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FINAL REPORT 1. About You - Demographic Info only I am Robert Beckett the Team Leader of The Trade-E-Learning INNOVATIONS 2008 project. I lecturer in Wall & Ceiling Lining with the Mortar & Trowel trades section, delivering trade training to apprentices, Prevocational Students, CITB Students, onsite assessment, RCC & RPL up-skilling. The students range from 16 to mid their 50’s and are either working in the construction industry, wanting to enter the industry or gaining recognised qualifications for licensing. The Mortar & Trowel Trades section of TAFESA NORTH Gilles Plains Campus has not used any on-line or e-learning in its delivery of training or assessment of students, it had attempted to set up some resources several years ago in Bricklaying on Janison which have not been used.

2. About the project Please provide the details for your project partner(s) Please provide a brief description of your project

The Trade-E-Learning Project involved TAFESA NORTH Painting & Decorating Bricklaying Tiling Prevoc Coordinator SMART MEDIA TAFESA TTG Mentoring & Technical assistance Moodle Help INNOVATIONS PROJECTS TEAM Assistance with applications, submissions and reporting TAFESA ELIZABETH & MARLESTON Set up assistance and resource development for Moodle. Trouble shooting with Moodle, resource building and delivery strategies.

Benchmarking: Please provide specific numbers in the spaces (6 statistical questions eg. Total no. employees/learners using e-learning at the end of the project) 5 Lecturers at TAFESA North Gilles Plains MTT areas Wall & Ceiling Lining Bricklayers, Painters & Decorators

Employee/Learner groups targeted within the project Wall & Ceiling Lining Bricklayers, Tilers Painters & Decorators Solid Plastering Prevocational Coordinators

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Employee/Learner groups targeted within the project Industry/training package area (training content) Prevocational, VET, CITB up-skilling night course and apprenticeship students in all trades involved in the BCG03 National Training Package.

What was the primary focus of your project? TAFESA Building Construction & Furnishing Section MTT (Mortar & Trowel Trades) Apprentice students, Prevocs, CITB, RPL & RCC applicants.

What 3 key outcomes did your project achieve in 2008? • • •

The Moodle Course is set up, successfully tested and ready to be implemented in the first term next year for apprentice students, providing an added tool for on-site assessment and RPL of Certificate I in General Construction . The awareness of On-line & e-learning tools has been increased through out the MTT section, as a direct result of the project via presentations at the TAFESA planning day and at the EDAYZ Conference at Gilles Plains NOV 2008 General knowledge and experience in the LMS Moodle, on-line resources, assessment tools, development, use and application in the trade areas is concerned

3. Embedding e-learning

How did the business partner/employees OR learner group/individual benefit from the project? Benefits to the partners have been: • • • • • • •

They gained practical knowledge and experience in constructing a course from scratch. Reviewed and updated all current training and assessment resources for both Face to face and on-line delivery Gaining an understanding of the relationship between the types of resources used and their suitability for use in an on-line environment. Up skilling of facilitators in the trade of MTT in Moodle LMS Focused the attention of management on the updating, reviewing the standard of current resources Raised the profile of a new tool for the delivery of training and assessment and RPL options for both Local and Country students to gain Certificate I qualifications. Experience in the use of New Programs to produce resources, Photoshop, Flash, EXE.exe (SCORM creating program), Illustrator, video Movie maker, Audacity sound recorder & Editor.

What are the returns/anticipated returns on investment? The returns on investment are: On-line content can be completed off campus, at the students own pace and in their own time. RPL & RCC options can be associated with the Moodle Course as an assessment and confirmation of knowledge and evidence tools. Face to face training time can be reduced if student complete the units on-line reducing costs to TAFESA, the Employers and Student (Accommodation and travel expenses) Less cost to produce learning and assessment material Resources can be update easily and in one location. Keeping resources up to AQTF audit requirements with out added printing expenses.

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What impact has the Innovations funding had on your organisation? The funding has sped up the process of bringing the MTT section in to line with the 20% target for on-line & on-site delivery & assessment by setting up and implementing an on-line learning option for its students. Lecturing staff in the MTT section have been exposed to new learning tools, method and options and have the opportunity to include the tool in their individual trade areas, with the assistance of an on-campus mentor group involved in the Trade-E-Learning. Allowed the staff involved in the project time to develop, set up, test and implement the new Moodle course for 2009 students in the BCG03 National Training Package.

