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Robbie Lightfoot Furniture and Product Designer

Welcome to my Portfolio. My name is Robbie Lightfoot and I am a Furniture & Product designer at Nottingham Trent University. From a young age I have had a keen eye for detail and innovative design, from the smallest products all the way to cars, My parents told me that when I was a child I was always insterested in the weird and the wonderful, never wanting something that everyone else has. I think this is a key attribute as a designer, being different. Design has been a big part of my life not just in furniture but in all walks of life. My degree at University has helped me develop my knowledge of design, improving my keen eye for detail. It has allowed me to express myself, testing the limits and being able to generate unique and exciting ideas.

I have been a keen skier from an early age and always had a love for photography and music following in my fathers footsteps in building up my own record collection. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, capturing the beauty of nature and architecture as I go. I have visited places such as Cuba, Japan, Jamaica, Denmark, Germany to name a few. I am intrigued by the different approaches to design around the world, I want to use these different styles of inspiration into my own creations and hope you will see this as you peruse my portfolio.

Contents. The Artist Donkey Page 6 - 11

The Travel Safe Page 12 - 15 Kiroko Rack Page 16 - 19 Vibe Page 20 - 24

The Brief Design and manufacture to a high quality prototype stage a specific furniture typology - the portable free-standing storage form - as typified by the Penguin Donkey, suitable for current lifestyles. The design must be able to be produced using the technology of CNC routing though you may choose to make your donkey prototype using jigs and where necessary hand routing machines

The Artist Donkey. Designed for small space living where studios are hard to reach...


Simple con

- 9mm Aer

- 9mm MD

- 9mm Ply

-3mm Alum

The Naked Donkey.

nstruction using:





The Portable Studio. Pop up anywhere around the house and be inspired. This portable artist donkey allows you to store all your equipment in one place. For people who love art but struggle to find space in there home.

Design Innovation Plastics.

The competition brief. ‘Products for independant Travel.’ asked us to design an innovative product, primarily in plastic, that will provide a more comfortable and less stressful travel experience. When travelling your life is in your bag. Therefor, protection of this bag is paramount. This is where the TravelSafe was born. I decided to design this suitcase to protect travellers bag’s during transit through the airport.


I started this project researching into different bags travellers use. - The size - The weight - The shape - What would be carried - Price tags - Material


The main component of the design is the material used. I chose to use a composite of bamboo fibres and PLA, which is extremely sustainable and is just as hard as ABS which is the most common plastic used in suitcases today. The wheels are made from recycled rubber with a stainless steel hub. Ergonomic design of the handle for comfort. Finally a magnetic lid for ease of use and to keep your bag safe.

The TravelSafe uses a simple hire and drop ideation. The user will hire the suitcase in the departing airport and drop it off on arrival. The idea is that these suitcases will be spread around the world.

Umbra John Lewis. A live project in collaboration with Umbra, a Canadian homeware brand, and John Lewis a Uk retail giant. From this brief we understood that the key points were the target market, style and functionality and designing a product that can be easily transported, small, compact and in the ÂŁ20 - ÂŁ80 budget. Working within these boundaries has rained in my design ideations, attempting to design a simplistic, cheap and functional product. My final product, influenced through Japanese and Scandinavian design was sleek, stylish and compact. A main component for me during the design process was to achieve a knock down product due to the target market.

Inspiration. As a student living in a small cluttered space storage has always been an issue and with a variety of records and books I struggle to find a place to store them. Taking inspiration from record storage and side tables already on the market, allowing for a multifunctional storage device to be designed

Exploded View. 2x Beech panels 280 x 280 x 26mm 1x Beech panels 500 x 280 x 26mm 8x Domino 20 x 36 x 3mm 5x Stainless Steel Bar 510 x 10mm Valued at a price of ÂŁ55 All knock down fittings allowing for disassembly making it easier to transport

Simply plug in...

Kiroku Rack.

Compact, portable and simple...


This was a user centred design project aimed at designing a product for a specific user. I choose to design for a middle aged male currently working in London. This project was designed to aid us in specifying probelms in the world outside of our environment. We had to undertake research methods each specifc to the problem My users problem was sleep and waking up through the night. Therefore struggling to wake in the morning. I decided to design a product to aid the user to get up in the morning and for him to achieve the best nights sleep possible.

Why Vibe? - Wireless charging plate - Time and Date - Temperature sensor - Stainless Steel cover - Beech Veneer Through my research I found one of the key factors to achieving a good nights sleep is room temperature. Due to this I have included a temperature sensor so the user can keep the room at the optimum temperature. I have also included a wireless charging panel to allow the watch to charge throughout the day.

Vibe is designed to give you a smooth and settled wakening. It uses vibrations in the wristband which gradually get stronger to wake you up. Through research I found this to be one of the most comforting alarms.

The vibrations can only be turned off using running water due to sensors specifically placed around the watch. This means the user has to get out of bed in order to turn the alarm off.


Giving you the best start to the day...

Contact me... @bobbie.lightfoot 07792 649113

My Design Portfolio  
My Design Portfolio  

A look through the work I have been doing as a Furniture and Product Designer over my time at University