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Life's a breeze with Say goodbye to the rush and stress of busy days – sit back, relax and enjoy

the good life! Tupperware makes it so easy to pack a picnic lunch for family and friends, entertain with ease, cook with confidence and organise your space. Keep your delicious meals warm and inviting, healthy lunches fresh and tasty, save space, time and money and always serve in style with this amazing and innovative range of Tupperware products.

good for life!

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fill your life with colour all year round

season with colour


Serve up delightful treats in mouth-watering colours! This stylish range of Expressions bowls is sure to cast a warm and vibrant glow to any occasion long after the celebration is over. The virtually air-tight and liquid-tight seal keeps contents fresh and the seal may also be used as a bowl stand or serving platter.


Expressions Bowls, Low (400ml x 4)


Expressions Bowl (1,3l) (17,5cm diameter x 10,5cm high)

R73 056863

Expressions Bowl (2,5l) (21,5cm diameter x 13cm high)


Carrot Cake Ingredients 250ml oil 250ml sugar 3 eggs 330ml flour 2ml cinnamon 2ml baking powder 2ml salt 2ml bicarbonate of soda 500ml coarsely grated carrots

Icing 175ml smooth cream cheese 60g butter 250ml icing sugar vanilla essence 125ml pecan nuts, chopped

Method 046979

Expressions Bowl (4,3l) (25,5cm diameter x 14,5cm high)


Preheat oven to 180째 C. Beat oil and sugar together. Add eggs one at a time. Beat well. Sift flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Add to egg mixture. Mix in grated carrots, keeping some aside for decoration. Bake in a greased cake tin for 30 minutes. Icing: Reserve some nuts for decoration. Mix all ingredients together with a Paddle Scraper. Ice cake and decorate with some of the grated carrot and chopped pecan nuts.

season with colour


fill your life with colour all year round

season with colour



Fiesta Tumblers (400ml x 4) A set of four brightly coloured tumblers ideal for casual and fun entertaining. The orange peel surface allows for an easy grip and prevents scratching.

new colour 101189

Modular Jug (1,9l) Ideal for indoor and outdoor serving of fruit juices, iced tea and other refreshing beverages. Designed to fit in the fridge door.


season with colour


practical, smar t and versatile


8 054816

Butter Dish (500g) Store and serve butter in this elegant Butter Dish, which complements the Bread Server. (15,5cm x 8,1cm x 7,5cm deep)

R81 054731


Bread Server Store and serve a variety of breads, rolls, croissants and muffins in this large Bread Server. Keeps contents fresher for longer, thanks to special grooves, which allow air to circulate.


Maxi Server (5,6l) Serve chips and snacks at picnics, parties and family get togethers. The cover is divided into 3 sections which can be used as a serving tray. The two matching Dip Bowls (470ml) clip onto the inside of the base to serve sauces and dips in style.


Quick ’n Easy Vetkoek Ingredients


Double Plates (700ml x 2) Favourite containers that can be used together to store and keep food fresh or apart as a bowl and plate separately.


500ml flour 20ml baking powder 5ml salt 30ml oil 1 egg 250ml buttermilk Sift dry ingredients together in a That’s A Bowl (3l). Beat oil, egg and buttermilk in a Quick Shake (500ml). Fold into the dry mixture. With floured hands, roll the dough into 12 balls. Flatten and fry in 2cm deep medium-hot oil. Turn when golden brown and cook on other side. Drain on paper towels. Serve with mince or butter and jam. Makes 12



(32cm x 26cm x 12,5cm high)

practical, smar t and versatile




Small Square Rounds (400ml x 4)

new colour

These versatile containers stack neatly together to save space and are perfect for storing snacks and left-overs.


(12cm x 11cm x 5,5cm high)

Double Diners (1,4l x 2)


A set of two useful containers ideal to store leftovers or to pack lunches. (22cm x 13cm x 6,5cm high)

R168 066296

Giant Canister (8,7l) Large canister with sturdy handle for easy carrying. Ideal to store and carry large quantities of dry ingredients. Fill with ice and use as a cooler box for travelling. (23cm diameter x 26,5cm high)


Carry Away, High Carry it all in this 2-compartment large Carry Away, with handle for easy transportation. Use it as a cooler box to take to picnics and parties or even ideal as a first aid box, briefcase or tool box. (37,5cm x 18cm x 17,2cm high)


new 083788

Keep n Carry, Large (14l) This generous sized container is ideal to store large quantities of flour, mealie meal, sugar, rice or other dry ingredients. Alternatively use to store cool drink cans, children's toys or cleaning supplies. (32cm x 19cm x 32cm high)




practical, smar t and versatile



Marinader The smartest container around to marinate meat, fish and vegetables. The built-in grids allow marinades to flow around the food for ultimate coverage. Just flip it for even flavouring.

