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Terms & Conditions • • • •

Bring a towel & water to each workout Wear appropriate workout gear and footwear (no thongs) Inform your trainer of any injures, illness, or restrictions Discloseany medication you may be taking

Please adhere to the following re-scheduling policy. . • •

Re-scheduling of sessions is no longer an issue; just let me know when you will be making up that session, preferably before the week is out. If you cancel more sessions than booked in that week you can make up to 1 session the following week.

Cost of sessions (add 10% GST)  Unlimited small group sessions per week - $69.00per week

 1 small group session per week (minimum of 8) - $35.00per session  1 on 1, personal training - $90.00per session (min 8 sessions)  Buddy up with a friend - $110.00per session (min 8 sessions)  Nutrition coaching 1 on 1 - $275.00for a 6 week program, this includes upfront consult followed by food diary evaluation & final follow up meeting.

Times for small group training. Morning M-F start between 6.15am & 7.15am, finish by 8.00am Evening M-Thur start @ 6.45pm

All payments are made via direct debit. Alternatively pre-paid packs can be paid in (Cash, Chequeor EFT) I, _____________________________have read, understood & agree to the above terms and conditions. Signature______________________ Date_________________

M: 0413 757 865 - - M: 0413 757 865

Terms of agreemnt  

My Exercise coah (terms of agreement)

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