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of the project is in the nexus of the neighborhood. As such, the massing takes cues from both the rail and park with a tower bar rising above. With a target demographic of early retirees and empty-nesters, the building would fill a gap within the current demographic make-up of the neighborhood, further diversifying and encouraging a lively community. The bottom plinth of the building features a train-watch, community center bookstore/coffee shop, and a neighborhood art info center. Each of these designated programs are geared toward engaging residents with the community.

Block Envelope

Street-cut + Breezeway

Train Watch

Park Access + Community Decks

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Above, the tower and community decks connect to the land-form park, offering views toward downtown and the capitol. All circulation is unconditioned on the north side of the building wrapped in a large, wooden, operable screen. This screen allows the residents to interact and set their own levels of desired privacy into the circulation corridors. On the south side of the tower, each unit features an over-sized outdoor living space with a smaller operable screen which can slide to help shade the unit's fenestration or further enclose the unconditioned living space. View patios are located at the end of the tower corridors, encouraging residents to engage not only with each other but also with the city and community.

saltillo connection

Saltillo Connection

Resident View Patios


Robbey Orth Portfolio 2016  
Robbey Orth Portfolio 2016