How to use your Marinader


(26cm x 31cm x 11cm high)


Place food to be marinated in the MARINADER. Pour marinade over food.


To seal, press on the corner firmly, then slide your thumbs around the four sides, and tuck the last corner into place.


Hold firmly with both hands and simply ‘flip' the container. The grid design in both base and seal allows marinade to flow evenly and freely.


It's so easy, turn the container several times while marinating for even flavouring.

R212 068015

Handy Bowl (1l) Prepare, store and serve fresh salads or meals in these modern, all-purpose bowls. If there are left-overs just put the seal on and refrigerate. (14cm diameter x 10cm high)


(17cm diameter x 10cm high)



Handy Bowl (3,3l) (22cm diameter x 10cm high)




Handy Bowl (2l)

turn an ever y day meal into an enter taining experience

entertain with ease



Exclusive Collection Salt & Pepper Set (100ml x 2) A must have set! Cleverly designed to keep salt and pepper free of moisture at all times. The clear bases allow you to identify contents at a glance. (5cm diameter x 10,5cm high)


Legacy Bowls (700ml x 4) This versatile set of bowls is ideal to serve soups, stews, salads and desserts.

R159 079979

Legacy Server (1,7l) An elegant server with cover to keep your favourite dishes warm and inviting. (32,5cm x 22cm x 11cm high)


Fresh Cream and Spinach Soup Ingredients 1 bunch spinach 60ml butter 2 onions, sliced 75ml flour 750ml chicken stock 500ml milk salt and pepper to taste 125ml cream 2 rashers bacon, chopped and fried

Method Shred spinach finely, reserving a few leaves for garnish. Melt butter in a heavy-based saucepan. Add sliced onions and cook for 10 minutes. Add spinach and cook for 5 minutes until wilted. Sprinkle flour over, stir with a wooden spoon. Gradually add chicken stock, stirring constantly. Simmer for 8-10 minutes. Add milk and seasoning. Simmer 15 minutes longer.


Legacy Giant Server (4,5l) A large sized stylish server ideal for serving hot casseroles, curries, pap and rice. (34cm diameter x 10cm deep)


Swirl in cream before serving. Garnish with bacon and reserved leaves of spinach. Serve in Legacy Server (1,7l ) and Legacy Bowls (700ml). Serve the soup with sliced French bread that has been brushed with olive oil and garlic and toasted under the grill for a few minutes.

entertain with ease


turn an ever y day meal into an enter taining experience

entertain with ease

16 090653

Handy Mugs (300ml x 4) Serve hot drinks and soups in these handy mugs which will keep drinks hotter for longer. Designed so that your fingers do not come into contact with the hot mug.

Pronto Pizza 026222

Legacy Plates (4) Easy-care plates for serving your delicious meals. The extended rim prevents food from spilling and makes handling easier. (26cm x 26cm)


new 052973

Serve a Lot (10l) This generous sized container with liquid-tight seal is great to mix, store and serve a large amount of food. Ideal for family gatherings or party preparations. (35cm diameter x 19cm high)


Pizza Dough Ingredients 500ml flour 10ml baking powder 2ml salt 75ml oil 150ml boiling water

Method Preheat oven to 200째C. Brush a 26cm pizza pan with oil. Place all ingredients in a Mix n Stor (2l). Seal completely and shake from side to side ten times, then up and down for a minute. Unseal and pastry is ready for use. (Knead gently if required) Press out dough to fit pan. Place in oven for 10 minutes.

Topping Ingredients 90ml tomato sauce 5ml origanum 3-4 tomatoes, sliced 4 slices ham or bacon, chopped 300ml Mozzarella cheese, grated Olives, anchovies (optional)

Method Mix together tomato and origanum and spread over half-cooked pizza base. Cover with sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, ham or bacon, and finally, grated cheese, olives and anchovies. Bake for 30 minutes.

entertain with ease


be happy, healthy and keep cool



Reasons to drink water from a



On-the-Go Drinking Bottle (1l) Keep fresh water and beverages always at hand with this attractive, reusable, watertight and eco-friendly drinking bottle. Anywhere, anytime and on the go it's ideal for everyone!