How did your project integrated good practices in e-learning? The project uses a variety of resource types to deliver information to students, SCORM objects, Text files, Videos, Flash animated files embedded in web pages, PDF files, Quizzes and Assessments in Moodle. This variety caters for the varying learning styles of students, and is also available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. The projects e-learning options are combined with face to face sessions, communication via email, Moodle live chat sessions and messaging, this combination provides the student support an access to lecturing staff from anywhere in the state or country. Students are encouraged to work together on the Units lessons and as more trade tailored lessons are brought on-line they will be more interactive and involve web searches and reports with submitted assignments at the end of the unit, instead of Assessment quizzes and lesson questions. The project has attempted to make the course into an e-learning environment and as the students come on board the use of Live Chat and Live session delivery has been and is being trialled. Contact with the GippsTAFE campus re: a course on live sessions and on-line learning and will be looking at doing the course in the next 12 months, to gauge its suitability for the trade areas Moodle course.

How will the outcomes and benefits of this project be sustained beyond the life of the project? The Trade-E-Learning Project team is and will be available to all the lecturing staff across the MTT section of TAFESA Gilles Plains as mentors and will provide assistance with set up, development and implementation of on-line content for their specific trade areas. The whole section comprises: Wall & Ceiling Lining Bricklaying Solid Plastering Tiling Prevocational & Vet Courses Sign Writing The Project plans to open up the course to all of these trade areas in the next 12 months

4. Building on the national infrastructure which national VET priorities did your Innovations project address?

Industry will have a highly skilled workforce to support strong performance in the global economy. Trade-E-Learning Project will assist students to become trade qualified in as short a time span as possible to help respond to the skills shortage identified in the Construction Industry in Australia. Rob Beckett Page 3 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

Employers and individuals will be at the centre of vocational education and training. The project will reduce the expenses incurred by employers and students receiving trade training at TAFESA campuses. As only one campus provides the majority of this type of training and low paid students have to travel long distances and even stay in accommodation to be trained any shortening of face to face training will mean less expense and keep workers on the job, reducing employers cost and loss of workforce

Communities and regions will be strengthened economically and socially through learning and employment. The project will assist in the delivery of trade training in remote areas via the Moodle site and any further e-learning introduction. As part of an ongoing vision the project will seek to identify the possibilities of virtual classroom (Ellumiate) type course delivery options.

Indigenous Australians will have skills for viable jobs & their learning culture will be shared. Remote students and employers will have access to the projects Moodle e-learning course through the TAFESA system, to gain Certificate I Qualification in conjunction with RPL and face to face Gap training. The Moodle course can be adapted to suit special needs groups, text could be translated or video resources adapted easily should the demand be realised.

Which SA VET priorities did your Innovations project address? The Trade-E-Learning Project was in line with the VET SA strategies Skilling – The Workforce Skilling – The Practitioner Skilling – The Community Skilling – Developing the Capacity

Adds extra study options to students Increased the on-line e-learning skills Aids RPL of existing workforce A new functioning trade course

Up-skill or re-skill workers currently in the workplace RPL for Certificate I in General Construction Up-skill or re skill mature aged workers CITB course participants can enrol and complete the core units through the projects Moodle site Skill young people entering the workplace Prevocational students will have access to the project’s Moodle course content and assessment to gain qualifications Certificate I

How has your E-learning Innovations project built on or contributed to the national e-learning/ framework infrastructure? Our project has supplied a functioning Moodle course available to all MTT trades BCG03 in the TAFESA Building Construction & Furnishing, which will assist with delivery in metro & country areas of South Australia. This adds to the number of trade based courses with on-line options

Rob Beckett Page 4 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

How will you share your knowledge and experiences beyond the project in 2009? The project team will be available to MTT trade sections as mentor to aid them in setting up, developing and running on-line e-learning courses and content, from with in the Gilles Plains Campus. This commitment is ongoing and as delivery locations expand across the state and as long as the strategic target steer TAFESA in that direction will continue to supply support to new and existing users. Presenting a session at the EDAYZ conference to other interested teachers and RTOs TAFESA Planning day presentation and availability to all interested parties on-line.

Which Framework products and/or services did you utilise in your project? The website for guidelines for e-learning Toolboxes for examples of e-learning resources that may be suitable for the project LORN, Edna and Me sites for practice development of resources and delivery options.

