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Windows Server 2008 New Features Add Value to business at Reduced Cost The advantages of windows server 2008 have benefited all beginning from the world’s largest data center to a small business entity. These servers made the online business user friendly and widespread by offering cost effective and updated web hosting platform. The windows based servers are designed to make the online business operations more efficient and productive. The IT administrators find these servers easy to manage. The windows server 2008 version is devised to be compatible with all the updated web applications and virtual technology for better result. This window OS platform offers better hosting server management options for the present dynamic websites so that the server workload is handled effectively. Among the windows server 2008 new features, the integration of the virtualization technology with the functioning of the server is an important factor. The combination of virtualization with server 2008 version is like the revolutionary pairing of Internet Explorer with the windows OS. The integration of this server OS and new technology has not only reduced the cost but also offered secured web hosting environment. The virtualization technology reduces the need for maintaining larger applications and services. Thus the server 2008 requires minimum installations to perform any particular task and offers relatively low cost and low risk hosting platform. The web hosting server with less number of applications and services are least vulnerable to virus and other attacks. So, this web server needs less maintenance and management with minimal activation of the security measures. The reduced storage or disk space requirements combined with less power consumption makes the server 2008 version a reliable and cost efficient option. All categories of business enterprises find the windows server 2008 new features suitable for diversification of their business activities. The business entities make use of these features to make their online business campaigns strong at reasonable budget and resources. The advantages of windows server 2008 include the roll based installation of the applications rather than the whole resources. This server version can be configured in a desired way to install

only necessary services to perform a particular task leaving the unwanted components uninstalled. This makes the hosting process more streamlined with reasonable usages of the computing resources. The active directory database of the server 2008 version supports the readonly feature and the data transfer modes are equipped with proper encryption or coding. These features negate any unwanted changes made at different hierarchy of the organization and are particularly suitable for big corporate houses having branches at different locations in the world. The unique GUI features of this window server supported by the command lines and ever releasing modified website scripting languages make the job of the web administrators quicker and easier. The advantages of windows server 2008 redefine the hosting server by delivering the new features and enhancements ranging virtualization, networking, storage, security measures, backup, automation and user experiences.


Windows Server 2008 New Features Add Value to business at Reduced Cost  

The important advantage of windows servers is the reduced power consumption that helps to increase the amount of servers in the data center...