On-the-Go Drinking Bottle Drinking water is healthy! Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day (2l). Drinking water helps to regulate body temperature and eliminate toxins. Drinking water decreases appetite and burns fat more efficiently.



Crystalwave Eat On-the-Go (1l) One handy container with two seals. Use the On-the-Go seal with the cutlery (knife and fork) and sauce container (60ml) clipped firmly on top of the container to carry to work where you can enjoy a healthy lunch. Or use the Crystalwave seal with vent to reheat your previously cooked meals in the microwave in an instant! Leave the vent open when reheating. The On-the-Go seal is not microwave reheatable.


Save space, time and effort spent shopping for and storing of disposable water bottles. Save the environment by helping to prevent billions of disposable water bottles being used for landfills and taking an estimated 1000 years to biodegrade!

Fill twice a day, throw nothing away!


Drinking water helps maintain stamina, gives you more energy and reduces fatigue.

be happy, healthy and keep cool


20 054676

Snack Set (850ml x 2) Two ideal sized containers for multi-purpose serving and storage. Ideal for travelling. (14cm x 14cm x 5,5cm high)


This handy all in one, stylish lunch box can accommodate a juice, snack and sandwich with ease. Ideal as a sewing box or pencil box for kids. (21cm x 15,5cm x 8cm)


new colour 100697

Good Companion This easy to carry large lunch box has a hinged cover that is attached to the base so that it will never get lost. Also ideal as a carry case for a variety of items. (19cm x 19cm x 8cm deep)


Egg Custard Ingredients 150ml milk 2 eggs 30ml flour 5ml mustard 3ml salt 2ml pepper 2ml Aromat

Filling Ingredients 410g tin asparagus salad cuts OR 1 onion, chopped and fried 250g bacon, ham or viennas, chopped and fried 150g mushrooms OR 250g tin pineapple pieces 200g tin tuna OR 175g spinach, cooked and chopped 25ml grated onion AND 250ml grated Cheddar cheese.

Method Preheat oven to 180ยบ C and grease a small pie dish. If you are using a large flan dish, then double the recipe. Place ingredients for filling into pie dish. Sprinkle the grated cheese over. Place all egg custard ingredients in the Quick Shake (500ml) in the order in which they are written. Shake well. Pour over filling and bake at 180ยบ C for 35 minutes or until set. Ideal as a lunch box filler. Serves 6 people.



On-the-Go Luncher

Quick Shake Savour y Tar t

store, reheat and ser ve

heat it up


Divided Dish, Large


How to use your Microwave Rice Maker

Perfect to store and serve a healthy lunch or dinner in, as it has divisions to keep food separate. Base only is microwave reheatable.

Place 300ml of rice (sufficient for 4 people) into the bowl of the Rice Maker. Add 500-600ml COLD water up to the MAX mark indicated on the bowl. DO NOT ADD WATER ABOVE THE MAX MARK.

(22cm diameter; 6cm high with seal)

R117 1

Place the inner cover on the bowl with the 2 tabs facing upwards.



Microwave Rice Maker (2,2l) The new and innovative Microwave Rice Maker allows you to cook rice to perfection in a fast and easy way in the microwave. Save time and electricity by cooking and serving rice in the same container. The unique double cover ensures the foam overflow is collected inside the top cover and drained back into the inner cover.


(26,6cm x 20,8cm x 15,5cm high)



Place the Rice Maker in the microwave, and cook the rice for approximately 12-15 minutes (800W microwave). Cooking time may vary per microwave. Allow cooked rice to stand for at least 5 minutes before serving.

heat it up

Place the top cover on the bowl and lock the side handles to make sure that it is closed properly.

store, reheat and ser ve

heat it up



Reheatable Bowl (1l) Store, reheat and serve. Reheat previously cooked food in the microwave in these stylish containers. Use only the cover on the bowl for microwave reheating and the seal for storing leftovers in the fridge.

R97 from the fridge...


