. But it doesn’t factor in a person’s lean muscle mass (LMM) that’s what we achieve healthily when we exercise, the bottom line is if you exercise we are inevitably going to promote lean muscle mass. (LMM) weighs more than fat, which means it also takes up less space. Focus on your energy levels: Score yourself on a scale of 1-10 at any time through out the day (10 being jumping out of your skin) I Wish…… The result of your energy levels is generally proportionate to how healthy you are and how well everything is working in your body. This includes: your hormones, digestive system, and immune system in amongst everything else. I will touch on the effect of this on your fat burning a tad later.

Take a Photo even better a video.

I know the b4 & After photo’s have been done to death but seriously, the amount of people I have been fortunate to help transform over the years, who never took their B4 photo. They had massive regret. They may never look the same again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Plus if you get motivated by how bad you look at the start, standing there in your bikini 4


Aliquam nos lectus (Continued)

(women of course, unless you are Borat) then this may be a good thing, it’s real and if you don’t like what you see, look at the photo every time you deviate from your plan.

Success Stories

Sign up for an event for the future. A fun Run, an Adventure race, a triathlon. Anything is possible if you plan and prepare. You will be surprised at how motivated you are to stick to a plan once you commit to something like this. Plus it may be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. I personally find it boring doing mile after mile of the same activity, such as running. However if there is a finish line ahead and a variable terrain it spurs me on to keep going and burn fat whilst doing so.

Step 3. Clean up your system In brief get yourself cleansed on a nutritional level. I am not going to cover everything on nutrition here, it’s a whole science, and many opinions. What I will say is there’s no surprise people are confused. I am too! Sometimes at least, until I restore some sanity and realize that we have been eating food for thousands of years and it’s not until man started tampering with it’s whole-food qualities, adding preservatives, colours, flavours & sweeteners did we really start to encompass the problems we have. My advice here is to take only the first steps to rectifying your nutritional plan for now at least and that involves these 3 steps. (More info later from Amy our nutrition coach) 1. Eat at least 5 serves of Veggies & 2 serves of fruit each & every day 2. Drink 2-3 liters of water 3. Keep a food diary for the next 7 days, include how you feel 30-60 minutes after each meal. There’s much more to fat loss nutrition than this but we will leave that until later, baby steps are key here, don’t try to do too much at once. In addition to these steps, keep doing what you were already doing, and if you master the above, then you are ready for the next stage. Read on

Angela Wright Mother of 3 Works full time lost 1-2 dress sizes and 5% body-fat in 12 weeks.

Steve Wright Angela’s Hubby, worked 60 hours per week, trained 3 hours per week after work with Angela and lost 8% body-fat.


Step 4. Start some aerobic exercise. Perhaps our 3:2:1 Cardio plan Get into the habit of 30 minutes per day of activity. I don’t know what you are capable of, so I can’t advise an exact level, however a beginner should stay around 5/10 effort and someone who is more accustomed to activity can go between 6 & 8 out of 10 effort level. Elite or close to it can push to a max effort of 10 / 10. This is boring I know, you want the magic wand cardio solution, Remember there isn’t one, It’s lots of small consistent steps in the right direction. Seriously I have a responsibility to recommend safety-first exercise, If I was with you and knew more about you, I may take you into the optimal fat burning ZONE! OK I will share this with you, promise to get checked by the GP first. It’s no real secret really but the trend for fat loss when it comes to cardio is short sharp bursts of more intense activity, in other words interval training or Fartlek training (my TAFE students always laugh when I mention that word) they are adults too! Strange. Anyway I explain this sort of training on one of my video’s (click here) It basically has you perform an exercise as fast as possible for 15 seconds, followed by a slightly slower pace (but still difficult) for 30 seconds, followed by a recovery pace of 2 minutes moderate. Repeat 5 times. This will total approx 20 minutes including a warm up and cool down. It has you burning fat for hours. This type of cardio Is what I intersperse with strength training when performing the ‘Rapid Fat Loss’ sessions.

Please get clearance from your GP prior to embarking on a new exercise program


Barbara Mosen

Lost 2 dress sizes 6% Body-Fat Only started to see changes after 6 weeks, then the fat just fell off. She’s now a police women

Rapid Fat loss report

Step 5. Strength / Weight / resistance training (it’s the same, sort of) This is essential for fat loss WHY? If you would like to join the thousands who look and feel toned, with shapely muscles that are visible, not impeded by layers of FAT, then weight training (WT) is key. In fact if you only had 3 x 30 minute segments of time throughout the week to exercise, assuming your goal is fat loss, then WT should be your #1 priority. Otherwise known as resistance training, (WT) activates & elevates your metabolism like nothing else, even at rest you burn fat. That’s because your muscles take a good day or two to recover fully after a good session, this means your calories are utilized for repair instead of being stored in the fat cells. Muscle cells in fact require approximately 20 times more energy than fat cells just to sustain themselves. Beauty, burn FAT whilst you sleep.

Weight training is the number 1 method in my opinion for changing your body shape Step 6. Take your training to another level. What I mean is move on from the basics, look for ways that keep your body guessing, don’t allow your body to get too used to any one method of training, if you are not someone motivated to learn the new methods of training applicable to your results, find a way or find a trainer. One way is to check out my gallery for some of the ‘training methods’ I have adopted. Here is the link, be quick as the gallery is soon to expand into an online product. For now it’s free and I will Endeavour to keep posting more and more content as the weeks go by.

Rapid fat loss report  
Rapid fat loss report  

Report on the 6 key steps