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Newsletter 5th 6th Edition

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Time works wonders-Microlife obtained great success through past 30 years.

Honors and Awards

Congratulations on winning the Prize!

Regional News

Medica 2011•APCH 2011•Passion Bean•Hot & Heart

HR program

Senior Microlife employees in the 30th year

Newsletter Dec. 2011


Time works wonders— Microlife obtained great success through past 30 years. In time all things can be accomplished. Microlife has celebrates our 30th anniversary and has obtained many awards this year. Microlife gradually evolved from product research to cloud technology development and LOHAS services. The change is due to the desire to fulfill the Microlife’s vision, and the accumulation of much diverse strength for many years. We visit several senior staffs regards in Microlife’s many years’ of operation in this edition. They have passed through the transformation of Microlife, and also recognized Microlife’s history. Time will bring hope. We believe that Microlife will become more and more outstanding in the through time and create a prosperous and better future.

Founder KY Lin

Chief Editor Dollie Kao

Contributing Writers

Dollie Kao Eckehard Fend Edith Huang Gerhard Frick Jeffrey Liu Jessica Lin Kenny Ko Kevin Horan Mark Porter Mandy Lee Marc Lang Mervi Pinson Sandy Huang T.M. Wang

Art & Design Robbie Ku

Microlife Global

Honors and Awards

Regional News




Congratulations on winning the Prize!

Microlife participated at the Medica 2011 in Dßsseldorf – Germany

Microlife attended the 8th Asia-Pacific Congress of Hypertension 2011 in Taipei



The passion, The bean, The way to LOHAS!

Grand Opening ! Hot & Heart LOHAS Center

HR Program

11 Thoughts from senior Microlife employees in the 30th years long

Mr. Hsiao (The Vice-President of Taiwan) and Mr. K. Y. Lin (Chairman & CEO of Microlife Corp.)


Newsletter Dec. 2011

Congratulations on winning the Prize! Microlife Corporation Received the Golden Laurel Award Presented by Taiwan GreTai Securities Market Reported by Dollie Kao


n the centennial year of the Republic of China, Gretai Securities Market (GTSM) has set up a Golden Laurel Award to commend and recognize the market participants, including GTSM-listed companies, emerging stock companies, securities firms, accounting firms and mutual fund companies that have made outstanding contributions to the growth and expansion of the Gretai Securities Market. According to GTSM, “gold” is the king of precious metals and does not rust; “laurel” stems from the olive wreath, the prize used in Ancient Greece to crown the champions and symbolize “achievement and honor.” The word “laurel” in Chinese is also pronounced the same as “gre” in GTSM. On its 17th anniversary, GTSM held the First Golden Laurel Award ceremony on November 1st, 2011 at the Excellence Hall of Howard Civil Service International House to show its appreciation for those outstanding GTSM participants. Microlife Corp. is very honored to receive the award in the “Outstanding Performance in Sustained Operations” of GTSM-listed Company Category due to the sustainable and outstanding business performance of more than 10% of annual growth in ROE (Return in Equity) between 2008~2010 as well as achieving of class A for 6th to 8th annual Information Enclosure Evaluation.

On 30th year anniversary, we shall continue to carry forward the spirit of the Golden Laurel Award, maintain equity, pursue sustainable management, and fulfill its corporate and social responsibility. According to KY, “A New Way through Together to Get Hypertension under Control by 2015” can be a life transformation process for each of us and the Earth.

Newsletter Dec. 2011


Regional news

Microlife participated at the

Medica 2011 in Düsseldorf – Germany Reported by Marc Lang

The 42 nd Medica was held in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Newsletter Dec. 2011

Regional news


icrolife participated at the world’s largest medical trade fair in Düsseldorf – Germany. Products from the Consumer and Professional Market were presented at the 42nd Medica to 134,000 visitors from more than 100 nations.

The impressive 84m2 booth was completely revised and adjusted to the 3rd generation design and received a lot of positive feedback from visitors and colleagues.

