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More Information About Fat Burners

Fat burners are OTC drugs/supplements which are used by people to lose weight. The effect of fat burners may vary depending upon their contents/chemical composition, but most of them either prevent the absorption of fats in the body or they act as a catalyst in the breakdown of fats in the body so as to facilitate weight loss. Simply put, they help in increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. They are mostly used by people who want to lose weight quickly, just to look slimmer, they are also used by body builders to give them a better musculature. There are various types of fat burners and they work in different ways. The most common one is caffeine, which is widely used by people in the form of tea and coffee while they are dieting. The different types of fat burners are as follows:1.) Thermogenic burners- They work by increasing the body temperature, by doing so, the metabolism rate has to keep up with the raised body temperature, this leads to the body burning more calories throughout the day. Ephedrine is a good example of thermogenic burners, it mimics the effect of the hormone norepinephrine that increases the heart rate and body temperature. 2.) Carnitine- It is basically an amino acid that helps in the burning of fat. It occurs naturally in meat, fish and poultry. But according to a two decade old research conducted by the Office of Dietary Supplements, taking carnitine may not be effective in burning fat because if it is taken in excess, it gets stored in the liver. 3.) Chromium picolinate- Supplement manufacturers claim that chromium picolinate helps in the faster metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Some of the best fat burning foods include whole grains, lean meats (like chicken), green tea, lentils and hot peppers.

Fat burners should not be taken without consulting a physician so that they do not interfere with any medication or any medical condition someone may have. Moreover, rapidly losing weight is unhealthy for the body. Also, a proper exercise and diet regimen should be followed if you are taking fat burners.

More Information About Fat Burners - The effect of fat burners may vary depending upon their contents/chemical composition, but most of th...