Reheatable Bowl (750ml)

to the microwave oven 065012

Crystalwave (3l) A versatile microwave bowl for reheating previously cooked meals in an instant. The unique steam vent seal prevents food from drying out and also avoids messy splattering in the microwave. The vent must be open while heating.


heat it up


prepare, cook and bake with confidence

kitchen essentials

26 064059

Multi Measuring Spoon Every kitchen needs this handy tool with four different sized measuring spoons in one. (1ml; 5ml; 15ml and 25ml)


Prepare, cook and bake with these calibrated measuring jugs and use the measuring cups to measure your ingredients. Jugs - 500mlx 2; Measuring Cups - 25ml; 50ml; 100ml and 250ml


Potato Salad Ingredients 8 large potatoes 4 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and chopped (optional) 2 green or red peppers, chopped 2 onions, finely chopped 6ml prepared mustard 6ml paprika salt and freshly ground black pepper 750ml mayonnaise 250ml plain yoghurt Chopped parsley

Method Boil potatoes in their skins, then peel and dice into small cubes. Place in a That's a Bowl (7l).


That's a Bowl (7l) Not just for stirring and mixing, this multi-purpose bowl can also be used for serving and storing large quantities. The thumb loop handle allows for a tight grip, while mixing your cake, pastry or bread dough. (32,5cm diameter x 15cm high)


Add all remaining ingredients, toss gently and serve garnished with fresh chopped parsley.

kitchen essentials


Metric Measuring Set

prepare, cook and bake with confidence

kitchen essentials




Quick Shake (500ml) Mix and shake eggs, salad dressings, whipped cream, marinades and drinks in this well-known shaker. (9,5cm x 20cm high)


Quick and Easy Salad Dressing Method Place all ingredients in the Quick Shake (500ml) and shake well. Pour over salad and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate for an hour before serving.

How to use your Quick Shake 054710

That's a Bowl (3l x 2) Makes light work of mixing. Features an air-tight and liquid-tight seal for spill-proof storage. Place your thumb through the loop, to hold the bowl steady whilst mixing. (22cm diameter x 10cm high)



Fill Quick Shake with ingredients to a maximum of about 他 full.


Fit on the little blender and then the domed seal.


Hold Quick Shake with one finger over the rim of the seal and shake vigorously. Do not seal and shake hot liquids. Mixing foods with raising agents is not recommended.

kitchen essentials

50ml oil 25ml vinegar 25ml lemon juice 1 clove garlic, peeled and chopped 30ml parsley, chopped 5ml mixed herbs 1ml mustard powder 2ml salt 1ml pepper

get organised, save space, save time and save money

all sorted


This colourful, modern range of StoreSmart containers is extremely versatile and functional. They are stackable and offer a wonderful storage and space saving solution as the containers and seals nest perfectly in each other. The oversized tabs on the seals make it very easy to open them. The convenient sizes offer the possibilities to store different kinds of food in the fridge or cupboard, dry ingredients, lunches, snacks or non-food items.



StoreSmart (500ml) (13cm x 10cm x 6cm high)






StoreSmart (1,2l) (15,5cm x 14,5cm x 8cm high)



StoreSmart (2,5l)


(18,5cm x 18,5cm x 9cm high)




StoreSmart (5l) (25cm x 25cm x 11cm high)



all sorted


space savers have vir tually air -tight seals, are functional, modular and most impor tantly, stackable

all sorted

compact space savers


Choice of Seal colours


18,5cm 14cm

Space Saver Compact 1 (850ml)



500g peanuts 500g raisins 500g rice 500g sago 250g tea leaves 250g ground coffee 125g cocoa 50 tea bags

Space Saver Compact 2 (1,9l)

af ter

992878 993078 992964 993544 12cm

Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

R96 1 kg biscuits 1 kg brown sugar 1 kg coffee creamer 1 kg dried fruit 1 kg flour 1 kg icing sugar 1 kg mealie meal 1 kg milk powder

1 kg peanuts 1 kg Taystee Wheat 500g coconut 500g infant cereal 500g Pro-Nutro 500g shell noodles 250g cocoa 300g All Bran Flakes 100 tea bags

Space Saver Rectangle 2 (4,3l) (28cm x 18,5cm x 11,5cm high) Indigo


R171 2 kg dried fruit 1 kg biscuits 1 kg instant coffee 500g All Bran Flakes 12 pkts soup/sauce mix

