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Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience? Answer: By my point of sale, I offer exclusive content, including interviews, Q&As and articles with/of geeky role models and content creators. What my unique selling point is offering a new insight into an obscure music type, but many people hear them when they play the games, but no one has really focused on that type of music so something unique will capture the audiences retention. By setting the theme of geeky and nerdy I had to choose something that would represent the audience, and a lot of my audience like the style of retro art so a design like this would please my audience too. By spacing the magazine out in a grid like system, it stays with the retro 8-bit art style, and also keeps with the theme as being blocky. The overall design has been considered and using light colours, it will attract the audiences eye by pulling them in to buy it. Price also being considered, the magazine is cheap and affordable, and as a monthly magazine, it makes it cost efficient on both ends of the trade.

Question 5  
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