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CILB TECH solutions

The CILB Tech Solutions Program in alliance with the Department of Education provides consumers with technical training and support needed to properly embrace and learn in an efficient manner today’s fast-paced technology solutions. The program is able to provide participants with the needed tools such as: computers, software, scanners, shockproof cases, iPads, accessible work stations and wheelchairs. Participants will also benefit from the Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software that helps students when attending classes. CILB has empowered individuals to have normal student lives and help them get jobs

Wheelchair Repair Clinic

The Wheelchair Repair Clinic is a partnership with Nova Southeastern University, National Seating and Mobility, and CILB. The clinic provides repairs to wheelchairs, scooters and other medical devices to increase mobility for people with disabilities. It includes replacement of batteries, new tires, arm pads and general maintenance to ensure consumers can stay independent and active in the community. Repairs are done quickly, on site and hassle free.