2,5 kg mealie meal 2,5 kg mealie rice 2,5 kg samp 2,5 kg sugar 2,5 kg flour


all sorted

1 kg salt 500g baking powder 500g castor sugar 500g custard powder 500g dried beans 500g dried fruit 500g flour


992873 993076 992963 993543


Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

round space savers

round space saver storage capacities


Space Saver Round 1 (2) (200ml)

Space Saver Round 1 (2) (200ml) 1


992808 993090 992954 993550



Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

150g baking powder 150g bicarbonate soda 125g gelatine 100g glacĂŠ cherries

100g nuts 100g curry powder herbs and spices

R66 12cm

Space Saver Round 2 (440ml) Space Saver Round 2 (440ml) Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

992809 993092 992955 993551


Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

992810 993094 992956 993552

Space Saver Round 3 (650ml) 3 Choice of Seal colours 23cm

R64 992811 993096 992957 993553

1 kg salt 500g flour 500g cornflour 500g kidney beans 500g rice


500g peanuts 500g raisins 200g instant coffee 200g pkt Marie biscuits


Space Saver Round 4 (890ml) 1 kg spaghetti 1 kg castor sugar 500g coffee creamer 500g icing sugar 500g macaroni

Space Saver Round 4 (890ml) Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

200g curry powder 125g cocoa 700 toothpicks 25 tea bags 12 Boudoir biscuits cinnamon sticks


R47 Space Saver Round 3 (650ml)

500g salt 250g sunflower seeds 250g baking powder 250g chocolate chips 250g gelatine 250g raisins 250g bicarbonate soda

500g milk powder 500g peanuts breadsticks candles drinking straws

R82 28cm

Space Saver Round 5 (1,1l) Space Saver Round 5 (1,1l) Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

992812 993098 992958 993554



500g baking powder 500g castor sugar 500g dried beans 500g popcorn 500g rice 250g sweets 250g tea leaves 250g bread crumbs

250g cornflour 250g custard powder 250g dried fruit 250g gravy powder 250g ground coffee 250g milk powder 250g coconut

oval space savers Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

992813 993080 992949 993545


500g salt 250g baking powder 250g bicarbonate soda 250g breadcrumbs 250g chocolate chips 250g custard powder



1 kg castor sugar 1 kg salt 1 kg lentils 1 kg sugar 500g breadcrumbs 500g coffee creamer 500g cornflour 500g custard powder

Space Saver Oval 2 (1,1l) 992814 993082 992950 993546 17cm


1,25 kg dried beans 1 kg flour 1 kg icing sugar 1 kg mealie meal 1 kg rice 1 kg Taystee Wheat 500g cocoa 500g coconut 500g ground coffee 500g infant cereal

Space Saver Oval 3 (1,7l) 992815 993084 992951 993547 23cm


250g dried fruit 250g gelatine 250g gravy powder 125g cocoa stock cubes

500g icing sugar 500g sago 500g raisins 500g peanuts 500g milk powder 500g matzo meal 500g muesli 500g Taystee Wheat

250g tea leaves 500g dried beans 500g dried fruit 500g flour 500g gravy powder 250g instant coffee 50 tea bags

Space Saver Oval 3 (1,7l)

3 Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

250g gravy powder 250g cornflour 250g raisins/sultanas 250g sesame seeds 250g sunflower seeds 200g nuts

Space Saver Oval 2 (1,1l)

2 Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo


Space Saver Oval 1 (500ml)


Space Saver Oval 1 (500ml)

oval space saver storage capacities


Choice of Seal colours 18,5cm

500g macaroni 500g Milo 500g Nesquick 500g peanuts 500g sweets 500g wheatgerm 500g Pro-Nutro 300g All Bran Flakes 100 tea bags

Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

992816 993086 992952 993548



2 kg sugar 2 kg castor sugar 1 kg coffee creamer 1 kg muesli 1 kg milk powder 1 kg sweets 500g instant coffee 500g shell noodles


Space Saver Oval 5 (2,9l)

Space Saver Oval 5 (2,9l) Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

992817 993088 992953 993549



2,5 kg flour 2,5 kg mealie meal 2,5 kg sugar 2 kg rice 2 kg brown sugar 1 kg wheatgerm 1 kg coconut 1 kg macaroni

