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Elemec3 Hubbell GAI-Tronics is delighted to announce the launch of Elemec3 a digitally controlled Public Address and General Alarm system (PA/GA). Designed principally for life critical installations in the Oil and Gas market, it is suitable for many industrial communications requirements.

The Elemec3, high integrity Public Address & Alarm system, is commonly used on Oil & Gas Platforms, FPSOs, Power Stations, Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants & Industrial Complexes worldwide to ensure the safety of personnel. The equipment is specifically and fundamentally designed for failsafe operation, with extensive system and fault status monitoring to ensure maximum availability at all times. In addition to general paging and emergency broadcasts, alarms can be automatically initiated via a common interface with the fire & gas and

emergency shut down systems. For ease of installation and maintenance all cabinet internal connections are on a plug/ socket basis. The modular design ensures minimum spares holding is required to support the systems, all of which are standard of the shelf units. System expansion is easily achieved by simply adding more modules and reconfiguring the system software accordingly.

■ Dual audio paths for simultaneous broadcasting requirements

Rich in features, the Elemec3 includes: -

■ Optional fibre optic links,

■ Class D intelligent power amplifiers Dual 300W (D600i), Single 550W (D550i) or Single 300W (D300i)

■ Auto alarm inhibit,

■ Up to 35.2 kW (64 amplifiers) of audio Power

■ Ultrasonic loudspeaker network monitoring

■ Background Music Panel (BGM) option ■ PABX telephone access, ■ Page/Party® access, ■ Engineers test panel,

■ Beacon cable monitoring,

■ Multiple hot standby power amplifiers

■ 256 inputs / outputs

■ Up to 64 programmable audio zones

■ CE compliant

■ Fully duplicated, redundant or single configuration

Being compliant to UKOOA, PFEER, IMO, ABS, SOLAS, DNV, CCS, NORSOK, RINA & Lloyds guidelines, The Elemec3 has been designed to meet global standards and can be configured to meet a variety of applications where the installation of a highly reliable and safety critical communication system is essential.

■ Up to 16 fully monitored & feature rich programmable access panels ■ Message storage and replay up to 50MB ■ System status and fault monitoring via Portal remote monitoring software. ■ Intrinsically Safe ATEX/IEC Ex access panels

For sales enquiries, please contact: Jason Allen +44 (0)7798701873

STATIS software hones pressure pulse pipeline unblocking


Paradigm Flow Services has developed software to effectively model pipelines for operation of its Pipe-Pulse system, which remediates pipeline blockages using pressure pulses. STATIS can build detailed models of pipelines or umbilicals, including components such as flexible risers, or down to the flowpath through an umbilical diver mateable connection. It allows Paradigm to determine the optimum amplitude pulse to be used, and calculate the generated stress within the pipeline walls. Simulating client systems, STATIS is used for optimizing setup, tracking effectiveness of operations and generating reports. Comparisons can be made between the expected (modelled) response and received response in real time. STATIS can build in a variation table to examine variations in pipe and fluid parameters. When cases are run in STATIS to animate the Pipe-Pulse effect, it can measure the pulse wave against time and also take a snapshot of the amplitude plot and pressure wave bouncing back. Ultimately, the client’s pipeline can be animated with the predicted pressure wave passing through it in slow motion or in real time, assisting in optimization and client understanding of the Pipe-Pulse system. Statis has been verified in trials and is now being used in liveprojects at Paradigm

Subsea & Offshore Service Magazine October Issue '13  

Oil and Gas Publication

Subsea & Offshore Service Magazine October Issue '13  

Oil and Gas Publication