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Empowering people to manage and promote their own health

STARTING with a vision..

Mr. KY Lin

founded Microlife in 1981, hoping that

people can be empowered to manage and promote their own health.


For nearly three decades, Microlife has been helping people around the globe to monitor and improve their health. The Microlife multi-culture team presents a philosophy

A journey of discovery


to empower people to manage and promote their own health

which is a combination of the East and West philosophies. We understand the diverse needs of different countries, thereby, providing our customers with the right products and services, which improves self-awareness of managing their health. The

result is people with better physical well-being and reducing the healthcare cost for all families.

Consumer Medical Product Lines

BP A100

BP W100







High quality, user-friendly, ergonomic product designs are the values appreciated by people around the world.

From the ancient wisdom of thousands of years, the human

These signals provide information about the body’s current

body has been seen as a micro universe interacting with the

condition and health status. Deciphering these signals is

macro universe. Each breath we take sends signals to the

challenging for human beings, but is the vital key to better

central control, our brains.


BPM for All people Bridging science to life We help people understand body signals for better health

BPM for ages 40-60, the elderly aged over 65, pregnant females, diabetic patients, and for patients on dialysis.

Microlife provides BPM for all people in different age groups, and for the special groups, such as pregnant females, diabetic patients, and patients on dialysis. Our BPM are developed together with leading hypertension specialists and clinically validated according to the protocols of the following

international expert societies: - British Hypertension Society (BHS) – Great Britian - European Society of Hypertension (ESH) – Europe - Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) – United States - Germany Hypertension Society – Germany - World Health Organization (WHC)

Professional Medical Product Lines

The world’s first and only blood pressure measurement devices programmed with ESH[1]/AHA[2]/JSH[3] protocols.

The world’s first and only blood pressure measurement devices embedded with physician-recommended blood pressure measurement protocol-the ESH, AHA, and JSH. Microlife WatchBP solution is the result of over two years of open dialogue and close cooperation between hypertension specialists, primary care physicians, medical societies, and Microlife. Microlfie WatchBP is a professional BPM solution designed for all clinical application to prevent and manage hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation (Afib), the major risk factors of stroke and heart disease.

[1] [2] [3]

ESH: European Society of Hypertension AHA: American Heart Association JSH: Japanese Society of Hypertension

Home monitoring, Patient titration

Based on its cutting-edge technology and human-friendly design, WatchBP provides solutions to serve healthcare needs from community screening, and also for the diagnosis, titration and education at doctor offices. WatchBP Home device empowers patients to manage their blood pressure in their home environment, thereby improving hypertension treatment follow-up. WatchBP solutions play a key role in promoting a synergy of major stakeholders to help people prevent and manage hypertension, and prevent stroke development and heart disease.

We provide solutions to Patient-Centered Medical Home [1] with solutions of WatchBP and WatchWT programs that prevent stroke and heart disease.

WatchWT practice solutions utilize a combination of medical devices, clinical software, and supporting educational materials that help a physician assess, initiate and monitor treatment.

WatchBP practice solutions feature a combination of ready-to-implement PracticeWare™ guidelines, patient-focused LifeWare™ tools, and advanced diagnostic and measurement tools.

Microlife Medical Home Solutions (MiMHS) is a subsidiary of

Since 2007, MiMHS has partnered with pioneering primary

Microlife Corp.


Its primary focus is to decrease the large number of patients

practice-tested solutions that help physicians structure their

that suffer from hypertension and obesity, thereby preventing

practices towards a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

at-risk individuals from developing chronic disease.

model of care.






[1] Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, and their personal providers, and when appropriate, the patient’s family. The provision of medical homes may allow better access to health care, increase satisfaction with care, and improve health.

* For more information, please visit:

Fast Track to the Patient-Centered Medical Home

MiMHS is dedicated to meeting the needs of physicians and healthcare

MiMHS is committed to providing new models of patient-centered

providers and their busy practices. The solutions of MiMHS offer

care that are cost-effective and efficient for medical practices.

evidence-based and practice-tested methods for accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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Heating mattress - energy saving for each household Heating pad - providing heat for pain relief and therapy

FH 320

FH 512

Safe, quick, comfortable, effective.

Biddeford Blankets is a subsidiary of Microlife Corp.

Heat therapy can be provided quickly and inexpensively in the

Heat or warmth is well known for its soothing and relaxing

form of heating pads, which can be applied safely to the

effect and is one of mankind's basic needs to function

affected areas.

properly. In addition, heat has been long used as an effective form of therapy, even in prehistoric times.

One bed. One heating mattress. Save the Earth.

Energy saving for households and our next generation

"One bed. One heating mattress. Save the Earth." We are providing heating matresses to each household, hoping to save energy for our next generation and the Earth.

In cooperation between the front-end and back-end, Biddeford has gone from an estimated 10% market share in the flexible heating category to an estimated 49% market share. In 2010, Microlife established Biddeford Subic Corporation to open a new manufacturing facility in the Philippines. This aggressive commitment has insured Biddeford Blankets to continue on its successful journey.

Join usBe a part of Microlife

ExactBP Microlife, its Greek distributor Karabinis Medical and Novartis Hellas successfully developed a new blood pressure monitor for doctor’s offices which received the prestigious“Pharma CEO Awards 2009”of Novartis.

You can find Microlife products in more than 50 countries

collaboration has established a strong global network and

around the globe. The marketing and sales function in Europe,

good relationship with our business partners.

United States, Asia, Japan, and China are committed to offer expertise and support to customers. Such a multi-cultural

Our strong connection with Key Opinion Leaders in medical societies

From left to right First front: Derek Tyrrell (ML UK), Dr. Andrew Shennan, Prof. Wen Wang, Prof. Yu-An Ding Second front: Dr. Roland Asmar, Mr. David ,Dr. Jim Moll (ML, ICare), Dr. Thomas Pickering, KY Lin (ML CEO), Mr. Hu-Shen Yang, Willem Hsu (ML Vice Chairman), Mr. TM Wang (ML Vice President).

Every year Microlife succeeds with revenue growth. This is not only from seamless collaboration with business partners, but also from the most important asset- our staff.

Microlife. A partner for people. For Life.

What Microlife is for... Empowering people to manage and promote their own health

Microlife Corp. is not just aiming at developing new devices. By integrating its cutting-edge medical technology into our devices to meet people’s health needs, Microlife provides solutions to meet the needs of physicians, healthcare providers, and their busy practices. We invite you to join us and make a big stride - Empowering people to manage and promote their own health.

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