1 kg Pro-Nutro 750g instant coffee 500g All Bran Flakes 500g bran 500g marshmallows 350g Rice Crispies 200 tea bags 24 ice cream cones

all sorted


Space Saver Oval 4 (2,3l)

Space Saver Oval 4 (2,3l)

save space: the unique modular, stackable design helps utilise space in the kitchen cupboards to the maximum

all sorted

square space savers

square space saver storage capacities



992818 993100 992959 993555

Space Saver Square 1 (1,2l) 1


500g dried fruit 500g ground coffee 500g icing sugar 250g Pro-Vita biscuits 250g cocoa 250g biscuits

Choice of Seal colours 18,5cm

Space Saver Square 2 (2,6l)

992819 993102 992960 993556



Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo



992820 993104 992961 993557

R178 3

2,5 kg mealie meal 2,5 kg mealie rice 2,5 kg samp 2,5 kg sugar 2,5 kg flour 2 kg dried fruit 1 kg biscuits 1 kg instant coffee 500g All Bran Flakes 12 pkts soup/sauce mix

Space Saver Square 4 (5,5l)

Space Saver Square 4 (5,5l) 992821 993106 992962 993558


Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo

1 kg oats 1 kg macaroni 1 kg milk powder 500g biscuits 500g bran 500g coffee 200 tea bags 18 Weetbix

Space Saver Square 3 (4l)

Space Saver Square 3 (4l) Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo


Space Saver Square 2 (2,6l)

R210 4

5 kg sugar 2 kg oats 1 kg rusks 500g crisps 30 bran muffins 24 cupcakes 750g cornflakes

all sorted

Delta Blue Green Grey Indigo


Space Saver Square 1 (1,2l)

get organised, save space, save time and save money

all sorted



Signature Line Square 1 (1,2l) Ideal for storing those items you use often. This elegant range will look attractive on counter tops. The hinged cover is easy to open and is sheer so you can view contents at a glance.


R169 2 993052

Signature Line Square 2 (2,6l)

R201 993053



Ingredients 185ml sifted flour 55ml castor sugar 80ml chopped pecan nuts, optional 90ml cornflour 1ml salt 125g butter, melted extra castor sugar to dust


Signature Line Square 4 (5,5l)





Packet Organiser A handy, three step container which can be used to organise soup and gravy packets, CD's and DVD's, cosmetics, stationary, sewing items or even to plant herbs in the kitchen. (14cm x 26cm x 8,5cm)


Simply Shor tbread

Preheat oven to 180째 C. Grease a 20 cm square baking tin. Combine first five ingredients in a Handy Bowl (2l). Pour in melted butter, mix to combine with Paddle Scraper. Press into tin, prick with fork. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until evenly risen and slightly brown. Remove from oven, cut into 12 squares, sprinkle with castor sugar. Store in the Signature Line Square 1 (1,2l).

all sorted

Signature Line Square 3 (4l)

keep food fresh, healthy and tasty

40 057782

Litre Jug (1l) Ideal to store milk, juices, fresh cream and even custard. This jug has an easy grip, non-drip spout and fits easily into your fridge door. (12cm x 17cm high)



Fridge Mate Set (2)

(650ml and 1,5l)



Crisper (6l) Keep food fresher for longer with the Crisper. It has a grid that fits into the bottom of the container which is designed to drain water off foods and allow air to circulate within the container. Perfect for storing fruit and vegetables, keeping them crisp and fresh. (37cm x 18cm x 11,7cm high)


Stor n Freeze Set (4) Lock in freshness and flavour by freezing your vegetables and leftovers in these modular, space saving containers. Prepare and refrigerate or freeze portions of baby food, sauces, fruits and vegetables or leftover casseroles and stews. (200ml x 2; 400ml x 1; 1,4l x 1)



think fresh

Two sizes of air-tight containers that seal in the freshness when storing in the fridge. Ideal for cold meats, sausages, cheeses, sliced fruit and vegetables.

keep food fresh, healthy and tasty

think fresh

42 055093

Crisp-It (2l) Designed for storing all varieties of round lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage and even broccoli. The domed seal and grid allow water to drain off and air to circulate. (19cm diameter x 14cm high)

R 137



Fridge Stackables


A stackable set of compact and modular fridge containers. The containers snap together with the base of one sealing the one below, and the cover sealing the stack. Ideal to store sliced cold meats and a selection of cheeses.