5. Reflections and lessons learned

What did the project team learn through this project? That the use of a wider range of tools and delivery methods is essential to the future of trade training in TAFESA & achieving the 20% target set by the strategic plan The skills of lecturing staff are high but their understanding of on-line learning and its advantages was low and that education and spreading information is a high priority The on-line Moodle resource is a tool that can be used in the expanding of training to country location E.g. Mt Gambier (Painters & Decorators) in the coming 12 months. We learnt that many of our existing resources need reviewing and updating to comply with the criteria in the National Training Package.

What challenges did you face? Resistance to change from lecturing staff The unsuitability of existing on-line resources for our MTT Trade areas The large amount of computer programs available and no experience users Creating resources suitable to all trades included in the BCG03 package Modifying the lesson plans to be used on-line Updating Power Point Presentation for web pages and Moodle. Overcoming the upgrade to Moodle V1.9 Images disappearing from Quizzes and other on-line resources Cleaning up the Quiz question and file structure Using and creating SCORM packages for the units TAFESA Computer system problems, logins, GroupWise accounts & outages Slow speed of the Internet access & TAFESA computers Availability of quality Video for training and converting files resources (File Sizes)

Rob Beckett Page 5 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

What would you do differently next time? Develop the team dynamic move thoroughly Not spend as much effort on learning new programs Set out the Lesson structures clearly first Delegate responsibility area more effectively

Trade-E-Learning Project Achievements We set out to achieve a functioning Moodle course for the core competencies in the BCG03 National Training Package and to spread that to the other areas of the MTT section of Building Construction & Furnishing at ATFESA NORTH Gilles Plains Campus.

; So far we have achieved the first part of our goal and that is the functioning course. Spreading to the other trade areas will happen over the coming 12 months, interest is growing and as the understanding of the concept of e-learning increases the fear will decrease and as has been indicated already other trades will come on board. The prevocational student courses will complete training on the Moodle course next year first term as will the Wall & Ceiling Lining first year apprentice students.


The second goal is to mentor other trades areas into implementing e-learning into their courses. This is an on going commitment to the project and training of other lecturers has begun with the Wall & Ceiling Lining Section and talks with the Painters & Decorators Coordinator for their apprentices in Gilles Plains and Mt Gambier. The VET Coordinator is also interested in the Moodle course for 2009 and the Prevocational students assisted in the Testing of the Moodle resources during the project.

;TESTING The Moodle Course was tested successfully by Multi-trade Prevocational Students November 2008 at Gilles Plains as part of the requirements of the project to gain feed back about the course contents, resources and Assessment tools. Prevoc

These students had a lesson to introduce the topic and outline the use of the Moodle Course software and then completed units on-line at TAFESA Gilles Plains Library complex. The results achieved were in-line with those expected with the past methods used at TAFESA and the feed back was excellent the only negative was concerning the Login problems assigning TAFESA GroupWise email accounts and logins. These are to be rectified internally with all students being set up prior to commencing the course.

Students completed the BCGCM1002B Work Efficiently in the General Construction Industry and BCGCM1004B Conduct Workplace Communications and achieved competency in both units, on-line. The difficulty logging in meant that several students completed the assessment under my login and I graded them manually and noted in the grading doing that.


Members of the MTT lecturing staff trialled unit resources and assessments successfully during the project.

; FEEDBACK Students reported only minor issues with the Log in process to the Moodle Course and said that that was the hardest part of the testing. They used most of the resource type on the Moodle course, except the SCORM package and handled them well.


Rob Beckett Page 6 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

; LECTURERS FEEDBACK Two were present during the first Prevoc testing by students. The students were briefed in a classroom on the procedures and resources they were to use and the topic discussed generally as an introduction. The Classroom setting is not conducive to learning for most trade students as they have unhappy memories from school sitting endlessly in a classroom being talked at. They were not interested in the subjects being taught. This became apparent during the briefing. In the Computer suite at Gilles Plains Campus the students once logged in changed they became more relaxed and began working together in pairs with out direction from staff. As the session moved on they talked and discussed the lesson and completed the first session well with all student successfully completing the unit. The result of the observations was that provided the lesson resource is structured well and instructions are clear, the students responded well, better than previous session in the classroom.

SECOND SESSION FEEDBACK Students responded similarly to the second session although it was noted that the lesson was not as clearly defined and as a result of log in problems (*the system was down) students were distracted easier then the previous session. This would not be such a problem if students were completing the unit on-line on their own or at home. Several students enquired if they could complete extra units in their own time later.

