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Solent Information HUB Project Re-usable and Collapsible The key element I used as the centre point of my design was to make the whole hub re-usable and collapsible so it could be dismantled and assembled with ease at the end and beginning of each day, and yet still be robust and sturdy as well as meeting the other criteria form the brief. To make the hub re-usable and easy to dismantle and reassemble, the entire hub is designed to fold or collapse .

The leaflet stand is telescopic and collapses to a very small size so it can be stored easily at night

The desk is hollow with a sliding top to use as storage overnight

The Solent “Spark� on top of the tower to grab attention from a distance. The telescopic tower would be made from four poles made from fiberglass and aluminium

The aluminium frame that houses the flexi LED screen is hinged with lockable hinges so it can be laid flat for storage

The Ipad stands would be also be telescopic and collapsible so they can be stored within the desks overnight. They would have interactive displays (such as 3D tours of the university and testimonials from students) for people to get an understanding of the departments and services offered by various departments

Clear roof to be made from polycarbonate sheeting as it is durable and weather proof Telescopic posts would offer support for the roofed area

The roof structure is made from galvanised aluminium supports wrapped in a galvanised aluminium skin which would be treated and painted black

Collapse d

The LED screen would display a promotional video of Solent University that would be able to be seen from a distance to help draw people into the HUB

Display cases would have student projects in to show case the type of things people could expect to be doing at the university





The inside space is sectioned off into departments by the hanging posters that would have information for the relevant department

The floor comes apart into two separate sections to make it easier to be transported when collapsed


Young and Vibrant The floor components are made from a lightweight galvanised aluminium outer frame and a wooden joist and noggin support structure. The actual floor finish would be wooden floor boards that would be treated against weather conditions

Throughout the HUB I have used various mediums to communicate a multitude of information regarding the university and the services and departments that are available. These range from fairly “low tech” mediums such as posters and flyers to more “high-tech” approaches such as the Ipad stands and large flexible LED screen. I have used a bold and vibrant colour scheme that, along with the various technology, keeps to the universities young and vibrant outlook

LED screen is built into a hinged galvanised aluminium frame which would accommodate the wires and cables

The HUB has two distinctive areas : the more formal informative area, which has straight lines, and the more informal “reflective” area that has curved lines and soft furnishings

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