Microlife’s stand was visited by old and new customers and it was once again able to draw the attention and interest of the visitors with the upcoming 3rd Generation products; The WatchBP Glucometers and Microlife’s focus on its major strengths: Afib detection, Pre-eclampsia Validation and Renal Disease Validation.

Microlife’s booth shortly before the exhibition opened.

Newsletter Dec. 2011


Regional news

Microlife attended the

8 Asia-Pacific Congress of Hypertension 2011 in Taipei th

Reported by Mandy Lee


Newsletter Dec. 2011

Regional news


ey message well delivered by scientific lectures and booth demonstration.

Microlife invited 2 European speakers (Prof Parati and Prof Stergiou) and 1 Chinese speakers (Prof Wen Wang) to give scientific lectures. WatchBP concepts were strategically disseminated by those lectures. 3 speakers were explained scientific talks about blood pressure measurement guidelines, Afib technology, sleeping blood pressure and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Beside the lectures, watchBP total solution and watchBP cloud solution were demonstrated at the exhibition center. APCH press conference – 722* meets the feature of WatchBP Home

co-organized with Microlife the APCH press conference. The press conference’s main focus was the importance of Home Blood Pressure Measurement. Based on the concept of Home blood pressure measurement guideline, we invented a memorable slogan – 722 and 722 gesture to attract the media and public’s attention. Ming-Fong, Chen (the chairman of APCH) and hypertension KOLs were pro-actively announced the 722 slogan and demonstrated the gesture. Overall, it was a success attending the APCH. Microlife built not only the professional medical image, but also explored several collaboration projects in China and Taiwan. We truly believe, Microlife is becoming a professional medical solution provider.

Since Microlife has been working closely with the Taiwan Hypertension Society (THS) many years, THS

* ESH recommendations on the use

of home blood pressure monitoring: 7 days of measurements, morning and evening readings per day, 2 measurements for each session.

Newsletter Dec. 2011


Regional News

The passion, the bean, the way to LOHAS! Reported by Kenny Ko


Newsletter Dec. 2011

Regional News

meetings consist of sharing, brainstorming and discussing creative ideas. We have recently discussed a method that would better improve our ability to deliver the core values of our service to our consumers. It’s equally important that consumers believe in the values that we deliver. Aside from the use of our product a large focal point is what makes our services unique.

At Passion Bean, we always pay attention to why people should use our Lifeware: it’s our belief that the LOHAS From left to the right : Sting Tao, Jimmy Kuo, Monnika Zeil, Kenny Ko and John Chang


concept will aid humankind. In the near future, we will release a Cardio dock APP, Thermo dock APP, HealthMi APP, Health Coach APP, Sports Tracking APP and a CareGirl

assion Bean LOHAS Mobile Technology Inc.

APP. Besides developing apps on our own, we will establish the Lifeware Innovation Center: a stage for beginners to join,

is a new startup in the big Microlife family. We devote ourselves

learn and develop their own ideas, demo to the public and

to improving people’s lives and environmental well being by

make a real impact. LIC will work closely with universities,

incorporating mobile technology. We are familiar with uses of

governments and investors to improve Lifeware’s startup

technology and the Internet, which allows us to distribute health


based knowledge through a rapidly growing modern industry. Our services will surround the LOHAS concept and we’ll release a series of Lifeware – mobile software that support people manage in their health while conserving the environment. This software will run on smartphones, tablets and through the web. We believe we will provide a new inlet of value for the sustainability of Taiwan’s and China’s society. We strive to constantly challenge each other to critically analyze user experience and report with detailed feedback. Weekly

Newsletter Dec. 2011


Regional News

Grand Opening! Hot & Heart LOHAS Center


tory of Hot & Heart LOHAS Center

Microlife has always been very dedicated to areas of health management and carbon reduction. With the emerging threat of global climate change and the increasing cost of national health expenses, we all need to pay greater attention to these issues. As a continuation of Microlife’s mission, we are proud to announce the grand opening of Hot & Heart LOHAS Center in Taipei. Hot & Heart stands for “holistic optimal therapy for you and Earth; heart touching solution for all ages”. The idea is derived from creating