THE FUTURE Live sessions in virtual Classrooms More video resources & Demonstrations New SCORM Packages All assessment and training materials for Wall & Ceiling Lining BCG31203 on-line Remote students catered for via remote synchronised and asynchronous lessons Mentoring all trades sections in MTT section on to the e-learning trail Constant improvement of Resources especially designed for Trade training. Further develop the Glossaries on BCG03 core units Promote Moodle to students, Employers and Industry Training Schemes and Groups Pass on any knowledge to anyone who is interested. Maintain and update the Moodle Course to comply with the new training package


Rob Beckett Page 7 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

SUMMARY Was the project successful? We created a course successfully We tested the course successfully The feedback was positive from students and lecturers The reports were almost on time and posted We learnt a lot and taught other some things too. We passed on the concept and opportunities to others We almost finished on time Other trades are now looking interested in E-Learning

I Think we were successful but only time will tell! Through out the project I was assisted by the team in varying ways however only towards the end did it become apparent to me that the fear of the new tool of e-learning was beginning to fade, other trades people who I have locked horns with during the project suddenly lowered their resistance to it. At the planning day for TAFESA NORTH at the Old Lion Hotel I gave a presentation to the Lecturers and admin staff. The resistance was obvious there but has since subsided. The Building Construction & Furnishing Section has begun to look at e-learning as a serious option for delivery, assessment and RPL and meet our targets for off site and on-line assessment and training. It also falls in line with the Employers & Training Groups request for shorter apprenticeships and less time off the job for workers and recognition of skills acquired on the job. The most important reminder from the project is that the lesson plan is king not only face to face but especially on-line. When developing resources and materials for on-line content you can not do it well with out a clear lesson plan and consulting the training package. Pretty resources and animation can not and will not compensate for a poor lesson plan. If presenting a session at the EDAYZ conference taught me one thing it is that there are a lot of people working towards the same thing from many angles and that their resources tend to be class activity orientated. That type of course is better suited to the type of resources out there on-line and they are more computer based learners. The trades have a long way to go but as the students get used to the on-line methods and tools I believe that Moodle can help us achieve our targets and spread e-learning to all trades in our BCG03 package. I will be available to anyone interested in setting up, running an online course or content, managing students and creating resources, because this combined with the one thing TAFESA Trade Lecturers do well is teach their trade and RPL is a great way to reach student anywhere any time. It also gives us opportunities to venture overseas to training Trades people or up skill them to meet our needs prior to coming to our country. The possibilities are enormous, we have the lecturers and we have the platform, we should take advantage of our strengths and get into it before our competition do! This project was a huge learning curve for me particularly, new programs, new issues to solve, new networks through TAFESA & SMART Media, the opportunity to present a session at EDAYZ and meet some great people. It was fun too! The team at INNOVATIONS were great they helped us right through the process and worked really hard to steer us in the right direction and I would like to thank them, TAFESA and the Trade-ELearning Project team for every thing, we just have to implement it all now and keep promoting it to the Industry, students and staff.

They can’t use it if they don’t know about it!

Rob Beckett Page 8 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc


Link to Blue Mountains Resources Content sharing site

To Create Feed back forms Training Package Files Maths ToolKit

Designing e-learning

Brian Gepp Creating Videos TeacherTube Innovations Projects list details

On Line tools site CogDodRoo Rob Beckett Page 9 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

Maths World Maths Site Working site with maths questions in animated form Good site No Resulting though.

Jump Chart Simple website navigation Maths Site from Marlene OH& S Resource kit on line /WHSTrainingResourceKit/whsKit/contents.htm Demo of Pivot table learning resource as possible tools for BCG03 Project

SteelFrameHousingGuide Internet Publishing Site like Ipaper but a bit more modern Paving Website for levelling demos and information A great site with excellent information. This is the actual page the link below is the site URL tout/setout30.gif&imgrefurl= &w=344&sz=9&hl=en&start=11&um=1&usg=__RksRUupZ2xzfBXoMSAgFOz QmFvg=&tbnid=9yXdsLDjLaO21M:&tbnh=68&tbnw=120&prev=/images%3Fq %3Dimages%2Bof%2Bdumpy%2Blevels%26ndsp%3D18%26um%3D1%26hl%

See above explanation Rob Beckett Page 10 27/11/2008 C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\My Documents\E-Learning Session\Final Report Docs\FINAL REPORT second Draft.doc

Trade-E-Learning Project Final Report Draft  
Trade-E-Learning Project Final Report Draft  

Project report re: on-line learning Moodle site for trade students