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What is Windows Hosting and Linux hosting services? Windows operating system and Linux operating system, these two are the major operating systems used over various computers, laptops and of course over the web servers. Both have many things in common and there are much more things that are not common and as we all know there are many advantages that both of them posses and there are some disadvantages also that we cannot ignore. Therefore, let's have a discussion about both the operating system and then you can have a clear idea about what to choose when offered.

What is Linux Web Hosting? Linux Web Hosting can actually be defined as the web hosting with the help of Linux based operating system or it can be said on a Linux platform. You can observe a few differences between the Linux and Windows server hosting that also signifies some fundamental advantages that Linux carry over other platforms. The price at which you will get this service is the best thing about the Linux platform. This is perhaps the most prominent factor that is considered by the users before selecting a hosting provider and many of them do have very competitive packages to stay in the competition.

As we all know Linux is a free platform and can be shared and used by anyone for any kind of purpose. And with the use of this operating system hosting providers can configure various plans and packages for the clients. It offers a rigorous amount of stability and it’s a fact that Linux platforms provide very secure and strong atmosphere for the users to work upon compared to any other operating system and it was configured to meet the growing needs of the clients. And it is less prone to any kind of cyber attacks. And perhaps the biggest advantage is that there is no licensing problem with Linux OS except the red hat OS and also offers high-flexibility when a website converts to windows platform because it’s compatible with various scripting languages and databases.

What is Windows Hosting? Windows hosting services are the most preferred, loved and used around the world. They are the champion in and most of the shares in the world of the operating system are in the hands of the windows operating system more than 80% of the world users use windows operating system. And as it is used by such a huge group of users therefore, there are some king size features that are not available on any operating system in the world. 1. Windows platforms can host large databases and types therefore it is most advisable for companies with huge database. 2. The working environment provided to the users is the most friendliest and easiest and visually most attractive and soothing to eyes.

3. Regular updates are available from Microsoft Corporation and these updates will help you to tackle day to day compatibility problems of applications and various other things. 4. Most of the software’s and applications are made particularly for the windows operating system and sever; hence it will be very easy and helpful in maintaining a steady flow of work without any kind of compatibility and software issues.


What is Windows Hosting and Linux hosting services?  

The answer of the question what is web hosting is that it helps the individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the...

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