Newsletter Dec. 2011

a space in the community for people to learn, share and spread the knowledge of maintain healthy habits and what we can do for our Mother Earth. By distributing knowledge throughout the community, we hope to inspire a transformation, which raises awareness in health in environmental issues, as well as shaping a new and healthier lifestyle. Interestingly, hot-heart in Chinese means sincere and heartwarming, which shows our passion of delivering “heartwarming” service to our customers. The establishment of our first Hot & Heart LOHAS center symbolizes Microlife’s extension into channel business from its manufacturing identity. This is also part of the great Microlife 2nd cure movement!

Regional News

In July 2011, our company founded the Hot & Heart LOHAS Center, which is now currently led by the LOHAS team. Within 3 months, starting from scratch and working day and night, our team has shown brilliant creativity of integrating elements from community service, LOHAS lifestyle, holistic medicine and energy saving; these concepts finally came to life with the opening of our first store in November 2011.

building. The materials we use are non-toxic and from natural sources. LED lighting is used at our center to reinforce energy conservation. We often hold “low-carbon lifestyle” workshops to raise community awareness about global warming and environmental protection. Upload your bp data via membership card!

Come on! Let’s see what Hot & Heart LOHAS Center can do for each of us!

Spirit of Social Enterprise

Our nutritionist is explaining to customers how to choose the right supplements. Health Chatting time with the nutritionist.

Community Health Promotion Program I’m sure you have gone to the doctor, because you were feeling ill. But have you ever seen a nutritionist to chat about what foods you should eat and how your body feels? Welcome to our Hot & Heart LOHAS Center! After becoming a member, you can have unlimited appointments with our nutritionist. She will assist you from understanding your own metabolic signature to putting an individualized healthy meal plan designed just for you. We also offer various health workshops for free. Wanna get fit? Our fitness consultant will teach you tips on DIY home workout or you can attend our exercise classes. Our center is equipped with cloud health management system, and you can upload your blood pressure and blood glucose data by simply sliding your membership card on Microlife’s smart cloud devices. How easy is that! Meanwhile, supplements and organic products at our center are tested for environmental pollutants and tested against high manufacturing standards. Hot & Heart LOHAS Center is your 3rd home! Come discover the secret of healthy living!

Hot & Heart LOHAS Center is operated as a social enterprise, which focuses on social responsibility rather than profit. We aim to pool our wisdom, and together solve two of the biggest issues that face us today— global warming and healthcare. Through working together, our goal is to ascend humanity and create a nourishing space for human potential.

Future of Hot & Heart Lohas Center In 2011, we opened in Taipei. In the near future, we hope to see more and more Hot & Heart branches around the world. Come on! Let’s work together to spread the seed of loving humanity!

Non-Toxic Environment and Energy Saving Hot & Heart LOHAS Center is constructed under the concept of green

Newsletter Dec. 2011


HR program

Thoughts from senior Microlife employees in the 30th years long Eckehard Fend

I want to take the moment today to send best wishes to the entire Microlife family as we celebrate this important milestone of our 30th company anniversary. There is a Chinese saying that says "we should remember its source when we drink water". I still remember the day when I started at Microlife approx. one decade ago. Taking today's opportunity I would like to thank all those who have put their efforts for the successful development of Microlife over the last 30 years. Looking into the future I believe the development strategies of Microlife should strive to be innovative for adapting to changes and to be proactive to find out market niches. Let's continue to be on course for greater growth in the coming future.

Edith Huang

2011 is a memorial and remarkable year as Microlife is celebrating her 30 anniversary. Looking back the times of start - up in 1981 until this year, Microlife has been persisting for such a long time by honoring her great missions and vision - to make the people and planet health. It is not easy for a company like Microlife who has decent vision for people, moreover, can stay with that vision for 30 years! I’m very happy to grow up together with Microlife over the past 12 years. And, I’m proud of being one of Microlife families! Happy Birthday to Microlife!

