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we could not believe it, that nobody lived in any one place for more than a few nights at a time. At the end of the day, they simply wandered from street to street, until they found an empty bed. They were undisturbed if others strolled through the room as they slept.” “Once, we sailed round the island to see if there was ever a break in the walls but found nothing, except the harbour where we had first arrived. The journey took nearly six days, for the seas in that part of the world are treacherous. We did not like to chance the voyage again and resigned ourselves to getting to know the area around the quayside as best we could. It was a formidable task; the alleyways were so tangled and knotted that it was easy to become disorientated and lose yourself. As none of the streets had names, it was impossible to ask directions and since the people never knew where they were, no one could help you anyway. The first time I ventured ashore alone, I became so helplessly lost that I did not return to the ship for several days. I had a particularly frustrating conversation with a young man whom I had stopped for help. I asked him the way to the sea but he just frowned and looked puzzled.” “But you have just been fishing!” I exclaimed. “Yes, I went fishing today,” he agreed. “Well, where have you come from?” “Down that street,” he said, pointing to the road we were standing in. “And before that?” “Another street, I suppose.”


L is for Labyrinth  
L is for Labyrinth  

L is for Labyrinth is a short story which is part of the book an a-z of possible worlds