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Cherish Your Moments With Wedding Theme Ideas Summary: Wedding is celebration of lifetime. Wedding is the most memorable and cherished moment of couple’s life. Along with choosing right location, choosing the right theme makes the wedding more personal and beautiful. There are varieties of themes available; however couples should make the selection based on their personality, comfort and lifestyle. Main Article: The theme selection should be such that it should be in harmony with invitations, dresses, decorations, music, menu, etc. Some of the fancy wedding theme ideas worth choosing are: If you want to have a theme which tells a beautiful story, then you could go for fairy tale theme. The invitations could have beautiful prince and princess pictures over it. The reception venue could be decorated with candle lights or fairy lights. A beautiful fairy cake could add the extra flair to the theme. Another wonder land theme could be the butterfly theme. Butterfly theme would provide charming classiness to the wedding. Decorating the venue with flowers along with attached butterflies. Beautiful butterfly candles and tables with butterfly embellishments would look very elegant. The best romantic theme is rose theme. Rose confetti could add a romantic touch to tables. You could also sprinkle some in your invitations too. Scattering rose petals on the tables would create enigma. Even rose shaped candles on tables would look beautiful. The vibrant fragrances would lead to unique celebration.The best elegant theme would be black and white. Arrange table with black and white table cloth, getting sophisticated accessories for table that are black and white in color. Making the theme black n white you could ask men to wear black and white coats and trousers! A die hard romantic theme would include candlelight, champagne and a beautiful atmosphere of romance. Red ribbons on invitation letter using chiffon table cloths, heart-shaped decorations like heart shaped candles, a subtle heart shaped cake with brides and grooms name engraved and playing romantic music would set the mood. Chocolate lovers could go for chocolate theme. This could include

chocolate colored designs on invitations, brown ribbons over the dress, chocolate cup cakes and even huge mouth watering chocolate wedding cake.

If you are getting married at the seaside, sea theme would work well. Using sea shells to decorate tables, small bottle over the tables with sand, major hoardings written on shell shaped cardboards would look cute. Besides this, customizing cake with seashell-like decoration would make the theme perfect.Your choice among the existing wedding theme ideas would help you make your wedding day grand.

Cherish Your Moments With Wedding Theme Ideas  

Wedding is celebration of lifetime. Wedding is the most memorable and cherished moment of couple’s life. Along with choosing right location,...

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