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Fall 2014

— Reading Pavilion.


he South Congress Reading Pavilion is an outdoor, urban reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Austin's South Congress district. Sited on the Northwest corner of Gibson and South Congress, the pavilion further acts as a portal between the quiet, quaint residential neighborhoods and active Congress street-scape.


urban landscape while maintaining a constant, level ceiling. Additionally, the roof of the pavilion is painted a cobalt blue for contemplation, lifting the overall mass up towards the aether.

Within the pavilion, different types of reading are accommodated. Closest to South Congress, loud reading and poetry slam take place while quiet, more meditative reading occurs towards the neighborhood end of the site.

Four major live oak trees exist on the site - three shade the poetry slam and high-usage areas near S. Congress. The fourth, with a long, bent-over trunk located in the rearmiddle of the site, defines the inner reading courtyard. Here, the directionality of the grid is briefly broken as concrete extrusions for seating follow not the frames but the overall curvature of the tree.

A series of concrete frames define the pavilion and portal, giving an air of permanence and gravitas to the project. Starting from the residential side of the site, the frames slowly descend into the

Lastly, in accordance with the grid of the frames, several other concrete extrusions surround the portal and courtyard to further create natural, implied spaces for gathering and resting.

Robbey Orth Portfolio 2016  
Robbey Orth Portfolio 2016