Gerhard Frick

30 years Microlife appears in line with an almost continuous growth - even in today’s slowdown as noticeable in almost every economy. Particularly the stronger head winds of today show us how important a branded strategy in different segments is to remain independent as a company. However, the establishment of a brand requires efforts, patience and money. These activities therefore shall be carried by the short term revenue of a well - managed private label business with serious and trustful partners. The optimal mixture between both in the individual regions seems important to remain successful under a constantly changing economy environment. I am confident that the people in Microlife on a global scale have the ability to keep these things up - also in the next 30 years and beyond. Congratulations Microlife and furthermore all the best!

Jeffrey Liu

Microlife is a highly respected company who used technology to take care of human health; this great ambition is everyone’s business in Microlife. Recently Microlife received many awards, recognized that he is a good company in this Industry. For a new staff, it is pleased to work in here and want to become Microlife People, just like other companions who have the same ideal. Microlife 30th anniversary of the symbol is a new milestone; Organizational should be changed to face the challenges of the future market. In the coming issues, I would like to work with you together towards Microlife the next 30 years. Happy Birthday to Microlife and enjoy your life.


Newsletter Dec. 2011

HR program

Kevin Horan

The staff of Microlife USA would like to say Thank You to KY Lin and all those employees in the corporate office and production facilities which help us deliver the highest quality medical devices to our U.S. retail market. It’s this great sense of pride and team - work from all Microlife employees on both sides of the globe that makes your dream come true, “To empower the consumer through our products and services to be able to manage and promote their own health & wellness”.

Mark Porter

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Microlife/Biddeford back-end, front - end and management for their continued support in assisting to make Biddeford Blankets a successful company. With everyone’s continued support Biddeford Blankets has been able to achieve 8 consecutive years of record sales growth and an average sales growth of 20% per year. Thank you for the support and we look forward to another great year and continued success.

Mervi Zuercher

Greetings from senior employees to Microlife which was established for 30 years ago From marketing point of view it was a wise decision back in the year 1993 to change our brand name from Micro Idea to Microlife and start building up brand and not mainly rely on OEM/Private label business. With so many competitors entering the market in the past 11 years, which I have been part of Microlife team, our chance for the future is to build further on our good brand name and keep on manufacturing innovative and high quality products. Congratulations Microlife!!!! Mervi Zuercher, Vice President Sales and Marketing Latin America and Canada. With Microlife since July 2000.

Sandy Huang

The most sage and venerated teacher of China Confucius mentioned: a man should be independent at the age of thirty, let's define the meaning of the independence, it meant the man has sufficient skill to earn for himself and has enough knowledge to make the decision for his own future; and no need to rely on the help from others. The definition magically agrees with the goal and strategy of Microlife in the future: to lower the dependence of OEM business and strive to develop the Brand business. This is the clear and definite direction for all of us that work in Microlife to exert. Especially in this generation – with huge economic recession uncertainties. It is good for Microlife to set up his goal at the age of thirty, and May God bless Microlife to achieve his next prosperous milestone and to realize his dream soon.

T.M. Wang

It is a great journey since joining Microlife in 1997 March. Not only seeing my kids growing up from 5 years old to becoming freshmen of nice universities, but also participated transformation of Microlife from ODM supplier to Branded company in the healthcare business. Congratulation to Microlife for the 30th birthday and the recognition as Top 100 Brand of Taiwan! The pioneering work we did since Jan. 2006 upon interacting with Professional Hypertension Societies in Europe, America and Asia provides Microlife a great position today. We have facilitated the harmonization of Blood Pressure Measurement Guidelines of Hypertension Management amongst above regions. Our unique position now from Whole Aspect of Treating and Caring of High Blood Pressure is recognized at ESH 2011, ISH 2011 and APCH 2011which grants new opportunity of Microlife’s vision. Proud to be in the Microlife family and keep running!!!

Newsletter Dec. 2011


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