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The TOEIC Students at Warema

7 February 2011

Dear Students, with these lines I am again sending you several hyper-links to new vocabulary for the TOEIC. Last week I had already mentioned that there are ‘six hundred essential words’ in five lots of twelve words under the ten headings which I show again below. Under each of these headings there are five sub-categories, and I now give you the sub-categories under the headings ‘Personnel’ and ‘Purchasing’. In those two main categories, I have hyper-linked twelve new words each directly to one sub-category, plus also an exercise, similar to the exercises of last week, for each of those two sub-categories. Then I have also hyper-linked twelve new words each to three of the five main categories for which I had not already given you vocabulary last week. Please, again, try to do the exercises in the first two hyper-links and also to write a few sentences with some of the new words in the further three hyper-links. (You can print out any of this new material from here.) I. II.

General Business Office Issues


Personnel (a) Job Advertising and Recruiting (b) Applying and Interviewing (c) Hiring and Training (d) Salaries and Benefits (e) Promotions, Pensions, and Awards



Purchasing (a) Shopping (b) Ordering Supplies (c) Shipping (d) Invoices (e) Inventory Financing and Budgeting Management Issues Restaurants and Events Travel Entertainment Health

Also, I want to suggest that you look closely at some exercises in your course book every week. In particular, I want to recommend to you, to begin with, the ‘targets’ 17 to 33 from Chapter 2 and 7 to 14 from Chapter 3. I know that I am not much earlier than last week in sending you this new material, but I hope that you will nonetheless get a chance to browse through it before we meet again on the Wednesday of this week. Finally, I give you here again a tentative signpost for our lesson of this week: (1) (2) (3) (4)

review of the parts of the model test which you did last week: discussion of homework (i. e., the above-mentioned exercises): further exercises with the new vocabulary for this week: an audio-supported exercise, either from the model test that you have already begun or from one of the ‘targets’ or mini-tests in your course book: (5) any queries and loose ends . . . : Best regards


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Porada to the TOEIC Students at Warema, week three  
Porada to the TOEIC Students at Warema, week three  

Porada to the TOEIC Students at Warema, week three