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Podcast for Tafe students. Servo vs. Canteen or how to get the best from both!!

Robert Golan

Tafe 2009 Digital Media Diploma Class

Synopsis: Story about Servo vs. Canteen for all Tafe students included teachers. Snacks vs. proper meals, drinks, breakfast and lunch. It is going to be interview with one of the best bargain food hunters in Australia. He will show and revile all the trade secrets behind school Tafe canteen and also Petrol station shop cross the road.

The Intention:

To show all student and some teachers how to get the best out those two worlds (Tafe canteen and servo)

The Audience:

All this trade secret and exclusive behind the scene is designed for all tafe students and some lucky teachers.



Media and equipment we will use: software-Audiocity Audio recorder

The Cast: Joseph G . –The master of bargain hunting (currently enrolled at Tafe) reviling inside information live from Randwick Tafe.

Robert G. – Moderator for T&G Fm Radio


The interview happens at two locations: 1. at front of Tafe canteen and 2. at front of Petrol station

Tafe canteen locations questions: RG Q1: Hi, how are you today? Robert Golan 2009

Q2: OK…ok let’s cut the crap straight to business please. Q3: Where you going to have your lunch today, here or servo cross the road? Q4: Are you serious? It is hard to believe, please explain! Q5: Why don’t we go and have a look. Change the locations, now interview continues at front of Petrol station: RG continues asking: Q6: Oh…so that’s what is happening. Can you be please more specific Q7: Wow ..that is a scandal, all students of Tafe should know this And I think few teachers would be interested to hear about this. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. Please take care of yourself. THE END


T ime/Location:

P odcaster:


8-10 sec 10-15s/canteen

Radio T&G FM music Robbie G interviews Joseph G. Robbie G music Robbie G Radio T&G FM music

Fade in/Fade out Q1

At front of canteen 4-6s At front of Petrol station 8-10s

Robert Golan 2009

Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5 Fade in/Fade out Q6,Q7 Fade in/Fade out

Podcast for Tafe student  

Interview with guru Master

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