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What are the basic types of shared server hosting? Shared server hosting the name itself defines its definition. Clients who are present in a single physical server they have to share the bandwidth, disk space, CPU and memory among themselves. They also share the maintenance cost of the server, therefore the cost of hosting plan is very cheap. Anybody wishes a small business with a small budget can opt for the top shared hosting or the Managed Shared Hosting is very much suitable for them. Based on the operating system there are presently offered on two platforms. The two platforms are windows Shared hosting on the windows operating system and Linux Shared hosting on the Linux operating system.

Types of shared server hosting Name-based - A name-based shared hosting is one where we actually have the different websites residing on the server to have the same IP, but are differentiated by the name that is sought by the client. IP-based shared hosting offers each website a separate IP for itself and the referral to a specific website indirectly refers to a unique IP. This is achieved by having Virtualization done at the network level within the server, and the same server acts as the destination for many different IP.

Some of the important advantages of shared web hosting services are: 1. Very easy and simple in management. The control panel and the hosting account are very simple and user friendly can be managed very easily. The customers may not worry about the maintenance of the server, configuration of the systems and data backups. 2. A benefit to the clients who wants to pay less money. It’s the cheapest of all the hosting services available. Low price is one of the most important features of the shared server hosting. 3. Compatibility or we can say multiply support is given to the email, MySQL, PHP and various others. 4. Within the Shared Dedicated Hosting, a single server is capable of hosting hundreds of websites at a time. Shared hosting is quite popular among the webmasters who are beginners, because of providing reliable web service to that user also who do not have unique technical skills.

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What are the basic types of shared server hosting?  

The best shared hosting solutions include a control panel that enables the users to easily upload files, modify or remove web pages, add dat...