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Vertical Waffle Ribs

Horizontal Waffle Ribs

There are four main components of each chunk: Vertical Waffles Horizontal Waffles Primary End Caps Spacers

form an integrated whole. With Rib, Shell, and Spacer elements combined, tectonic pieces begin to act as solids, almost like rocks piled together.

The Vertical and Horizontal Ribs intersect at right angles to form a structural waffle; around the structural waffle is the Primary Shell, a wrapper that stiffens the waffle and allows a point of attachment from one chunk to another. Each chunk is separated by two alpolic spacers that accentuate the idea of separate solid pieces coming together to ARC H I TECTU RE

End Caps

End Cap - Waffle Interface

Robbey Orth Portfolio 2016  
Robbey Orth Portfolio 2016