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Rajini Persaud is a handicapped child. ESG donated a wheelchair and One thousand and fifty US dollars ($1,050) was donated to purchase a harness and is also receiving a fifty dollar ($50 US) monthly expense to purchase vitamins and pampers.

ESG donated a wheelchair to this gentleman who is handicapped and cannot walk.

ESG donated Twelve hundred dollars ($1,200 US) to buy weed-whackers and other tools for farming. Presentation was made by ESG’s steering committee to the president of the farmers group.

ESG donated Seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750 US) to the Enterprise Nursery School to build a bridge from the street to the entrance of the school.

ESG also donated a VCR/DVD player with nine educational DVD’s to Enterprise Nursery School. This window was built with material left after the completion of the bridge.

ESG donated Four hundred and ninety dollars ($490 US) and over five hundred books and a computer for the Enterprise Library.

Graduating class from the Enterprise Library summer program.



ESG donated One thousand dollars ($1000 US) to Vishnu Mandir to build a new kitchen.

Seosettie Harrichan is a Stroke victim, ESG is helping with $50 US a month because the government has cut off her survival benefit.

ESG donated One thousand one hundred dollars ($1100 US) to Padmawattie Singh to repair their leaking house and they are also receiving fifty dollars ($50) a month for groceries for six months. Her husband also passed away.

This girl is handicapped in the legs and ESG is donating fifty dollars ($50 US) a month to help with her monthly expenses.

This woman is also receiving fifty dollars ($50) a month for groceries for six months. Her husband has an amputated leg and cannot work.

These are the top 10 Common Entrance students from Enterprise School. They have received Ten thousand dollars (10,000 G$) each at their graduation. Kushal and his sister were admitted into Bishops High School. ESG is paying their school’s financial expenses of twenty thousand dollars (20,000 G$) per month.

Because of medical malpractice, Shameer Azzez cannot walk again. He is receiving $50 a month for the next 6 months.

Asked ESG to help with repair to her house, but the house is not sitting on a transport land, so ESG is donating $50 for the next 6 months to help her son.

Delko with his grandchildren. These Children’s father passed away and left the kids with the grandparents. Grandfather had a stroke. We are helping them with $50 a month for groceries and school supplies.

Can’t walk without the walker. Medication is 200G$ per tablet, and he has to use 2 tablets a day, equaling 12,000G$ a month. ESG is helping him with 10,000G$ (50 US) a month.

Kushal Singh and his sister topped common entrance in Enterprise School. They were accepted to Bishop High School. They could not afford entrance fee, books and transportation. A private donation was made by a member of ESG for their entrance fee, and ESG is donating 20,000 G$ (100 US) a month for the next 6 months for school expenses. More money is needed for school supplies and lessons.

Ramdei Mahadeo is a Single parent with 5 kids. ESG is donating $50 a week. She also requested clothes and school supplies for her kids. (Her husband burned down their house)

Anrood Ramrattan requested a prosthetic leg. ESG paid for the prosthetic leg, which will help him find employment.

ESG Photo Report  
ESG Photo Report  

Some of the things Enterprise Support Group USA has done in the past 2 years.