Egg Storer (6)



Ice Cube Tray (300ml) Easy to fill. Hard to spill. The unique spout ensures easy filling and the seal prevents transfer of freezer odours. (11cm x 30cm)


Stuffed Eggs


Ingredients 1 onion, chopped small garlic clove oil for frying 3ml mild curry powder 2ml ground cumin 45ml natural yoghurt 45ml mayonnaise 5 extra-large eggs, boiled, halved and whites and yolks separated fresh coriander leaves Saute chopped onion and garlic in oil until tender. Add curry powder and cumin and fry until fragrant. Mix with natural yoghurt and mayonnaise and process with the egg yolks. Spoon onto the egg white halves and garnish with fresh corriander leaves. Makes 10 halves

think fresh

Set includes: 2 x Stackable, Low (16cm x 22cm x 3cm high; 750ml), 1 x Stackable, High (16cm x 22cm x 6cm high; 1,5l) and one cover

A must have for the fridge! The Egg Storer with insert has space to store 6 eggs and is narrow in shape to fit easily into the fridge door.

where it all begins

kid central



Shape-O-Toy 055803

Feeding Bowl Set (280ml x 2) Comfortable shaped handle to hold whilst feeding baby or toddler. Fill with dried beans and turn them into shaker toys! Base only is microwave reaheatable.

From the age of six months this clever and popular family favourite teaches shapes, colours and logic.




Divided Dish, Small (350ml x 2)

(16,6cm x 3,6cm high)


Features and Benefits of the Shape-O-Toy The Shape-O-Toy has many delightful features to entertain both young and old. This fascinating Tupperware toy grows with the child. For babies, it's a ball, a rattle! It's bright, colourful, smooth and makes a happy noise‌ the perfect toy for babies.


Large Wonders (600ml x 3) Go-anywhere bowls with liquid-tight seals. Set of 3 in soft pastel colours. (16,7cm x 4,5cm high)


For toddlers, it's a toy-box full of blocks! Play with them, sort them, stack them up. For children, it's an education! They can count the dots on the blocks then learn the numbers on the other side of the blocks and play number games. Shape-O-Toy, the toy that grows with the child, gives entertainment for the whole family and for the next generation too. It's unbreakable, safe and fun and has the famous Tupperware guarantee of quality.

kid central

Two microwave reheatable air-tight and liquid-tight containers. Prepare a variety of snacks ahead of time to occupy your toddler whilst travelling. Base only is microwave reaheatable.


rectangular and square seals Rectangular and square seals are air-tight, but not liquid-tight.

1 Place seal, groove over container rim. Press down firmly on one corner.


2 Slide thumbs over top of seal edge to opposite corners.

Continue to slide thumbs over edges and complete sealing at fourth corner.

Lift seal at one corner. Then lift other three corners, one at a time.

classic round seals Round seals are liquid-tight and air-tight.

To keep 1 food fresher for longer, the secret space saver seals is in the Tupperware seal. With hands close to you, press groove of seal on rim of container.



Press centre of seal and lift edge slightly to expel air. This will make the seal as tight as possible.

Slide thumbs around seal edge, pressing down firmly.

Hold container in place, lift edge and peel off seal.

how to seal/unseal 1 Align projection on seal with indentation on container.

2 Press down while sliding thumbs around seal.

Loosen each end, slide thumbs under the seal as you lift.

guarantee identification

NON guarantee identification staining


Food stains and discolouration are NOT covered under the guarantee.

If products touch the dishwasher element, stove top burner or even an extremely hot metal object, heat can melt the product at the place of contact.






Products may scratch under normal use. Scratching is NOT covered under the guarantee.

At Tupperware, we have proudly backed our products with a lifetime guarantee for over 45 years, so you can buy with confidence! All Tupperware Brands products are guaranteed by Tupperware Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. to perform under normal domestic use for the lifetime of the product. Products are guaranteed against chipping, warping, peeling, stress cracking and splitting. With the exception of our Legacy Range, which is microwave reheatable, our products are not recommended for microwave oven use. All defective returns will be assessed by our Quality Control department at our Manufacturing Plant. This procedure will take a minimum of 6 weeks.

stress cracking

our world famous

lifetime guarantee If it doesn't say

, it's NOT



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All prices are recommended and subject to change.

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